Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Daadi bua and Ishwari perform tulsi pooja fuming at Sona. Sona walks in sadly. At Sona’s house, Bejoy shows Sona’s certificates to Asha and says he is proud of her daughter. Asha says she is missing Sona. Bejoy asks her to call Sona then. Asha says it is 6 a.m. and Sona must be sleeping now. He asks her to ring thrice and if she does not pick, she can hang onn. Asha calls and Sona picks right away. Asha asks how come she is awake so early. Sona says there is pooja at home. Asha asks why she is feeling sad, why did not she attend pooja. Sona says she is fine and came to kitchen to take something and disconnects call. Asha feels Sona is not adjusting to new environment.

Sona sitson sofa and falls asleep. Dev comes from workout sees her sleeping. He

goes to kitchen and asks Ishwari to give some breakfast for Sona. Ishwari asks let Sona come down and have it and asks him to get ready and come down for breakfast. Dev fills plate and says he took a lot of food and will have food in his room itself. He goes to room and murmurs in Sona’s ears. Sona in sleep says Elena, let her sleep. Dev mimic Elena. Sona wakes up and sees Dev. Dev says she is in her home and not her parents. They both smile and enjoy breakfast feedinng each other. Dev then gets ready and leaves for office.

Sourav while having breakfast tells Asha that he will carry lunch from hereon. Asha says when Sona used to tell him, he used to deny her. He thinks how to tell that he has to watch for each penny now. He leaves for his job. Elena comes down and Asha says Sourav left food halway. Elena says it is a surprise, if dada is having a girlfriend. Bejoy comes and laughs football and girlfriend. Asha asks not to underestimate her son and says she thinks Sourav and Sona are hiding something from her. Bejoy shouts what Sona is hiding and yells at Dev’s family. Asha says Sona must be finding difficult with new environment and customs. Bejoy shouts Dev’s family should change their customs for Sona. Asha asks him to relax.

Sona apologizes Ishwari that she had to bear scolding from Daadi bua becuse of her. Ishwari says she warned her not to come down, even then she came in, she is incapable to handle all these customs and should stay away. Whole family then sits for lunch. Courier boy comes and calls Mrs. Dixit. Ishwari walks. Courier boy asks if she is Sonakshi Dixit. She says no. Nikki comments it is for new Mrs. Dixit and not her. Ishwari fumes in jealousy. Sona receives courier. Nikki snatches it from her and says it is from Dev. Daadi bua yells why Dev sent a gift when they both stay in same house. Ishwari gets more jealous and asks Nikki to return Sona’s gift.

Sona goes to her room with gift and is about to open it when Dev calls her and asks not to open it as it is a surprise for her and he wants her to open it in front of him, he wants to see her facial expression. She says she knows what is in it. He asks how does she know. She says usual movie style. Ishwari comes and Sona disconnects call. Ishwari sees jewelry in open cupboard and scolds Sona to keep it in safety locker. She goes to bring spare keys.

At Dev’s office, Dev during a meeting gets engrasped into Sona’s toughts and their romantic moments. Colleagues ask if they should sell his company. He says yes, it is a good idea. They all laugh and say they are talking about selling his company, people say right, marriage means destroyal. Dev sits nervous.

Ishwari brings keys and calls Sona. Sona says she is in washroom. Ishwari opens cupboard to keep keys and sees Dev’s gift. She is about to open it when Sona comes out. Ishwari goes to her room, calls Dev and says Daadi bua wants to go to Rishikesh, so she wants him to drop her. Dev agrees. Ishwari says he has to drop her in the evening. Dev says why today, if mamaji can drop her. Ishwari says Daadi bua will feel good if he drops her and insists. Dev sadly agrees.

Precap: Ishwari tells Sona that from tomorrow navratri is starting and she, mamaji and Radha keep fast for 9 days. Sona says even she will. Ishwari says she cnanot as she has to stay way from Dev for 9 days.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. Priya9876

      mast h yaar kaun karta hai inni Masti…….ROFL….

      1. pata nahi…par jo bhi pegal h bhot jyaada…

    2. Manya

      Mast hai??

    3. Erina

      Awesome dear ?????so funny

    4. way too much time in his/ her hand………..

      1. about whom are you talking…???
        me or the troller..???

        if its me then….i found it funny so just shared it….and it dint ate much time of mine….

  2. Neha1

    Arey…! Kahan ho sab log..???
    Saturday and Sunday is very boring…..hai na friends..!

    1. Priya9876

      faltu sat n sun

    2. Manya

      Sat sun boring hota hai ?

    3. Erina

      Full on bakvass neha

  3. guys parso dusshera hai to what i was thinking ke yeh ishwari gkb aur vicky ko raavan ke saath hi bandh ke uda dete hai….jhanjhat hi khatam saala….;-p;-p;-p

    what say????

