Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhola sees Dev’s pic in newspaper and shows it to Ishwari. Ishwari excitedly says she will call Dev and inform him. Mamaji stops her, checks newspaper and says it is written Dev’s company is bearing huge losses because of Dev.

At Sona’s house, family discusses what they will wear during ashirwad ceremony. Asha says he will look like a tree if he wears his usual dress. He says better than their colorful dress. Family continues their drama.

Dev at home reminisces Sona’s request to not come in front of her. Marriage broker comes and introduces himself. Dev asks if he brought alliance for Ria. He says no, his mom asks to get allliance for one of his employee Sonakshi Sinha. He says she must be special employee. He says mom will come

and hides behind wall. Ishwari comes and gies money to broker and asks him to go soon. Dev feels shattered seeing this.

Sona before getting ready for her ashirwad ceremony cries and thinks she has to move on and forget Dev. She looks mobile thinking if Dev will call her. She continues crying and reacting. Her engagemennt starts. Daadi peforms Sona and Rithvik’s rituals in a bengali style. Sen gives gift for Sona followed by others. Sona repeatedly looks at her mobile waiting for Dev’s call.

Dev gets ready for office. Ishwari gives him breakfast and says why don’t he eat well, he is looking so weak. Dev says he is not hungry and walks a bit. He returns and asks why did she do this. She asks what. He asks why did she get Sona’s alliance. Ishwari says Sona came here to take care of her and should have been in her limits, she should have changed her mind and left the job when she started loving him, she did not, so she found an alliance for Sona. Dev stands crying. Ishwari asks if he still loves Sona. Dev says no, but she should not have done this. Ishwari says if she has done a mistake, he should forgive her. Dev walks angrily teary eyed.

After Sona’s ashirwad ceremony, Sona asks Sourav to give her gift. He asks to touch his feet first and says Rithvik he has given full 1 year worth subscription free of his website. Sona asks where is her gift. He says he could not decide what buy, so he got a gift voucher for her. She opens envelope and sees 50,000 rs voucher. Elena says even she needs gift. He asks to touch his feet then. Drama continues.

Precap: Bejoy sees Sona and Dev’s pic in newspaper’s front page and fumes that Dev and his mother are so cheap. Sen comes angrily with Rithvik. Sona gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Dev ke liye news ~

    Gaur se dekho apni Maa ko Dev… Yahi hai wo lady… Jinhone tumhari life ki jhnd ki hai… Yahi hai wo lady jo tumhari so called Maa ke sath hi, tumhari girlfriend ka role bhi karna chahti hai… Yahi hai wo lady jo tumhari barbadi ki bhi zimmedar hai…

    Itna sara dikha diya… Ab to aankhe kholo Dev Babu… Ya phir eyes me cataract ho gaya hai, jo kuch dikh hi nahi raha…

  2. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Maryada… 😱😱😱… Ishwari ki to ….beep beep… 😑😑😑😑…
    Are koi KHATRI ko bulaaooooo re.. dhoondho kahan hai KHATRI… Abhi uski sakht jarurat hai…



    • Chanpreet0815


      |Registered Member

      Asmita aapke comments padh kr aisa lag raha h. Ki agar ishwari aapke saamne aa jaae toh aap toh ise bht bada lecture sunaaengi. Agar reaaly aapne usko sunaaya toh meri taraf se bhi do chaar baate sunaana. Sachi aaj toh dimaag kharaab kr diya h ishwari ne. Dev ab kya kroge aap. Aapki maa hi aapke khilaaf h. Kuch toh kaho. Apni maa ko bhi kuch nhi keh rahe ho aap.

