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Hi guys… i think may be this detailed update is not useful for you Thtsy u people are not reading and commenting so i will not continue this. For today’s detailed update here we go –

Dixit house –
Dev and Ishwari are talking about the guest list and arrangements fir engagement while Ishwari gets a call from sona. Sona asks for 2 days leave due to illness. Ishwari tells her that they all will miss her. Sona disconnects the phone coz she is crying. Dev asks who is unwell and looks worried when Ishwari tells him that its Sona.

Bose house –
Sona is doing gardening when door bell rings. Sona thiks it might be some sales man but it is Dev.
S- obhodro.
D- ab maine kya kiye
S- aap yahan
S- aap yahan kya kar rahe ho?
D- wo…..aapki tabiyat thik hai na?
Dev trys to touch Sona’ foreheaf to check fever but sona does not let him touch.
S- main thik hoon. Dawai li hai to bukhar uta gaya.
D- main bas check kar raha tha.
S-aap doctor hain? Matha (forehead) touch karne se aapko pata chalega ki bukhar hai ya nai? Doctor aise touch nahi karte…. touch nai karte.
Dev tries to show her something.
D-ms. Bose aapke mathe pr mitti lagi hai aur jo ab aapke gaal par bhi lag gayi hai.
D-lagta hai aapke mud bath ka time tha, galat time par aa gaya main.
Sona smiles and calls him in.
S-andar aaiye.
D- pata hai ms. Bose, bachche jab school se ghar pahunchte hain tab mitti me bahot khelte hain tab unka haal aisa hota hai. Aap kahan mitti me khel rahi thi?
S-main khel nahi rahi thi. Aaiye main aapko dikhati hoon.
Sona takes him where plants are kept.
S-main bs kuch plants laga rahi thi.
Sona tells him about plants and dev insists to water plants.
S- mr. Dixit aaram se.
D- are pani hi to daal raha hoon.
S- mr. Dixit aap bas pani daal rahe ho lekin podhe ke liye to ye khana hota hai na. Aur khana to pyar se khilaya jata hai. Hain na. Plants also need some affection along with water and food.
D- ajeeb hai na. Mere aas paas sare log aaj kal pyar ke bare me hi baat kar rahe hain. Wahan neha aur yahan…..
Sona is washing her face and dev lost to see her doing this. When son is done dev composez himself and complete his sentence.
D- …….yahan aap.
S- par mr. Dixit main to sirf plants ke bare me baat kar rahi thi.
D-main abhi ki baat nai kar raha, main tb ki baat kar raha hu jab aapka accident hua tha. Yaad hai, aapne apne accident se pehle kaha tha ki aap apni life me love story chahti hain air apni love story jiye bagair….
Sona(interrupts) – mr. Dixit ab aap un baaton ka mazak mat udaiyega. Aisa nahi hai ki aap kuch bhi kehnge aur main chupchap sunti rahungi.
D- achcha to kya karemgi aap? Mitti fekengi mujh par?
S- fenk bhi sakti hoon lekin aapke mehnge kapde kharab ho jayenge na.
D- par seriously Sonakshi…
Sona is dumbstruck after listening her name.
S- ??????
D- i mean ms. Bose main aapka mazak nahi uda raha hoon. Main actually janna chahta hoon. Main janna chahta hoon ki jab pyar hota hai to kesa hota hai? Kesa lagta hai? Kesa feel hota hai?
S- mr. Dixit aap is track par mat jaiye, aapke engagement fix ho gayi hai na, aap us par concentrate kijiye. Bahot kaam hoga na aapko.
D- hmmmm… natasha. Sab kehte hain ki ye sahi time hai, sahi decision hai, sahi ladki hai. Maa bhi kehti hai ki wo mere qabil bhi hai.
S- aur aapko kya lagta hai?
D- hai bilkul hai. Mere liye hi kya is duniya me kisi bji ladke ke qabil hai.
S- to phir baki sab sahi keh rahe honge.
Dev happily tells how neha talks about love and ranveer.
S- main samajh sakti hoon.
D- aap kese
S (stammers) -mere samjhne se kya hota hai
D- to kuse samjhna chahiye?
S- feelings kya hoti hain ye to Feelngs jinhe hoti hain unhe pata hota hai na.
D- haan aur ye Feelngs na hi aapko feel hui hain na hi mujhe.
Sona looks sad.
S(to herself) -aapme to kiya hai par mere liye nahi.

Dev’s office –
Everybody is waiting for Dev for an important meeting. Natasha defends dev for being late. Natasha calls dixit house and comes to know that dev already left 2 hrs before.

Bose house –
Sona offers coffee to dev.
D- ms. Bosr apko ye sab karne ki jarurat nahi thi. Aapki tabiyat thik nahi hai, aapko aaram karma chahiye.
S- its ok mr. Dixit.
D-ab aap mujhe guest ki tarah treat kar rahi hain.
S- guest hi to hain aap, i mean aap mere ghar aaye hain to
D- dost bhi to ek dusre ke ghar aate hain.
Sona asks Deb to wash hands. And try to clean mud from Dev’s coat. Dev says she cant do it she could not stitch button on shirt. But she insists. Finally dev takes off his coat and gives it to sona.

Dixit house – Ishwari, mami and neha are in dev’s room. They all talk about renovation in the room as natasha will be coming now there to live her whole life. Ishwari is clearly looking uncomfortable with this. She is not ready to accept this change.

Kichu comes and tells Ishwari that dev has not reached office yet. Ishwari gets worried but mami asks her not to worry.
Bose house –
Dona irons the coat and dev looks the globe on table. Sona tells him that she wants to travel. She tells that when natasha td that she travels a lot then she felt jealous. Dev asks whether she is jealous of natasha’s jewelry and cloths as nikki and riya do. Dev asks to tell her if she again feels sick. Dev leaves talking on phone.
S (to herself) – main natasha ke kapdo and jewelry se main jealous nahi thi. Main jealous hoon to is baat ke liye ki natasha ke paas aap hain.
Dev leaves some belonging behind and sona smiles to see it.

Dev’s office –
Dev is late for meeting and apologizes. But meeting is cancelled. Mr. Gujral seems angry. Natasha asks the reason whe dev came late. And surprisingly lies to her thst he went to see so.e friend who is ill. Natasha Leaves. Dev is shocked why he lied to natasha.

Precap – dev’s sisters ask dev to imagine the engagement with natasha. But when dev closes eyes he imagines sona. He opens his eyes and gets shocked again.

Credit to: Asmita...

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