kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (devakshi OS) Part 3


hy everyone
hope u will enjoy this episode
here i present u episode 2
Neha house
Neha: today is very sunny
Ranveer: i know tumhe boht garmi lagh rahi hai par ab tumhe adjust karna ho gha
Neha: Ranveer i didn’t mean that
Neha: u r getting me wrong Ranveer
Ranveer: i know u didn’t mean that but jo sach hain woh toh hainbut i promise i will make everything fine
Neha: i know u r doing hard work for me and will soon become financially fit
Neha: u know at the beginning our family condition was worse than yours but it is all due to bhai’s hard work that today we r living in such a peaceful condition
Neha: everything will be alright i m with u
Ranveer: thankzz for understanding

Ishwari’s mansion

Sona: auntyji i want to go somewhere immediately so mujhe chuti thori jaldi chahye
Rada Rani heard this and said
Rani: ooh!bengalan!kaam kiya nahi kai chuti chahye
Sona: actually auntyji i have finished my work
Ishwari: bhabhi janay di jiya bengalan u go
Rani: par jiji
Ishwari:she has finished her work now if she wants to go somewhere then its ok

Sonakshi went outside the house where Dev was waiting she sat into the car and both went for the lunch
on the lunch
dev: sona i love u alot kya aisa nahi ho sakta kai hum 24hrs ek sath rajhay?
sona: dev it isnt possible but tum hamesha meray dil kai qareeb raho ghai 24 hrs!
dev: sona kya love is everything in life
sona: u r still worried about neha right???
dev: no i m not worried i was just asking
sona: see dev love is more powerful then money ranveer and neha can face every problem with their company
sona: so dont worry
they both enjoyed the dinner and went home after such a peaceful time

precap: ishwari doubted on devakshi

Credit to: habiba

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  1. it is part 2 guys i post it bc that part is no english so it can be difficult to read so dont get confused hop u will enjoy

  2. Good one

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