Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona confronts Elena and asks if she is happy seeing parents sad. GKB says they should fight later, first she needs to talk to her son and perform rituals. She drags Vicky to her room and scolds why did he marry Elena instead of just trapping her in his love and taking revenge. He says he is…She continues yelling. He says he did not marry Elena to take revenge. GKB says sa she knows, he did not love Elena. Mamaji enters and asks her if she knew about it. She says a bit. He yells that he did a big sin that he got 2 of them in his life. Vicky asks her to accept Elena as bahu, else even he will leave house. She continues yelling.

Asha tries to console Bejoy that everything will be alright. Bejoy says what will be alright, Eena is such a bright girl and she

married rogue Vicky. Daadi comments she went numb hearing this news. Sona calls Asha. Asha asks if she spoke to Elena. Sona fumes that she feels like slapping Elena, how could she do this. Asha says they have to accept Elena and Vicky’s relationship and have to think what GKB will do to her, she has to help Elena as a good sister. Dev enters. Sona says Asha she will talk to her later and disconnects call. She tells Dev that it was really shocking. He says yes, both families’s differences will widen now. Sona says whatever happened, they cannot change it, so they have to handle situation wisely. Dev says she is right, he will speak to elders and come back.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and says he thought Vicky will become responsible after joining his company, but he did not and he feels like slapping Vicky, what if Vicky and Elena love each other. Ishwari gives an example of potter and cured mud utensil and says relationships are same, now they cannot change relationships, Elena is part of family like Sona and like they accepted Sona, tthey have to accept Elena. Dev says even Sona said same, they have to accept Elena and Vicky.

Nikki asks Elena how did she manage to elope, was not it exciting. Sona enters and says Nikki that she needs to talk to Elena and they will not discuss about this again. Nikki says yes and leaves. Sona says Elena that she hopes she considers her sister even now. Elena says yes. Sona asks if she can manage her studies and her new life. Elena says everything is same and now Vicky is also with her to help, Sona is always there with her anyways.

Vicky apologizes Dev and asks to slap him but forgive him. Dev says he just started working and instead of focusing on career, he married. Vicky says everyone think he is fit for nothing and he did wrong, but if he separates from Elena, he cannot stay alive, like he loves cannot live without her. Dev says he loves Sona and asks if he rellly loves Elena. Vicky says yes, more than his life. Dev says he thought of slapping him, but Sona suggested to accept whatever is coming on the way. Vickyy says nobody is smarter than bhabi in this house.

GKB gets aarti thali for Elena and Vicky’s graha pravesh. Lamp blows off. GKB yells it is a big inauspiciousness. Sona lights lamp and asks to complete rituals. GKB does aarti and asks to enter in. Ishwari asks to take parent’s blessings first. They take elders’ blessings and then Dev’s. Dev ass to take even Sona’s blessings. Vicky murmurs in Sona’s ears that like he said, his love won and he won, bhabiji. Sona stands dumbstuck.

Sona sees Dev working on laptop and says he is impossible. He asks what did he do now. She ays he is so tired but continuing to work. He says he knows, it has been a long day, but he managed because of her. She asks what did she do. He says he gets angry easily, but she calms him down, thanks for coming in his life, she is actually his life. She says he is her life. They both smile looking at each other. He kisses her hand. Kuch rang pyar ke….song…plays in the background. Vicky and Elena knock door and enter. Dev asks if they did not sleep yet. Vicky says his room’s AC is not working. Dev asks why he needs AC in cold. Sona signals him. Dev nervously says they can sleep in guest room then. Sona says let them sleep here, we will go and sleep in garden between flowers. Dev says they should sleep between flowes and not us. Elena shyingly smiles and says if they had known beforehand about Elena and Vicky’s marriage, they would have decorated room with flowers. She says Dev let us go and let them rest and takes him out.

Dev asks Sona if she is sure she wants to sleep in garden as it is cold out and they can sleep in guest room. She says he is acting like baba, he gets monkey cap out before winter season. He asks what is the surprise. She takes tim to balcony and shows bed there. He says he did not know she is so innovative. Their nok jhok starts.

Elena asks Vicky why did he lie and spoilt AC himself. He says this is the biggest room in this ouse and king wants to romance queen here. She asks if he borrowed his intelligence from Bhola. He wiggles her and hugs her.

Neha carries water mug to her room and drops water on Dev and Sona by mistake. Dev shouts whoever has done this, he will not spare them. Sona mimics and cheers him up. He hugs her tightly. Neha peeps and fumes in jealousy that she felt guilty pouring water on them, but they are enjoying instead shamelessly.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that he does not give her time properly. She says yes, he is right. They should get in before mom sees them sitting here wet and scold them. Dev thinks always surprises him, he should surprise her now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow…………… super positive episode, i just loved devakshi scene, its mind blowing waiting for next episode how dev surprises sona i hope surprice plan well, vickey realy loves elina its good but he is acting its going so many problems for sona & elina, neha such a jealousy women when ever dev & sona are romancing she interfere & spoil that when ever they are happy her stomach burn can’t even imagine these type of people are living like this, eagerly waiting for next episode……..!

  2. Mujhe phir bhi nhi logic samaj aaya ki newly wed couple ko dev n sonakshi ne apna room kyu diya matlab a.c kharab tha toh kisi aur ka room ya nikki ka room de dete. Chalo vicky ko bada room chahiye tha samaj aati hai but dev sona ko kya hua kuch logic hi nhi samaj aaya anyways issi bahane cute scenes dekhne toh mile

    1. Junee

      Absolutely illogical ! Specially Sonakshi should have sensed Vicky’s intentions becoz she was reminded at the doorstep about her failure by Vicky! Elena rejoiced at Vicky’s plan to tamper with the AC purposely, shows how thoughtless and selfish she is!!

