Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Asha tells Sourav and Ronita how will she tell Bejoy that his loving daughter and granddaughter stayed at Dev’s house for one more week when Ishwari is present there. Bejoy enters and hears their conversation. Sourav and Ronita signal Asha that Bejoy has returned. Bejoy fumes how dare Ishwari is to force them to stay with her, he will go and show Ishwari her place and get back Sona and Soha. Asha says she will accompany him. Bejoy says he will go alone and leaves.

Bejoy reaches Dev’s house and calls Dev loudly. Dev murmurs he returned again. Ishwari with GKB comes out and asks why he came here. Dev asks them to stay there, he will go and check. Dev walks to Bejoy. Bejoy shouts why did he stop Sona and Soha, call them right away. Dev asks him to come in. Bejoy says

he will not and to call them out. Dev brings chair and asks to sit. Bejoy asks to call them and Dev walks in. GKB starts brainwashing Ishwari that Dev is serving is ex-FIL and reminds how Dev’s went away from Ishwari for 7 years because of Bejoy and his family. Ishwari says she will not do anything now and does not want to lose Dev. GKB fumes that her plan did not work, she has to try something else.

Asha gets tensed and says Bejoy must be fighting with Ishwari. Sourav says there is a cold war between Bejoy and Ishwari since the beginning. Asha says it is direct war as they fight directly instead of fighting behind each other. GKB goes to Ishwari’s room and starts brainwashing her. Ishwari says she will not do anything that will spoil Dev’s happiness and keep him away from her. Dev’s happiness returned with Soha and he does not want Soha to go away. GKB continues her dirty game and asks her to get Dev married to end this drama and send Sona out of Dev’s life permanently.

Dev goes to Sona and says someone has come whose ego is big and his arrogance much bigger. Sona asks if baba came. He says he praised her baba without taking his name. Sona goes out and asks Bejoy what happened. He asks what happened to her, why she wants to stay here for 1 more, if she does not remember how much this family troubled her, go and bring her bags. Sona says they were leaving when Soha’s grandma came and Soha wants to spend time with her. Ishwari comes and says when they had decided to stay at each other’s house for 1 week, they should not break that rule and let Bejoy take Sona and Soha. Dev says Sona wants to stay here for 1 week. Dev says then he will go and stay at Sona’s house for 2 weeks. Ishwari tells Bejoy that Sona and Soha will reach his house tomorrow morning. Dev says okay then he will go and stay with Sona and Soha for one more week. Ishwari makes her usual frowing face.

Sona tries to pack her bag and Dev stops her. She asks not to increase her work. He says she will not go anywhere and mom told Bejoy to send him away and calm him down. If she goes, how will they solve Khatri’s case. She says she can solve it even at her house. He says she is always self-centric, how will she solve it without his help. Their conversation continues.

Bejoy returns home smiling and tells family that Sona and Soha will return home tomorrow morning. Sourav confronts him and says what he did was wrong. Bejoy shouts he cannot misbehave with him. Sourav says he can after what he did. He says they have grown up and not kids that he controls their lives. Argument ensues. Ronita tries to calm Sourav. Asha asks Sourav to go to his room and he leaves. Ronita apologizes Bejoy on Sourav’s behalf. Asha asks her to go and calm down Sourav.

GKB tells Vicky that she convinced Ishwari to get Dev remarried. Vicky says his plan will not fail. She praises him. He hopes plan works. Ishwari enters. GKB nervously asks her to sit and brainwashes her again that Sona will control Dev’s life again and get back to his life, etc. Ishwari yells how to explain Dev and Sona if they come together, they cannot stay happy. Dev enters and hears her conversation.

Dev goes to Sona and tells what Ishwari was telling, he says it is all because of her fights and her baba who came and created this situation. Sona says it is not her fault alone. Their argument continues. Dev says if she had not fought and went away, they would have more kids and led a happy married life. Their argument continues.

Precap: Sona asks Soha to pack her bags as they are going to Daadu/Bejoy’s house. Soha says she had promised to stay here. Sona says Daadu is missing her. Soha says she wants to stay with Daadi now and why can’t they all stay together.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Asmita...

    Tum mere pyar me pagal hoti


    Humare bhot sare bchche hote

    Dev rocked… Sona shocked…

    1. Neha1

      Hmm..That was Amazing yar…really loved it and enjoyed that scene… Superb..????

