Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 47

The episode starts with sona getting treated for her wound.
Dev:aaram Se..
Sona*m:*squinting her eyes in pain*
Sona gets treated and wants to meet saurav.
Sona finds him again:dada!pls stop!dada!
Dev runs with her..
Sona:I will try calling him..
Saurav gets the call:why is sona calling me?oh no,did she find out I’m alive.
Sona’s phone:the number you are trying to call is currently unreachable.
It echoes the same thing again and again.
Sona finds saurav…
Sona:dada?aap zinda Ho?
Sona:kya Sona sona dada?aap humare aur dev ke parivaar ko kitna dard ponchaya patha hai aapko?dada!
Sona starts to cry…
Sona:why did you do this to us?
Saurav:sona..chutki…chalo ghar chalthhain..
Sona:no dada…tell me first…
Saurav:I work for some illegal companies for selling lingerie,so I needed to pretend to die to do my work easier.
After Asha and bijoy get to know this,they throw him out of the house

Everyone in the dixit house too is relieved as
well as shocked.

Devaakshi’s room:
Dev:sona,ever since we met,we have been fighting.do you remember the first time we met,you had poured aata on me when you bumped into me,and then how you scolded mr kolhi for eating junk food,how we thought we had twins because we were so nice to each other on your first day of work,how we danced together for the first time,how we got stuck together in the dark,how we got locked into a room,how you met with an accident and you started loving me,how we gardened together,how we drank coffee late night together,how we talked late in the night,how we met Neil,how I realised my love for you,how I proposed to you,how we engaged,how we got married,how we gave birth..we have come so far in 2 years sona.i love you..
Sona:i know..how time passes by…i have been so blessed to have a Husband like you.
Dev:let’s go out..I have a surprise!
Sona:let’s go!
The door closes.

Hi guys,you have been all so supportive of my ff’s,and I really appreciate it.i love all of you so much❤️And I will miss writing!yes,sadly this is my last episode,but don’t worry!i will be back with season 2 very soon.tanya di,joyee di,nita di,aarti di,ayushi di,bhoomi di and didis and bhaiyas who have been reading my ff thank you so much!i love all of you and I will miss all of you so much!!❤️I’m not leaving the page,I will still be commenting!!!!!love ya!!❤️?

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  1. How come 2 yrs only..dis ff took 2 leaps right?? First one for 5 yrs n then for 10 years..so almost 15 yrs.. n Nishi dear I’m vry sorry for my comment on last episode abt your mom..plzz forgive me if possible..

    1. Di,it’s okay..you didn’t know so…its fine..aur about the leaps, sorry,mudje laga that agar 15 years jump karungi,Dev aur sona thodi old nehe hojayenge?sorry di!!confuse kardiya…

  2. Simplesweety1

    I’ll Miss This FF .. U Always Shock us and now u shocked us with endoing the ff …. chalo stay happy … bye and meri ff padhna mat chhodna and come back with season 2 as early as possible ! 🙂


  4. Hello nishi…..after a long time I’m here……..not commented regularly due to books?☺☺….u ended very nice……u nailed this ff (ek aur rang)…….I will not forget u ever……….all the best for ur season 2………..
    @asmita ty a lot for ur detailed episodes……………????

    Bye bye…….

    1. Thanks Tanya di!!and I owe a big one to you!you have been one of my earliest supporters and I really love you for that!!❤️

  5. Hloo frnds…. I am mahira…..am a new comer …

  6. Bhoomi

    So sweet and cute… i will miss u and your ff Nishi…. All the best for your season 2…. come back soon….. U nailed it ….. Lovelly episode….. lots of luv ????

    1. Thank u!!!i love you too and I miss u!!!❤️

  7. Asmita...

    Hey Nishi……….. why you suddenly ended your FF……?? Thts not fair dear…but as you said that you will come back with season – 2 then its ok….. come back soon dear…….. I will miss you FF……love you…

    1. Asmita di,agar ek person request kare,that I shouldn’t stop writing..I won’t..

  8. Guys sorry…i have changed my mind,I’m going to write,I realise that this became my passion..so I’m going to write!!❤️

    1. Asmita...

      Gud daer…. will eagerly wait for your another FF………Nishi please dont mind me saying if you have any confusion regarding anything you can ask anytime….like you were confused between “mami and masi”….. you can clear your doubt by asking dear… 🙂

    2. Bhoomi

      Yeppeee…. Nishi i m waiting for u coming ff….. post soon…. And yes Asmita is right… Be free to ask if u have any doubts… we r always there to support u ??❤

  9. A beautiful ff I must say nishi! Well I really wished that u would complete the golden number 50…. Anyways u do post another ff or a season2 of this ff love u

  10. Thank you bhoomi di and asmita di!!i really owe it!!❤️So,
    Nikki,neha and riya are abhi’s maasi?
    If sona is married to dev,then why isn’t sona’s Brother jiju for Nikki,neha and riya..
    Neil is …what to Nikki and riya since neha is married to him?
    Sorry…I have to many questions?Answer them if u like!❤️No compellments?

    1. Asmita...

      You are always welcome dear ?……Riya, nikki and neha are “buaa” to aadi…..as neil is married to neha so neil is “jijaji” to both riya and nikki….

    2. Bhoomi

      Neha, riya and nikki r abhi’s bua…

      Jiju means sisters husband… So sonas brother is nt neha,riya and nikkis jiju….

      neil is jiju of riya and nikki….

      Fathers sister is bua..

      mothers sister is maasi….

      mothers brother is mama….

      fathers brother is chaha….

      hope your doubts r clear ….
      Do u hav any other doubts?????


      1. Thank u so much asmita di and bhoomi di!!!thank u so much!❤️I hope I’m not troubling u….

  11. Asmita...

    Elena is “masi” to abhi as she is sona’s sister……. suarabh is “sala” and elena is “sali” for dev as they are brother and sister of sona…saurabh is “mama” to abhi…neil is “fufa ji” to abhi….

    1. Thank u di!!im sorry if I’m confused because I don’t have anyone to tell me!!but now I have u two!!thank u so much!!!!!❤️❤️

  12. Nishi you write really good please don’t stop writing .please continue

  13. Partho

    Nishi rocks

  14. Can uh plzz tell where are taking this stories from…??…. Are these things really going to happen or it’s jst u’r imagination…!!!…???

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