Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishwari decides to take Shubh’s responsibility

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Dev he will still get a chance and she won’t break her promise. Ishwari leaves annoyed. Dev and Sona follow her but Ishwari had locked herself i. Dev says he is ready to do anything she would say. Ishwari says she is a mother, she wants good of her children but they won’t listen to her. She opens the door and announces she won’t interfere in matters of Dev and Sona; but she will take care of Shubh and only she will take any decision about him. She sends Sona to arrange for some traditional food for Shubh and bring coconut oil to massage Shubh. Sona tells Dev to let Ishwari do this, she knows better of this all.
At night, Sona brings mint water for Suha which Ishwari prepared. Suha was sitting with Dev, she says she is aware Dev was upset because he

isn’t with Shubh. Sona says Shubh is little and Ishwari really worry about him. She says when Suha was young, Aasha and Bejoy always fed her with something. Suha says Dev takes good care of Shubh, still Ishwari always scolds him. Dev qualifies Ishwari is a mother and has a right to be angry with him.
At the dinner table, Ishwari brings Koftas for Dev which he prepared. She silently takes her place when they hear Shubh crying. Everyone look at each other. Ishwari tells Dev to go and calm Shubh down, he will be happy watching Dev. Dev smiles thanking Ishwari and leaves. Dev had already put Shubh to sleep when Sona comes to the room. She mentions herself as another baby to Dev, he was in a disbelief about his wife being romantic. They were about to hug when Shubh begins to cry again. Dev suggests they should meet in her office, then notices Sona looked worried. Sona tells Dev about all the incidents in the office today. She isn’t still confirmed about the project.
Dev comes to office with Shubh. They watch Sona from behind the glass door. Some men come to meet Sona whom Dev guides. The men ask if there is some perfect diet campaign going on in the office and points towards Shubh. Sona smiles watching them. Sona says he is her son. The man asks if the business tycoon Dev Dixit? Sona says yes, then begins his perfect diet campaign. Dev waves her during the meeting, the man says she is really lucky. Dev texts her to finish her work soon. Sona replies she is almost done and passes a flying kiss to them.
Later during the drive, Sona tells Dev that her clients think she is running some perfect food campaign in the office. On the way, Dev gets off to buy some vegetables. Sona asks them to come to a party of thier project. Dev promises even Shubh and Suha would come.
In the party, Sona was busy with interviews. Dev held Shubh and took care of Suha who ruined her dress with juice. When Sona join them, Dev complements Sona. He asks her to get them some food but a manager comes to call her on stage, as people await her speech. a stage secretary asks Sona that people here want to know how she achieved such a huge project in such a small time, balancing work-home life and with a kid. Sona says she is lucky to have a back with her; her husband holds 90% share of her successes who went against the norms of society and proved himself to be the best dad. She gets weepy while she shared that Dev left his work and business only for her to work. It was Dev who lend her the freedom to live her dreams; she proudly announces her husband is behind her success. She thanks him for being the best husband and best father.

PRECAP: Ishwari tells Dev she is getting so many calls since in the morning after Sona’s speech. Dev says they shouldn’t be worried about what people think but Ishwari insists that they live in a soceity where not everyone agrees to Dev’s style of thinking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. today epi was bang on…..i loved it.writers bhi na ek epi serious dethe aur next epi jovial…they are maintaining all in the same way.
    today epi was really lovable.when sona saying “mera dev”…was highlight of epi

    1. Beautiful epi??sona’s speech???and shubh – dev in office??that flying kiss❤

  2. Ab weekend phir se??

  3. Sona- tum ne iss baby ko to sula diya now hold this baby??
    Dev-meray kaan to theek hen na ye me kua sun raha hun meri biwi romantic ho rai ha?????
    Such a cute scene??and shubh literally acted to sleep when dev placed him in cradle??

    1. hahahaaa…
      such meeee cute scene

  4. I loved this episode. In fact, I am loving this serial. This is my favorite.

  5. Yvonne Codner

    This episode has different emotions. You laugh, you cry and you then get happy again. What a cute husband and dad Dev is…Wowww!!! This short serial will leave us wanting more.

    Perfect wife, perfect husband, perfect daughter, perfect and cute son!! IT’S JUST PERFECT!!

  6. I really don’t want first season ishwri who always has issues with others decision.i love dev and Sona very much.they become more responsible with lots of cuteness.

  7. At what time is the serial repeat is telecasted on Sony Tv. Kindly confirm.

    1. I think its 2pm and then 4pm

      1. Thanks Arshia.

  8. Niki645

    Beautiful episode???

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