      • Asmita...


        |Registered Member

        Lecture nai sunaungi…. Main ishwari ki bofy me knife se bhot sare cut lga kr usme namak aur mirch bhar dungi… Tb pta lgega ishwari ko, ki jb tklif hoti h to kitna dard hota hai…

      • Asmita...


        |Registered Member

        Lecture nai sunaungi…. Main ishwari ki bofy me knife se bhot sare cut lga kr usme namak aur mirch bhar dungi… Tb pta lgega ishwari ko, ki jb tklif hoti h to kitna dard hota hai… 😈😈😈😈😈

  3. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Mera Dev, mera Dev, mera Dev… 😑😑😑…Mere Dev ne to harna nahi sikha…. Are bhai Dev ki haar ki wajah to aap hi ho Ishwari ji… πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

    Dev nashta kar le, dev kuch kha le… Are Ishwari ji, aap hi kha jaao Dev ko…

    Dev finally confronted his witch mother…πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

    And ishwari, unnnhh… Such a shameless cheap creature…

    Dev is annoyed with that worthless Ishwari… πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»… I think first time he has ignored his mother…

  4. Azzuu

    oh my gosh….
    yeh hai ho raha hai
    dev is out of his senses
    and pisswari puri tarike sa pagol ho gayi hai
    newspaper aa gaya ………..
    i thinking wht will pisswari react on this
    maaa …………. plz plz do write little good updates due to timimgs im not able to see
    and aap haii ki thik se nahi likhati hai
    and i guess yeh engagement nahi thi

  5. Shalini

    No matter how much my mood is off or how much low i’m feeling but just when the clock strikes 9:30 a slight smile comes on the face and remains till i go to the bed…thts what KRPKAB mean to me….

    How disguisted DEV BABU was feeling when ishwari aunty was talking to him…good going ishwariji…keep doing this disguisting things so then on one day your son will get yourself cleared from his heart….
    Sona talking to herself was just amazing….all and all she was just saying to her heart tht ALL IS WELL…..
    There was no meaning of aashirwad ceremony bcoz sona was reserved and busy in missing dev as she cant move on leaving him behind which was nice for devakshi….
    And lastly sourav bose is just sooooo sweet….so caring brother…

    All and all aA GOOD EPISODE…😊

  6. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Mama ji thoda sa akal apni behan ko bhi dhedhethey….
    I am enjoying two things…. One(dev ignoring Ishwari) :dev not showing interest in convinving HIS mom y he WAS late…
    Second (rithwick cutenes) : HIS sweet talks…

  7. Nandini

    I m not happy seeing dev in this condition …..
    Bechara dev uski ankh ke ansu rukne ka naam nahi le rahe h..
    Ek tarf maa to dusri ore pyaar zindgi ke aise mod par khada h…
    Na piche mud sakta h aur na hi aage badh sakta h..aaj dev ko realize hoga ki wo sona ko lekar kitana galat tha.
    HAMARI ADHURI KAHAANI………. pleasssss reunite devakshi..

  8. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Aaj pehli baar Ishwari ko Dev ne koi sawaal puchha..but usne kitne easily Dev ko blame kr diya ye kehke ki maine to use accept krne ki koshish ki thi par phir ek din tune achanak aakar bol diya ki tum dono alag ho gye..ye ritwik itna dheet h ki kisi bhi haal mein shaadi nhi todega..

  9. Shalini

    Dev khaana kha le, dev halwa khaale, dev naashta karle, dev yeh khaale dev wo khaale…..pagal aurat koi din dev ko khila khila ke hi maar dalegi….
    Do laat dena chahiye ye aunty ko….
    Full tooo dimaag kharab h yaar ye aurat ka…nipat gyi h i ke dimaag ki….

  10. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Dev ke rone se 90% audience to deti h..female fans to sari hi to deti h..ab Shaheer itne ghazab expressions jo dete h..control hi nhi hota..ye Ishwari hamesha rona-dhona kr k Dev ko pighla deti h n uska gussa shant ho jata h..chalak aurat😏😏

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Sachi muchi…. Mein tho bilkul control nahi kar paayi…. Jab sey dev ney uski maa iss cheat ko dheka thab sey uske saath saath mera facial expressions aur aasoon bhi apne aap bahar nikal aathey hein…. Shaheer aise math rulao hamey

  11. Manya


    |Registered Member

    Ishwari kitni badi drame baaz hai 😑😑koi Itni safaai se jhooth kaise Bol sakta hai yaar😑aur upar se Dev Teri koi galti nhi haiπŸ˜‘Ishwari Ko kyon nhi dikh rha ki Dev ka loss uski wajah de Hua hai jisko bhi mere saath Ishwari par bomb pehkene chalna tha kal chalte hai ise pehle Ishwari kuch aur Kare πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚esme I hope u bought the drone camera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    • Priya9876


      |Registered Member

      Mai ne too 100 bomb le v liya hai…I think 100 v kam hai..but guys mere pass itne hi paise the… Too aap log aur le lena…. Nd don’t worry about drone camera maine shaheer se borrow karwa diya hai Esme ko…πŸ˜‰

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Chalo yar chalthey hein….

