Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 51


It’s Shraman’s wedding day.people in sherwani’s and sarees walk around the place with gifts and holy things in a hastily manner to prepare the mandap.shravan is getting scared by dev for marrige.
Dev:be ready to conquer all your wife’s complaints and lectures..
Shravan:you have never conquered them,sona bhabhi is not like that..
Dev:in that case I’m very lucky

Shravan:I’m quite lucky too,sumo is very sweet and calm..kind of the shy types..
Dev:oh I see..dekh shaadi ki baad,you are coming with us home,so…you need to meet your family after 20 years..
Shravan gets nervous and starts twisting his duppata..
Dev:stop doing that!sherwani kharaab hojegya..
On the other side,sona is getting sumo ready.
Sumo,who is dressed up in a dark red half sleeved shiny lehenga with dangling red,gold and green intricate designed necklace and earrings is looking at Shraman’s picture in her room.
Sona:don’t worry he is going to be yours soon..
Saying this,sona puts a pin on her pallu on her head.

Suman:I don’t know why I miss him so much!
Sona:Hota hai..Hota hai..chill..
Suman:sona,I Guess you’re the best person I can take shaadi sala from!
Sona:always there for you!and now I’m going to be your bhabhi!!so start calling me that!
Suman:yes my would be bhabhi in 2hrs…
Shraman get married with 7 nuptial rounds..and promise to never leave eachother..
Everyone congratulates them and dev,sona,shravan and suman leave for the ishwari Vila.
As suman kicks and enters the house with the rice bowl(brought by herself)ishwari is shocked to see her.she rememberes how shravan fought with her Everyday,and then he ran away..
Shravan and suman:Ma..

Ishwari:tum ko yeh address kaun bataya?
Dev:Ma,actually I went for their wedding with Sona..
Ishwari:but tum to;business trip;choot bola tumne dev?choot?
Sona:Ma,shravan me bulaya so..
Ishwari:but sona beta,sach batakar jaa sakthatha..
Suman:agar unhone sach bataya..kya aap maanti..nehe na maa?
Ishwari:maa bulaane kiss ka haq Diya?
Suman:I’m legally married to shravan so that makes me your legal Mother in law..so maano ya na maano I’m your Daughter in law..
Ishwari:oh the self respect types..I will never allow self respect people in my house..just like dev’s papa..get out..
Shravan:aap itni pareshaan que hai?you don’t care about me na?
Ishwari:shravu I care..but suman…okay I accept..
Everyone gets happy…
Next morning..
Suman wakes up early in the morning and washes her hair..she sprinkles it on shravan and as she is about to leave,shravan holds onto her..suman dries her hair and straighten’s it..(suman has no new look,just the addition of a bindi and a mangalsutra)
Shravan:sumo,don’t wake me up with your romance yaar.
Suman:okay I will wake you up with your food.
Twists and turns on the bed..
Suman:don’t spoil the bed!come on get up,office bhi jaana hai na?
Shravan:kaun bola main office;huh?
Suman:main..no Go get up and get ready..
Suman goes down and greets everyone.
Sona is in the kitchen and suman joins her.

Suman:good morning so;bhabhi!
Sona:good morning Suman!how was your sleep?
Suman:very good..
Sona:that’s very good..
Sona and suman serve food and sit to eat..
Seeing all the healthy food,suman gets shocked..
Suman:why is the food so healthy?
Nikki:you don’t know bhabhi?sona bhabhi is a Nutritionist.
Suman:really?then we would really bond well..I’m a Chef!!but istara ki khaana banake agar send kiya..then mere business khatam..
They all laugh?

Dev is at the door and is waiting for sona to say a proper goodbye.
Sona says bye and dev pulls her towards him.
Sona:dev ki karreheho?koi deklega..
Dev:koi nehe dekega.
Sona gives a shy kiss on dev’s cheek and blushes away and dev smiles..
He leaves for office.shravan also leaves for office.he is nervous because he has a hearing later on..
Suman:tere shakal dekha?it look like as if you murdered someone.calm down it’s just a hearing..and you’re the best lawyer I know..
Shravan leaves.

Sona,ishwari and suman are sitting on the couch..
Ishwari:sona and suman beta,thank you for bringing Colour into my sons live!
Sona and suman:arae Ma!thats our duty!!and we love them a lot too..
As the trio hug,sona thinks about dev..and suman thinks about shravan..
Tu mujme zyada plays…

Credit to: Nishi

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