      1. Sonadi

        She is selfish. She always jumps to the situation and changes fast.Like when Bijoy Asha were looking at Ritvik, she immediately forgot about Dev and started patronizing Ritvik. She did not even bother about Sona’s feelings.
        She is always opportunist.
        She is not strong.

  3. Sravanthi

    Sonakshi is pregnant…just saw a segmnt on it in u me aur tv

    1. Manya

      Sachi Muchi????

    2. Really??????

  4. Sravanthi

    An article on yestrd episode is out in fuzion productns…have a look at it?

  5. Manya

    Sochne wali baat toh yeh hai ki Neha sirf itna sa Paani girra tha and niche unka pura bed Geela Ho gya????

  6. Dev ND Sona banane wala Mumma… Puppa ??

    Hip hip hurrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy ?????

    Dekhlo dekhlo yaaar….


    1. I wanna see d reaction of Dev… ????????

      1. Priya9876

        Mee tooo

    2. Neha1

      Yes Ganga, mene bhi dekha U, Me or TV pe….Sonakshi is Pregnant …. Wow I’m waiting for Dev’s Expression….. but at the same time yeh sach ho, koi sapna ya koi galtfehmi (misunderstanding) na ho..!

  7. Junee

    Sonakshi is pregnant????
    Difficult to digest this plot after all the drama that took place.
    1. Either it was a wrong report as we had predicted earlier on this page becoz the Doctor mutters a different name not Mr Dixit.
    2. Even if she is they will show her unable to retain to keep the drama going
    3. Supriya P was unwilling to be showcased as a grandmother in this show and all this drama of the inability to conceive eas probably becoz of that
    4. Makers have decided to give the fandom a surprise with a tiny Obhodro or tiny Sonakshi to pep up the TRP???
    Indeed we shall be extremely happy with a tiny cutypie after all the drama and certainly your trp will soar .???

    1. Sravanthi

      I think she will have a miscarrg & dev will be her strength during that tym

    2. Manya

      Mujhe Lagta hai yeh reports galat Hongi
      I don’t think so Aisa kuch Ho sakta hai
      But Shayad……?And Aisa Hua toh??
      Sabse zyada excitement Ho Rahi hai Dev babu ki shakal dekhne ke liye?

    3. Devga

      I thought of ur 2nd point wer they might show doctor telling dev tht it is difficult for sona to carry and it may b dangerous to her life etc etc …nd dev wil try taking care of her without informing abt this to anyone …. Etc etc …. But I TRULY WISH THIS TRACK BECOMES SUCCESSFUL BY SOME TREATMENT OR OTHER …. And THERE COMES OUT R TINY “MS.KHARGHOSH” OR “TINY MR.OBODHRO” OR “BOTH “(twin) lol I am imagining too much tht if nothing happens I wil go into a trauma …. So I am stoping here and leaving it to the writers … At last wat evr they show only has to b viewed by us right …..

      1. Junee

        ??????what a coincidence! I thought about the twins too!

    4. Sonadi

      I think that drama is to create fans interest and show Dev’love.

  8. Priya9876

    ? ? ?? ?? ?? ??
    Thanks soo much makers after a long time u gave us such a wonderful episode….


  9. Priya9876

    Something is fishy in sonakshi’s pregnancy

    1. Junee

      I think she will not be able to retain . Tjats when Dev will break the news of the report! Therafter all that drama on divorce remarriage are likely to. E shown! My guess ofcourse. Could bE wrong

      1. Priya9876

        Hmm…..let’s see

  10. Sravanthi

    Its just ishwaris assumption sona is really nt pregnant

    1. Priya9876

      Kuch v ho sakta h Bhai…

    2. Junee

      ? ? ????

    3. Junee

      So Dev will tell his mother that she cannot have a. Aby as per medical reports??? After that drama will begin?????

      1. Junee


      2. Sonadi

        I do not think that Dev will tell his Mom that Sona can not have baby.
        There are miracles happen in life.It is known that Drs have gone wrong.
        I have a feeling that the makers are going to end the series or end this season and start next year season 2

  11. Nhiiii yaar sona pregnant nhi hai bass vomit kiya n ishwari aunty ko galat femi ho gyi

  12. Priya9876

    Ye ishwari pagal hai….
    Just saw a clip by sbas…
    Sona ko vomet aate huye dekh ishwari pagal ho Gyi…..Har shor macha Diya ki Sona pregnant hai….
    N mujhe lagta nhi h ki Sona ne confirm kara hai….
    Kya dumbness hai …..

    1. Sonadi

      I saw Sona is also excited and try to tell Dev. And also they as a family talk to Sona’s mom and dad.inviting them for dinner.Plus Sona is a doctor. She will know.

      1. Junee

        Nausea and giddiness are not the only signs of pregnancy . Sona being a doctor should get it confirmed by test. I think she is just excited and goes by Ishwari’s experience.If she is really pregnant in that case she will probably have a miscarriage so that the drama can proceed! Just an assumption!

  13. Junee

    The pther day Mamiji rebuked Sona where the contents were two of jijis children didn’t give her an opportunity to find a match so u better not interfere with What has been decided for Ria. But what an irony ! Her own son also did not give her the opportunity to find a match! GKB will be paid back with the same coin!!?? oh lala la!!!

  14. Sonadi

    I just saw a promo showing Sona ‘S pregnant news
    Did any of you guys see that
    This means that I think the show is going to finish

  15. Sonadi

    Dr told Dev that Sona has only 7% chance. This could be that 7% . Or the report may be wrong..

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