Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 58


Still in flashback:
Sona meets khush in the corridor again.
Sona:oh I’m so sorry,,actually Pehele din Maine itni rudely baath ki…sorry k;
Khush:saas to lene do…
Khush:shhhh*puts his finger on her lips*
Sona:khush,pls don’t do this.
Khush:I’m sorry..

Walks off..
Over some periods of months
-khush and sona talk a lot
-eat together
-play sports in college together
-go for balls and disco parties together.
Prom night:
Khush kneels before sonakshi.
Khush:Ms sonakshi Bose,ever since I saw u,I know you were smart and sensible,then as I got to know u,I thought u were innocent and beuatiful too..then I started loving you…Ms sonakshi Bose,will u marry me?
Sona:*stands there shocked*no.i need to go khush.
Khush stands there heartbroken.
Flashback ends.

Present:sona gets a call from khush.
Khush:dekho,agar tumne dev se shaadi ki,then I will kill your family.
Sona:okay stay put khush..I won’t..I won’t marry..I won’t marry dev..
Khush:that’s like my Sona.
Sona:your Sona?what do u mean?i belong to dev..
Khush:if u say that then I will kill your…
Sona:okay okay calm down..

Downstairs,sona walks down and sees dev and ishwari and Nikki and Ria and neha picking their clothes for the engagement.
Ishwari:sona beta..acha Hua tum aagayi…chalo yeh shaadi ka joda select karo!!
Sona:i cannot get married to u dev.
Everyone is shocked.
Dev:kya???par que??
Sona:khush ka phone aaya tha..agar Maine tumse shaadi ki..Ma aur baba ko maardalega..

Nikki whispers to riya:sona didi achi acting karrehehai..(now u must be wondering what acting?)
Riya:ya…she is acting well..
Sona goes to her room and cries…and remembers what the doctor said..(don’t worry sab batongi?)
Dev is about to go when riya and Nikki stop him..
Nikki:bhaiya,we need to tell u something.
Riya:sona didi,has…has…

Nikki:heart cancer..and she has 7 months…
Dev:what?????sona..that’s why.
Neha:ya bhai,that’s why she came up with the khush story,she lied that khush and her had a relation,and she lied about khush.she wanted to be separate from you cuz she wanted u to hate her,because she was going to die anyway..
Dev:what??but Sona could have told me??
Nikki:she didn’t want to hurt you bhai..
Dev:sona will not die..I will give her the best treatment and make her survive..my love will bring her back to life..

Precap(for episode 59-61):kya Sona bachegi?

Credit to: Nishi

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