      Ham chalengey saath saath…. Ishwari ki band bajaney…. Ham chalengey saath saath….

      Mere paas pichle diwali ka hi bombs padey hein bahuth… Mein aur bhi godown sey utta laungi… Dont wory abt budget priya mein finance karoongi…. Ishwari ko kuch vi karney ke liye mein purey dhuniya sey bhi loan leloongi…. πŸ˜‰

      Bas yeh kehna kal kithne baje nikal rahey hein…..

  12. Neha

    Don’t know what should I comment… coz I have no words to express my feeling about dev’s condition…..OMG, I can’t tolerate dev in such a bad condition…. his(Dev) teary eyes in last segment, was very painfull πŸ˜“hurts me a lot….that time I wish I could hug him tightly..πŸ’‘
    Ishwari’s mask is slowlycoming off…I think that scene has to be one of the highlights of the episodes. How heartless a mom be.?? Someone plz knock some senses to her…Mamaji, I’m looking at you… Why don’t you show Ishwari’s reality to her…Ishwari’s soooo disgusting…she cannot be justified for anything she did…!
    Precap is interesting… but again sonakshi fumes on dev for defaming her….she thought dev intentionally did this…

  13. dolly

    Hey guys have you checked out the full promo of 12 Sept? It’s on YouTube and it has made me a bit more eager to watch the maha episode. πŸ˜€ Do watch it.

  14. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Wah kya acting hey Ishwari…

    Thum poochrahi ho kya huva beta meine kya kiya… Jeisey choti bachi hey kuch nahi kiya.. Idiot

  15. Shalini

    Aunty ne sabko aisa imotional blackmail kar rakha h k kyaa toh mamaji aur kya to dev koi kuch bolta hi nahi h uske saamne….kyunki they are afraid then any time she can pop up pills and commit suicide…

  16. Ganga

    Update is very very bad…… Pls don’t u do diz bcoz so many fans of KRPKAB are want to much understanding d episode….. Pls detailed Update karlo….

  17. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Yuck AND then THE ” NOT MY MISTAKE” attitude wala explanation to ur son abt sona….

    So u mean she must have only done nutritionists work… For wich she came… Cheeee aise ghatiya joot math bola karo…. Paap mil jayegi….

    THen y THE hell did u made ranveer ur sil wen HIS duty WAS to teach ur daughter eng AND not love… Baad mein jaa…. Cheeeeeee kya maa ho thum

  18. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Iss ishwari ko koi yaad dilay…k iski beti neha bhi student bn kr gyi thi…nd got married with her teacher…..huh….aai bdi…k doctor bnn kr aai thi sonakshi….
    I just hate this lady…sb kuchh kr k bhi itni innocent bnn rhi h isiliye zyada irritate krri h ye…ya to clear bol k haan i don’t want you to get married to sona..

  19. Neha

    SBS, Written Update :
    It’s all Sona’s dream.. Actually SCE is that Sonakshi is getting ready for her engagement and dreams about dev.
    DEV : Aj toh chand bhi sharma jayega itni khoobsurati dekh ke…Mene hadh toh paar nhi krdi na compliment krke.? Compliment toh kr skta hu na.!!
    2nd Scene.!! And this scene is real where Ishwari is not allowing dev to go in Sonakshi’s engagement night….

  20. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Kya aaj aashirwad ceremony hui hai??? I mean sona ne yellow n pink saree pehen rakha tha???? N heavy gold jewellery???
    Ye Ma to pagal hai kuch v likhti hai…

    • Ganga

      Yes.. Sona is very pretty in diz episode…… maa pagal nahi…. I think she is TU ka Ishwari… 😞 πŸ˜₯😰

    • Ganga

      Same like ishwari…. Bcoz yaha ishwari ne dev ko thakleef dekh ki ignore kardiya….. Aisa hi MAA hamari irritating ke dekh ki inkha detailing nahi change Kiya tha na…..

