Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona confronts Dev that it is not a scootie accident, it is a medical condition and if she cannot become mother, what she can do. Dev says nobody is blaing her, she is stupid. She shouts he cannot understand her what a girl feels staying with a stranger’s family in a strange environment. He says she cannot understand how a boy feels when he gives so importance to a girl and wants to take care of her. Sona continues shouting and while moving slips. He holds her and asks if she is fine. She asks why is he worried. He says he is worried as he feels pain if she is injured. She pushes him shouts get lost. He pulls her and kisses. She pushes him again. He holds her. Saanson ko saanson se milne do zara…song..plays in the background. She gives up. He holds her

hand and kisses. Their romance starts. She smiles ands says I love you Dev. He picks her and rests her on bed looking into her eyes. He then kisses her feet. Song continues in the background. They consummate and relax.

In the morning, Sona gets and thinks Mr. Obodro is asleep. He wakes up and says when she is near him, how can he sleep. She says let us go home soon, she wants to hug mom and thank her. Ishwari gets engrasped in thought during breakfast. GKB starts brainwashing her. Dev calls Ishwari and tells they are on the way home. She says booking was for 3 days. He says they will reach home soon and calls disconnects. Ishwari tells she booked resort for 3 days, how can they come early. GKB continues brainwashing and asks to question bengalan/Sona.

Dev drives car. Sona kisses him and says she got her prince charming. Dev says she does romantic talk when he drives always, he is thinking of shifting to Shimla. She says once they are back home, all routine will start, baba’s questions, fertility treatment, etc. Dev says even for him, it is difficult, but they will sail through, she should relax.

Ishwari sits eagerly waiting for Dev and Sona. GKB asks why is she so eager. Bejoy and Asha enter. Elena goes and hugs them. GKB starts yelling at them and calls them selfish, money grabbers, etc. Asha asks Bejoy to not lose his cool. GKB continues. Bejoy asks what rubbish she is yelling. GKB says his son grabbed money from Dev and they have come here to teach their daughter how to take care of Dev so that Dev can continue giving them money. Bejoy says even he came to know about this around 2-3 days ago. GKB continues yelling and insulting him. Bejoy asks Ishwari why is she silent. Ishwari says GKB’s words are different, but she is right, why did Sourav grab money from Sourav. Bejoy confronts. Ishwari shouts he cannot shout on her in her house.

Dev with Sona returns and asks what happened. Bejoy tells Sona that they came here to meet them and not get insulted by Dev’s family. Dev asks what is the issue. GKB continues shouting and insulting. Bejoy asks Dev if Sourav force d him to give money. Dev says Sourav did not ask money from him, he invested instead. GKB continues yelling. Sona says she cannot insult baba like this. Ishwari murmurs that Dev gave money to Sona’s family on Sona’s orders and forgot his mother and family. Dev sees her murmuring and asks what is she murmuring, she should speak to him. Bejoy asks Ishwari now she know the truth. Dev asks him to wait, he is talking to maa. Bejoy continues shouting that Ishwari saw some money after getting rich and became so arrogant. Dev slaps Bejoy. Sona is shocked seeing this.

Precap: Dev apologizes Bejoy. Bejoy warns him to never call him baba and dare try to come to his house in life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    o teriiiiiiii 2 baj gaye comment karte hueyyy……
    Neend hi nhi aa rahii……

    but fir v ab mai ja rahi hoon…..
    i wish ki aaj to dekh hi loon apne ******* ko wo v shirt___s ?? IN M DREAMS HAHAHA…

    1. Asmita...

      Rangili Priya….

      this one is for you—

      Hangover teri yaadon ka
      Hangover teri baaton ka
      Hangover teri yaadon ka
      Hangover teri baaton ka

    2. Asmita...

      ye bhi tumhare liye —

      Mujhe neend na aaye, ho
      Mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chain na aaye
      Koi jaaye zara dhoondke laaye
      Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya…

      Haalat kya hai kaise tujhe bataaoon main
      Karvat badal badalke raat bitaaoon main..

      1. Priya9876

        Yes, Mai to kab se keh rahi hoon Jao jata dundhna k laao….
        This is very perfect????
        Sachii mujhe Kal nind nhi aa rahi thi….3 baje k Baad Soyi
        hoon Mai…

  2. Manya

    Mujhe meend nhi aa Rahi????

