Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona confronts Elena and asks if she is happy seeing parents sad. GKB says they should fight later, first she needs to talk to her son and perform rituals. She drags Vicky to her room and scolds why did he marry Elena instead of just trapping her in his love and taking revenge. He says he is…She continues yelling. He says he did not marry Elena to take revenge. GKB says sa she knows, he did not love Elena. Mamaji enters and asks her if she knew about it. She says a bit. He yells that he did a big sin that he got 2 of them in his life. Vicky asks her to accept Elena as bahu, else even he will leave house. She continues yelling.

Asha tries to console Bejoy that everything will be alright. Bejoy says what will be alright, Eena is such a bright girl and she

married rogue Vicky. Daadi comments she went numb hearing this news. Sona calls Asha. Asha asks if she spoke to Elena. Sona fumes that she feels like slapping Elena, how could she do this. Asha says they have to accept Elena and Vicky’s relationship and have to think what GKB will do to her, she has to help Elena as a good sister. Dev enters. Sona says Asha she will talk to her later and disconnects call. She tells Dev that it was really shocking. He says yes, both families’s differences will widen now. Sona says whatever happened, they cannot change it, so they have to handle situation wisely. Dev says she is right, he will speak to elders and come back.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and says he thought Vicky will become responsible after joining his company, but he did not and he feels like slapping Vicky, what if Vicky and Elena love each other. Ishwari gives an example of potter and cured mud utensil and says relationships are same, now they cannot change relationships, Elena is part of family like Sona and like they accepted Sona, tthey have to accept Elena. Dev says even Sona said same, they have to accept Elena and Vicky.

Nikki asks Elena how did she manage to elope, was not it exciting. Sona enters and says Nikki that she needs to talk to Elena and they will not discuss about this again. Nikki says yes and leaves. Sona says Elena that she hopes she considers her sister even now. Elena says yes. Sona asks if she can manage her studies and her new life. Elena says everything is same and now Vicky is also with her to help, Sona is always there with her anyways.

Vicky apologizes Dev and asks to slap him but forgive him. Dev says he just started working and instead of focusing on career, he married. Vicky says everyone think he is fit for nothing and he did wrong, but if he separates from Elena, he cannot stay alive, like he loves cannot live without her. Dev says he loves Sona and asks if he rellly loves Elena. Vicky says yes, more than his life. Dev says he thought of slapping him, but Sona suggested to accept whatever is coming on the way. Vickyy says nobody is smarter than bhabi in this house.

GKB gets aarti thali for Elena and Vicky’s graha pravesh. Lamp blows off. GKB yells it is a big inauspiciousness. Sona lights lamp and asks to complete rituals. GKB does aarti and asks to enter in. Ishwari asks to take parent’s blessings first. They take elders’ blessings and then Dev’s. Dev ass to take even Sona’s blessings. Vicky murmurs in Sona’s ears that like he said, his love won and he won, bhabiji. Sona stands dumbstuck.

Sona sees Dev working on laptop and says he is impossible. He asks what did he do now. She ays he is so tired but continuing to work. He says he knows, it has been a long day, but he managed because of her. She asks what did she do. He says he gets angry easily, but she calms him down, thanks for coming in his life, she is actually his life. She says he is her life. They both smile looking at each other. He kisses her hand. Kuch rang pyar ke….song…plays in the background. Vicky and Elena knock door and enter. Dev asks if they did not sleep yet. Vicky says his room’s AC is not working. Dev asks why he needs AC in cold. Sona signals him. Dev nervously says they can sleep in guest room then. Sona says let them sleep here, we will go and sleep in garden between flowers. Dev says they should sleep between flowes and not us. Elena shyingly smiles and says if they had known beforehand about Elena and Vicky’s marriage, they would have decorated room with flowers. She says Dev let us go and let them rest and takes him out.

