Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev and Ishwari’s discussion continues. He says he will add his guest name in list for engagement party. Sona calls Ishwari and says she canot come for 2 days as she is ill and asks her to inform even Kichu. Ishwari asks to take care of herself and says she got ill at wrong time, Dev’s engagement is after 2 days and everyone will miss her. Dev asks who is ill. Ishwari says nutrition/Sona and cannot attend his engagement, she wanted to invite her whole family.

Sona is busy gardening. Door bell rings. She opens it and is surprised to see Dev. She says Obodro. He asks what did he do now. She asks what is he doing here. He touches her forehead. She asks why is he touching it, is he a doc. He says no, but..Their chatting continues. Dev sees mud on her

forehead and points at it. She touches forehead and cheek. He says mud is on both cheek and forehead now. She says she was gardening. He asks can i come in and follows her. She takes him to garden and says plants need water. She says she was watering plant. He excitedly says he will water plant and picks sprinkler. She says he should be gentle as water is food for plant and should be fed with love. Their discussion continues and he says she is talking like Neha who in Ranveer’s love so much she does not want to meet anyone else and spend whole time with her. Sona says she can understand. He asks how when she is not in love. She says she heard it from Elena. He says he is around people who are in love. Their chatting continues.

NG and Gujral with other clients wait for Dev for a business meeting. Teena serves them snacks and tea. NG says Dev is always punctual and must be stuck in some important work. She calls Dev, but his phone is not reachable. She calls landline and asks Kichu if Dev left. Kichu says he left 2 hours ago. She asks Teena if Dev was fine. Teena says yes and knows about the meeting.

Dev is still at Sona’s house. He sees NG’s call and realizes that he missed meeting and is late. He rushes. Sona sees mud on his blazer and says she will clean it. He says he is late. She says it his important meeting and she will clean it soon.

Neha and Radha bring Ishwari to Dev’s room and asks if something is missing. Ishwari says everything is fine here, it is a big room. Neha says how will NG stay here without any cupboards and essential things and says change is essential. Radha says same. Ishwari says let NG herself come here and decorate room the way she likes.

Sona washes and irons Dev’s blazer. Dev says Ria and Nikki are jealous about NG’s clothes and jewelry and if she does not get jealous. Sona says she is defintely not jealous about her jewelry and clothes. Dev calls NG that he will be in office in 10 min and leaves. Sona thinks she is jealous of NG that she is marrying Dev.

Dev reaches office and apologizes client and says he was stuck somewhere and will discuss meeeting points in 5 min. Client says he has other meeting lined up and leaves. Gujral signals NG and leaves. Dev says sorry. NG says it is okay, she can understand he must be stuck in something and client will understand it later, asks where he was. He says his friend is ill and he went to meet. NG says she and papa have meeting with finance team and leaves. Dev thinks why did he lie.

Precap: Dev’s sisters ask him to close eyes and imagine dorning engagement ring to NG. He imagines Sona instead.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Omg..omg…aaj ka episode..tho ekdhum chakkass..tha..and kal ka precap..I m eagerly waiting..at last..dev is gng to realise his love for sona..awesome..precap..

  2. Devga

    Awww thhaaannnkkkkk uuuuu for update i actually missed it…
    Wil try to watch retelecast…. Morn wat tym is its telecast…. I watch during aftrnoon tym but tomo i cant…. So plz tel me frnds….

    And again another dream waiting for us tomo…. But v want confession on 9th ….

  3. disha

    Dev realy very care sona. I am waiting for next episode tommorow is love realize day for dev

  4. I guess Gujral n NG r up to something. they vl ruin dev’s life n take all the credit of his company.. come on Dev its high time. realize ur love for Sons n tell dat u love her..
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode..
    love u Dev n Sona.. mmmmuuaahhhh

  5. snow

    MA pls give brief explanation for every scene.your update is too small,conversation between people in the serial is not in detail.when seeing the serial and reading your update,there is lot of missing convos.pls give the update in brief,so that readers can enjoy the feel.

  6. hey aaj ka episode aacha tha DEV was so concerned abt SONA .woh usse dekh ne k liye uss ke ghar bhi gaya
    helped her in gardening & most important thg called her SONAKSHI instead of miss.bose

  7. simran

    tanya prit tara asmita aap log tention mat lo hum ab dp change nahi karege symbol se chat karege chalega and 1 mor thing thanx a lot

  8. Pri

    OMG!!!!! I can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode when Dev will realise he is in love with Sona. And today was enough to show the love when he went to see if Sona is feeling alright and when he touched her forehead. I just want tomorrow to come quickly. But I have a GCSE maths exam tomorrow so hopefully, I get through that so I can focus on Devakshi!!!!

