Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 52


The episode starts with shravan calling Suman(over the phone)
Suman:kya Hua?if you miss me you can come home my Jaan!
Suman:shravan?tum teek to Ho na?shravan!?hello?!hello?!
She tries dialling again but he dosent pick up.
Sona:kya Hua sumo?teri chere par itna gabraat que hai?
Suman:bhabhi…bhabhi*holds onto her hand and starts tearing*shravan..shravan ko Kuch hogaya hai..phone par wo bohot weak tha..
Sona:kya?okay let me call dev..
Dev picks up.
Dev:hello my sweetheart.kya Hua?
Sona:d..dev*crying tone..
Dev:sona,kya Hua Jaan?are you okay?im coming home now..
Sona:shravan koi museebat main atakgaya hai..
Dev:kya?okay I’m rushing to shravan’s office..u also come..
Sona and sumo:okay dev.
Sona and sumo rush to shravan’s office where they find out that a plane flew into shravan’s office.dev rushes inside the debris.
Dev:shravan!shravan!no no damn it!shravan!
Shravan under a pillar:d..dev b..bhaiya?(softly)
Dev rescues shravan and rushes him to the hospital.
Suman is very worried.
After 2 hrs of operation.
Doctor:suman dixit?
Suman:yes doctor..how is shravan?
Doctor:shravan is injured very badly..he has lost a lot of blood.and he needs to be shifted to icu.
Suman:pls doctor pls make shravan okay..
Doctor:don’t worry,shravan will be fine..he is under the best treatment..
Sona:sumo..shravan will be fine..
Ishwari rushes in..
Ishwari:dev,my Son..my Jaan..shravan!!
Dev:maa,maa..shravan will be fine..
After 12 hrs,shravan regains conciousness..
Suman is sleeping next to him..
Shravan wakes up:who are you?
Sumo:shravan!u don’t know who i am?*shocked face*
Dev and sona come too.
Shravan:who are all of you?
Dev:shravan?are you okay?
Doctor:pls,I need to talk to you..
Dev,sona and suman:okay doctor.
At the doctor’s cabin:
Shravan has suffered from memory loss..(doctor)

Suman,dev and sona are shocked..

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Surprise Queen Nishi Marvellous ….! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!❤️Your ff ‘kya Ma manegi is also great’

  2. I have no words for you

  3. Angell

    ‘Surprise Queen Nishi’ plz post the next part soon……..the name really suits you…..i am proud of you

  4. Bhoomi

    Nice episode…. Kya hua shravan ko??? post next one soon ..❤?

  5. WOW nishi post the next part soon

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  7. Asmita...

    Angell gave you right title……….. “Surprise Queen” 🙂

  8. Too good Nishi… Congratulations on your half century dear… Keep writing… Sorry couldn’t read or comment as my exams are going on… N ya great title by Angell 🙂

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