Dev asks Sona if she is sure she wants to sleep in garden as it is cold out and they can sleep in guest room. She says he is acting like baba, he gets monkey cap out before winter season. He asks what is the surprise. She takes tim to balcony and shows bed there. He says he did not know she is so innovative. Their nok jhok starts.

Elena asks Vicky why did he lie and spoilt AC himself. He says this is the biggest room in this ouse and king wants to romance queen here. She asks if he borrowed his intelligence from Bhola. He wiggles her and hugs her.

Neha carries water mug to her room and drops water on Dev and Sona by mistake. Dev shouts whoever has done this, he will not spare them. Sona mimics and cheers him up. He hugs her tightly. Neha peeps and fumes in jealousy that she felt guilty pouring water on them, but they are enjoying instead shamelessly.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that he does not give her time properly. She says yes, he is right. They should get in before mom sees them sitting here wet and scold them. Dev thinks always surprises him, he should surprise her now.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. piya

    Jisss kissi ne bhi aaj ka episode miss karne ka paap kiya hai woh prayachit ke swaroop mein episode ko kum se kum 3 baar dekhe

  2. piya

    This is called a perfeccttt episode yaaar itna bada surprise digest nhi horaa!!!! Kisi ne bhi over the top drama nhi kiya n ek ek character ko dikhaya aaj n unke views
    n jo divakshi pe naya song ka version laga woh toh bass out of the world tha!!!!itna acha episode wowww somebody pinch me no actually punch me

  3. piya

    Jabse ishu ko kum dikha re hai tabse plot damn interesting ho gya hai
    aaj toh vicky n elena ke liye bhi background music diya n i love u neha for throwing water on our devakshi n giving us such a cute moment n haaan hume humare devakshi besharam zada pasand hai bhot sanskaar dikha liye kuch nhi mila unhe

  4. piya

    Vicky is very cunning usne dev ko sona ki tarif karke pata liya!!! Lolll
    dev ki zindagi sona hai waaaaah dev waaah!!! Sona ke expression were mind blowing

  5. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Aaj ka episode❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️❤️
    Dev babu Kya dialogues bole apne😘😘…….maza aa Gaya seriously Maza aa Gaya😁😁😁
    Actually Tum hi Meri life Ho💘💘
    And guys Maine sochta ki Dev babu yeh Sab kuch akele mein isliye bolte hai bcoz agar Pisswari sun Legi toh voh phir de neend ki goliya kha Legi and phir se Dev babu Ko Sona Ko chodna padega😝😝toh isliye Yahi theek hai nahi toh humein DEVAKSHI scenes bhi nhi milenge😁
    And when Sona mimicked Dev 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Loved the DEVAKSHI part of the epi
    And hell excited for tomorrow
    And guys don’t forget to check my wall actually Aaj se Roz hi check Karna😍

    • Shalini

      Hey MANYA….chhotu baby teri wall toh ekdum jhakaasssss hai re….looks like you are a RANBIR MANIAC….superb posts…..i would have surely liked and commented on them if were a registered member…but never the less i will talk to you here….and thank you SHAH ke pic ko apne group ke liye post kara tune….😚

  6. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Dear Dev babu
    Aap apne ghar ke ACs ki time to time inspection Karvaya kijiye bcoz kahi bhi kabhi bhi Kharab Ho jaate his and phir Sab Apke room mein Tapak jaate hai and mostly Aisa tab hota hai jab aap romance Kar Rahe hote hai toh plzzzzzz ek humble request hai I hope u will consider this
    Ur well wisher😝😝😝
    Waise each mein sabko DEVAKSHI ke room main jaana hota hai Kya😒😒

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      I strongly recommend him to make it a centralized Ac system….. He actually suggested this idea long back to neha (once wen she complained abt her Ac) wen she was not married…..