    1. Manya


    2. Priya9876

      Mujhe v nhi aa rahi thi…3
      Baje k Baad Soyi hoon Mai?

  3. Hey Dev should kick out GKB. Not insult in laws

  4. Manya

    Guys Maine apni wall pe ek pic Daalo hai which tells u 2 qualities according to ur bday moth so tell me urs I will tell u the qualities
    I know ki yeh sach nhi hoti but just for fun’s sake

  5. Sonadi

    Today’s episode was not at all good in the second part.First part Dev takes control of Sona . He did good as a normal husband would do.
    Romancing was goog and very subtly taken.Then the car scene was good. They promise each other to solve all the problem together.But immediately after reaching home everything gets forgotten.
    Dev’s sanskar is only to his Mom and GKB. He just stood there without doing anything and stopping GKB.
    She has insulted his father in law and never took any action.
    Anybody will be mad and angry what Iswari and GKB said. Forget about GKB,she is after Dev’s property . She knows that she has to drive Sona out of the house.
    As soon as Dev tells it is him who called Saurab and gave him the money.How can Iswari think that Dev forgot about his sisters. That is absolutely rubbish and sick thought.

    I saw in you tube about the makers explanation about this slapping incident for which fans expressed their displeasure. He is saying that they can not show all,the time realismthen it becomes documentary. Errors happens in the serial ,he says.
    I want to point out to the maker that this serial is being watched by all age group. They are sending a message that you can slap elders in your anger. Which is basically wrong . Young audience will get an idea that it is ok to do it. That is the message I get.If they want to show separation they should have found some other way. I am not asking them to show realism all the time. The events happening should be logical. Lot of fans like me were never interested in today’s serial . We all started watching this one because of some sort of realistic approach.

    I am completely disappointed in this . There may be other fans also like me.
    It is irreparable incident.You can say so many apologies which is not going to make this right.
    I see in precap Sona forgot about her promise in the car and left Dev saying it is my Dad.
    She will be leaving Dev which will suit GKB because that is what she wanted.The root cause for all this is Vicky. Elina should realize this and leave him in support of her sister and Bijoy.

    I can wright pages and pages about this episode That much emotional I am.

    I can appreciate the use of Hum Tum song for Devakshi consummation which happens in the movie also after the song. Very aptly used.
    I wrote so much I am unable to go back and correct typos. Please pardon my typos.

  6. Sonadi

    Romancing was good not goog

  7. Sonadi

    I really beg to differ from the explanation of the makers about this . They do not have to make this serial 100 % realism. Story have to progress. That is why all this drama.
    For example where did Mamaji go . He is suppose to control GKB . The makers coolly forgot about him because they do not want Mamaji to be there to disrupt GKB.
    Then the investment document which was an important file kept openly in file room instead of Dev keeping it in safe custody. Is this logical I am asking the makers.
    Have they seen any business owner keeping a sensitive document openly.
    There are so many illogical things put in to create situations. That is the realism we want . The creation of the situation should be realistic.They should address that.That is all I am asking.

  8. Junee

    Well, I think that the Makers have done a good job by sticking to reality as much as possible. Sonadi I agree some illogical thoughts are there too. Like GKBs continued stay in that house just to keep the drama on. Dev definitely realizes that his Mamiji is the trouble maker yet does not tKe steps to send her away . Even if it means building that house for them. Dev allows too much of bedroom interference as far as his mother is concerned. That too is unreal ! Well such marriages would always be on rocks! So is this one heading towards that!
    A mother booking a resort holiday for son and bahu yet wouldn’t allow them on a honeymoon with a pretext like Neha’s problems! Unbelievable!
    But the important take yesterday were two things:
    1. An unrelenting honest attitude towards winning over love. It was noteworthy to see Dev’s focus to mellow Sona down.
    2. Overnight from rags to riches cannot make one cultured or sensitive. These flow down for generations and get polished or attains finesse in every generation! Thats how you see a rich heritage! Mark Bijoys words to Ishwari that from rahs to riches overnight has made them arrogant! They are so judgemental especially Ishwari and GKB and it reflects their illeterate background!
    Ishwari could have immediately rebuked Dev for that slap but sje was more busy thinking why Sonakshi is given preference over her by her son and how could he without asking her! Permission from her in bedroom , business and every move at home is what she desires! Dev at some point must put his foot down where his mother and GKB are concerned! He should give GKB a piece of his mind for misbehaving with his father in law!Hold her responsible and show her the way out. But Ishwari is the hurdle for she wants this purturbance / aberration at home to get rid of Sonakshi her insecurity!!!