    1. Manya

      Okay done unko humare society ke Ravan ke saath jala dete hai and main Delhi mein rehti hoon toh pass padega??

      1. ja pakad ke laa unko tab tak hum delhi pohonchte hain……fir apan milke baandhenge unko raavan ke sath aur fir BHOOM BHOOM BHOOM….!!!!

    2. Priya9876

      Superb idea…
      Boom boom

    3. Manya

      Jaa Rahi hoon main?

    4. Erina

      Yup chalo

  4. Priya9876

    sb log Navratri me busy hai…….

  5. Priya9876

    good evening KRPKABins

    1. good evening dear…

    2. gd evng guys!!!

    3. Manya

      Good evening?

  6. dev sona; ananth navya;manik nandini is my favourite forever!!!!!

    1. Priya9876

      Too good shaheer how cutely u say BAHURIYA LAALI
      Watch that scene more than 20 times.m

    2. dono maa bete hain….par bahu nahi hai bechaari….;-p;-p;-p

      1. Priya9876

        areyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! mai hu na… pic nhi to kya bagal me naam to hai mera….. 🙂

      2. Priya9876

        shaheer + priya = shahirya

      3. bohot badiya PRIYA….!!! sahi jaa rahi ho tum….aise hi chalti jaaogi toh jarur shaheer tak pahunch hi jaaogi…..ab toh i pray to god ke tum mil hi lo uss se ek baar…..

      4. ek SHAHIRYA…

        aur yeh ek meri taraf se…PRIHEER….;-p;-p;-p

    3. Devga

      Thank u sweet heart for sharing…

  7. Erina

    Hllo frnds where u all r????

    1. Priya9876

      hii eri.. feeling low

      1. Erina

        Why cutiipie what happened??????

      2. Neha1

        Why..? what happened Priya..? Are you ok.?

      3. Manya

        What happened??

      4. Priya9876

        Yeah m fine now.

    2. Devga

      Sry i said dear NOT wel… Hw r u??

    3. Sneha1

      Priya… tumhe DEVariya hua hai…. Just see some of old Devakshi scenes.. One in the morning and one in the evening.. U’ll feel better..
      + additional medicine.. in case Dev fever jyada ho jaye to… save Dev pic as your screen saver.. See his Hot, cute and magical smile… All your pain, worries, tension will go away..

      Doctor Sneha ki fees dena mat bhulna… A sweet poetry or song.. dedicted to a die hard Dev fan…

      Take care dear

  8. Neha1

    Dev :- Kaha se shuru karu, samajh me nhi aa rha…
    Sona :- Jab kissa hi khatam ho rha hai, toh kya farq padta hai..
    Dev :- Sonakshi 8saal ka tha me, jab papa nhi rhe.. Or aaj bhi jab maa mere sir per haath ferti hai na.! toh unke haathon ka kurdurapan dekh ke mere ronghte khade ho jate hai…meri maa ne bht takleefien sahi hai mere liye..!
    Sona : – Or tumhe lagta hai k tumhari maa ko humare iss, iss rishtey se problem hai…kya unhone aisa bola.?
    Dev :- Woh kuch bolti nhi hai, lekin me samajh jata hu..!
    Sona :- Toh theek hai.! Me bhi kuch nhi bolti, tum samajh jana.
    Kya paate hai, kya khote hai…Jab Dilon ke faisle bhi dimaag se hote hai…!
    KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI 29th February se raat 9:30 p.m. sirf Sony pe…!

    1. Erina

      Yeh kya hai neha mtlb first promo for what dear????

      1. Neha1

        I saw the 1st promo of this show and fallen in love with this show…..still in a fever of this show….but honestly, dont wanna typical saas-bahu saga….! Missing old episodes very much and seeing old episodes of krpkab…! Yesterday I saw this promo and its cherish the feeling and excitement of the show since that time and till now feeling same for the show as well as for SHAHEER…. lots of love for SHAHEER…❤❤❤???????

    2. Priya9876

      I think this is d 1st promo of kuch rang…
      n u know when i saw the full promo…..aaaaaaah!! cant tell u wat was d feeling tht….o god that was so amazing feeling…. n specially that line ” Toh theek hai.! Me bhi kuch nhi bolti, tum samajh jana. ” auhh this line touches my heart directly….
      n d other last one — Kya paate hai, kya khote hai…Jab Dilon ke faisle bhi dimaag se hote haI..

      that time i decided yeee showw to dekhna banta bhai bosss!!!! n ofcourse SHAHEER the to dekhna to waise hi banta tha… waise hi mujhe guilt h ki maine MAHABHAARAT nhi dekh, fir ise mai kaise miss kar sakti thi……

      1. Erina

        Same pinch dear even that line touch my heart too nd i think that line only made me to fall for this krpkab

    3. Devga

      Awwww tht PROMO wich made me mad for a sony show other than cid….

