Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 55


The episode starts with Nikki walking down the steps..she suddenly feels dizzy and is almost about to trip on the steps when sona holds her.

Sona:be careful Nikki!are you okay?
Nikki is speechless and starts to get really giddy..
Sona:Nikki??*shakes*are you okay?nikki?
Nikki faints..
Sona helps Nikki up when Nikki starts to get foam in her mouth.
Sona:Ma!riya!neha!neil!nikki ko Kuch hogaya jaldi aajao!
Riya and neha:Nikki!nikk;
They run to her..
Ishwari:oh no phirse!!neha,call dr Kapoor..phirse Nikki ko..
Sona:Nikki ko?
Ishwari:brain freeze.jab bhi Nikki ko bohot stress Hota hai,to uske brain freeze hojata hai..
Sona:stress?nikki ko kis Tare ke stress hosaktha..
Riya:hosakthahai..*she leaves nikki’s hand and continues*nikki mudje bolrehehthe..that in her work place,there is a girl called Tara,Tara has been blackmailing her for money.
Sona:kis baath ko lekar?
Riya:hum ki safety..uske naam hai..uhh..tara jaisingh..
Sona:jaisingh..bohot badi ghar ki sunthehai..phir que Nikki ke paise ke upar pagal hai?anyways..I will deal with Tara..
Riya:but be careful bhabhi..
Sona:I will..

Nikki’s workplace(singhania industries)
Sona enters the cabin of the boss.
Sona:mr jai singhania rathore,so,I would like to talk to you.
Mr Jai:who are you my young lady?
Sona:mr rathore;
Interrupted by mr jai:call me jai.
Sona:mr rathore,pls let me complete my sentence.my Sister in law nikita,nikita dixit,has been troubled by your employee,Tara jaisingh.
Jai:but Ms jaisingh,dosent usually interact..
Sona:so are you trying to say that my Sister in law is wrong?*angrily hits the table and stands*
Jai:Ma’am pls calm down and sit,so what do you propose to do about this?
Sona:put me as an employee and I will keep an eye on Tara.
Jai:with no qualifications?
Sona:look mr rathore,I am a well renowned nutrionist and my aim is not to work but to make sure my Sister in law is safe.
Jai:indeed..indeed..okay you can join from tommorow..
Sona:thank you very much mr rathore.
Jai:you’re welcome.

Dixit house(dev and sona’s room)
Sona:dev,you know about that Tara jaisingh right?
Dev:ya..we have to do something with her..
Sona:I have joined nikki’s office for monitoring her behaviour with Nikki and nikki’s condition.
Dev:what?sona that’s really good!thank you so much!
Sona:dev,family is family.there is no thank you in that.ha..sorry to hai..
Dev and sona laugh..

The next day..during breakfast..
Neil:no neha you can’t eat that..it’s not good..
Ishwari:Neil beta,why can’t neha eat that..?
Neil:que ki Ma,neha maa banniwaali hai!
Everyone is overjoyed!!!
Sona:naam kya hai?i think we should put aira..
Neil:wow bhabhi!!youre such a genius!!how did you know that it was a girl?
Neil:Elena ?
Sona:uhh..wo..uhh..eleneer(cocunut water)peerehethi..so raaste main tum dono ki conversation suni..
Dev:aur yeh eleneer kaha Se milli..
Sona:wo..wo..ek bhaiya the..narial ki paani…bej..bejrehethe..
Comical music plays..

Sona tells Nikki that she is joining nikki’s office and Nikki gets overjoyed.they both leave for office.they both reach office.
Sona:I’m sitting right next to you..in the middle of you and Tara..
Nikki:okay bhabhi..

Precap:kya Sona madat karegi Nikki ko,Tara Se door karne ki?

Sorry guys it’s short!!i don’t have time that’s why❤️❤️??hope you love it!!

Credit to: Nishi

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