kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 7th june analysis

Hi guys…. here is the detailed update for 7th june episode –

Dixit house –

Mami asks Sona to remove ring but it is stuck. Dev removes the ring. Sona makes exvuse and goes into kitchen feeling sad. Dev goes after her.
D- ms. Bose ring ki wajah se dard to nai ho raha na
S- dard to bahot hua
D(gets panic)- i knew it. I m so sorry. Hath dijiye.
Dev holds sona’s hand and blows.
S- mr. Dixit isse kuch fark nai pdega. Aap rehne dijiye. Aap ki tbiyt kesi hai ab ?
D- pehle se better hai, i guess. Lekin phir bhi kuch achcha nai lag raha.
S- symptoms kya hain?
D- pta nai, seene mein jalan se ho rahi hai, kuch acha nai lag raha.
S- i think acidity hui hai. Aapne kuch khaya?
D- koshish ki thi khane ki, lekin bhukh bhi nai lag rhi hai.
S- i am sure acidity hai.
Sona is about to give him something.
D- ms. Bose maine ye bhi try kiya, lekin koi fark nai pada.
Still Sona gives him the drink and he takes it.
S- ab apko achcha lagne lgega.
Dev leaves and looks at Sona from the distance. KRPKAB music plays.

Dev’s office-
A meeting is going on. Dev is so much disturbed and cancel the meeting. Natasha comes and apologizes coz mr. Gujral talked to dev regarding engagement. She asks whether he is actually ready for it or not. Finally dev gives his approval. But natasha feels that dev is not exited for this engagement. Dev tells her that he never thought about his marriage. Natasha says ok and asks to leave. Dev reminds her tomorrow’s meeting. She says that she never forgets important meetings. She leaves a thinking and worried Dev behind.

Dixit house –
Ishwari is in dev’room arranging his shirts. Nikki comes and starts her chit chat saying that now Ishwari will be left with plenty of time after dev’s marriage Coz natasha will take all the responsibilities of Dev. Ishwari feels uncomfortable after listening this. Neha comes and takes Nikki with her to stop her to talk unnecessarily with Ishwari. Ishwari feels uneasy.

Bose House –
Sona is sad. Elena comes and sona starts crying. Sona tells Elena that its dev’engagement on upcoming Saturday. Elena gets shocked to know this.
E- this is impossible, aisa nahi ho sakta. Mere plan ke according dev ko tujhe miss karna chahiye tha. Are you sure ki ye sach hai? Tune hi samjhne me bhul ki hogi. Hai na?
S- sari taiyari ho chuki hai. Wo ring jo dev natasha ko pehnayenge wo bhi select ho gayi. Aur tujhe pata hai ki wo ring ka size try karne ka chance kise mila ? Mujhe.
E – sona tumi ekdum pagol. Kam se kam tab to tujhe ye bolna chahiye tha ki tu ye sab nai kar sakti coz you love him.
S- its not so easy.
E- please unhe bata de. I am sure ki jab unhe pata chalega na to wo khud natasha se engagement nahi karenge.
S-bahot der ho gayi Elena. Tere Kuch btane se ya tere kuch sochne se real life mein kuch changes hone wale hai kya? Na hi dev bachche hain, na hi main. Agar wo mere liye kuch bhi feel karte to kya is engagement ke liye haan karte ? Main hi kyun manti rahu ki unke man me mere liye kuch hai. Main pagal hoon. Main sochti thi ki main chup chap unse pyar karti rahungi, natasha ke bare me wo kuch bhi baat krenge aur mujhe fark nai pdega coz i am in love. I m so stupid. Main dev ko natasha ke sath nahi dekh sakti. Sab khatam ho gaya. Dev mujhse pyar nai karte.
Sona cries bitterly. Elena tries to console Sona.

Dixit house –
Dev comes to neha to ask her whether she is sure about ranveer or not. Dev asks if she minds dev getting engaged with natasha before her marriage. She makes it clear tjat she really loves ranveer. Neha defines love to dev. She says she feels so complete with him and asks him if he feels the same for natasha. Dev does not answer and says Gdnyt and leaves.

Sona is crying bafly. Dev in his room thinks about what neha told him about love. He is so confused.

Next morning –
Ishwari talks to dev that she is with him in any condition. She again gets disturbed. Dev tries to make her feel comfortable but still she is not ok. She tells himthat now his better half will be there in his life. Dev says she will be remain important always for him. Ishwari cries.

Precap – sona calls Ishwari asking for 2 days leaves as she is not well. Ishwari says its dev’engagement. All will miss her. Sons disconnects the phone. Dev asks who is ill. Ishwari says nutrition. Dev seems worried.

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