      1. At first I thought it was an ad.

    4. arey arey kya yaad dila diya tumne….

      when i saw that first promo got goosebumps after hearing the last line….
      kya paate hain kya khote hain…jab dilon ke faisle bhi dimaag se hote hain…..

      but sad that the storyline has somehow got changed….(as i feel so)…i.e., they were not meant to be together but this marriage and all…just due to TRP issues…
      though i’m happy with the marriage but still….i feel ke if they would have shown that separation time in which even after being separated they meet each other or something like that….then i would be happier than this….(just my point of view..NO OFFENCE)

      1. Erina

        Yeh even i also feel ki agar vo promo real m krpkab me hota to maza aata but still finger crossed bcse abhi tk sare promos sahi hua h shayad koi situation aisa vo log laaye bcse start k thino promos abhi tk nhi hue h kya pata marriage k baad kuch aisa krne ka plan krke rakhe ho y cvs?????

    1. Erina

      ???wow thats why i love her ?

    2. kal padha tha maine yeh….
      ERICA is the most most most DOWN TO EARTH, intelligent, talented and creative actoress in the telly town…..

      I JUST LOVE HER…..

  9. Devga

    Kya hey yeh ……. IS it any fake story…. Guys who evr r in twitter plz confirm wat is this….


    Sorryyyy ithni der na aane ki….
    @Shalini dear how sweet u dedicated tht Video for us…. Tht was awesome…. Infact all links wer awesome…. Trols etc…. Thank u… And so sry i dint comment… I informed it bfr dr i am not wel… Recovering lil by lil….

    @all my krpkab frnds Sorryyyy for NOT commenting….

    1. kuch nahin hai re……

      SHARICA were just trolling and their tweets were just simple sarcasm but the media being stupid media made a shit news out of it……IDIOT PEOPLE….!!

      and the matter of SHAH answering ERI goes like….they dont follow eachother on twitter so how can he answer her as he wont be aware of it…..and how ERI got to know about SHAH’s tweet would be from her followers asking her about SHAH’s tweet…..

      so all and all bhashanbaazi khatam….matlab KUCH HUA HI NAHI HAI…MEDIA BEVAKUF HAI BAS…..FAALTU KI NEWS BANA MAARI SIMPLE TWEETS KI…..AUR FIR BOLTE HAIN KE ACTORS TANTRUMS THROW KARTE HAIN INPE….agar aisi harkatein karoge toh fir to jute bhi padne chahiye tumhein…

      1. aur yeh sab twitter ka gyan mujhe meri friend ne diya hai kyunki wo hai twitter pe aur main nahin hu….



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    Good morning @priya,erina,aaru,esme,
    azzuu,devga,subhasini and all the lovely krpkabians???❤❤
    Have a good day ?

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    1. Neha1

      Good morning Erina and all my friends and all KRPKABian’s..!

    2. Goooooooooo……d morning all awesome Krpkabians..
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      1. good morning juhi…..

        and good morning ASMITA…;-p;-p;-p

        ASMITA ki yaad dila di tumne toh juhi…;-p;-p;-p

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    Good morning all of u

  13. guys i think aaj fir pehle jaisa reply ka option band ho jaaega shaam se pehle…toh jisko jo jo bolna hai..i mean likhna hai wo abhi bol lo….baad me 10;30 ka wait karna padega MA ke good for nothing update ka….(sorry MA)

  14. ESME bhi pata nahi kahan busy hai aaj kal…..aati hai 2 comments karti hai aur chali jaati hai lambe hibernation mein….


    1. Esme

      Hey Shalini..I’m here. Festival season hai na..by the way, I was busy writing IT’S TWILIGHT….pada ki nahi..I have written two chapters..n 2nd one is really very long…first page par hi hai..

    2. Priya9876

      Esmeee tum kaha ho kaha

  15. Erina

    Bye guys see u all in todays epi comment

  16. Manya

    Guys kal Dusshera hai and humari society ka Ravan ready ha bus Aaj raat Ko bomb fit karne hai toh saath hi saath Ishwari and Gkb Ko bhi fit Kar daalungi andar
    Aur phir Hausa Shalini ne kaha boom!!boom!!boom?

