Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 56


The episode starts with Nikki and Sona entering the office.
Nikki:bhabhi better be careful.from today,your name is…
Sona:richa singhania,Daughter of the boss of this company,age 21.status:unmarried.(guys this is undercover don’t worry?)
Nikki:bhabhi,pls…are u sure u want this?
Sona:I can do anything for you Nikki.
Nikki:okay,in office,u r my Friend from now.no more my bhabhi.
Sona:okay.lets go.
They go to their cubicles.

Tara:Oi Nikki,who is this new chap?
Tara can be assumed as divyaanka tripathi well known for yhm.
Nikki:this is richa,our new partner.
The day ends and Sona notices that Tara hasn’t troubled Nikki at all and is actually being nice to her.she senses that there is something wrong and decides to leave the job.she explains this to Nikki.
Nikki:bhabhi,won’t Tara be suspicious?
Sona:Nikki,I know Tara can’t be the reason for your stress..que choot bola?
Sona:what’s the real reason?

Precap:Nikki tells the reason for her stress and everyone gets shocked..devaakshi cute moments..embarrassing as well.

Sorry didis and bhaiyas,actually I’m really very sick so I can’t write a lot❤️Pls forgive asapip!!
Thank u!!

Credit to: Nishi

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