  21. Simz

    Koi Sonakshi ko aaina dikhavo. Sona is so bad. Whatever Ishwari did to Dev and Sona was wrong. Sona does not leave any chance in taunting Dev about it. But look what she is doing to Rithvik. Thats equally bad.

  22. Dhoni

    Still after doing so much nd after dev confronting her mother regarding sona alliance, still still that dumb ishwari cannot understand whole situation she created nd thinking what is did was right nd doing good for sona..I think she has a serious metal problem nd may be CVs will reveal in the later episode.even by dev expression we can judge that he also didn’t understand her point of view..dev tumhare pass bohot paise hai,tho tumhari pyara ma ko treatment karvadijiye…she is damn irrating

  23. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Kya aaj aashirwad ceremony hui hai????
    I mean sona ne yellow n pink saree pink saree pehna tha???
    Ma ne likha h engagement but wo to 12th ko aane wala h…

  24. Nandini

    Dev kyu nahi dekh rahe ho ki jo bhi hai usame sona ka nahi tumahari cheap maataji ka hath h
    Tumhari maa ne hi tumhe dhokha diya apne pyaar ke liye tumhare pyaar ki bali de di aur sata blame sona ke uper..
    Plesssss dev ab to ankhen khol lo aur rok lo sona ko….
    Nahi to rote hi rah jaaoge dev babu…..

  25. Ngkrishnakumari

    For the first time that means in the history of dev today epi he ignore his b*t*h mother & know how much his mom is against relatiknship wuth sona
    Finally arshibat ceremony done well

  26. Ramyakumar

    Atleast I felt happy in today’s episode that Dev questioned his mom regarding sonakshi’s alliance…I thought he will be dum today also….How cheap and evil mother…iswari is not even able to see her son’s pain…simply confronting that she did everything for sona’s good only…How cheap….😈😈😈
    Pls Dev don’t give up sona for your mother…now you saw her evil face…Do something and bring back sona in to your life again…
    We wish to see devakshi lovely moments together again….you both are really cute…

  27. Erina

    Plzzz dev ab to aakhe kholo aur apni maa ka y side dekh kr realise kro ki jo v hua ya ho rha h tmhri life m vo sab ki wajah tmhri maa hai. Plzzz πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™came back with some dhasu avtar to win heart of sona 😍😍😍

  28. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Guys Guys cool it WAS not engagement…. It WAS ashirvad ceremony AND all wer gifting jwells….
    Uffffffff MA….. Aap bhi naa….

  29. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Jo bhi tv mein krpkab nahi dhek paa rahein hein aur acha kaassa free wifi hey unkeliye ek link neeche hey jo ki thuranth EPISODE katham hothey hi upload ho jaatha hey…

    Who evr R not able to watch krpkab on tv AND also has a good free wifi connection then i am giving a link wer as soon as THE EPISODE gets ovr it wil b uploaded….

    Yaru naala tv la krpkab paaka mudiyala aparam free wifi um vechirunthingana naan keela oru link kudupen adhu EPISODE mudinchadhum upload aayirum….


    Also good quality

  30. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Today i was angry 😠when seeing ishwari ji talking to dev itni puri maa generally maa sacrifices for son but hear son sacrifices for maa
    Why she is not interested to understand her son’s feelings mama ji pls tumari Sister ko samji

  31. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    really aaj ka episode bht boring tha. But dev or sonakshi ke part ache the bht. Dev bht jyada hurt hua hoga aaj. Apni maa ki krtuute dekhne ke baad. Yahi h sachaai dev tumhaari maa ki.
    she is like this only. Aur aaj toh mujhe dev pr bhi gussa aaya. Mujhe laga aaj bhi vo kuch toh kahega apni mom ko. Mai expect kr rhi thi. But usne kuch bhi jyada nhi kaha. Tab mujhe bht jyada gussa aaya. But dev really feeling bad for u

  32. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Bye Guys kal agar tym mili toh aathi hoon…. Bye thab thak plan karo on

    OPERATION ISHWARI…. MISSION ISHWARI KI BALI…. AND any names u could suggest for this mission…

  33. Ratna

    Ishwari is a real witch….aj usko dekh kar gola dabane ko man cha ha tha…..yeh to GKB se vi kharap nikli……itna sundor bete ka itna bura ma keise ho sakte hai…..jabse ishwari apna rup dikhana shuru kiya hai tabse GKB ko director rol dena kam kar diya hai…..lagta hai director ne samajh gaya hai GKB se to bura ishwari hai…..