    1. Manya


  17. Sony Tv’s popular Show ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’ is set with new drama in the coming episodes.As per the current track,Dev & Sona’s newly married life have started,however their romance has been interrupted due to various events in Dixit house.Soon people will happen to see some drama in Navratri Episodes.
    After Exit of Dadi Bua,Dixit family will be celebrating the festival and Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) would be wanting to spend time with Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) with some lovey-dovey moments,however Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar)who have been taking care of every needs of Dev right from the start,will feel effected seeing Dev’s priority changing towards Sonakshi and feels inferior.
    If Sources are to be believed,the episodes won’t end up with smooth track,as the drama will begin when Sona will be fasting and will faint,Dev thinks family forced her for this and in tension will raise his voice on Ishwari,which will hurt her,However Sona will confirm that no one forced her which makes Dev to apologize to Ishwari.But will thoughts of Ishwari change towards Sona ?

    1. Priya9876

      Pata nhi dev ko kab pata chalega ishwari ki cheap planning k baarey me..

  18. Sneha1

    Still in Devakshi land, just can’t get over it…..

    I’m curious about one thing, can someone kindly help?

    between the lift and the giggles Ishwari heard, was there a kiss???

    I guess it so by the way Dev cupped Sona’s face and she said ‘choro nah’

    1. Neha1

      They didn’t show a kiss between Devakshi…! I watched the whole scene but there’s no kiss at all…

      1. Sneha1

        Yeahhhh…. they have not shown.. but as makers already said.. what is the requirement of a kiss to be SHOWN between a couple to show their love… so i feel that behind the doors.. they might have kissed…..
        Just one of my imagination…..

  19. Sneha1

    Yaar ye Dev to bus maar hi dalega…

    his eyes when he said ” Not just once but a 100 times I have thought about it … ” … Gosh I really had trouble breathing … Sona was so intimidated she would have wished it would be better if he chose to lie , because this truth is too hot to handle …

    And the way he said “You didnt give me a chance to show you , how much, why , and HOW I would love you… ” My God , and the looks ….. Oh my gosh

    Priya.. Esme.. Shalini.. Devga.. Azzu.. Asmita.. Ayushi.. Manya…. Juhi… Pothik.. Erina… Koi to bacha lo mujhe iss Dev Fever se….

    1. Manya

      Area hum kaise bachae hum bhi is fever se Behaal hai??❤️❣

    2. Esme

      Sabka yahi haal hai…sab ek dusre ko support karo taki ye fever aur badhe n auro ko bhi ye fever lag jaye…aisa kuch kiya jai…lol

      1. Priya9876

        Esme ur dp.. Hahaha that promo….

    3. Priya9876

      See mujhe Dr bankar medicine bata rhi thi…n Avi khud ko dev fever ho gya…soo madam tumne jo mujhe medicine n treatment batayi h naa ab wo tumhe v follow krna hoga…?

    4. Pothik

      mein bhi to Dev ki fever mein dub jana chahti hun…..ab mein us halat pein nehin hai ki kichiko bacha saku………chalo eki sath Dev pe marte hein

      1. Priya9876

        hahahah o goddd

  20. Sneha1

    Yaar koi Dev ko idea do ki apne sath Sonakshi ko bhi Hrishikesh le jaye… wahi wapan laut te time pyar mohabbat ki do baatein bhi kr lega… Ye ghar wale to bechare ko chain se do pal apni wifey ke sath gujarne nahi denge…

    1. Priya9876

      Wahi to jb dono room me v hote h too koi na koi aa hi jata h disturb karne…
      Bhaiya aapko disturb to nhi kiya…lol…

  21. yaar its becoming saas bahu story !!!!! not happy with the development, miss the old episodes. boohoo

    1. Neha1

      Yeah agree, it’s become a typical saas bahu drama…Shaheer also confirmed this by tweet….which also disappointed me but I’m watching this only for SHAHEER…. otherwise I’m not interested in saas bahu saga…! The makers should bring khatri….coz he’s only the way by which we get to know the secret which Ishwari was hiding from everyone … or else they should bring some new interesting twist to hold audience attention….

      1. Sneha1

        And iss baar ka twist aisa laye.. jisme ishwari ko kuch troubles ho.. har twist k baad sirf Sona hi emotional atyachar kyun jhele….

  22. Esme

    Kya pate hain..kya khote hain…jab dilon ke phaisle dimag se hote hain…lines from the first promo. When I was watching those three promos, before the start of the show, I was like…waoooo….I just loved it though I watched them in June…lol..
    But karele wala promo…maine TV par dekha tha..hain pura nahi….kyonki uss time sab log koi aur show dekh rahe the…

  23. Priya9876

    Agree yaar Sneha,, Avi shadi k 3 din hue h ar in devils ne har roz sona ko rulaya hai…. Sona ki saree me naa CCTV fix karna chaiye n uska live telecast dev k phone me.. Fir maza aaye ga…

    Aur ek ar CCTV ish ki saree me n uska live telecast sona k pass….
    Fire aayega aslai maza?

  24. Priya9876


    aww cutest guys… love u both…..

  25. Priya9876


    god knows ab kya hoga show ka…….

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