Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev dorns Sona engagement sample ring. Radha shouts at Sona to get it out now. Dev says he will remove it and slowly takes it out. He then says sleeping pills also did not help. She says he will be fine now. He nods yes and leaves for office.

Dev gets engrasped in thoughts during staff meeting. Staff asks if he is fine. He says let us have meeting after sometime. NG comes to meet him and says she tried to convince dad to postpone engagement, but he is eager. Daadi is more eager than him. He says her daadi must be dreaming big about her future and wants to see her engagement and marriage soon, so it is normal.

Nikki comes to Ishwari’s room and starts buttery talk. Ishwari says she will not get moer pocket money. Nikki asks how does she know. Ishwari says

she knows she takes pocket money even from Dev, Neha and Ria. Nikki asks why did not she stop her then. Ishwari says she has even right on her siblings. Nikki says Ishwari will lose right on Dev soon after his marriage and NG will take care of him after that. Ishwari gets tensed. Neha comes and handles issue. Ishwari goes out. Neha scolds Nikki that she knows how possessive mom is about Dev, even then she started. Ishwari hears them and thinks why she is feeling bad hearing Nikki’s truth.

Sona cries in her room and repeatedly twists her finger, reminisces Dev removing engagement sample ring. Elena comes and asks what happened. She tells about Dev and NG’s engagement. Elena asks if she is sure about it. Sona says yes and continues crying.

Dev goes to Neha’s room and starts chatting. She says she did not want to marry, but after meeting Ranveer, she is deeply in love, but wants to marry a bit later. She continues. Dev says he did not know her sister is so mad in love and asks how it feels in love. She describes feeling and asks if he feels same for NG. He starts thinking and imagines Sona instead of NG.

In the morning, Ishwar writes guest list and forgets some guests. Dev enters and she says it is good he came and emotioally says she did not realize her small boy grew so early. Their emotional talks continue.

Precap: Sona calls Ishwari and says she is unwell and will take 2 days leave. Ishwari asks how can she miss Dev’s engagement, everyone will miss her. Sona disconnects call. Dev asks who is unwell. Ishwari says nutrition/Sona.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. First episode of krpkab wich i am not able to c the retelecast….. Coz ERICA’s acting was tht natural enough to make me cry again…. So i offed the tv…

    Sad news GUYS…

    Ishwari to separate Dev-Sonakshi

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi as Ishwari will go against Dev and Sonakshi’s growing closeness. It is seen that Dev has completely melted towards Sonakshi post her accident and has turned very protective.

    Dev feels for Sonakshi and Sonakshi too realizes her love for Dev. However, Ishawri starts getting irked with Dev’s inclination towards Sonakshi.

    Too add to this Radha Rani will add venom in Ishwari’s mind against Sonakshi and Dev’s growing friendship.

    Radha will make Ishwari thinks about Dev’s marriage seriously and will also pursue Ishwari to finalize marriage alliance for Dev.

    Accordingly Ishwari will choose a girl for Dev and Dev will have no choice due to accept the marital alliance. It will be interesting to see Sonakshi’s reaction to the new development.

  2. @mahi..
    Same here..happy ramzan..to u and everyone of our krpkab fans club..
    But I think ramzan month strtd from yesterday right?

  3. @devga..
    Even I do listen about it..but..
    I think it will take..more time to CME on TV..as still devs realisation and love confession are there..and y to worry about tomorrow..enjoy the today..and present episodes

  4. @devga
    I think this is an old news, just after sonas accident it had come

    1. Ok chorry
      …. But dont u remembr this is infact the first news…. The first promo wer dev and sona fight coz dev wil say she wil not say no but she wil also not b happy with our relationship… Evn sona says in another promo tht if i was angry on aunty i would not hv put mosambhi juice in the diet instead of karela….

      Hahaha i jst got this recently so posted it….

    2. Still some dont knw so i shared

  5. What is gonna happen on 9th?

  6. Guys whats going on abhi tak toh good news thi devga fir abhi hi bad news. Kya ho gaya h ye ishwari ko. Natasha se jab dev ki engagement ho rhi thi tabhi toh itna emotional ho rhi thi. But sona vo toh ishwari ka kitna dhyan rakhti h. Kitni care krti h. Fir kyu use sona nhi pasand. I was thinking that natasha ishwari ko dev se durr rakhegi. But sona toh esa kabhi nhi krengi. Then whats the problem With ishwari. Thanks devga for sharing this info.

    1. No thx prit…. Its my pleasure.. Actually starting of krpkab was wid ishwari ‘s non approval only…. In start i thought only ishwari is villian but aftr so many episodes she doesnt seem vicious….
      Now evn i am confused coz v hv seen her character and she does not value status etc ( wid ranveer neha acceptance) but y wil she deny sona for dev????

  7. tganks mahi….
    and same to u…

  8. hi simran….
    i think u hv password prblm
    do one thing
    while writing password add numbers before ur password ok
    hope tht will hlp u…….

  9. Okk no problem. Chalo we will see what will happen further devga but now i m enjoying the episode. Becoz dev and sona’s love confession week.u also enjoy.

    1. Oh ok continue GUYS….. I wil try but bsy with my studies….

  10. Anjali on 9th dev will realise that he loves sona. And will confess his love in front of her. I m vry happy by listening this.

  11. Actually ishwari is not villain BT possessive abt Dev that she might lose him after his marriage. She agreed for NG only bcoz of the deal otherwise she would nt have accepted even her

  12. M so so much excited for tomorrow i.e. 9th june’s episode.. 😀 😀
    R u all excited too..??

  13. http://www.tellyupdates.com/kuch-rang-pyar-ke-aise-bhi-7th-june-2016-written-episode-update/#comments

    Plz vote yaar bahut jyada difference Ho chuka plz vote karo agar 20 mins continuously sb milkar vote krenge to balance Ho jaye Ga….plz vote

  14. Oh guys in new here but hope that u guys will not make me realiza specially devga

    1. Rightly said frnd…. Hi helo hw ruu??

    2. Yup right frnd… Hi helo hw r u?? .. U wil surely enjoy here…. Wr r u frm wich std??

  15. @devga n prit
    I too am confused about ishwari’s character. Earlier she never liked sona much coz she used to charge so much money for apparently no work. But since mami has come ishwari has always taken sonas side n now she likes sona. Don’t know what will happen next. But ya in promo they said ishwari will be against their relationship.

  16. @angrita, ya I’m too exited abt 9 June. All fans are eagerly waiting for this moment.

  17. In today’s epi, dev will go to sonas house n help her in gardening n talk abt how Neha has fallen in love with ranveer. They talk abt love. Then later sonas cries even more that even if she tries to run from dev he comes behind her. N is very sad abt the engagement.

  18. @devga, u don’t have to be sorry. Plz keep posting whatever news u find.

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