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      Manya dear superb 👏👏👏👏tum ekdum sachi bola,dev babu tumari romance disturb karnae kiliyae ab ae ac bhi ready hogaya tumari gharmae like ur family members

  7. Manya

    |Registered Member

    I hate this Vicky yaar and Aaj Elena ne bhi iska saath diya like seriously😒😒😒Tum logo Ko sirf woh bada kamra chahiye tha isliye apne room ka AC Kharab Kar diya🤐
    But chalo usse kuch toh acha Hua😁

  8. piya

    Gareeb ki beti maani toh maaani kaise??? Sorrry itne zada comments karne ke liye actually socha jab bura episode ho toh itna bash karte hai show ko toh aaj acha hai toh celebrate hi karle n kal dev surprise dega yipeeee

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      No problem veisey ham log na burey episodes mein ithna gaaliyan dhethey hein ki page overload ho jaayega and koi toh interuptors(fakers) aajaathey hein …. well acche episode s mein toh pagal ho jaathey hein …. Bas aaj kal na mujhe aur bahuth krpkab lovers ko tym nahi milthi…. Varna daily bahut comments hota hey ….

      It’s gud u hv commented so much…. Keep commenting as many as u want ….

  9. piya

    Waise sochne wali baat hai ishwari ko itne examples aate kaha se hai kabhi pakka gada kabhi baarish ka naala kabhi kya kabhi kya.
    Issne non living things ki autobiography collect karne mein phd. Ki hai kya?

  10. sonali

    Wooowwww aaj devakshi moments were awwwsommmm I m still smiling 🙂 u hope u guyz remeber me …:( as I didnt write for a very long timretime

  11. Devga

    |Registered Member

    I love this balanced track …. Thank God dev is keeping the needle in the middle ….not more to mom not more to sona …. Grt going writers maintain this ….

    To admit it I just skipped by tht moron’s speech today to his mom his bro etc …and just thought he has changed no no the way he said to sona shows tht in future he wil surly become more negative …. (But let him stay positive towards elina it’s gud to c THEIR nhok joke ….)

    But hate u moron still hate u …. Well then thank u for making this plan v got some awesome DEVAKSHI SCENES …

    SACH MEIN PATHI PATHNI KE BEECH MEIN HUG HOTA TOH BHI “BESHARAM ” …. In fact BESHARAM toh voh kudh hey Jo apne pathi ke Ghar mein tik nahi paayi aur aagayi mayike … Haatt BESHARAM ….

    Dame sure now the so called sanskari family wil come to knw the difference between ASLI KALYUG KI LADKI (elina) AUR SONA …

    Hahaha haha gkb wait and watch ur drama Badi aayi sona ko taunt aur daatney vaali …. Ab dhek elina tera kya haal banayegi …. Yo yo yo ….

    U GUYS WILL UNDERSTAND SONA’S goodness …. Suffer suffer

  12. Ganga

    I really love today’s episode bcoz of ours Devakshi…… 😍😍😍😍😍lovable moments yaar….. Ithni Dino ke badh heina…… Garden wala part was 😘😘😱😱😇😇💑💑💑

  13. Shalini

    Baaba reeeee…..kya bakwaas story hai yeh vicky-elena ki……😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Kahan ka raja hai bhai yeh…BHANGI kahinka…..he’s planning something really really big havoc kind of thing for SONA….soch ke hi ajeeb lagta hai….😵😵😵

    Par yaar….kitta bhi chaho….yeh log episode mein nonsense dikha ke bhi kuch na kuch aisa dikha dete hain ke we again and again fall for the show…aaj toh DEVAKSHI scenes were like supppeeerrrrr seeee upppaaaarrrr……muah..!! Muah..!!!!😚😚😚😘😘😘😙😙😗😗

    Aur precap ke toh kya kehne….waah! waah !waahh !waah!!👏👏👏👏👏

    Now DEV BABU will plan something nice for our MISHTI….😍😍😍😍
    But it will be eventually go into GUTTER due to one or the other creepy specimen in the house…. 😕😕

    Bhai how can ishwari connect this DUFFER AND DIRTY marriage of elena with SWEET AND PURE of SONA….she still didn’t got that SONAKSHI is a DIFFERENT STORY…..😠😠😠😠😠