  34. Ros

    SHAHEERRRRR WOWWW! Im guilty of assuming tht ur just a pretty face wen i saw the serial first… i thot they cast u 4 ur irresistible gud luks. But damn… ur amazzziinngly talented!!!!!
    I dont come here much but i cudnt help sharing my appreciation of his acting. Actually ishwari ( im glad shes not givin the typical over-acting-yet emotionless vamp expressions for a negative role). Sona…her dad both act well 2. And rithwik is charmin.. and his character is superb ( hopefully they dont turn him into typical evil psycho lyk many other serials).
    Shaheer shaheer shaheer…. awesome acting.
    Hes handsome.. fit…..gr8 acting skills… hmm i think he sings and dances as wel. BOLLYWOOD PLS CAST THIS GUY AS A HERO! Hes got more talent than most actors these days…perhaps all he dosnt hav is actor/director parent as a ticket to bolywud ( as is trend thse days- as though theres a inheritable bolywud gene!). Hoping for the best for shaheer!tc

  35. Blink

    Pisswari aur tolerate nahee kar pa rahee hu! Today I expected that Dev will confront her even more but he said ” tu ne jo kya thik kya” ! I think he comforted her saying that at the end and I was so furious that how can he still say all that! I am sure he understands that his mother is behind all this yet he still accepts his mother ‘ s wrong doungs so mutely!
    Piss wari is such a shrewd lady full of cunningness and I wonder whether Dev is her son at all! He is so gentle and kind. Pura Ma ne apne beta ko pagal bana ke choda! Full barbadi ki jaal bichake rakhi hey aur fake aurat ” mera beta , mera Dev’ kartee rahtee hey! The day Dev completely ignores her and brings back Sona against Ishwari’s wish and gives her fitting reply I think that day all fan’s of KRPKAB will rejoice! Its time to show Dev giving Pisswari strong signals of resentment! Waiting for 12 th sept dhamaka becoz now the serial is just dragging with Ishwari mischief!
    I feel Khatri should now be brought in! khatri ko bahut miss kar rahe hey kyunki iss aurat ki bolti bundh wohi kar sakt ahey!

    • Neha

      Don’t worry Blink, dev is soon going to ignore Ishwari…. yesterday’s episode showed that dev was not satisfied by Ishwari’s answer but for her comfort he said that ” Tune jo kiya, theek kiya”…… but after that he was devastated and crying…. so he’s going to ignore Ishwari for sonakshi… as we all know that for dev its impossible to move on…he still needs sonakshi for himself for the rest of his life…let’s see.!

    • Ratna

      Pisswari ke liye khana khani jindegi mein shob khuch hote hein…..issi liye wo har roj Dev ki pachand ka khana banate hein ……aur Dev ki sar khate hein yeh keh kar ki beta khake dekh….khake dekh…..acha bana hein……

  36. Blink

    Pisswari aur tolerate nahee kar pa rahee hu! Today I expected that Dev will confront her even more but he said ” tu ne jo kya thik kya” ! I think he comforted her saying that at the end and I was so furious that how can he still say all that! I am sure he understands that his mother is behind all this yet he still accepts his mother ‘ s wrong doungs so mutely!
    Piss wari is such a shrewd lady full of cunningness and I wonder whether Dev is her son at all! He is so gentle and kind. Pura Ma ne apne beta ko pagal bana ke choda! Full barbadi ki jaal bichake rakhi hey aur fake aurat ” mera beta , mera Dev’ kartee rahtee hey! The day Dev completely ignores her and brings back Sona against Ishwari’s wish and gives her fitting reply I think that day all fan’s of KRPKAB will rejoice! Its time to show Dev giving Pisswari strong signals of resentment! Waiting for 12 th sept dhamaka becoz now the serial is just dragging with Ishwari mischief!
    I feel Khatri should now be brought in! khatri ko bahut miss kar rahe hey kyun ki iss aurat ki bolti bundh wohi kar sakt ahey!

