Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev meets Sona at a restaurant for dinner and asks if she wants to tell something. Sona says she is thinking of only him all day and says I love you. Dev gets angry and says he took care of her in hospital due to humanity and likes her as she takes care of his mother’s nutritional needs well, but it does not mean he will love her, she should not dare think of that. Sona gets out of her imagination while working in kitchen. Garib ki beti Radha starts yelling at her. Ishwari comes and takes Radha from there. Sona smiles and thinks nobody will understand what is going on in her mind.

Bejoy scolds Saurabh for watching movie with daadi and Asha instead of paying bills. Saurabh says Sona paid half bills and he paid half. Bejoy says she paid half as he did not pay it on

time. Daadi scolds Bejoy not to scold Saurabh. Asha asks them to watch movie silently. Bejoy leaves fuming. Daadi says Asha her plan works.

Sona reaches restaurant with Elena and Saurabh. Elena comments everyone are staring Sona. Saurabh scolds her not to lewdly comment on Sona as she is their sister. Elena says she remembers. She tells manager that there is a table booked in Dr. Bose’s name. Manager shows table. They all 3 sit. Dev comes and asks where is rest of family. Saurabh says daadi got unwell, so mom and dad stayed with her. Dev takes seat. Elena orders wine. Dev says this restaurant’s French cuisine is very good, it is his favorite. Elena says even French food is Sona’s favorite, french fries, french kiss. Dev says excuse me… Elena say she means French kiss movie… Saurabh says they have to go back home and asks Sona to have dinner with Dev as he gave is precious time to them. Sona nervously sits with Dev. Dev asks if she wants to tell something. She nervously starts. Dev says he knows she wants to tell about mom’s health.

Gujral comes with his daughter and meets Dev. Dev invites them to join them for dinner. Gujral says let us take another table and calls manager. His daughter says dad is investor in this restaurant. They all 4 sit. Gujral says his daughter was eager to meet Dev. to Daughter says she read Dev’s magazine interview and was impressed. They both start chatting. Sona gets jealous. Daughter says she lived in Paris for 2 years and asks Sona if she had gone to Paris anytime. Sona says she does not have passport at all. Daughter continues chatting with Dev. Sona excuses, saying she is going to washroom and goes home.

At home, Elena asks Sona if she proposed Dev or not. Sona says no and says she loves him, but does not him forcefully love her. She will wait. She also describes about Gujral and his daughter’s interference. Dev continues chatting, excuses himself, calls Sona and asks till when she will be in washroom. Sona says she got some work and left home. Dev says he would have informed him and disconnects asking her to take care of herself. Sona disconnects call and smiles thinking about him.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari about his business deal with Gujral and praises his daughter. Sona enters and gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aggghh..dat gujral n his daughter..cudnt she come after few minutes..Poora mood spoil kr dia.. Dhat teri ki

  2. Wow, very fast update, tu MA. 2day Sona looks soo pretty. I don’t know Natasha character r +ve\ -ve cox she look calm & speak very soft. I want her role ll be an -ve then only devna love life – begin, im waiting 4 that moment.

    1. Her role is positive.. n I guess shez goinna help d 2 get closer to each other.. cuz I saw Natasha saying that in an interview.. bt deb stopped her frm revealing abt d whole track..

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Thanks for fast update
    Finally natasa came in other to interfere the life of devnakshi

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Kuch rang dev par bhi dalo shrif sona hi kyun

  5. I actually prefer dev to fall for sona first :p but no problem jealousy track hmm. I just hope that this Natasha doesn’t turns out to be a psycho lover that will spoil the essence of this show because devakshi pair is too good already

  6. Sona tell Dev she went home coz she was not feeling well.

  7. Sona looked gorgeous today and ha devanshi moments were too cute but natasha kebab may haddi ban gai

  8. I got really scared in the start when sona proposed to dev and dev got mad

    1. Hahha Nishi me too πŸ˜› I knew it was sona’s dream haha and Iuckily I only had afternoon lessons today that’s why isaw the repeats of KRPKAB n EDKv first and then went out for lessons πŸ˜› love these two shows a lot these days

      1. Haha unfortunately for me I finish school at 3 only so I get to watch the 8.30 telecast only!!

      2. I usually watch it recorded as my mom keeps them record an once she comes home we both watch the show together this one and EDKV , and also dehleez on star plus an BHRK on life ok whenever we have time to watch another show. But these days we watch KRPKAB first πŸ™‚ and u r in p1 or p2?