  2. Neha1

    Oh God?? Bijoy baba itna shout kiya toh kiya But Sourav is right Don’t rule over other’s life…!

    Dev ki last baat was So romantic and Cute..?????

    Baki sab ki bakwas sunne ka mood nhi hai..

    waiting 4 2mrrow episode..!

  3. Today’s episode was little good and little annoying…

    Baba Bose irritated me more than ish and co. But one good thing happened.. Saurabh had guts to tell baba that he wrong and cannot interfere in their decision… Saurabh sld have been little polite but Dr Bose understand only this kind of language..

    I really liked dev telling sona abt controlling mind….and that he sld have never got separated from her…and they wld have many kids… really? The dialogues very so cute and were st from heart…lovely

    Ex GKB and her red …kya Kehna…I think unki chal ullti hone wali hai….like snake and truth medicine…let’s wait…

  4. Swarna494

    Bejoy baba’s hairstyle …???
    Yesterday’s episode was nice..
    Yes dev ,if you had not fought with sonakshi 7yrs ago. Our devakshi wil have another cute child like golu??

    1. Neha1

      Hmm. Bijoy ka hair style change ho gaya..?

      Yes Devakshi sath hote toh Golu jaisa CUTE bachcha or hota…but I wish Golu bhi Dev-Sona ka hi beta hota na ki Vicky-Elena ka…

    2. Baba ka hairstyle dekh ke laga …kay unke bal kissi nayi hairstylist ne kiya ho…Jo abhi shikh raha ho

  5. dev ko sona ke lambe baal dekhne hai and sona ko dev ke chote baal #humare dil ki baatien cvs kaise jaaane.
    i swear krpkabians will go mad jis din dev ne baal kaat liye.kitne cutely usne kaha tum mujhe conscious mat karo lolllll.mujhe har episode mein dev ke baal bhot lambe lagtey hai but jab bhi 4-5 episode pichle dekhti hoo toh i am like dev ke itne chotte baal yeh kab hua…

  6. krpkab toh ab hadhhhh hi kar ra hai itna constant graph toh initials mein hi hota tha but best part yeh ki krpkab hum fans,audience ko kitnna involve karke rakhta hai.humari baatien,wishes sabbb pata hoti hai-sona ki dresses,dev ke baal,golu ki cuteness,shaheer ko superman bolna
    am i dreaming? kaise karlete hoo itni cute harkate

  7. bejoy uncle ka new hairstyle
    O o
    samaj nhi aaya kya tha

  8. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    The most attractive thing in today’s episode for me was….

    “Bijoy baba ka naya-mickey mouse hairstyle”

    Seriously aise lag raha tha jaise barber se nahi chuhe se baal kutarwa ke aaye hai. Aur upar se woh banda sa brown-white combination of hair colour…yuck?

    Jab woh Ishwari niwas mein sona se Kuch bakwaas kar rahe the…main poora time paaglo ki tarah Hans rahi thi….he was looking so damn handsome….tareef karu kya uski….jisne inhe banaya!

    I really wanna meet the make-up artist of KRPKAB. I mean how do they manage to give that jaundice face to Ishwari in every episode. Supriya ji is so beautiful….but somehow the makeup artist gives that yellow tinge to her face that it actually appears as if Ishwari is suffering with jaundice. And sona? What is wrong with her make up? Day by day….her skin shade is coming down…..Erica apne makeup tutorials mein toh kya LED se bhi zyada chamakti hai….but serial mein kya ho jaata hai…..hey bhagwaan bacha le?

  9. Love this serial

  10. nice ep

  11. Junee

    I am really tired of the truants played by halwa mata and junglee baba ( Bijoy)! 7 years was not enough to open their eyes and realise the damage caused to their children! Just disgusting! I really lived the way Sourav voiced his opinion as this father intervenes a bit too much in their lives still less than Halwa mata! She still gets provoked and believes in whatever GKB says! Ridiculous! Like the son the mother too has kept her brain in her
    pocket! Its high time GKB and her Red or Diamond whatever should get slowly exposed! Constant boomerangs or even permenant damage ( separation) brought about by the two are becoming a little monotonous! Slowly their mischief should now get noticed by Dev for he is a changed man now and also Ishwari at some point should be made to realise about her stupid thoughts through Soha / Golu! This is otherwise becoming ridiculously Illogical!