  37. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Hadh hai !! Hadh hai !!! Mann toh karta hai iss pisswari ka sar phod doon. Kuch kaam dhandha kar kyonki khaali dimag shaitan ka ghar hota hai. Pata nahi kaisi ajeeb ajeeb harkatein kar rahi hai. I can’t believe !!! This is the same ‘bechari’ ishwari. Tu apni limits mein rah sona ko mat bol. Pyaar bula kar aata hai kya ?? Hadh hai !!!!!!

    • Aaru


      |Registered Member

      Kahan thi tum Esme darling..Maine tumhare comment lka kitta wait kiya..
      Main tumhe itta zyada darling bolti hu ki mere keyboard mein Esme likhte h next suggestion darling ka hi aata hπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  38. Sonali

    wow ..what acting . you don’t get to see this level of talent on small screen
    also a daily sop has more impact than a 3 hrs movie ..

    Dev’s and Sona ‘s pain is being lived by so many of its viewers.

    This impact can never come in a 3 hrs movie !!

  39. Blink

    Todays episode dragged to some extent as again Ishwari’s wickedness was exposed but Dev still pardoned her at the end saying” Tu ne jo kya thik kya”! This was too much. Dev yeh bolne ki zarurat thee nahi! Apki Ma apki zindagi barbad karne chalee , apke pyar ko hata doya aur uske baad bhi aap yeh keh rahe hey? I expected you to confront more naturally the way a son / daughter turns rebellious under such conditions by completely ignoring her ! Those lines were not required really while rest was fine!
    He cannot be shrewd and cunning Ishwari’s son as he is gentle and kind and Ishwari is just a fake!
    Makers please bring in Khatri as its high time to teach Pusshwari a lesson and only Khatri can do that! Give us the viewers some respite by showing Ishwari being silently mentally tortured by Dev or being threatened by Khatri! Just stand that woman anymore! Just unpardonable. Although I get annoyed by seeing Dev’s attitude towards Ishwari and bringing about his own destruction becoz I feel bad by seeing that he is actually lonely!Now just waiting for 12 th sept

  40. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Yes Ros. He is Hero. His acting is so real. And also he may also come in bollywood movies. Agar shaheer koi movie me aaya. Toh mai sabse pehele first day first show dekhne jaaungi. What say guys. Will u watch shaheer if by chance he came in any movie as a hero

    • Ganga

      He is already Hero in Indonesian movies……. Do watch it on YouTube…. Movie name.. “Touris Romantis “…..his acting is awesome…. Nd he was sing a song in dat film…. Hearing it’s soo romantic….

  41. Blink

    Sorry the writeup with similar content got posted twice as there was some problem with TU site!
    Aashirwad ceremony means approval of the groom and bride by each others family and they bless the couple with jewellery which is being inherited thru generations!

  42. Pradishma

    Disgusting Pisswari…
    She really pisses off..
    Did u people notice how restlessly and chori chupake who buddiya aaya paise dene ke liye..
    Even after watching
    Sona looked sooo depressed… Felt so sad to see Sona trying to convince herself,
    Feeling bad for both Dev and Sona…
    How shameless is Pisswari..
    I felt to slap her face with the food plate, when she asked Dev ” why he didnt meet her last night and U r looking so stressed nowadays “…Damn woman, how can u pretend as if nothing has happened..
    I literally felt broken when Dev asked Pisswari…”Kyun kiya aisa tune”, Goddd Shaheer killed it by his perfomance…
    I felt little glad, when he didnt have food and left when pisswari was calling Dev DEv and he never responded and walked out.. The way he turned his face when Pisswari tried to touch his face,,,
    I just waish Pisswari struggles in pain like DEv and Sona…I want her to suffer and suffer..

    But why did dev said there’s nothing between him and sonakshi to Pisswari..
    Even he kept quite when rithik asked dev to marry sona..
    I dont understand ,will dev ever tell Pisswari that he loves sona..

