Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 57


Hi guys,according to my recap,that Tara investigation is going on right?sorry guys I’m going to change the track,because I realise that 1)I’m running out of ideas and 2)I feel my track is the worst out of all your amazing ff’s(whoever is writing.)agar,u find this habit of mine irritating,feel free to say so.im going to start from scratch,literally like before dev and sona confessed their love for eachother(the process of confessing love)but understand this as ek nayi shuruvaad..ep 56…pls do take note of the additions..
Natasha gujral,suman tiwari,shravan malothra.

The episode starts with Sona coming into the dixit house.
Scene 1:(dixit house)
Sona is shocked to see grand decoration.
Ishwari:bhaiya!!pls usse waha rakhdena!
Nikki:Ma!!!mere neyhe lehgna kareedna hai yaad hai??
Ishwari:ha beta!!chalo riya Teri saath jayegi..riya!!
Riya is coming down the steps talking on the phone.
Riya:ya mr pawan,I ordered sugar free chocolate chip cake!!*sounding annoyed*
Sona:Aunty Ji,yeh sab..koi khaas din hai?
Ishwari:arae nutrition!accha Hua tum aagayi..actually aaj dev ki engagement hai toa bohot Saari kaam hai!!dev bhi na office chalagaya..tum madat karoge?aaja..
Sona:*standing shocked*mr dixit ka engagement?ki..kis..kisse aunt-Aunty ji?
Ishwari:arae,wo..wo tanvi haina..humare purane dost ka Beti,usse..dekhliya ladki ko..bohot sundar hai..sushil hai..ache parivaar Se Aathi hai..dev ko bohot khush rakhegi..
Sona:par Tanvi de;I mean mr dixit ko pasand aayega..
Radha(GKB):oi bangalan!jiji ka fesla ki against mat jaana!samja!!
Ishwari:arae bhabhi,ek seedhi sa sawaal ne hi kiya?
GKB:hum kya bolsakthehain..hum to gareeb ke Beti hain..hmm..nokraani ko support karna…hmm..*acts to sadly walk away*

Scene 2:(dixit office)
Dev is working and suddenly imagines sona smiling.he is shocked.he closes his eyes again to imagine sona in a beautiful designer’s lehenga walking towards him smiling..
Dev realises he loves sona..
Dev:oh no,main Ms Bose..huh?how is that possible?she is just my client!!nothing else!!sona,*gets lost in thoughts*kitni khoobsuat naam..aap bhi..mudje kya horahahai?kuch..
Dev calls sona.
Sona:hello mr dixit.
Dev:hi sona;I mean Ms Bose..
Sona:kya Hua?aap engagement ki wajase ghar jaldi aareheho?Aunty Ji ko batao?
Dev:no Ms Bose..i want to talk to u..
Dev:Ms Bose,I mean sonakshi…
Sona is shocked at this point of time.
Sona:mr dixit…aapne..pehele ghar aaye..
Sona disconnects and is shocked.dev rushes home.dev enters the house and runs upstairs
She bumps into her.
Dev:sonakshi I love you..I want to break this enagaged end but;
Sona:mr dixit what?u love me?as a Friend
Dev:I love you as a man loves a woman(I can’t ever forget this line)?

Sona is shocked while Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi plays..
Sona: I love you too mr dixit..

They both share a hug when ishwari comes there.
They break their hug and ishwari smiles

Ishwari:sona beta,u are a good girl with good values,if u love dev,you can marry him..I have
no issues..

Sona:really Aunty ji?
Dev:call her Ma..
Sona:what no dev..

Ishwari:dev is right beta..call me Ma..now dev weds sona..I will handle Tanvi..
Sona and dev get overjoyed and hug again..

The whole house gets to know about the plan and is happy about it..except GKB.

Scene 3:(Bose household)
The whole family gets to know about sona’s alliance arrival and is overjoyed.

Scene 4:(dixit house)
Everyone is preparing for dev and sona’s enagagement which is the next day and sona gets a call from an unknown number.the unknown number tells her something which makes her remember a flashback.

Scene 5:(flashback)
Sona is in college with Elena when some boys tease her.a handsome and charming young boy comes up in his black half sleeve tight shirt and his jeans.he gives the goons a lecture and saves sona and Elena.
Sona:thanks but no thanks..I can hep myself and I don’t need support from others..
Boy:Kamaal hai,teek Se sorry bhi nahi boli..tum ladkiyo hai aise..
Sona:what do u mean?
Boy:are u new here?
Sona:tujhe kya?
Boy:kuch nehe..just asking..later tume patha chalega mudje kya..
Sona:huh?whatever..anyways I’m getting late for lesson..bye..mr…umm..I don’t know..
Sona walks off with Elena.
Boy:khush.khush is my name.not,mr i don’t know.so Ms sonakshi,great knowing you.
Anyways,nice meeting u,I’m the headboy..(mummers to himself)
Elena from behind the walls:oh no Sona..tu to gayi..
Sona is at the lockers and Elena rushes to her..
Sona:what happened?
Elena:u know the guy we met outside?
Sona:oh u mean mr I don’t know?
Elena:khush.his name is khush.
Sona:tujhe badi interest hai..
Elena:don’t act smart..he is the head boy yaar!!
Sona:kya?!?!oh no and I behaved so rudely to him?
Sona writes a sorry note and sticks it on his main desk.
Sona and khush become friends.

Precap:(still in flashback)(flashback ends)Sona calls off the engagement due to certain circumstances which leaves everyone shocked and dev heartbroken.

Credit to: Nishi

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