Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 53


The episode starts with suman,dev and sona getting shock at the fact that shravan has suffered from memory loss.

Scene 1:(LLS hospital,doctor’s Cabin):

Suman:kya shravan kabhi teek nehe hoga?
Suman breaks down,sona consoles her.
Sona:sumo,Kuch nehe hoga shravan ko..
Doctor:dekhiye Mrs suman dixit,shravan’s upper brain has been damaged,that means,he will not remember events which happened before 2012,and according to his reports,he would have forgotten everything before 24 th August 2012.
Suman:24 th August 2012…24 th August..the day we met..he won’t remember the day we met?
Doctor:unfortunately no.
Suman cries really badly.
Sona:sumo..calm down baba..nothing will happen to shravan!!he will remember us!!

Scene 2:(dixit house)
Nikki and riya:kya Hua Ma?
Ishwari:dekh,neha ki first saargira(first wedding anniversary with Neil)keliye Maine sab keliye neye kapade mangaye.
Nikki and riya:really Ma!!!

They rush down..
Nikki opens hers.
It’s a pink saree with turquoise beaded blouse.
Nikki:wow Ma!!
Riya opens hers.
It’s a yellow saree with orange beaded blouse.
Nikki:riya di!!can we exchange?
Riya:no I like this,and aise hi,mere 16 th birthday par,neha di ne aise hi saree diyathi!!
Nikki:okay tu rakhle.
Ishwari pulls both their ears..
Ishwari:*laughs*mere dono betiyo Har ek kapade main bohot khoobsurat lagegi!!

Scene 3:(Bose house)
Bijoy and Asha are sitting on the couch.
Elena comes dancing.saurav also joins.
Asha:ki holo?
Elena:maashi maashi maashi!!!!tume richa maashi yaad hai?woh Delhi areheheh!!!!!
Asha:Hae?shuddi?deepika ki Ma?
Everyone gets very happy.

Scene 4:(LLS hospital)
Shravan is discharged.suman,sona and dev bring him home.

Precap:shravan is not able to recognise anything,sona and dev have some romantic times??Nikki and sona comedy..neha has some good news

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice episode nishi

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey nishi its nice as always dear keep writing 🙂

  3. Asmita...

    finally u posted this after such a long time dear……..

    1. Sorry Di!!actually I did submit an article but they rejected it,and then school started and I didn’t have time..so..????❤️❤️Glad u loved it asmita Di,joyee Di and ayushi Di!!

  4. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon!

  5. Bhoomi

    Nice episode Nishi… After a long time… ❤?

    1. Sorry Di!!thank u so much bhoomi di and Nikita di(simplesweety1)!!❤️❤️??

  6. Nice episode nishi… Great precap..post soon

  7. loved it
    i was a silent reader of your ff
    u made me comment by your great story line
    update soon

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