  9. గంగా (ganga)

    Hiii buddies……AAP sab need mere Kuch comment Karne ke liye Kuch bi nahi bachaya ?????

    Romance SE bi zyadha mujhe VN dono ki fight realistic lagi….Aisa laga ki vo really couple hei…..??

    Sona ka dialogue Aap ko Kya farak padtha hei….Dev ne metro train ki tarah super fast SE kaha ki ” MUJHE FARAK PADTHA HEI Damm it…..vo super…..?””….

    I think koyi nahi notice kiya hoga ki Dev ne Bijoy hi ko thappad dene ke BAAD Vs GKB Ka face expression nd vnki standing angle bejoy SE bi zyadha shock tha …..???

    1. గంగా (ganga)

      *Aap sab ne mujhe…*. Sorry typo error

    2. Sonadi

      Yes first part is lovely. Both of them want each other but fight It is romantic fight. Very well acted by both of them. I did appreciated this in my comments.
      We have to point out where the director is going wrong.They make illogical thing to create drama. That is what I am trying to point out.

  10. Aarti32

    Ab, I think, age ki story aise hogi- Devakshi ka divorce ho jaega, Ishwari Sona ko wapas lane ki ratti bhar bhi koshish nhi kregi, but phir pata chalega ki apni Sona darling pregnant h, phir Ishwari ka saas prem jagega, wo use beta beta key kr manane ki koshish kregi, but Sona to Sona h, wo jaldi se manegi hi nhi

    1. Aarti32

      *keh kr

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Dev didn’t stop mamiji to shout but slapped his father in law. What kind of episode is this.If makers didn’t have good story, then end the show on positive note. Every show to have some social message.

    1. Junee

      Well every story has to peak with a drama and so is this too!
      You need to look at the msgs it is giving:
      When you achieve from rags to ricjes your culture does not get enriched! Being cultured comes thru generations with literacy ! Here u have two illeterate females Gkb and Ishwari and hence the crude behaviour. Ishwari a mother who has not been able to impart or instill the values of life ! Ethics practiced! She is bothered with money and property and you do come across such crude people!
      The second msg:
      Every relationship goes thru a roler coaster ride but the passionate love for each other and the unrelenting attitude of one to win over when the other is hurt is the most real Take of life!! Otherwise you would actually be no where!!! Many said Dev quietened Sona with s*x but I have a different take! His unrelenting attitude to win over an adverse situation impressed me the most!!!
      So this serial has given a lot of good messages , only you should be able to read through the subtlety.So I would personally like to see it flourish and we should come up with productive comments as well apart from the criticisms which too are important for the show!!!

  12. Asmita...

    baap re baap… kamal hain aap (KRPKAB makers)

    ek hi episode me sab dikha diya – Gussa.. Emotion… love… . intimacy…

    I lovfe the way Dev does not give up and the super way he controls Sona… how romantic…

    But ye makers bhi na… inka to jaise dimag hi kharab ho gaya hai… first 5-6 minutes hume bahot khush kar dete hain… uske baad humari watt laga de te hain…

    First scene me Dev ke hair… uuffffffff… i think Shaheer hawa me baal udane ka bhi extra charge leta hoga… LOL… ?????

    first 5 min me muh khol kar dekh rahi thi, ????… coz the romantic scene was totally unexpected to this extent… but uske baad bhi main muh khol kar hi dekh rahi thi, coz it was unbelievable…

    he deva re… utha le re deva… mujhe nahi… is GKB ko aur Ishwari ko… Dimag kharab kar ke rakha hai in dono ne…???

    1. Priya9876

      Haa bappaa utha lo in dono ko jaldi se jaldi….
      Bappaa aap v bata do aap kitna logey inn dono k upar bulane ka?????
      Bcz Yee tooo aapke liye v torture se kamm nhi Hoga inn dono ko upar bulana…???