  9. Ru Bhattacharya

    Zindagi mein jitna bhi door jao
    Pyar ke age zaroor rukna
    Ankhon ke samne koi bhi aye
    Mujhe tumhare dil me rakhna
    Hath me hath na bhi ho
    To bhi tum sath nibhana
    Pyar ki dhoop ho ya nafrat ke raat
    Bas hamesha mujhe yaad me rakhna……….
    Guys please tell me how is my shayari for DEVAKHSHI…nice episode

    1. its awesome..superb..btw are u a bengali??

    2. tooooooo goooood!!!!!!

  10. Ru Bhattacharya its amazing…. Dil ko Chu liya…❀

  11. Amazing episode.full of twists.

  12. wah..finally woh phase aagaye jiska mujhe intezaar tha…m so happy..i like jealousy tracks..bt i would be more happy if dev would have felt this…i hope this natasha track works well nd devakshi comes closer..guys..what do u say??
    btw i have one question..y so less comments for krpkab?? silent readers..comment…plzz we have to increase the trp..nd the rate of comments..

  13. just waiting 4 day when dev realise that he loves sona and their love story hidden from ishwari begins….and day when director kicks out nuts… just imagine the moment when dev says ilu to sona and their hugs wowwww!!!! can’t wait for that 9:30 pm when this happen…….

  14. Ru Bhattacharya

    yes tara,i’m a Bengali and thanks 2 tara,Tanya and Vaishu.

    1. great.. m a bengali too.. πŸ™‚

    2. Same here me too πŸ™‚

  15. This Elena is so irritating n cheap!!

  16. Ru Bhattacharya your shaysri is superb! ” kya baat, kya baat”!! We look forward to more. I think the last part by Sona was beautiful! It was from her side and the feeling was awesome as per her! Very sensitive and sensible! Didnt ultimately say because he also had to feel the same way! She would rather wait for that. Pretty realistic and smart thinking as well.
    Yeh Ishwari to zaada problem karegi mujhe feel ho raha hai! Over possesive mother. Dev should also listen to his heart . Since he is a good human therefore he needs to strike a fine balance between mind and heart and I hope he is portrayed that way.

  17. Mast episode

  18. Superb epi really sona great so realistic and true feelings for Dev she too wants same from dev and can wait .I think dev also loves her can’t realise although he was talking with gujral daughter still worried about sona .Some being a doctor she is so simple beautiful smart .I really love this serial so realistic .

  19. awesome episode.

  20. The Director of this show is doing a wonderful job by showcasing emotions very thoughtfully and with the right dose. Also negatives have been kept at minimum! Thats a good strategy to keep the viewers hooked on. With every episode over you are left wondering what will happen in the next! We are looking forward to Dev and Sona love story bloom!
    Yes Ru i agree that distance brings two individuals closer, perceptive and the bond generated is stronger!!!

    1. Yes I agree Moon

    2. yaa…. negative roles r also in limits

      1. negative roles are in limits..bt not negativity!! there are many instances where ishwari showed negativity…nd radharani’s presence acts as “chingari mein phoonk dena”
        i dont know what will ishwari do when devakshi will be together bt m not getting very positive vibes..

  21. Vry nice episode. But i think natasha is having positive behavior. Now god knows what will happen but sona was looking so pretty. i just loved her thinking. Whatever she told that i love dev but it is not dev responsibility that he should also love me. I will wait. And i m happy that i loved someone. I just loved that lines. It touched my heart. But i didn’t like dev behaviour in this episode. He was just ignoring sona and talking only with natasha nd nice precap. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. yaa prit nuts is playing a positive role.. she helps to make devakshi closer..i heard this in sbs segments..

  22. Yes i too agree with moon and tara.
    Ru Bhattacharya superb shayri, amazing i like it.????

    1. u agree with me on what dear??

  23. Nd i want dev to be free with sona he is too formal. Nd i also think that sona will change dev’s behaviour.

  24. About silent readers whatever u told tara

  25. tanya i just want to say that one of my friend is there her name is also tanya. So i request u. U,tara & I can be friends. I u both dont mind

    1. ofcourse yarr.. πŸ™‚

    2. Of course,we can frnds…in which std u study and in which state city u live?????

  26. Ohh thank u soo much.

  27. Where do u stay tara

  28. I wish a good looking competant Surgeon is brought for Sona to make Dev jealous! Fir ayega maza! Otherwise it will be one sided jealousy ! Anyways, i think since Natasha is supposed to bring them together so no possibility of another competant Doctor! Kya khayal hai ap sabka??

  29. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey all how is my new id name πŸ˜› (PS: m Soooooo addicted to these 2 shows nowadays) πŸ˜›

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