  9. Shivani

    Finally tmrrw we will witness what we have been waiting for! I think u all must be excited as I am?

  10. @devga..
    The re telecast timings are at morning 10.00 am and afternoon 1.00pm..if u can’t watch it at night..u can do watch it..in these times
    Aaj tho krpkab and ekdv dono episodes rocking they..

  11. rosy

    I cant understnd 1 thng that y these directors n producers insult any language..if they really wana show that sona is frm bengali family then show it y they try to input bengali language wen these hindi speaking actors cnt say it properly…wen any bengali(by birth) persn tries to speak hindi it gets tampered…moreover wen any hindi serial tries to show any bengali thng they show thro hindi speakng pple n let them insult bengali by tampering it…my questn is y they evn try to do it…wen any bengali wl speak tamperd hindi it wl b an insult to hindi n wen any hindi wl speak bengali in tampered way its nt insult bt a cult in hindi serials WHY????????? I hav even seen this that actors portrayng punjabi,marathi,marwari characters dnt tamper those languages then y it is done for bengali ????
    No bengali says rabindranath tagore we say ROBINDRONATH (the pronunciation ) THAKUR!!!!
    And for directors kind info its ABHADRA(ill mannered) NT OBODRO!!!!

    • Moon

      You are right. The Directors of serials should take care of the diction! Otherwise should do away portraying them as Bengalis


    Awesome episode……
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode……
    Bestest show ever…??????


    Guys I m commenting for the first time…
    My name is Vriddhi and I live in noida (Delhi NCR)…I am in 10th standard…hope u will be welcoming me open heartedly in DEVAKSHI fan club


    Nd just one more thing……actually I don’t know any of you…. So I just want a small introduction frm u all……agar tum chaho tabhi dena nahi to koi bat nahi…..???

  15. pankaj

    I love that scene ” ‘But seriously SONAKSHI’ And then expression of sona was awesome” …
    Love you beauty,,, ERIKA…..

  16. Aathif Ali

    wow,what a great episode finally dev realize his feelings for sona and I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode it’s going to be turn over of whole story……….

  17. @ VRIDDHI
    I hv completed my 12 std & waiting 4 the counseling to peruse engineering.I live in Hyderabad &wlcm to DEVAKSHI fan club

  18. Fatarajo

    Dev Ko finally hogaya Pyaar wow so excited and iss ishwari koh Abhi possessive bana tha she could have become possessive earlier not now πŸ˜› but loved devakshi mitti scenes

  19. Fatarajo

    Wow te precap is also awesome is same as the promo but Sona looks so beautiful in the promo and the way sv close his eyes imagine Sona and opened his eyes wow loved it a lot

  20. tara

    cant wait for 9:30 pm …hehe

  21. Asmita...

    guys……….have you noticed…….natasha repeated the dress (pink dress). It is the same dress which she wore on double date………so rich Gujrals are but still short of dresses..omg….. πŸ˜‰

  22. prit

    Today’s episode was rocking. i loved it. And oh god i can’t wait till 9:30. love confession week. plzzz ye 9:30 jaldi baj jaae. Eagerly waiting for the episode.

  23. prit

    vriddhi wlcm to devakshi fan club. Keep commenting. By the way my name is prit. Studying in 12th. I m from pune.

  24. Tanya

    Hello frnds…….finally 9th June came…….
    @vriddhi-ur wlc to devakshi fan club…
    I’m from Gujarat and in 11std

  25. priya

    Hiii every one nd @ prit
    Actually Mai iss week episodes dekh hi nhi pa rahi hu? isliye jyada comment v nhi karti… Jb episode YouTube pe upload hota hai Tb dekhti Hu……

  26. priya

    I am also very excited ?
    Sad ? also……bcz live nhi dekh paungi……

  27. prit

    Simran tell me the answer. I will solve it. Behind the lesson or textbook’s last page. Ans are being given. So tell me i will solve it for u.

    • Tanya

      ?????what about ur dp????don’t lose hope simran…..tell password vala problems solve huye??

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