Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona enjoying dinner date with Rithvik says him it is good, she did not walk out seeing Dev here. He says yes, they would not have enjoyed date so much. Dev says he will pay for their dinner. Rithvik says thanks for his offer, he booked table, so he will pay. Dev says Sona’s place is in his heart and even Sona cannot forget him. Rithvik asks if he loves Sona so much, why don’t he marry her then. Dev stands silently. Rithvik says if he convinces Sona to marry him, he will be most happier than them. Sona asks Dev if his drama is done or is still remaining. She sis happy to select Rithvik, at least he will not make her cry. She elaves with Rithvik. Dev starts drinking alcohol.

Elena and Saurabh discuss about Sona’s marriage. Elena says Rithvik

is best match for Sona. Saurabh says Dev is as Sona loves him. Their chatting continues.

Rithvik drives Sona back home and seeing her weeping says it woudl have been better if he had brought Daadi on a date, she would not have cried like her at least. He says she sould not let Dev take over her mind and decide her future, she is uncessarily permitting him to decide what she needs. He gives her some good moral gyaan. After reaching home, Sonaa runs and locks her room and cries..

Dev continues drinking till midnight. Waiter says it is time to close and he has drunk so much. Dev shouts if he will teach him now. He goes and sleeps in his office. In the morning, Tina calls Sona to Dev’s office and tells Dev does not go home often and sleeps here, he drinks daily after their breakup, she cannot see her boss like this. Dev is seen sleeping on sofa. He wakes up and asks Sona why is here. Sona asks what is he doing to himself. He starts he cannot think of his life without her, wants to see her happy, etc.. She says he should think of his mom and move ahead in life and asks him to promise not to meet her again if he wants to see her happy. He says if she wishes so, he will do anything for her happiness. Kismat ke lekhe kishne dekhe….song…plays in the background… He asks when is her engagement. She says after 2 days He says if he attends her engagement, seeing her engaged to someone else, he may move ahead in life. She says if so, then he can attend. Song..continues in the background…

Precap: Dev sees Ishwari paying to a marriage broker and asks him if he brought alliance for Ria. Broker says for his employee Sonakshi Sinha.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    Subah subah Rula diya inlogon ne…
    Devakshi kyu karte ho aisa….??
    Itna painfull episode..??

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Priya aap toh sachi ro rhe ho.

    2. Mee to priya…… ? ? ? am also crying….. Last part was soooo heart ♥ breaking convo… ????

  2. Well said asmita apna dev promises break krne k lye hi bana h??????ur this comment bring smile on my face ????ab to song ke sath sath aage kya hoga is pe bhi y hi song suit karta hai “kaun jane kya hoga” hope kuch to kahe dev apni maa say

  3. Totally agree with u priya. Jaise jaise story aage baadh rhi h y hame aur rulate jaa rhe h ??

  4. . Waiting for dev to confront pisswari. As per spoilers, Dev is annoyed with Ishwari and questions her why did she do this. He asks why did you send alliance for Sonakshi. He says I got to know all the truth. She says I have send the alliance, as Sonakshi is a nice girl and should move on, I have just sent alliance and Sonakshi’s family finalized it. She cries and hugs him. Dev is doubtful for her answer and is very upset with her.Dev did not ask anything from Ishwari till now, but this is the first time Dev could not bear Ishwari’s doings. Ishwari was not able to answer him and sensed his annoyance. Dev could not learn to divide himself in relations, and that’s why he left Sonakshi for his mum. When Ishwari’s truth came out infront of Dev, he thinks to go and talk to Sonakshi. Ritvik started liking Sonakshi and does not want to see Dev around her. As long as Sonakshi does not admit her love for Dev infront of him, Ritvik is sure of their alliance. Will Dev take the right decision and get back his love?

  5. dev and sona pls feel u r love both can’t live without each other. iswari ji no one can live others life dont try to spoil ur sons life. sona and dev nenga kandipa hands together pls wait for sometime

    1. hi r u from tamil nadu. me too. i am from chennai. Fan of krpkab and dev

    2. Balachitra

      as per the source dev will atten Sona-Ritvik engagement with hand bleeding with blood.

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Really priya it was an emotional episode.

  7. Chanpreet0815

    Last part dekh kr toh mujhe bhi rona aa gaya.

    1. Priya9876

      Mujhe to jab sona ne dev k cabin ka door open kiya n wo sare paper jisme sona devakshi likhe hue the…my god ye sb kuch painful hoga kisi k liye bhi… Not feeling goog at all?

  8. What an acting of devakshi. waiting for reunit devakshi.

  9. Amazing episode …me kabhi emotional nahi hoti bt jo 6 sept. Vala episode tha muje rula diya…or or one thing me relationship me nahi hun phir bhi i was cry…so jo log relationship me hoge unka haal kyan hoga…..and fact is me saheer ki halat jo thi woh dekh kr roi thi….bcoz i m big fan and made after u saheer shaikh

  10. what an acting shaheer anna superb ????….
    What an emotional episode….devakshi you both made me cry alot…It was an heart touching episode….
    Today’s episode will b more interesting ..want to see how iswari will face Dev after Dev knowing her real face…
    Devakshiki WHISTLE PODU!!!!!!

    1. Balachitra

      hi ramyakumar tamil ha. welcome. please loggin for more updates and reply

  11. I totally agree with u saran… devakshi can’t live without each other….. mujhe rona aa gaya tha jab dev ne kaha ko kya wo usaki engagement me aa sakata h…..
    Very painfull episode

  12. Guys ..if you have time ..please chk ff section for Devakshi Reunion part 1. posted today
    someone has written an awesome episode !!

    loved it ..hence recommending

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Yesterday epi dev become devdas omg
    But one promised of sona last epi rona aa gaya

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Aaj to ishwarigi band bajane wali hai eagerly waiting
    Rhitwik ki line omg duniya me do log
    Saurav had still feeling for devakshi

  15. Thanks manya……..i understood but sleeping pillsmeans the tablets which they take in night that only na
    ……..if its not then plzzzzz can anyone tell me wat I meant by sleeping pills….?yarachu Tamil aalunga irkingla ?

