Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 49

Hi,so credit main..I’m not going to put only my name but also two other people who have helped me in clearing out my confusions…❤️

The episode starts with a flashback:
5 years ago..
Dev is sitting with sona in the library and reading a book..
Dev:so sona,what’s your plan after we graduate?
Sona:dev dixit Se..naam Suna hoga?
Dev:ha,wo college ka sabse handsome aur cute ladka hai na?
Sona:dev?self praise is no praise!
Guy:hey you,dev dixit,meet me outside..
Dev: rishabh,kya Hua?
Rishabh:don’t ask me,I’m telling u to come out.
Sona:*hand on top of his arm*dev go na..
Dev leaves..

Rishabh outside..
Rishabh:I want to marry your Sister riya when she is 22..and I will keep in touch with her…so I’ll know when she is 22.
Dev:don’t u dare come near my Sister otherwise chote chote tukde main kaatkar tume carrebian sea main begdungi..
Rishabh:oh!overprotective ah?
Dev:u.*points finger*
Rishabh:ungli neeche.
Sona:*hand on his arm*jaan ungli neeche karo..
sona:dekho rishabh,dev ki behn tumari jaise ghatiya insaaan Se nehe shaadi karegi!got that?
Rishabh:oh,u seem hot too?i don’t mind u..
Dev gets really angry*clenches his fist*
Sona:Jaan,it’s okay*cups his face*
Sona:rishabh,ur going to be expelled.
Rishabh:oh so this isn’t preschool that u go complain to your teacher.
Sona:and this isn’t preschool that tumare main itni bhi akal nehe that to record everything?so if I play this to the principal you will be expelled.
Rishabh:oh I’m so scared(sarcastic)
Flashback ends..
Riya goes to her room(crying)
Abhi:bua!!dont cry okay?
riya and abhi hug(like Mother Son)

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  1. I’m so sorry it’s so short!!!its because mudje hospital jaana tha..so mujko time nehe tha?

    1. Bhoomi

      Its ok dear…?

  2. 5 years pahle to devakshi ki marrige ho chuki thi na nishi you forget.

    1. Sorry di,pls read it as 12 years…

  3. Asmita...

    Love you Nishi………………..but there is no need to give me credit dear…………so swwet of you…….

  4. Asmita...

    Hey Nishi…………please dont get confused while writing the time duration……..

    1. Sorry di!!!mudje laga that agar Maine 12 years lika,then dev aur sona itni buda honge na?can I pls change it to just 2 years leap

  5. nice epi 🙂

  6. Simplesweety1

    nice epi … quite short … but its ok .. kabhi kabhi chalta hai 🙂

  7. Happy to see u continue nishi… Loved it.. Only one episode left for ’50’ waiting eagerly for the next update

  8. Nice twist nishi and just one to half century?

  9. Bhoomi

    Very good episode….. Rishabh deserves a punch frm dev ? dishommm…. ?

    So sweet of u Nishi ?… Dont give credit to me …. credit is only yours….
    U r so sweet … I m very happy as i have a frend and sister like u ?… u r very sweet than my stupid sister ….
    Lots of luv ???

    1. I love you too di!❤️Aur I promise,that my 50 episode will be the most special one!

      1. Bhoomi

        Wow …. Then i m egrly waiting…..

  10. nice episode but what is link between arjun and rishab?
    u said ria wants to marry arjun den why rishab came in middle

    1. Oops!??di,sorry I’m a very confused person aagey aise nehe hoga..actually I felt something was wrong but still I wrote rishabh,sorry sorry!!!kaan pakadkar sorry!?Next time i will write down the names I use!!

  11. Partho

    Khub bhalo I mean bohut accha

  12. Interesting twist..i must say

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