    BHAGWAAN please isko thoda brain de do please please i beg u…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    OOOOLAAAA LAAAA….!!!!jor ka jhatka jor se lag gya bechaari ko….😂😂😝😝

  14. Shalini

    Neha is behaving like 80’s ki BUDHI MAHILA(old woman)…..BESHARAM and all…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Even sona’s dadi is way like waayyyyy more advance than her ree….😉😉😉

    Aur chhod ke aao apne hubby ka ghar….aisa hi hoga…..tum jalte rahoge aur tumhaare bhailog apni respective dharmapatniyon ke saath masti karte rahenge……😉😉😉

    Jalo beta aur jalo aur jal jal ke jalkukdi ban jaao….jaao mera aashirwaad hai tumhein…🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. Ganga

    Ithni cutely 😊 ND lovely 😍😍😍Devakshi moments dekh kar mujhe neendh bi nahi athi…….. 😴

    Kya karu kya karu……. I love d way Devakshi ka Bonding 👏💑👫

  16. Shalini

    And yesterday…@NEHA asked for me…..so NEHA dear…i’m here only…was just stuck in some work so couldn’t comment…i also missed you….how’s your health…??? All good..??

  17. Shonali

    Wow.beautiful moments of devakshi.ye Elena aur Vicky kya kismat leke paida hue hai yaar .devakshi ke pyar aur shadee mein kitne complications the.inn donon ko tho sab hasthe hasthe accept kar liya .aur iss neha phir se shuru hogayee.wife n husband hug Karte toh bhee besharam kaise hote hai .iss ko apnee maa kee generation mein paida Hona chahiye tha.neha aunty .she can’t see her own brother happy.hope Elena bahuth jald iss ko apna sasural bej kar hee chod degi .

  18. Shalini

    After reading this comment please dont come to beat me or kill me….
    I think RADHARANI is actually better than ISHWARI……🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
    Atleast she is clear about herself, her intensions…..if she doesn’t like sona she talks in that way with her but ishwari…..MY GOD….she will give a hell lot of lecture like literally a two to three page long and then at the end say TUM NAHI SAMJHOGI SONAKSHI….!!!
    Bhaashan sunke toh aisa lagta hai ke isko jaake do lagau kaan ke neeche aur bolu ke jyaada nautanki mat maara kar seedhe seedhe jo man mein rehta hai wo bol diya kar dhakkan…..

    Naa toh aaj GKB ko chakkar aaye, naa uska BP LOW hua….jaise ishwari ka ho gya tha devakshi ki wedding night pe…

    Aur i’m sure naa ab GKB elena ko koi fast rakhne ko bolegi….no nonsense….

    Isiliye wo ishwari se kahin laakh guna achhi hai….both onscreen and offscreen…ALKA MOGHA is wayy waayyy more sweet than SP……and ERICA herself said that she’s the sweetest person on the set in one IV….

    Sorry guys….but i have started loving GKB….😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😜

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Nm offence yar agreed….. Well I never expressed it since I was only angry on gkb …. But now as u pointed it …. I started thinking it this way too…

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Yes, I agree with you Shalini…! Gkb ne koi drama nhi kiya…!
      Waise toh GKB is far better than Ishwari…. coz she accepted Eli, for whatever reasons..! But agar yahi sab kuch Devakshi ne kiya hota toh AATANK phela deti…. Waise Humare Devakshi bhi aise Bhaag k Shaadi nhi krte or na hi ki…! Which is appreciable..!