  13. Asmita...

    A superb Good Morning …

    Aaru… Aashi… Aayushi… Aila… Aisha… Akangsha… Akanksha bhardwaj… Akku… Alia… Alka… Amii… Amy… Anam… Anj… Anita… Annie… Anshita… Anu… Anushika… Aradhana… Archi… Archita… Arjumanbanu… Arpita… Arrjay… Ashriti… Avni… Ayushi… Azra… Azzuu…

    Bala Chitra S… Banno… Beth… (Dr.) Bhalchandra Thakkar… Bhoomi… Bipasha Bhattacharya…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Daisy… Daksha… Devga… Devsona… Dhanu… Dhira… Dibya… Divya… DJ789… Dolly… D.Seeba…

    Erika… Erina… Esha… Esme…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…

    Ibtesam… Imran Shah Jillani… Indradev… Ishita… Ishram… Ishu… Iswarya Santosh…

    (Dr.) Jaya Garg… Jeni… Juhi… Junee…

    Kalai… Kaarnuha… Kaira… Kalpana… Karnika… Karthika… Kavitha… Kaya… Khusi… Kiran Kumari… Kittu… Kitty… Krish…

    Labiba… Lakshree… Lalitha Manasa… Lata… Latha… Leesa… Lotika… Lovinglt…

    Maggie… Mahi… Malathy… Maleeha… Maria… Mika… Mohit Kalra… Moni… Mubeen…

    Nabanita… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nida… Nidhi… Nikki… Nikita… Niki645… Nirmala… Nishi… Noorjahan… Nutu Tekhil…

    Pakhi… Pankaj Grover… Pankti… Pinky… Piya… Piyali… PK… Pothik… Prachi… Pradishma… Preet… Preeti… Pri… Pritha… Priya… Priyanka… Puja Bose… Punitha Ranjan… Purvi…


    Radhika… Rajdip… Rajesh… Raksha… Rakshita… Ramyakumar … Ratna… Ria.. Riddhi… Ridhs… Rishneee… Ritika… RiyaDcruz… Riya Singh… Roshni…

    Saamii… Saasha… Sabahnur… Sadaf Shamim… Saheli… Saibha… Saina… Sakshi… Sakthi… Sam… Samaira… Sammy… San… Sangita… Sarika Siva… Saurav… Savi… Shalini… Shahnaz… Shalini Bose… Shalini Senthil… Shalu… Sharica… Shivani… Shivansh… Shreya… Shruti… Shraddha… Shree… Shivani… Shubhi… Shweta… Simi… Simran… Simplesweety… Smita… Sneha… Sona… Sonadi… Sonal… Sonali… Sri… Srisatya… Sriya… Subasri Gautham… Subhashini… Sudheer… Surti… Sv… Swarna…

    Tamnna… Tamoghna Dutt… Tanu… Tapasya… Teena… Tessie…

    Vahini… Vaishu… Vani… Varalakshmi… Varsha… Varshini… Vini… Vishu…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zahra Ismail… Zaraa… Zoya…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

    1. Priya9876

      A new name I noticed — prachi

  14. Asmita...

    Delhi to Simla… car window se real scene dikhaya tha…

    Simla to Delhi… fake scene dikha diya…

  15. Asmita...

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….. koi Priya ko ek baar Shaheer se milwa do re… warna ye puri tarah pagal ho jayegi aur iska ilzaam Shaheer par aa jayega…

    1. Priya9876

      Ufffffff Asmita aap v Kya kehte ho….
      Ek baari milney se Kya Hoga Mera???????

      1. Asmita...

        insaan ki fitrat hi aisi hoti hai… jitna mile utna hi kam hai…

    2. Priya9876

      Pehle kuch to miley

    3. Manya

      Arey Di aise toh Mujhe bhi Ranbir se milva do koi?
      Uska address main Bata dungi?

      1. Asmita...

        hey bhagwan… aaj to hans kans kar hi mar jaungi…

    4. Sneha1

      Asmita.. Not only Priya… Mujhe bhi milwa do plzzzzzzzzz
      Phir tumhari party pakki jahan tum bolo…..

      1. Priya9876

        pakdoo ab Asmita ko hi…

  16. Asmita...

    @ Junee…

    Is this the subtle romance?

    India wants to know?

