kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 9th june analysis


Here is the detailed update of 9th june –

Dixit house –

Naha shows her dress for engagement to ranveer and feels very happy with him. But ranveer looks nervous. Ranveer’s family is not coming for the function as hus mother is not well.Ranveer gifts neha earings. Ishwari cones and tells ranveer not to do so much Formalties in relations.

Bose house –
All come. They all went out for dinner but came without having it. Asha talks about her novel and all supports her. Sona is sad and elena tries to console her.

Dixit house –
Ishwari tells ranveer that neha started being happy with him. Ishwari understands ranveer’s nervoueness and explains him not to feel like this. Ranveer hugs Ishwari coz she understands his confusion.

Bose house –
All think that sona is not well due to fever but elena knows. Again novel discussion starts.

Dixit house –
Natasha calls Ishwari and talks to her. Natasha tells her that her dad loves her so much still she misses her mom. Natasha asks Ishwari whether she can call her whenever she will miss her mom. Ishwari agrees. Natasha disconnects phone saying gudnyt. Ishwari is still not happy with dev natasha alliance.

Bose house –
Sona smiles remembering dev and elena enters. She hides the things which dev forgot there but Elena finds.
E- sona please bata jo main soch rahi hoon wo sach hai
S- aur tu kya soch rai hai
E~mr. Obhodro yahan aaye the.
Sona nods.
E- unhone tujhse baate ki.
Sona nods.
E- unhone tujhe propose kia
Sona says no.
E- phir tu smile kyun kar rahi thi.
S- unhe yaad kar ke. Wo yahan aaye the. Unhone bahot sari baate ki. Kitna easy tha unse baat karna. Aisa lag raha tha jese koi purana dost mil gaya ho. I know ki aisa kuch nahi hai ki wo mere purane dost hain par jab hum baate kar rahe the to aisa lag raha tha ki jo bhi man me hai bol do. Koi kisi ko judge nahi kar raha. Koi banawati baate nahi. Sab kuch itna shant itna peaceful.
E- sona i know ki tujhe pata hai ki dev ki engagement hai kal, isly unse peaceful baate karne ki jagah tu unko man ki feeling bta deti to jyada achcha hota. You love him. You are such an idiot. Tere paas itna achcha chance tha.
S- i know ki kal unki engagement hai aur wo mere purane dost nahi hain, lekin dost to hain na. Aur ab mujhse ye mat poochna ki maine unhe apni Feelngs kyun nai batayi. Elena its simple agar main unhe batati to wo dost bhi nahi rehte. Aur isse jyada main unse expect bhi nahi karti. Main unse bas itna expect karti hu ki wo mujhse baate karte rahe. Aur this is the only way ki wo meri life me rahe. Just because ki main unhe face nahi kar pa rahi hoon, maine leave le rakhi hai. Aur wo mere samne aakar khade jo gaye. Wo humesha aisa kyun karte hain? Kal se dev par koi right nahi hoga mera. Sona starts crying and Elena hugs her.

Dixit Housr –
All 3 sisters are practicing dance secretly. But dev comes after listening loud music. All three asks him to tell about dance. But dev says he is not at all exited about it and wants to leave. But all 3 hold him and ask him to close his eyes and imagine.
R- aankhe band kariye aur ab dekhiye.
D- aankhe band kar ke kese dekh sakta hu
Neha – bhai, man ki aankhon se dekhiye.
Nikko – ok ab aap imagine kariye, aap sachcha pyar, aapka true love, ek designer Anarkali lehnge me aapki taraf badh rahi hai.
Dev tries to leave but they dont allow. They forcefully asks him to close his eyes and imagine.
Finally dev closes h8s eyes and starts imagining.
Neha – bhai aap apne man ke andar jhank kar dekhiye. Ye aapki zindagi ki sabse khubsurat sham hai.
Nikki- aur bhabhi aapki taraf aa rahi hai.
Dev imagines someone coming down from the stairs wearing orange dress and payal (anklet). She comes towards him. Dev holds her hand and looks at her. And it is none other thsn sona. A very cute and broad smile comes on dev’s face.
Suddenly dev open his eyes with shock and surprise. He avoids his sisters and leaves shockingly. after coming in his room he again closes his eyes again see sona. He is completEly shocked and confused.

Precap – dev finally realize that sona is more than a friend. He talks to himself that he cant do the engagement with natasha. He wants to talk to Ishwari before talking to natasha about this confusion.

Credit to: Asmita...

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