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      Agreed shalini,actually tum right bolriyo gkb tho ishwari thara drama nai karti ho directly baath kartiyae if she didn’t like anyone

  19. Alka

    |Registered Member

    Dev k ghaar ka Ac hi khaarab hota rehta haii ….mujhe laga but bad me pata chall ki Vicky ji ne apne haatho se use bigaara….wah bhai wah

  20. Alka

    |Registered Member

    Errrrrrrriiiiii ne kitna cutely copy kiya. …hay hay unka aakho hi aakhe wala pyaar bhi kitna Aacha lagta haii ….. Devakshi scene choooo cute aaj ka

  21. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    I do not know suddenly the writers have become smart by producing 3 good episodes. And also they are taking the story forward. It is amazing the way they mixed up romance and the story
    As I had expected Sona already reconciled to the marriage of her Bhehan. Again kudos to Asha’s charecter.She is the link to bond everybody. She gives proper advice to Sona.
    Vicky looks like giving some respect by calling Sona Bhabhiji even though he goads in victory over Sona. He may turned out to be good person.
    Bad people can become good because of love. It is interesting to see how it goes.
    I wish the writers keep this up.
    Now it is Neha and Ayan.

  22. Alka

    |Registered Member

    Makers kiya aapne viewers ko HAPPY N SAD shock treatment de rahe haii kiya …..kabhi kabhi episodes itne aache ki khushi se haam fulle na samaye ….aur kabhi itne bakwass ki depressed mood pe challe Jaye 😖

  23. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    I was thinking about Eli’s marraige.Eli is also in a way arrogant charecter like Vicky.I remember the scene when Sona was wavering to say yes to Dev,Asha comes and explains Dev’s good qualities. She asks Sona a question that if Dev wants to elope with you ,will you agree. Sona says no. Then Asha says that how Sona value family and relationship.Eli was there and praises Asha. How Eli could forget that.
    She did not even think about the family and trust. I guess this is another color of love.It is said that love is blind .it is really true in the case of Eli.How can she agree to Vicky. What she saw in him. She should have stood firm and explain to Vicky that they will get married only with the approval of the family.She should have started with Sona. Of course ther is no story line.
    Hopefully she will change Vicky and support Sona.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      You have rightly pointed out the difference between Sona’s values in life which i dont think Elena has! She is arrogant and a carefree person who doesn’t think about the outcomes!

  24. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Todays episode was balanced one and a little bit of water splash on Devakshi brought them closer! Vicky Elena’s reason for barging into Devakshi’s room on their first night was not only illogical but a tricky one. Vicky will slowly get his way out in that house. But whatever the teason may be , a romantic mood for Devakshi’s night in the gatden was created!
    The Makers actually make an effort thru good or bad to bring Devakshi together!
    Neha a jealous soul actually gets frustrated to see what she cannot enjoy and her Bhaiya Bhabi does!
    GKb is not all that simple becoz she has a long rope in hand to displace Sonakshi from that house and therfot all this smooth acceptance. Vicky surely is the next villain after Ishwari. He pumps up Dev by praising Sona but galores ay his truimph in front of Sonakshi! Somewhere he signals that the game has just started to Sonakshi. Elena will fully support Vicky and also be a teadon for Sona’s misery but Ishwari might turn positive, a strong possibility! I think how equations can change with circumstances is going to. E the focus. Lets see! Although Ishwari still is unfair in her comparisons of the two Sona and Elena! Sona ‘s acceptance was always her responsibility in which she failed miserably becoz she got Sona infact went begging for her son wheras Elena didn’t just barged her way in. So the way they accepted Sona the same way they need to accept Elena seems illogical. But one good thing is that is a productive thought so my gut feeling is she has played negative for too long and now will try to remain more neutral!!!Lets see only time will tell! But whatever the Makers may show , the essence of the story , Devakshi, need to be together and all these incidents should actually bring them closer towards a strong understanding and they are trying to showcase that. But Vicky and Elena are in to create a big dhamaka and may try to break the Devakshi bond. But actually that may eventually bring them closer. We just want to see this togetherness of Devakshi and their love and understanding growing

  25. Junee

    |Registered Member

    I think by now everybody is use to my innumerable typos but still i would point out some .
    Be and just not.E
    Reason and not teadon
    Ishwari went begging for Sona whereas that was not the case of Elena, she just barged into that house with Vicky

  26. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Elena will fully encash on Sona’s protection towards her as Asha has asked Sonakshi to take care of Elena. But i have a feeling that the girl will just encash this goodness for Vicky and GKB will definitely use Elena against Sonakshi!

