Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi- devakshi- colour of our love


Hi guys iam back with next part of my ff and thankyou for your support guyzs and guyzs this is a flashback guys and 1 part was present one so guyzs be patient you will come to know about the suspense so… Here we go

@ sona’s home
Elena – sona .. Sonaaaa
sona- ki holo why you are shouting
elena- you are going on date with Mr dixit omg
sona- its not a date its a just a thankyou dinnerok.
elena- ok .sona i will make you ready
sona- nooooo…. Ways
elena- plzzzzzzzzz
sona- ok
elena- yayyyyyyyy sona wear this
sona- so everything was already planned hmmm
Elena make sona ready and sona went to dine hub ( guyzs i don’t want to drag story that’s why?)

@ dine hub
sona- ( to manager) excuse me table for two
manager- mam would you like to go for special one.
sona- yup
M- this way mam
sona follows him and reaches to a place which was fully decorates with dev’ favourite flowers ( coincidently)and yellow roses
sona- perfect
M- have a wonderful time mam
sona- thankyou
M left
sona- ( to herself) so mr boss finally its confession time l.
after 1 hour
sona- where is dev he is so punctual then? Let me call him
his phone was switched off
sona- batery low hogi he must be comming
after 3 hour more ( i.e 4 hours i.e 12 pm)
sona- he must be comming sona i think i should wait more
sona fell asleep there only

@ 4 am,in morning
M- mam we need to close the restruat nt
sona- what?
m- its our closing time
sona- bit its just …just (‘looks at her watch) oh!’its 4 am sorry . I..i.need to go home take this money…ok
she left and reached her home every one was was sleeping spo she went to get room and started crying miserably
sona – why dev ?
Elena woke up.
elena- what happened shona dev ne mana kiya ka?
sona- noo he dint came
sona tells every thing to her
elena- mr dixit

precap – sona confronts dev

Credit to: sanyojita

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  1. Nuuuuu..why didn’t dev come?

  2. Hey its bad manners to make a girl wait for 4 hrs. But as sona said, Dev’s punctual so there’s definitely some reason y he didn’t come. Let’s see wat happens in d next episode.

  3. So sad why Dev did like this poor sona

  4. Ohh poor sona

  5. Update soon pls waiting for your update

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