    1. Junee

      I think it was portrayed very aesthetically! India agrees with that! Its for each one of us to perceive the way we want to!! If you can watch a western movie or a james bond i am sure you will not find this so embarrassing!!!
      I have seen so many requests yearning for Devakshi moments on this page itself !so if we cant swallow what they are giving us then thats hypocrisy!! I still feel it was done very aesthetically!! Rest depends on your perception!!

  17. Well balanced episode…how dev win her lady love was cute….but that slap …….How will dev manage to get her back

  18. Asmita...

    Sona ke nails badhe hue hone chahiye… par uske nails small hi hain…

    Shaheer ke hair small hone chahiye but uske hair badhe hue hain…

    Hey bhagwan… Kya hoga Priya ka… ?????????

    1. Priya9876

      Isme priya beech me kaha se aa gyi??????

      1. Asmita...

        aise hi… mera mannn hua to tumhe beech me le aayi…??????

      2. Priya9876

        Na Mai Devakshi or Sharica k beech nhi aana chahti….

        BDW Dev ki Dp lagane k liye Tu wale aapse paise lete h Kya??? Bcz itni jaldi chng kar dete hoo???
        Or dar jate ho ki dev usme se bahar na nikal aaye???

      3. Asmita...

        ROFL… Priya…
        agar Shaheer DP me se bahar aa gaya to main sabse pehle use tumhare address par hi bhej dungi…

      4. Manya

        Areey kaash Ranbir Meri dp se Bahar aa jaaye???

  19. Guys is it possible to download entire serial other than U tube?

    1. Priya9876

      Whats the problem in YouTube????
      I downloaded all the episodes in my PC with the help of YouTube downloader……

  20. indira chatterjee

    Dev shares everything with his mummy, then why he not share about the big amount gave to sourav? secondly he slapped his father in law, is it possible? He absloutely changed himself, so everything will be change in upcoming part of the serial.

  21. Other than U tube every other site show the same message the content s rejected r the file s deleted.

    1. Junee

      Watch on India forums Sony liv

  22. Chanpreet0815

    Mai toh repeat me bhi nhi dekh Paai. Mom dad dono hi paas me baithe hue the. Bad luck. Ek repeat 4:30 baje h. Or ek repeat 7:30 baje. kya pata dekh paaungi yaa nhi.

  23. గంగా (ganga)

    Dekha ae video….. It’s really bad???….. Higher officer’s ki WAJAH se AE sab ho raha hei….Ye Kya hei???


    India ka slogan JAI JAWAN…??JAI KISAAN??……..

    AE video dekh kar jawano ka dardh mujhe yehsaas hotha…. Shame on our Soooo called officer’s ???

  24. Ngkrishnakumari

    Yesterday epi was one of the best epi ever in the history of indian television omg
    Dev kiss & shirtless avatar killed us

  25. Asmita...

    Dev ke hair… uuffffffff…

    I think Shaheer hawa me baal udane ka bhi extra charge leta hoga… LOL…

  26. Priya9876

    Don’t guys think sooo??
    Dev should be cleaned up his body ( waxing or something else) before giving a shirtless scene…
    That was ewuukkkkk….
    Nd the starnge part is Erica ko koi problem nhi hui?????

    1. Manya

      Di agar aap bhi note aapko bhi nhi hoti?

      1. Asmita...

        very good reply dear…???

        Priya… ab ayushi ki baat ka jawab do…

      2. Priya9876

        naa,,,, not at all inn sari chizoo se mai koi compromise nhi kar sakti chahe wo koi v ho….shaheer hi kyu nhi….

    2. lol priya ab main kya kahu? yeh toh director ko bolna chahiye tha usse

      1. Priya9876

        kuch to kaho?? 🙂

    3. Sneha1

      Yaar jab itna hot banda apki baahon mein ho.. to ye sab kaun dekhta hai…..

      1. Priya9876

        Oooooo……!!!! Really!!!! ??????

  27. @krpkab fans omg itne jaldi itne saareee comments main pichle 45 minutes se comments padh ri hoon n i swear hass hass ke mera muh dukh ra hai.

    n i am lucky mama papa bahar they n maine pura episode akele dekha.
    on a serious note ab makers exactly karna kya chahte hai woh ab pata chale ga n doosri baat shaheer ki toh tariff karte rhte hai but erica bhoooooooot achi actress hai nuska face bhot
    innocent sa n natural sa hai

    1. Priya9876

      Erica naaa,,,,,,,yaa she is soo adorable…….

      meri v aisi hi halat hoti hai comments padh k… Taavi too mummy kehti rehti kii tu thik to hai na…
      I swear mummy ko kisi din sakh ho jana hai…

  28. Priya9876


    Read/ watch this Guys….
    Now Seriously this is paagalpantiii …o my god…..
    #irked fans

  29. Thank u junnee sis….. I love ur comments… I m really surprised to know that u r neurologist… How could u alot time to watch this amid ur schedule sis?

