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All the ladies are checking out the dupatta that has come for Neha. Nikki keeps it over Sona’s head while she keeps saying no. ishwari and Dev enter just then. Dev is happy to see Sona but Ishwari is taken aback. This is Neha’s wedding dress. This is Shagun. It is for the bride. Only she has a right on it. Why did you do it Nikki? Dev says she is young. She does not understand rituals and traditions. Mami too scolds her a little. Dev says she wont do it now. She has understood it. Nikki nods. I will not do anything without asking you Ma. Ishwari replies that some things have deep meaning. I don’t want anything to go wrong in Neha’s wedding. Sona apologizes to Ishwari. I dint know about it. Mami taunts Sona. What will you know about our tradition anyways! She does mistakes all

the time. Sona apologizes to Ishwari and then leaves. Dev suggests making the bride wear it now. Dev pulls Sona aside. Thank you and sorry. You would have understood Mami by now. Sona nods. She says anything anytime. He asks her why she is still sad. Sona is sad for Ishwari aunty. Dev points out that she does not know anything. Strange, I only thought the girl (Sona) looks beautiful but she is indeed beautiful. Sona smiles. Strange, I thought the guy is good but is very mature than I thought him to be. You handled everything so well. Dev holds her hand. Ma will also tell you to handle everything, her house, her son when you will come in this house. Sona gets shy. You don’t talk such stuff like this. He asks her how then. She leaves feeling shy.

Sourav teases Elena as she has applied a face mask. Sona’s mother sends Sourav to get something from the kitchen. She takes off Elena’s mask. You are glowing already. Sona’s mother applies second pack on Elena’s face next. Your face will glow more after this. Elena is happy. You are the best Massi. Elena jumps and shouts. It is itching badly. Dadi comes in just then asking for masala for making pakodas. Did anyone take it? Elena washes her face with water. Dadi suggests her to put rose water on her face to avoid rashes. Sona’s mom is sad. My first beauty treatment also failed.

Neha does not want to wear that bridal dress ever. I have already finalised my bridal dress. It will go waste. Ishwari advises her to wear it later. You have to wear this on your wedding. Neha refuses. This is so cheap. My lehenga is designer. Ishwari explains that Ranveer’s mother has sent it with love. it will hurt their sentiments. Neha refuses to wear it on her wedding. It is my special day. It may be important but it will not look good if I wear it in my wedding. Mami seconds her. She is Dev’s sister after all. Ishwari ji says my word is final. Neha will wear this lehenga only. Neha stays put. I will never wear it.

Sona’s mom brings rasgullas for everyone. Sona allows her Dada to eat one only. He smiles. Bijoy wants everyone to wear traditional Bengali dress in the wedding (Neha’s). Sona’s phone rings. Elena and Sourav indirectly tease her. She goes aside to pick the call.

Dev is unsure what to do. Neha refused to wear the bridal dress that has come from Ranveer’s house. Ma says it is important as per custom. Sona understands that he is doing everything for Neha’s happiness, but aunty is also right. Ranveer is Neha’s would be husband. She has to respect his family and their choices. He repeats that neha does not like it. Sona says a girl has to think about her new family and their respect when getting married or after marriage. She has to follow their customs and change herself a little so as to adapt to that new family. Neha also has to do it. He is still thinking about Neha’s happiness so Sona advises him to do something that does not hurt Ranveer and his family. he asks her if she wants him to follow the traditions even if Neha is unhappy. Why do something that makes the bride unhappy? She leaves the decision on him. You must think through before coming to any conclusion. Make sure you don’t take any selfish decision. He says ok. Ishwari asks Dev who he is talking to at night. Dev lies that it is a friend. He is in some problem.

Next day, Neha thanks Dev for the lehenga. It is really beautiful. Mami is thrilled to think of its price (6 lacs). It will seem to be a car when you will wear it. Neha smiles. I have to see Ria’s reaction now. Neha shows her lehenga to her mom. Bride has to look perfect in her wedding. People says it is only about one day but people watch it all their life. Ishwari tells Dev to return the lehenga. We have to respect the gift sent by them. Dev and Mami are not convinced but Ishwari calls it the blessings from Ranveer’s family. Neha is sure Ranveer wont mind her decision. Ishwari says Ranveer may not show it but he will surely be hurt. Dev tries to say something when his mom asks him if he also thinks her decisions are wrong. Dev is speechless.

Dev is in deep thoughts. Sona tries to make light of the situation for Dev. He is confused what to do. She says I told you to think once before coming to any decision. It is wrong to take any decision for selfish reasons. He says i am not going to wear it. She nods. You may bring a new lehenga for Neha. She will wear it but others will not be happy. It will hurt their sentiments. He only wants to see Neha happy on her wedding day. She says I wish I could help you. He replies that she can. You are a solution to all my problems. She isn’t as close to Neha as she is to Nikki she says but he requests her for his sake.

Sona comes to Neha’s room to talk to her. there comes a time in the life of a girl when she has to choose between her likes and the likes of her in-laws. She has to make some adjustments then. Neha is not interested in any of this. Why does a girl only have to make compromises? Why can a boy not make any adjustment? I don’t want to talk on this topic. Sona nods. let us talk about something else. I had a doll in childhood. She was wearing very beautiful clothes but then Dada and I made her wear new clothes. Ma wasn’t happy when she saw this but to us, she felt like our own when she wore the clothes made by us. One looks beautiful when that happens. You can wear anything and Ranveer will find your beautiful. He will be happier if you wear the lehenga that he has brought. I dint come here to lecture you but only to say that don’t dress up for the world but for Ranveer. She gives her the lehenga brought by Ranveer. Neha caresses it lovingly. Dev has heard everything from outside and is touched.