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Exactly, Yesterday I too was thinking the same dear..! Sisters ki bonding pe break lagane k liye hi toh Vicks ne Eli ko pataya..apne so called love k jaal me..!
      But this is sure that Vicks doesn’t love Eli….He’s just using her for taking Revenge of Sonakshi….! But True lover is our DEVAKSHI…! Or Devakshi ki love story bht lovely hai, just like them..!
      Me aaj bhi Dev ka 1st proposal nhi bhooli…Roz ek baar toh zarur dekhti hoo.
      Dev :- Ms. Sonakshi Bose I Love You
      Sona :- You love me…a.a.as a friend …. Right..!
      Dev :- I Love You as a Man Loves a Women…and they hug..!

  27. SugarCookie

    Someone do something about this GKB part 2 aka Neha😬 Rest, it was an amazing episode in quite a long time🙌🙌🙌

  28. Junee

    |Registered Member

    My interpretation:
    Dev is actually a very good soul who also lacks the sense of discretion which most men at a young age lack. Therefore he is likely to be exploited by people but he has an intelligent person as his spouse who stands to guard his interests! That is why Sonakshi is the biggest trouble in the Dixit house as well as where Dev’s business is concerned! Look at Ayaan and his family , Vicky trying through Elena! Also lets not forget Dev’s lawyer who gave that idea to Ishwari about the prenup agreement! Infact if he has been a lawyer with Dev he should have convinced Ishwari that this is not important as Dev had already told him so at office. But he cooly did as Ishwari asked him to wothout putting his foot down. Actually, People are scared that
    here is a competent woman who can take the lead if required! Wherever competence comes in , insecurities always creep in amongst others! Be it anywhere at home or profession! Sonakshi I am sure will take o er the reigns at home as well by making Dev dependent on her and thats how it works in real life too.We can already see how she made that offer to Neha to get her cosmetics and save Dev from all that. Yes but she too is making cautious moves becoz of Ishwari , Neha and GKB! I only hope that they show that a good soul is a winner in the long run!😊

  29. piya

    June di i completely n completely agree with.even if the next track is that elli n gkb will go against sona i have no problem but what i want is that slowly and steadily this ishwari aunty realise the true worth of sona n take stand to support her bahu.n when this pregnancy track will come .obviously sona will be disturbed n think that ishu will not accept her than the makers should put the biggest twist that ishu has changed n she will support sona n retort gkb if she insults sona . I kno this is all my imagination but still coz supriya only said that when she will change then usse achi MIL kahi nhi dekhne ko milegi

  30. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Junee you are right in one sense that Eli is not a strong person otherwise she would not have married Vicky like this.Hope in the long run she learns and supports Sona in the house.
    As you said it is illogical to give their room to the new couple . It looked like that Sona was ready for this.She had already arranged everything to sleep in the garden. She was cute the way imitated Dev.
    I do not think Rea’s marraige is going to go through.Sona will find the truth.
    You [email protected] right that Iswari comparing Sona to Eli.She went begged Sona to marry her son.Sona did not barge in like Eli did.
    It will be interesting to see GKB treating her new Bhahu.Vicky will not care for his mother.He is not like Dev.
    One thing I noticed that Mamaji does not speak when it is needed.

  31. Varalakshmi

    wow…………… super positive episode, i just loved devakshi scene, its mind blowing waiting for next episode how dev surprises sona i hope surprice plan well, vickey realy loves elina its good but he is acting its going so many problems for sona & elina, neha such a jealousy women when ever dev & sona are romancing she interfere & spoil that when ever they are happy her stomach burn can’t even imagine these type of people are living like this, eagerly waiting for next episode……..!

