Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 50


The episode starts with dev coming to Riya’s room.
Riya:bhaiya,aap sab ki shaadi tutne main expert Ho kya?
Dev:ri;*sits on the bed*riya,you can’t marry rishabh not only because he was after you in college,he is also Ou;
Riya:our?our what?pls don’t say Brother…bhaiya..pls don’t..
Dev stays quiet and looks down.
Riya:bhaiya?pls say he is not our Brother..I mean we already have Nikki,neha,bhabhi and Neil,and also that shravan.
Dev:shravan is your older Brother..talk to him with respect.
Riya:what respect?he ran away from home..if he had known the value of respect,he wouldn’t have run away

Yes,it’s shravan from ek duje ke vaaste.
Shravan from ekdv
Suman from ekdv
Dev:he must have left us but he is still your older Brother.
Riya:anyways bhaiya,it’s very late,I need to sleep,you sleep too.
Riya goes to sleep and falls asleep immediately.dev Pats her and pampers her.
In dev’s room.
Sona:dev,you seem quite worried..kya Hua?
Dev:kuch nehe..riya ke barame soch rehe the.
Sona:dev,don’t tell me,you told riya the truth about rishabh being your Brother..
Dev:aur kya kartha?
Sona:dev..okay go to sleep now..u r really very tired..
Dev goes to sleep.sona too.
The next morning..
Dev gets a call in the morning in bed.
Unknown number..
Dev:hello?who is this?
Dev:shravan..shravan how are you?
Shravan:I called you to invite u only for the wedding..and bhabhi too..
Dev:tumari shaadi horahahai?kisse?(shocked)
Shravan:you know school times pe sabsi popular girl?
Dev:sabsi popular..kya naam Thi..uhh.ha!!suman..suman tiwari..kya tu usse shaadi..?
Shravan:ya bhaiya!
Dev:tu itna bada hogaya?
Shravan:bhaiya don’t become emotional..
Dev:okay I’ll come..send me the details…
Shravan:thank you bhaiya!N don’t tell Ma..

Dev explains to sona the situation.
Dev:Ma,i needed to Go for a business trip,and I need to being sona with me,because there is a party where your spouses and girlfriends or fiancès need to be present.
Ishwari:Toa jaa na beta
Dev:okay Ma…
Sona and dev leave for udaipur..
The wedding venue..
Flowers decorated beautifully on pillars and diya’s lit up in a ganesha shape on the entrance.beuatifully dressed girls in lehengas giggle and run down the steps as shravan comes on his white horse.
Dev removes his shade to see his little Brother getting off the horse..he imagines the young shravan getting off the horse..
Shravan and dev meet and have a emotional meeting.sona smiles from behind.
Dev:so where is your would be Wife.?she is getting ready for the cocktail party..Sonakshi bhabhi meet her no?
Sona:ya sure where is she?
Shravan:upstairs walk to the last room Turn Right”.my princess is there.
Sona smiles and goes up.
Suman:tum kaun Ho?
Sona:I’m shravan’s brother’s Wife..
Suman:but puskhar is engaged to Preeti..
Sona:shravan’s second Brother..
Suman:oh,the different one..
Sona:pls forgive Dev..he didn’t do anything..
Suman:he through shravan out of the house and u say he didn’t do anything?
Sona:shravan ran away..
Suman:look Sonakshi,I don’t know what’s the truth,I’m going to be related to you in a few days..so it’s good if we become friends again..
Sona:ya..that’s true…welcome to the dixit family…
Sona:look,you’re getting Married soon,so I need to tell you this…every woman has to adjust well with the boy’s family..I know my family..it’s a great privilege being a bahu of the dixit family..
Suman:I’ll be living seperately,because shravan is …
Sona:don’t worry dev will fix everything..
Dev:okay ,it’s time for the cocktail party..what are you girls doing?
Suman and sona:coming dev..
At the cocktail party..
Sona is sitting at the sofa when some of unknown people sit next to her and start troubling her.dev gets really angry seeing this.
Dev Beats them up.
Sona:dev,leave them..dev!!i said leave them!!
Dev leaves them..
Dev:*cups sona’s face*are you okay?
Sona:I’m fine,what if you got hurt?
Dev:I didn’t u see,I’m strong my Jaan!
The cocktail party ends and the next day is mehendi.
Suman puts mehendi and tells shravan to find is name.shravan dosent.
Suman:that means you don’t love me?
Shravan:don’t say that ever again..just because I can’t find your name ,dosent mean i don’t Iove you.
Suman:okay baba sorry..
On the other side..
Sona is putting mehendi,and she carves dev’s name on it..
Dev:there I am..
Sona:wow you are such a genius..
Dev:that I am..
Sona:idiot,anyone can see the name,tumari naam ki alava I haven’t even drawn anything and u say u can find your name obviosuly You can?
Dev:okay baba I was attempting to be romantic!
Sona:aww!!i love you..
Dev:I love you Too..
Sangeet and haldi are together..
Sona sings during sangeet n everyone praises her voice..
It’s the haldi ceremony and sona puts haldi on dev..dev starts sneezing and scratching and shravan washes off the haldi..
Shravan:kya bhabhi,you don’t even know dev is allergic to haldi?
Sona:sorry shravan,sorry dev..
Dev:arae it’s okay Jaan..
Shravan:it’s not okay..agar tume Kuch hojata to?
Shravan,Suman,sona and dev smile as the screen freezes on them..

Precap:Shraman get married..devaakshi come back with Shraman and everyone in the dixit household is shocked to see shravan and suman.

Credit to: Nishi

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    very nice Nishi…..Congratulations on your 50th Episode…….

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