    1. Junee

      Ishwari and Bijoy are kept away very smartly by the Makers which is fine but we would like to see a change in their approach and attitude! They return unchanged.A positive change in their attitude would be refreshing!

    2. juneeeeeee diiiii you r back !!!!i missed you soo much

  12. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Kya kisi ne notice kiya k..saare aise dialouges jisse purana pyar reflect ho..emotions reflect ho….almost…almost bhi ni hmesha…dev ko milte hain…sona ko aise cute dialouges ni milte…dev bolte bolte flow me bol jata h kuchh cute sa…bt sona k hisse me boring dialouges aate hain..except that: achha maan leti hu mere do bachhe hain.

    1. Exaactly yaar..aisaa kyun..shayad makers iss baar sona ko propose karwayegi..issliye uske hisse ke dialogues usi din ke liye rakkhe haai???

  13. Love KRPKAB

  14. Only 14 comments…come on guys …the hamara show hai…

    1. *the nahi yeh

  15. Finally……my baba is here…..??????????

    I know he is becoming male version of issue aunty but what to do….
    If ishwari is pestering sona everyday and giving her the much constipated looks after all what she did and is doing to save the POOP AURAT then there ought to be someone who behaves same with dev…

    To isiliye…..
    GO BABA GO…..!!!??????

    And sorry if someone is not liking beejoy bose presence…and here i’m happy about it…????

  16. I guess sona bose house mein jayegi akele aur kuch din usko nhi dikhayega coz erica dubai mein gayi thi naa toh uske liye shayad..
    And and this gkb..baapre..kitna brainwashing kar sakti haai wo..aur ye haleshwari toh hai hi ek..but i dnt think so dev will agree to marry.. whatever mayb the cause..haa dev thora buddhuram hai par itnaa bhi nahi kii wo dusri shaadi ke liye maan jayegaa??
    Wat do u think guys?

    1. Lizaa

      Ur right angrita…dev thodi na dusri shaadi karega..yeh ex gkb aur uss ka red ke sapne pe sona paani daal degi??joo kam dabaa maa na kar pai toh yeh dona kya kar lenge

  17. After long time, I have came back… there are lots of positive KRPKAB scenes without ishwari n bijoy… peven after ishwari hearing GKB n Vicky talk, she doesn’t react to out, what an insane it is… bijoy’s hairstyle was funny… I think bijoy’s character is going to change after this episode…

  18. It was quite boring . But dev words were expressing how he missed sona .it was sooooo… cute .?????????

  19. Asmita...

    Uncle mujhe tab bologe jab humari family samne hogi… aur yahan koi sunne wala nhi hai…

    sorry Mr. Bose…

    Sorry tumhe abhi bhot sari baaton ke liye bolna padega mr. Dixit…

    ye bose family ki kya problem hai… wahan beti adi hui hai… yahan baap ada hua hai…

    Dev’s Room –

    wese mujhse jyada ziddi log bhi hain is duniya me

    Dev main tumse argue nahi krna chahti

    ek insaan hai jo darwaazw pr khada hai aur wo bhi bhot ziddi hai… use main akele handle nahi kar skta…

    ab kon aa gya..

    hai ek… uska ghamnd aur self respect is duniya me sabse bada hai… usse bada kuch hai hi nahi..


    are waah… maine tumhare baba ki tarif me ek do shbd bole aur tumhe pata chal gaya…

    At night –

    Perfect just perfect… Dev tum itna perfectly kaam kese bigad skte ho…

    are main kya kiya hai… main to sirf itna bata raha hoon ki maine unhe kya baat krte hue suna… tum bchchon ki SUPERPOWER wali baat ko serioulsy to nahi le rahi… tum taane marti ho wahan tak thik hai… ye mat believe karo ki main actually logon ke mind control kar skta hoon…

    tum to alrounder ho… tum ye STUPIDPANA kar skte ho…



    ye word sikhati ho tum meri beti ko…

    humari beti… word bhul jaao aur meaning samjho…

    kya meaning…
    Agar mujhe mind control karna aata na… to sbse pehle tumhara mind control karta… aur tumhare ye stupid se chhote baal nahi hote… lmbe baal hote… achche…

    excuse me… mere baal stupid se nahi hain… tumhare ye floppy baal stupid hain…

    mujhe concious karna bnd kro… mere baal thik hain… Agar mujhe logon kamind control karna aata hota na… TO HUM HUMESHA SATH ME HI HOTE… HUMARA RISHTA KBHI TOOTTA HI NAHI… AUR TO AUR TUM MERE PYAR ME PAGAL HO RAHI HOTI… HUMARE BHOT SARE BCHCHE HOTE AUR HUM KBHI ALAG HOTE HI NAHI…


    aur 1 aur baar hume ye bhi pata laga ki Dev ka dimag kitna asthir (unstable) hai… kal Sona ki acting krte hue Dev ko Sona ke chhote baal ache lag rhe the aaj wahi baal stupid lag rhe hain…