    1. Junee

      I watch only this and it is a stress buster for me! I love to write and when I am not seeing patients or perhaps while writing a grant I find time to jot in a few lines away that helps me to beat monotony! I a book worm and read not only articles in journals but find the time to read a lot of story books on various subjects! Thats my passion!! I was fortunate to have got a lot of exposure to literature and culture in different countries so i believe in being versatile!!! There is always time for everything provided u wish to dish it out!

  30. Chanpreet0815

    Hahaha so funny priya. Aapjo bhej dete h shaheer ke paas. Use aap ache se ready krna.

    1. Priya9876

      yess,,, mera bass chale too mai to pura neat n clean karwa doon bande ko….

  31. Now a days this serial is boring

    1. Wowwww……???? abi tak humsab ko ae patha bi nahi tha…..??

      Then y r u watching dis show……???

    2. Sneha1

      Jyoti.. r u sure ki tum Monday episode dekhne k baad bhi aisa keh rahi ho…

      1. Priya9876


  32. Erina

    Hold on guys……
    U all r mad nd i can easily see n feel that too but what is coming is totally disguisting n i swear u all will definitly agree with me….. According to insta update very soon sona will hand over a 5 crore cheque to that ishwari nd after seeing dis our dumbo dev dixit will ask sona to leave his house as he will say her that she is insulting his mom just bcse he by mistake insulted her father ?????
    Thats why i was silent after yesterday epi bcse its all is bakvass for me if a man can’t understand his women n trust her then his all love is waste of time….

    1. Erina

      Mad means after yesterday devakshi scenes ?????
      Nd prii tu jaa beta tu mil hi aa shah se mai pagal ho gyi hasn hasn ke yrr ab to mai soch rhi hu saans le li nhi to kahi sarvgvas na ho jaye mera ???????

      1. Priya9876

        tUM sab k reactions dekh kar meri hasi nhi ruk rahi hai….god…. bacaha lo koi mujhe….

        maaf karoo mujhe meri ISS GUSTAKHI k liye..!!

  33. I love this ep devakshi romance was supberb

  34. Junee

    I would like to reply to some of my friends on this page regarding a particular Query on whether the love scenes shown were subtle as i called it! Reply:
    I think it was portrayed aesthetically and I fail to understand that a few kisses and a bare body can create so much of a stir!?? Well I am a Doctor to me these are normal activities of life all adults go through at an appropriate phase in their lives. What is so shameful about it?
    If you can watch any of the wesyern movies or even a James bond with your parents then this was not as embarrassing as some of those are! I watched some of these movies with my parents when I was an adolescent. Well we discussed the plot at the end of the movie becoz the intimate scenes were just a part of any adults needs perhaps! It actually depends on your perception ! Be it a serial or a movie each one of us have different perceptions and its wise to leave it there!!!

    1. Sonadi

      You are absolutely right. I have seen every where. It is now natural now . It is not like olden days now . But the way they shown is really good .Nothing obscene about it.

  35. Junee

    Let me correct the phrase ” bare body” . Actually a fraction of the bare body as little that could be shown as per the demand of the script was concerned, was only displayed! So plz dont go overboard about it!!

  36. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ishwari radharani & vickey kill these characters as soon as possible we cant digest even their dialogues in the show discusting
    Precap was fighting the way sona spoke to dev he is my father

  37. Sonadi

    Guys look at this look.
    Mr .Patnaik is not giving any proper explanation for the slapping .He is creating lot of illogical situations and trying to hide behind saying that he can not create documentary.

  38. Sonadi

    I agree with you Junee in one point that raising voice does not help.But raising his voice against GKB will definitely help because we have seen it happens in one or two situations. Especially we have seen it when surprisingly defended Sona when Neha tries to leave the house accusing Sona telling her situations to her parents.

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