Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 48


The door opens and dev and Sonakshi come back home.
Dev:so how was today?
Sona:it was perfect!thank You so much dev..I love you..
Dev:anything for my life..!
Riya:bhabhi bhaiya thank god you are back!
Dev:kya Hua?is Ma alright?
Riya:Ma is fine,but abhi is not!
Sona:abhi ko kya Hua?*she panics*
Riya:kuch nehe bhabhi,he has just been troubling me so much since morning…
Dev:don’t scare us next time riya…
Riya:bhaiya,bhabhi,I needed to talk to you…
Dev:okay..what is it..?
Sona:kya Hua riya?why r u looking so nervous?
Riya:I will tell tmrw…

The next morning.
Sona is coming down the steps and bumps into riya.
Riya:good morning!
Sona:good morning riya,acha..tume kuch batana tha…
Riya:breakfast main battaongi…
Everyone is dining on the table.
Nikki:*whispers*so bataya?
Riya:mere band math baja*gives a blunt smile and talks at the same time softly*
Riya:bhabhi!bhaiya and everyone..Arjun proposed to me.
Sona and neha:wow!!and you didn’t even tell us!!!
Dev:congrats riya.we will fix your marrige soon.
Riya:really bhaiya?youre the best!
Ishwari:thank you so much for giving so good news beta…
Ishwari:now all my daughters and Son are married except Nikki,my family is going to be more filled and more happy.
Everyone agrees..
Riya:bhaiya lets go to office..
Dev:chal..oh i forgot my tie..
Nikki:bhaiya,u don’t wear a tie to office…
Dev:aaj..aaj feeling hai..
(He wants to meet sona upstairs and say a proper goodbye*if u know what I mean*)
Dev goes up and sona
Sona:kuch chaiye tha?
Sona:already hai..and by the way..during the ring ceromony,I won so I have the control of our relationship..
She shys away..
Dev comes down without a tie and Nikki is confused..dev avoids the topic and goes to office ?Bichara dev)
Dev meets Arjun and is shocked..he remembers bits and pieces of a black and white blurry view and says that this marrige cannot happen.

Why?sorry it’s short❤️

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Asmita...

    Gut tp see tjat you are continue the same FF… ?

  2. Hey i thought u ended your ff..but thank god u did not

    1. Thank u asmita di and aarti di!!!?❤️

  3. Partho

    Nice episode

  4. Saan

    Hey nishi your ff is really nice
    I started reading it a few days ago ..
    I understood evrythong till date since i started from episode 42
    But didnt understand the black and white memory thing dev that u mentioned at the last
    Can u pls tell me why taht black and white memory appears ..
    Is it something that has happend in the previous episodes or is it something that u will tell in the next episode

    1. Black and white memory is basically flashback di,it’s like he is remembering bits and pieces …

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Nishi I m so happy to see u back again and episode as always is awesome

    1. Thank u di!?Glad u like it!

  6. Amazing btw why did u said that it was ur last episde?

    1. I decided to continue

  7. Simplesweety1

    Surprise Again .. ! Good That U Are Not Discontinuing The FF! 🙂

    1. Thank u!❤️

  8. Bhoomi

    hurreee!! Superb episode.. welcome back ??

  9. Nice episode nd am happy u continue this ff

  10. Asmita...

    Hey nishi… plz go through my detailed update….. i have mentioned your name in the analysis…. hope you like it…. 😉

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