Precap: Mami comes to check if Dev is ready or not. Sona is there in Dev’s room helping Dev get ready. Dev sends her in the washroom to hide when they hear Mami knocking on the door. Mami has heard someone’s voice. Who was here? She starts looking around once Dev opens the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I just hate this garib k beti

    1. Nita D

      Even i m in this team,ahalya n habiba….

  2. Awesome and heart touching speech was given by sons really loved it the way she convinced neha is toooo good

  3. how cute of Sona..! A perfect bride to be for Dev..
    loved the way sons explained the imp of lehenga to Neha..
    Devakshi rocks..mmmmuuuaaahhh

  4. Speech given by sona really was awesome loved it the way she convinced neha was tooooo good

  5. Asmita...

    Cant write today’s detailed update as i went to watch SULTAN…….sorry guys

    1. Asmita if u r free plz write tday’s epiosde, and day defore episode too!!

  6. Mubeen

    Awsmmmmmmm……grt couple

  7. this gkb no is 2 much disgusting has 2 interfere in everything!

  8. Gkb is so annoying.

  9. Omg!!! How sweet is sona????? love u sooooo much!!!! Radha, will make u chutney???????

  10. SONA loved u r acting today u r jst awsm hw maturely u made neha understand the importance of traditions.

    shaheer ws soo cute naa
    hey to all DEVAKSHIANS


    today day ws too busy soo missed 2dys episode but watched it on YouTube

    thnks MA for the update it really helps us

  11. lovely episode.Devakshi amazing☺?.Sona very maturely handled the lehenga situation?.this proves that Dev needs Sona in his life to make his life happy and ease.Right??

  12. @ Asmita
    plz update 2dys episode analysis
    as u r free as eagerly waiting for it

  13. Today sona actually proved that she can just complete dev’s .she is just perfect for dev .how she explained everything to Neha. But must say today Neha was absolutely wrong. If she loves ranvir then she respect him and his family.ishwari today was right if they can accept Neha then Neha should also accept them

  14. One more amazing episode jus loved sona today the way she convinced neha and spoke to dev and that satisfaction of dev on choosing his perfect life partner

    Precap is amazing dev kissing sona’s hand wow…..

    I wonder why happened to d earrings dev gifted which fell off d other day nothing came up after tht

  15. I wish ishwari had heard sona neha conversation

    1. Nita D

      Haan yaar…..but in serials they never here kaam ki baat….warna they listen to half talk n go away…

  16. Subhashini

    Guys I think for ishwari sona is not problem ,instead dev’s marriage is problem because she think if dev loves a girl then he will leave ishwari ji over possessive mother

    1. Nita D

      Agree… She feels dev will go away frm her after marriage…

  17. I think each serial has a villen whather it a girl or a boy.I think it has to make a little bit change.There is no villen.But if there is no villen there will no maza…so There is no serial without villen.
    Apart from this serial,it is a sweet one but I don’t think it will stay.Most of serial’s hero has 2 gf.Here has also One is Sona and another is Natasa (Though We think rhat her act in this serial is end but Serial to avi suru hui hai mere beta……).. ……????????

  18. Dibya

    KRPKAB: Radha-Ishwari joins hands to separate Dev-Sonakshi Upcoming Story

    Friday, July 08 2016

    KRPKAB: Radha-Ishwari joins hands to separate Dev-Sonakshi

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    Radha brainwashes Ishwari against Sonakshi in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

    The upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show that Dev and Sonakshi’s love turn stronger during Neha and Ranveer’s wedding.

    Dev feels touched when Sonakshi nicely made Neha agree for wearing Ranveer’s gifted lehenga on her wedding.

    Sonakshi dresses up in Bengali attaire on Neha’s marriage dau while Dev is mesmerized seeing Soankshi.

    Dev brings Sonakshi in his room and kisses on her hand but Radha hear some noise in his room and goes on search.

    Ishwari asks Dev not get too much friendly with Sonakshi

    Radha locks the door purposely to catch Sonakshi and her mission gets successful when Ishwari opend the door and is shocked seeing Sonakshi there.

    Post marriage, Radha brainwashes Ishwari against Sonakshi and Ishwari supports Radha for making Sonakshi away from Dev’s life.

    Will Ishwari get successful separating Dev and Sonakshi?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Nita D

      Thx for the spoilers…..GKB was not alone that ishwari also joined her….

    2. No ishwari never get success… Chilllllllll

  19. Neeti sharma

    Awsm episode…

  20. Thank U for nice Update _ Pooja ☺

    Today episode ws so nice, i likes sonakshi lecture/POV. Atlast Dev felt proud & satisfied ?

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome dear 🙂

  21. Ngkrishnakumari

    Sona is perfect foe dev but hate this radharani
    Waiting for today epi

  22. I am confused, is Sonakshi is a servant, cook or doctor or nutritionist. She is always seen hanging around at Dev house. Their love story is being shown too much. Sisters wedding, and Dev is totally free to romance with Sonakshi. He doesnt seem to be bothered for wedding. SO many unusual, unrealistic incidents happening

  23. DevSona

    Chapter 4 & 5 of my ff Ishq F(o)re(ver)


  24. I heard krpkab is a finite series , any idea when is it ending. I dont want it to end .

  25. Cute couple dev and sonakshi..

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