kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi – devakshi – colour of our love (episode 2)


Hi guyzs iam glad that you all are supporting me and i read all your comments and i was overwhelmed by those .guyzs my story will start from when sona realised her feelings and wanted to tell him about the same so lets see what happens next ( in my story?)
it was a plesant day and a girl was seen sleeping with a wide smile on her face.but the sunrays disturbed her sleep
girl- amm please close the window
elena- sona uthh
sona- eluu please let me sleep
elena- sona see mr obodro
sona- where Elena
elena- my cute sona see love is soo great it can help us to wake up kumbhkaran also.
sona- shut up Elena i will not leave you today
elena- are ! Sona see look at the time mr obodro ke ghar nahi jana?
sona- its not only mr obodro ‘s house but its my office too and ya don’t call him mr obodro.got it?
elena- ok dev? oh mere dev baby
sona – i will kill you elena( saying this she started tickling her)
elena- ok … Ok …. Mr dixit ok na
sona- that’s like a good girl
elena- ok now get ready i will drop you at my jiju’s place
sona- shut up elena
elena- ok..ok,joke sapart go and get ready fast
sona- hmmmm
after some time

@ taxi
sona- Elena i will tell him today about my feeling
elena- good .. All the very best.
sona – i need it .bye.m
elena- bye.sona go..go live your life
sona- nautanki
elena- iam
sona- bye
elena- bye

@ ishwari mansion
sona- kichu bhaiya where is every one?
kichu – didi they went to temple
sona- ok and mr dixit
kichu – he,is in his room
sona- ok
kichu- ok
sona- bhaiya this you are talking for him? ( ponting towards cogee)
kichu- yes
sona- i will give him you go
kichu- but.. Ok

@ dev’s room
dev – ( working on his laptop) come in
sona- good morning mr obodr….mrdixit
dev – miss boss you are here? You should be resting atb your home( remember guyzs she met with an accident na)
sona- mr dixit iam fine… And i thought whensome one wish us we should wish them back.
dev – oh ! Sorry.. Good morning
sona- mr dixit
dev – yes
sona- i..i… I…
dev – miss boss what?
sona- actually i wanted you to invite,you for dinner,as you helped me. In,my bad days so just a thankyou treat
dev- its not needed but still you are fine now so ok
sona- at dine hub8 pm
dev- ok
sona- ( in mind) i will tell,you there about my feelings.

precap- will sona be able to confess her love ? Dine hub…. And ….

Credit to: sanyojita

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  1. Isn’t this like the original track of kRPKAB?how did you call it your ff?

    1. Sanjeeda please its my request that don’t bash me if you have not read the intro i.e first part you go and read it then you will understand that what is diff between my story and the original track and it was just a episode hope you like the further story thankyou for commenting dear

      1. Oh I’m so sorry

  2. So its a flashback is it???

  3. Plzz update fast yaar..dying to know will sona confess or not n will it b a dream or reality n will Dev accept it or not..omg I won’t b able to sleep tonight

  4. but whom saw sona down with elena while talking to dev. pls tell sanyojita i want to know

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