    1. Lizaa

      Main ne epi miss kar di thi..?? But apke epi analysis ke Waze se mujhe laga ke main ne pura epi dekh liya..
      Tq asmita di… Plz apna epi analysis kabhi band mat karna…iss se hame bht help multi h

  20. R u serious? Wow Asmita dhi i m saying this again u should open ur own written update page..

    1. Asmita...

      i was writing detailed episodes earlier that too bilingual but its time consuming dear… so i stopped…

  21. Nice episode
    Hamare bahut sare bache hote……….superb

  22. Prads

    Nowadays, Ishwari & Bijoy seems to be similar but instead of considering as Bride’s father or Groom’s mother, we need to understand that they resembles the parents who are worrying about their children & who have seen the bad times during the last 7 years. Above all, we all know that both of them are not willing to get married of their children but due to unavoidable circumstances they have agreed but was worried about their future life also. Some misunderstanding happened between the families and the couples married life has broken in a wrong way. But after that, they have seen the life style of their children due to broken relationship and they don’t want that this will repeat in their life which can be happened to be worried by any parents.

    Secondly, regarding Ishwari. I admit that whatever she has done in her past (i.e. stealing money from a family where marriage of their daughter was to happen) is a big crime. But, we need to understand that we have listen the story from one side (i.e. from Khatri) who is not loyal to anyone. Before blaming anyone, we need to know the other side of the story which can be revealed from both (Ishwari & that particular family). We need to know why Ishwari has stolen the money and on what circumstances. Secondly, we need to know from the family also why they have not complained to Police regarding this matter.

    It may be happen that Ishwari was not felt guilt while stealing the money but she may be felt guilty when she try to contact that family (after becoming a Rich person) but from the society people she came to know that due to someone stolen the money, the marriage was broken & they left the house immediately without informing anyone. This may hurt her & feels guilty for whatever she has done with that family. And, that is why she is trying to overcome with this guilty by helping the marriage ceremonies of that society people.

    In my point of view, this story is belongs to the Reality of our own life where most of the incidents are happening with us & we need to learn the possibilities of any situation that can be happen with our life & how to lead that situation without facing any problem with our family structure.

  23. Ngkrishnakumari

    Halwaahwari in white sari look like a ghost
    Cvs what happen to you u gave 2or 3dresses in one epi for lady papida but you forgot even to make up for sona character discusting

    Bijoy baba what a combination on hus hair white with brown
    Another creature

  24. Junee

    What is the positive change in Ishwari as some say she has not reacted to GKB! Well that was cosmetic! Superfluous! She is conniving under that goody look becoz her insecurities are so high! She goes on to tell GKB that Sona and Dev should not be together becoz they are going to hurt each other that way! Oh really or is she getting hurt seeing them close? ? No
    reason can justify her screwing nature!! At the end of the day a child’s happiness is the priority of any parent! Understanding him or her , empathising are important to retain happiness or well being!

    1. Junee

      She has miserably failed in empathising!

  25. Lizaa

    Guys..main ne suna h ki indo ke behene apne bhaiya ko indo bulaya h
    aur ke bhaiya indo jaa raheh…??
    Eri Dubai se wapas aaye h aur shaaher jaa raha h..not fair na???

  26. Varalakshmi

    last few minutes was awesome

  27. soon dev nd sona should join…they love is extraordinary.

  28. OMG a very sad news to all krpkabians. Now iswari will tell dev either to marry sonakshi or any other girl! otherwise she will not eat or drink anything! i don’t think now sona will agree to marry! don’t know ab kya hone wali hain! ya phir ye ho sakti hain ki dev ko kisi aur ki saath dekh k sona ko apni feelings samajh me ajaye! pata nahi ye news dekh ne ki bad se mujhe kuch vi accha nahi lag rahi hain!

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