  32. piya

    Mujhe phir bhi nhi logic samaj aaya ki newly wed couple ko dev n sonakshi ne apna room kyu diya matlab a.c kharab tha toh kisi aur ka room ya nikki ka room de dete. Chalo vicky ko bada room chahiye tha samaj aati hai but dev sona ko kya hua kuch logic hi nhi samaj aaya anyways issi bahane cute scenes dekhne toh mile

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Absolutely illogical ! Specially Sonakshi should have sensed Vicky’s intentions becoz she was reminded at the doorstep about her failure by Vicky! Elena rejoiced at Vicky’s plan to tamper with the AC purposely, shows how thoughtless and selfish she is!!

      • Sonadi

        |Registered Member

        She is selfish. She always jumps to the situation and changes fast.Like when Bijoy Asha were looking at Ritvik, she immediately forgot about Dev and started patronizing Ritvik. She did not even bother about Sona’s feelings.
        She is always opportunist.
        She is not strong.

  33. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Sochne wali baat toh yeh hai ki Neha sirf itna sa Paani girra tha and niche unka pura bed Geela Ho gya😂😂😝😝

  34. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Sonakshi is pregnant??😳😳
    Difficult to digest this plot after all the drama that took place.
    1. Either it was a wrong report as we had predicted earlier on this page becoz the Doctor mutters a different name not Mr Dixit.
    2. Even if she is they will show her unable to retain to keep the drama going
    3. Supriya P was unwilling to be showcased as a grandmother in this show and all this drama of the inability to conceive eas probably becoz of that
    4. Makers have decided to give the fandom a surprise with a tiny Obhodro or tiny Sonakshi to pep up the TRP???
    Indeed we shall be extremely happy with a tiny cutypie after all the drama and certainly your trp will soar .👏👏👏

    • Manya

      |Registered Member

      Mujhe Lagta hai yeh reports galat Hongi
      I don’t think so Aisa kuch Ho sakta hai
      But Shayad……😬And Aisa Hua toh🎉🎉
      Sabse zyada excitement Ho Rahi hai Dev babu ki shakal dekhne ke liye😬

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      I thought of ur 2nd point wer they might show doctor telling dev tht it is difficult for sona to carry and it may b dangerous to her life etc etc …nd dev wil try taking care of her without informing abt this to anyone …. Etc etc …. But I TRULY WISH THIS TRACK BECOMES SUCCESSFUL BY SOME TREATMENT OR OTHER …. And THERE COMES OUT R TINY “MS.KHARGHOSH” OR “TINY MR.OBODHRO” OR “BOTH “(twin) lol I am imagining too much tht if nothing happens I wil go into a trauma …. So I am stoping here and leaving it to the writers … At last wat evr they show only has to b viewed by us right …..

  35. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    😘 😍 😘😍 😘😍 😍😘 😘😍
    Thanks soo much makers after a long time u gave us such a wonderful episode….


  36. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Ye ishwari pagal hai….
    Just saw a clip by sbas…
    Sona ko vomet aate huye dekh ishwari pagal ho Gyi…..Har shor macha Diya ki Sona pregnant hai….
    N mujhe lagta nhi h ki Sona ne confirm kara hai….
    Kya dumbness hai …..

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      I saw Sona is also excited and try to tell Dev. And also they as a family talk to Sona’s mom and dad.inviting them for dinner.Plus Sona is a doctor. She will know.

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Nausea and giddiness are not the only signs of pregnancy . Sona being a doctor should get it confirmed by test. I think she is just excited and goes by Ishwari’s experience.If she is really pregnant in that case she will probably have a miscarriage so that the drama can proceed! Just an assumption!

  37. Junee

    |Registered Member

    The pther day Mamiji rebuked Sona where the contents were two of jijis children didn’t give her an opportunity to find a match so u better not interfere with What has been decided for Ria. But what an irony ! Her own son also did not give her the opportunity to find a match! GKB will be paid back with the same coin!!😀😀 oh lala la!!!

  38. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    I just saw a promo showing Sona ‘S pregnant news
    Did any of you guys see that
    This means that I think the show is going to finish

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