    1. Balachitra

      hi Ishita. Sleeping Pills means தூக்க மாத்திரை.

    2. Ishwari take her BP medicine, coz she cant able to sleep bcoz of Devakshi closeness and increased insecurity of Ishwari…. She takes BP medicine but it was overdose due to stress she takes that medicine twice, thrice and last she takes 4-5 tablets in her hand and ate it before dev comes home and gets faint….when dev came he saw Ishwari in that situation(fainted)…he saw and panic to saw her mother in such condition…. I think you know the rest but if not then plz tell me…

    3. HarSHaN

      S..Sleeping pills for thookam (sleep)

  16. Hey guys I heard that krpkab will end soon after everything goes fine! And it might end in October ending or in November. Then it would be replaced by beyhad!!! ??? please reply and solve my doubt yaar pls . I am dying to know this.

    1. Balachitra

      no it wont end soon. even sona and ritvik marriage is also been shown. watch in Youtube for more details.

    2. Oh no…! Even I heard that krpkab is going off-air but yet there no confirmation about this….Let’s wait n watch….. agar aisa hai bhi to SBS wale bata denge.

    3. Priya9876

      Beyhad– ek duje k vaste k slot pe aayega nd this is declared….
      Edkv is going off air after 40 episodes…

      1. Aaru

        Finite series to KRPKAB tha, n EDKV jaldi khatam ho rha h..all thanx to KRPKAB fans..

  17. Not at all dear. Krpkab will not end after all it is d only show of sony-tv which is collecting so much appreciation. I don’t think ki krpkab off air hoga it might b a rumor.

  18. So I heard On SBS, according to the reports EDKV has only 40 episode and after 40 episode the show may go off-air and on 10:00pm time slot beyhad will telecast….In short Beyhad will replace EDKV.
    So, KRPKAB is not going off-air….yeepeeee???

  19. guys!!!! hot news….
    behad serial will be replaced edkv serial at 10pm as soon….
    i am really scared what if the same thing will happen in our serial too!!!!
    because edkv nd krpkab was started at the same day Feb 29……

  20. Thanks Neha balachithra….i understood

  21. Rithwik is a good guy…but bad luck he came late in sonakshis life…as she loves DEV… So Rithwik please apka role short cut kar do so Devakshi can unite…..n also if Dev has forgotten his promises than even sonakshi had promised him that she will not leave him even if he leaves her….so wat happend nw…… Dev condition is really pitiful. Bechara DEV

  22. NagaraniPandiyan

    Interesting Precab….. I am waiting to see ishwari Crying face, pls dev don’t talk to her, silence is the best weapon then only she will realize her mistake.

  23. Subhashini

    Iam also crying ?why devakshi do this but anyways hats off to shaheer kya acting ya chanceless ??

  24. So emotional scene in Dev’s office….got teary eyes… Why ishwaari aunty doesn’t understand….

  25. Devga


    Guys proud of krpkab…. Dont knw if u all knw this but still watch…. Love u krpkab team….

  26. Devga




  27. Devga

    Hi all tamil frnds…. Keep commenting then only this page wil look gud while all fans Are active….

    This is for all…. Atleast wen u get 5 mins tym put up a comment on our favourite devakshi…

    1. NagaraniPandiyan

      Hi… devga thank you

  28. Devga

    Woooo tu… Wat a miracle today so soon moderation…. Thanks

  29. Devga




    1. I’m ver excited for mahaepisode….. eagerly waiting…but I don’t want Sonakshi- Rithwik engagement will happen…

      1. Devga

        Yup neha but dont wory nothin more than tht wil hapn… Keep commenting

    2. Hai devga I am eagerly waiting for Maha episode.

      1. Devga

        Yup me too… Hi

    3. Hai to all Tamil fans

      1. NagaraniPandiyan

        Hi…. latha

  30. Devga

    Awww atleast abhi toh devakshi ko sath dek paayi… 🙁 🙁
    Ishwari kitni kaamal ki acting kar lethi ho… Thum jo bhi karthey ho uske liye kuch na kuch emotional baathein… Uffffffff… Dev dont take her views this time… Open THE blind fold…

  31. Instead of calling Sona,tina should have called ishwariji..then she would know her son’s state..

  32. Devga

    Awww aftr so looongg devakshi togethr….

    Ishwari kya kamaal ki acting karthi ho… Jab bhi koi cross question kisi ney pucha specially dev.. Wah kya acha kasa emotional bahaney banathi ho…

  33. Hi guys tis is Archana I’m from Bangalore and I’m dame fan,of krpkab esp shaheer

  34. Even I want to join with u guys.

  35. Hi guys ,
    I’m Shan from chennai I’m also huge fan of KRPKAB

  36. Best serial

  37. Esme

    Finally Devdas ko maine dekh hi liya. Yaar kaise Dev ne drink kiya. Talli Dev !!!
    Sona-kitti pi.
    Dev-thodi si. Uff… kitna innocent face tha dev ka ye line bolte vaqt n uske baal…kitne innocent…
    Jab sona ne uska sar apni godh mein rakha n jis tarike se Dev ne apni aankhein kholi…kitna beautiful , cute , innocent scene tha….
    Those pages with Sonakshi written on them. Dev Dev Dev Dev…..

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