    • nahs

      Hi prads,
      How are you…
      Pisswari cleverly defended her doing with hue and cry, Our Dev babu had no other way than accepting Pisswari is not at fault..
      I cried when Dev shed tears while going back…

  43. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Priya what happened. Aapke comments bht hi kam h. Jab ki harr baar aapke comments maximum hote h. Jabse jyada TU pr comments aapke hi hote h. Kya hua aapko. Busy ho ya comments krne ka mann nhi h

  44. NagaraniPandiyan


    |Registered Member

    Ishwari like wise dev lossing his business again you have go to Ratharani old burned house , she will start revenging you.

    So baby please understand their feelings and unit them OK

    Be careful…… otherwise i kill you

  45. NagaraniPandiyan


    |Registered Member

    Oh shaheer what a acting man..

    But nowadays I hate dev’s character why can’t tell truth to ur mother , if you say yes I love her I want marry sona . She will kill you

    Ishwari irrating lady, ur the reason for dev not eating daily, but u acting like innocent

  46. Blink

    I would like to share a thought which has come to my mind. It could be a wild imagination and may not be true!
    I feel Dev is not Ishwari’s son becoz a mother cant overlook ir ignpre a child’s pain. She is a fake character. Becoz earlier she was so nice and gentle the moment she saw that she might loose control over Dev becoz Sona is an able person and can divert Dev completely. She was sure Natasha couldnt steer him the way Sona can and therefore she didnt object too much becoz she utilizes Dev for her own well being. I have a feeling Ritvik is her son becoz he sppears to be an adorable character the way Ishwari was earlier but his motive ( from Promos) is not good . He wants to extort Sona’s family! Mother and Son’s motives are the same! Utilize to the fullest! For some reason they have been separated and Khatri probably knows the whole story and used to blackmail her. There might be story spinning around this! It could be that I am completely wrong but it irks me everytime I watch Ishwari’s attitude! She has an ulterior motive I feel and is not simple as she projects!I think these are possible twists
    we could expect! It could be a complete wild imagination of mine but its good to share a thought

    • Exp

      Ishwari dosnt wana hurt her son dev. But she wishes that her son wud marry a girl whos gud… but that dev shudnt luv the girl more than his mom. Shes being possessive n in the process shes bcum blind… she thinks that dev can 4gt sona n mov on. In due course of tym im sure shel realis she has no other way to mak dev happy

  47. Ganga

    I’m happy to see d news in SBS….. Sona ne thod diya sagayi….. I think abh se positive track chalaa….

  48. Neha

    Emotional moment amid dev-sonakshi in engagement venue :
    KRPKAB is all set for big twist n turns for its upcoming mahaepisode..

    In the upcoming episode, dev will get drunk and goes to Sonakshi engagement venue to create a big drama. Dev will loose his control and cuts his hand with glass. Dev will apperently faints, bcoz of excessive drinking of alcohol, seeing that sonakshi will get emotional and she rushes towards him. Dev will be already crying and seeing dev in this condition, Sonakshi too cries as she still loves him.
    Tu Safar Mera
    Hai Tu hi meri Manzil
    Tere bina Guzara
    AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL..! Nice Song and suits in this situation of Devakshi

  49. S Bala Chitra

    Thanks writer for the Updates. But could you plz Narrate in brief. Because i use to read few serial updates but it is very brief. it also gives a very satisfied feel of watching the serial. plz kindly update in brief.

  50. Neha

    SBS : Basically dev was watching Sonakshi and Rithwik dance and
    Sona too was looking towards him…..and feeling hurt and sad….dev feels dizzy and falls backward hitting hand on lamp and table besides him….Sona instantly run towards him and get worried seeing him fainted.
    Shaheer Erica intervieWS where Sona said, Sona jo chahti hai vo toh dev krta nhi hai.
    Shaheer says : dev kabhi sona ki expectations pe khara utra nhi toh she’s trying to start a new life…and they both smiles.

  51. Devga


    |Registered Member

    @sneha i think u had problem in viewing the link… But for me its opening ….. .

    U better search the below words in youtube…. May b it wil help u…

    Sonakshi With Dev Full Shoot – Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Hot News

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Wow happy seeing sharica togethr interview….


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.