Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona sits in kitchen engrasped in thought, holding jam bottle. Dad comes and says he sensed her holding his jam bottle, so he came here. She says he told sometime it is okay to break diet rule. He jokes that he had a girlfriend in college and whenever she used to be sad, she used to eat jam. She asks even if men cry. He says even men are human and not monkeys, even they have right to express their emotions. He asks if someone scolded her. She says Mr. Dixit did not scold her. He says he did not take any name and smiles.

In the morning, Dev comes down getting ready for office. Radha sees him and starts crying. He asks what happened. She says she lost all her items in house fire accident, she is pooor and nobody is worried about her. He asks her to make a list,

he will get items for her. She gives him list and smirks and then tries to feed him sweet curd. He says only mom feeds him curd and goes to Ishwari. Radha gets jealous. Ishwari feeds him curd and signals him. He asks Radha also to feed him curds and he leaves for office. Radha smirks.

In the morning, during breakfast, Sona tells family that Dev’s uncle’s house burnt. Daadi shows concern. Saurabh comes and throws his office bag on sofa and says his sales job is going well. Dad starts scolding him and family’s argument starts. Saurabh says he will give demo of his sales. All family members disperse one by one. Sona gets a call from doc that Ishwari’s medical reports came and she can collect them from Dev’s office.

Sona goes to Dev’s office and hears secretary listening to Dev and Sona’s conversation made at home on tab. Sona asks how did she get it. Secretary says Dev usually records his meetings and recorded even their conversation by mistake. Sona starts confronting and asks where is Dev. Secretary says sir is not in office. Sona goes to Dev’s cabin and sees him busy in conference. She walks out angrily saying she will confront Dev today at any cost. After conference, secretary informs Dev what happened and Dev gets tensed.

Radha shows her shopping saris to Ishwari and says how she bargained. Sona comes and says Ishwari she will get her amla juice. Ishwari nods yes. Radha starts badmouthing about Sona and says bengali girls are very intelligent and she will trap Dev. Ishwari says her parents are searching alliance. Radha asks why did not they find yet and says Sona is getting paid heavily for nothing, she knows how to get work from her. Sona brings amla juice. Radha asks her to get clothes from terrace, fold and keep them in her room. Sona angrily looks at her. Ishwari requests her via signal. Sona agrees and leaves. Ishwari says Sona is well cultured girl, so she did not utter anything even though this is not her job.

Ishwari and Radha go to market to buy vegetables and fruits. Khatri comes in front of Ishwari and asks where is his money. She takes phone from him and says she will call police and tell that she is Dev Dixit’s mom and some goon is harrassing her. He lets her go and then thinks he will teach her lesson now.

Dev comes home and asks Kichu if sona left. Kichu says no. Dev asks him to tell Sona that he is busy. Sona comes and says she wants to talk to him right now and asks why did he record her voice. He says by mistake. She asks how can mistake happen and starts scolding him. Power goes and she gets afraid. Dev smirks.

Precap: Sona says Dev she wants to go to washroom. He takes her to washroom and growls. She gets afraid, runs out of washroom and hugs him. He laughs.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OMG !! Finally it is gonna happen… Love.. ❤ I just cant wait for the next episode… Dev and Sona looks so sweet and totally made for each other.. Hats of to the actors, the writers and everyone related to the team of KRPKAB… Love it.. Keep going strong ✌

  2. Fantastic update.keep it up???

  3. Plz add some dialogue too

  4. Their arguements are very sweet.. And it is cute to c them…. Their nhok jhok started…

  5. Why all the awaiting and exciting scence are shown on monday ? Anyways…. M so excited for monday episode.. Devsona u both rockkk !! We all are luving ur chemistry…

  6. Dev and sona you both are amazing

  7. The precap ????

  8. Sarayu(honey)

    Last scene is funny.

  9. thanku for d update

  10. good evening …. this epi goes nicely ….. mami is too greedy …… she wanted to stay dev house permanently………she wants to enjoy dev”s property…
    dev is started to love sona un knowingly……. when dev'”s mom comes to know this love ……will she accept/ ….

  11. wonderful!!!! cant wait for monday yr…. strange it is dev acts lyk dis only infont of sona.. ma aur behno ke samne toh bohot seedha bana rehta h…!!!

  12. Precap is fantastic A new colour between dev and sona. So eagerly waiting for monday episode.

  13. Indeed its so sweet….

  14. Devakshi tomorrow??Just cannot wait??

  15. Eagerly waiting for Monday episode

  16. pankaj pandey

    It is good one pinky……nice line…..bda romantic hai dev ……….and sona too……

    1. thanks pankaj

  17. Ngkrishnakumari

    Awesome jodi love u devnakshi eagerly waiting for monday epi plz update its fast

  18. wOoow… nyz yaaar

  19. Nice precap. Dev and sona are too good in their cast. Few colours of dev are gonna come out in front of sona. Show may take a new start. Eagerly waiting for mondays episode.

  20. Love da serial..wht is da trp of this serial??does anyone knw??

    1. Forget about ratings, SET is not even in the ‘Top 10’. You must be knowing our Indian junata, na? The latest results are of Week 13 and two weeks earlier i.e. Week 11, SET was at last position but ratings for its shows are not easily available. Do note that ratings for Hindi GECs includes both Rural+Urban markets.

      Important Note: Wrote an elaborate reply but Thanks to this Digital India’s slow Internet and my cranky “smartphone” my elaborate research and lengthy text-matter, all went down the drain!!! ?

  21. awsum???sona-dev great pair??

  22. Lovely episode! Thanks for the update as well! We are eagerly waiting for Monday! Let the nok jhok stay alive between them! Thats the most enjoyable thing! Let the story unfold gradually in a balanced way! After a long time a good serial in air

  23. Wow finally it’s gonna happen… But have to wait till Monday na… Uff… Counting days … Just luv the both the pairs …

  24. really sweet precap ,so nice to see dev n sona finaly kuch rang of pyar is happening b/w them…..

  25. Dev sona carry on

  26. This type of people loke radha vicky….disgusting. ….good 4 nothing completely…..hope that they don’t become villain in leads life….

  27. Hey guys I’m writing an ff on our lovely devakshi..plzz do read..awesomest serial till date

  28. Oh so cute

  29. The creative team if KRPKABH is doing a fantastic job!

  30. Arunika Dasgupta

    The precap’s killing me….when will I see the next episode!!!!

  31. I think for the first time dev laughed in the serial… as I know dev started to love Dr.Bose but if ishwari will know this she will not accept becoz in the party she was annoyed and in the car ishwari seated beside dev I am damn sure about this and then dev have to choose one of them between the 2 ISHWARI & SONA

  32. Oh…they both are so sweet couple,…

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