Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 54


Scene 1:(dixit house)
Shravan:main kaha Hu?aap log kaun Ho?
Dev:shravan,we are your family.
Shravan:no,this isn’t my Mother,she didn’t raise me up.
Ishwari is all teary by now.
Ishwari:shravan,pls beta maano..I’m your Mother..
Shravan clenches his hair and runs up.
Suman:shrav;main upar jathihu..
At suman and shravan’s room..
Suman:ha coming one;shravan!
Shravan has fainted and suman is shocked.
Suman:shravan..shrav;Sona bhabhi!!!dev!!!Ma!!!!!!!
Ishwari:kya Hua?
Dev:kya Hua?
Sona:ki holo?i mean..what happened?are you okay?
Dev:don’t worry suman,this is normal for people who are not well.
Sona:shravan teek to hoga na..agar shravan ko Kuch hogaya na..mujkho kya hoga patha nehe..
Dev:tum to aise baath karreheho as if shravan tera ishq hai..so filmy Jaan!
Sona:haan..so filmy..(in her mind)how do I tell u that I once loved shravan and shravan loved me but suman came..
Dev:sona..where r u lost?come lets eat breakfast..
Sona:I’m not eating..
Sona:uffo,today is karva chauth(actually it’s not okay but in the show it is)???
Sona:on karva chauth,all the wives will fast for their husbands for their Long life.
Dev:oh wow..actually If I have you..ill have a Long life..
Sona:ya ya very funny now go eat and go to office!pls be on time at 6 pm I need to break fast seeing your face.
Dev:okay Jaan!!are u missing something?
Sona:maa is right here..
Nikki:and the Sister is also here.
Sona and dev part shyly.

Scene 2:(Bose household)
They are having some guests..
Deepika:Asha,ami bache Rahul teri bache Sona Se shaadi karna be(I want my Son Rahul to marry your Daughter Sona.)
Asha:deepika,sona already shaadi shudda hai.
Asha:business tycoon dev dixit.
Mintu(deepika’ younger Son):you mean me dev dixit,india’s 3 rd most richest man?
Asha:yes,but we are Nor crazy after his money,we are crazy after his good heart and his immense love for Sona.
Deepika:Oho!congrats Asha!
Asha:thank u!!and Cho cute mintu!!

Scene 3:(ramnath mansion)
Ramnath:jabse shravan ishwari ke ghar jaye,mudje phone Tak nehe kareaha he?
Kamini:bhai sab,forget shravan.now focus on Varun.now even puskhar is engaged to Preeti..
Ramnath:I will take revenge from ishwari,for snatching away my Son.
Vandy:you are taking away that happiness from a Mother,who has given birth to that happiness.papa,u have only adopted shravan,the real one is ishwari Aunty,so what’s the point of taking revenge.
Puskhar:baath to hai papa…
Ramnath growls and walks off.

Scene 4:(at the sea side)
dev is looking at the orange sky in the windy evening in the sea side of the beach.sona comes and holds dev from behind..dev takes out Chilli powder and throws on Sona thinking it’s an Attack

Dev:oh my god Sona?mudje laga.betho…aaken kholo..
Dev blows..
Tu mudjhme zyada Hai plays…
Dev and sona play in the water and their shadow shows.

Scene 5:(neha and Neil)
Neil:so baby…
Neha:how did u find out?
Neil:find out what?
Neha:kuch nehe..
Neil:no tell..
Neha:okay I’m pregnant.
Neil:huh?u r what?say that again.
Neha:I am ..
Neil:pregnant?that means we are going to be parents,and then..Oh my god Neha!!lets go tell this everyone!!
Neha:wait Neil..slowly..let shravan get okay first…
Neil:hmh..okay..is it a boy or girl?how many months?what name shall we give it?
Neha:it’s a 2 week old baby girl..we can name it aira?
Neil:okay!!beautiful name!!wow aira,Neil and neha!!

Scene 6:(shravan’s room)
Shravan wakes up.
Shravan:suman!!!you know I just had a dream where I was caught in a debris in my office building,and then I lost my memory..
Suman:oh no..that’s why u took 12 hrs to wake up?
Shravan:I slept for 12 hrs!?!!!
Shravan and sumo hug.
Ekdv song plays..

Precap:Neha and Neil announce neha’s pregnancy,at the same time Nikki starts to feel dizzy and puky..dev and sona romance and Radha Rani comes back as a so called “changed person”

Credit to: Nishi

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