Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 45


The episode starts with Nikki getting shocked seeing a piece of paper in her book…she reads it and gets shocked…
Nikki:Ma!bhabhi!neha di!riya di!dev bhaiya!neil jiju!tanya!abhi!
Everyone:what happened?why are you screaming..?
Nikki:Ma..see this…someone is planning to kill sona,and I found this in Radha maami’s room..
Ishwari:kya?are you sure bhabhi sona ko maarnachatehai..?aur dev ki duusri shaadi…

(At this point of time sona starts to cry)
Dev:*holds her shoulder*(wipes her tears)don’t be sad,everything will be fine,you are not going anywhere without me….
Sona:*sob sob*
Abhi:Mom,as I Long as I’m there,no one can do anything to you….
Dev,sona and abhi hug..
Riya and Nikki call maami down(pretty harshly)
Radha Rani comes down:what happened?jiji,aap sab log aise que stand karreheho…
Ishwari:bhabhi,pls apna bag pack karke,bhaiya aur vicky ke saath nikcle jaaye!
Radha:hai hai jiji,aise Maine kya kiya..yeh gareeb ke Beti Kuch kar bhi nehe Sakthi;
Dev:*clenching his fist*enough maami!jo kediya,kediya,hume aapka assliyat ke barame patha chala!
Radha:kya assliyat beta?
Dev:sona ko maarne ka khwayish ka assliyat…
Radha tries to defend herself but is finally thrown out of the house..
Radha:my fight for my Daughter to be the Daughter in law of this house is Not over dev…(whispers)
Nikki,riya,neha:bhabhi!!!see,we told you after marrige we will keep you so safely that no one can harm you..
Dev:and I promised you that I would keep you like a princess,but I couldn’t fulfill u..
Sona puts her finger on his mouth
Sona:you have treated me like a princess ever since the day you proposed to me…and the day that you started treating me as a princess..was so special for me…sona remembers bits and pieces of memories of how dev came to her house in an orange
shirt,how took her for a drive,proposed to her in
an srk Way,and then the comedy of how they hid their romance from others…she smiles..
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi female song
plays…(fast mode)

Everyone is having lunch(dev is at home because it is a saturday)
Sona:here you go,plain roti(no ghee)withvegetables made out of olive oil..
Dev and Nikki:bhabhi,we are young and we don’t need so bad food..give this to Ma…
Sona:muu sirf khaana keliye

riya mummers to dev:aur karo nutrionist Se pyaar..
Dev steps on her feet and gives a fake smile
to sona…sona understands and gives a fake smile back.
Sona gets a call from the Bose household..
Sona:Ma?ki holo?ami teek Ho?(what happened?are you okay?)
Asha:sona,my first novel has been published..
Asha:and I want you,dev babu,ishwari didi,neha,Nikki,riya and baaki parivaar ko humari celebration party bulaade..main address bijwadetihu…
Sona:okay Ma!!congrats*excitedly*
Asha:thank you my Shona gudiya!!*kiss*
Everyone:kya Hua?
Sona:Ma ki neya novel release hogaya,aur uske celebration party mein,hum sab log invite
Dev and ishwari:wow!!thats great news..ofc we will come..
It’s evening and sona is confused what to
wear.dev comes from behind and hugs her tightly..
Sona:*shocked*dev,koi aajayega….
Dev:this is our room,no one will come…

Sona :dev stop it..*blushes*
She manages to escape..
Sona:acha,what should I wear?

Dev:wear this pink and golden saree..it will look beautiful on you…
Sona gets ready…

Sona’s look:pink light saree with golden half
sleeve blouse…golden umbrella’s as earrings

Dev is mezmerized….
Sona:dev go get ready…
Dev:no.*smiling like an idiot*

Sona:dev,acha I have taken out ur suit…
Dev’s look:orange shirt with black coat and black pants.
After chaos of getting ready at the dixit household..they leave for the venue…
It is really very lively there with beautiful golden lights and roses and lilies alternately adorned on the railings..the Bose household welcome the dixit family into the place….
After fun and all there is a romantic dance where all the couples need to dance..dev and sona go…ishtarah tu mujme tujhse zyada hai plays…
Everyone claps because dev and sona have been dancing the most beautiful and most longest….
Suddenly a gunshot is heard…
Everyone screams and the place goes on fire…
Saurav is shot..sona panics and shouts..
Sona:koi hai!!?!daada!!!aaken kholo!!daada!!
Dev:sona,we will take saurav to the hospital,come on..
Dev:sona…come Jaan..
Saurav is rushed to the hospital…

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Ab saurabh ko shoot kisne kiya aur kyu??

    1. Wo,agle episode par reveal hoga!!


  3. Simplesweety1

    u give surprises at the end of each epi ! bingo !

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb episode…. saurav ? .. omg….

  5. Hi nishu!!oops maybe only your loved ones can call you nishu sorry!im in love with your ff,I have been reading since episode 1 but I haven’t been commenting..but really Nishi..you are just great!

    1. No sheeba di,it’s not like that,u can call whatever u want!and thanks!

  6. Partho

    Accha tha as always

  7. Nice episode but shocking end waiting for next episode

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice epi nishi love ur ff dear and u always keep us in suspense , but ending was shocking :O

    1. Thanks!❤️

  9. Asmita...

    Nishi, you can do anything in your FF…. beyond our imagination 🙂

  10. Asmita...

    BTW… how are you…… your throat….. are you able to speak now?

    1. Not yet,but slowly my voice is coming…

  11. Great

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