Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 46

Saurav is rushed to the hospital and sona panics…dev cups her face and
Dev:sona,calm down..nothing will happen to Saurav..
Sona:d..ev..dev..I’m really scared..agar dada Kuch hogaya na….
Dev:*still cupping her face*shhh..nothing will happen to saurav..
Doctor comes out.
Doctor:Mrs Sonakshi dixit?mrs Asha Bose?mr bijoy Bose?saurav…
Sona:Doctor sinha,saurav is fine right?
Doctor:Sonakshi,pls control yourself…
Dev:Jaan…it’s okay..
Sona:kichu bolbe?(will you say something?)
Doctor:saurav Bose..we couldn’t save him…
Sona,Asha and bijoy are shocked…
Sona falls on the ground,shocked.

Dev:*bends down*(cups her face)sona?are you okay Jaan?
Sona:dada is no more..
She gets fits…
Dev:sona!doctor..doctor pls admit her…pls..nothing should happen to her..sona…
Doctor:the fee for Sonakshi is 70000£
Dev:you only know how to take money,you don’t know how to save lives..jab kisi ko khotiho,bohot dard Hota hai..aap nehe samjhenge…
Doctor:we will save sona..don’t worry..and mr dev..don’t talk like that..kabhi kabaar u don’t know what that person’s going through…so don’t judge them..okay?*pats his shoulder*
Dev is confused..
Sona recovers and is discharged..everyone goes for sourav’ funeral except the ladies(according to rituals,ladies are not supposed to attend funerals).
Sona is still heartbroken over saurav’ death while nikki and Neil come to entertain her.
Neil:bhabhi,okay let me tell you a joke..ek baar na..
Nikki:uffo jiju..not jokes..bhabhi..lets go for a movie and then shopping..we will take neha and riya along okay?cha;*nikki drags her*
Sona dosent move.
Nikki:bhabhi,jo bhi saurav jiju ki saath hua,bura Hua,aur kisi loved one ka loss come over karne kiliye bohot taakat or himat chaiye..we are all here for you bhabhi..
Sona:patha hai Nikki,jab main choti Thi,dada ne hamesha goondo Se bacha ke rakha hai..but jab..jab parso dada ko goli laga..main kuch nehe karpaya..Kuch nehe..ab I need to find out dada’s killers..
Nikki:and we are with you bhabhi…
Sona,Nikki and Neil hug.dev comes and promises sona to find saurav’ killers..he kisses her hand.

It’s sona birthday the next day…
Dev:happy birthday my love
Sona:tumi yaad tha?
Dev:ofcourse!my sweetest Jaan ki birthday hai,aur I forget?yeh konsa logic hai?
Sona:okay dev babu..so what’s special today..
Dev:sona Ma’am keliye royal breakfast and ek din mr aur Mrs dixit …ek Lambi Se drive par jaakar…*whispers*time spend karenge…
Sona:how romantic!ishh.
Dev:dev dixit,knows how to be romantic..
Sona:ya okay okay..
Sona gets ready and they go for a Long drive..
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays..
Sona:dev!!!its raining!!!(she gets very excited)
Dev:chalo gol gappa khatehe(guys it’s Ramadan and I’m fasting so it’s difficult to write this?)
Sona:okay as you say…
They have a gol gappa competition and sona wins..
Sona:so dev,what gift to I get?
Dev:anything u want.
Sona:oh really?
Sona:what if I tell you to eat chillies again?
Dev:I will eat it.
Dev:sona I love you..I will do anything for you..
Tu mujme plays…
Sona sees saurav..

Dev:sona aaram Se!
Sona falls on a rock..she hits her head..
He lifts up Sona and makes her sit on a chair..
Dev:sona,are you ok?show me the injury?
Dev touches it.
Dev:zyaada Kuch dard horahahai?
Sona:I saw dada dev..
Dev:okay we will find him,first get this treated..

Is saurav alive?if yes..why did the doctor lie?if no,who did sona see?

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  2. Saurabh is not Nikki’s jiju coz he’s not married..u shud ask your mom abt relations n then write..jst kidding don’t mind

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  4. Awesome episode nishi i think saurabh is alive

  5. Good twist nishi dear… Actually I’m busy with exams so couldn’t read or comment nice suspense n take care post soon

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