kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 6th june analysis

Here is the detailed update for 6th june episode-

Dev’s office –

Dev and Natasha discuss some project. Dev hums some song.
Natasha – Ye konsa song hai? Pehle kabhi nahi suna.
Dev – Shayad koi bangali song hai
Nats – Bangali song? To phir aapko kese aata hai? Pehle to aapne kabhi nahi gungunaya?
Dev – wo kal ms. Boss ko drop karne gaya tha to shayad wahin suna hoga.
Nats – oh…ok……to kesi chal rahi hai dr. boss aur neil ki love story.
Dev (smirks) – I think unka break up ho gaya.
Nats – What? Unka break up ho gaya, wo bhi itni jaldi…. I mean abhi kuch 2 weeks pehle hi to wo mile the.
Dev – Pata nahi shayad. Ms. Boss ko jyada pasand nahi hai. You know na rich ladke kese hote hain. Ladkiyon ki jyada respect nahi karte.
Nats – Rich ladke? Lekin Dev aap bhi to unhi mein se ek hain.
Dev – Haan,,,,,,lekin humesha se nahi,, meri priorities alag hain,, paisa important hain lekin personal life mein nahi,,, meri problems bhi alag hain,,,ziddi hoon,, short tempered hoon,,, aur agar koi cheez pasand aa jaye to use pane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.
Nats – kuch bhi kar sakte hain…….aur abhi aap kya pana chahte hain?
Dev thinks…

Dixit house –
Ishwari tries to pick a suitcase and Sona stops her from doing this. Sona herself pickes up the suitcase. Mami comes and considers Sona as an outsider but Ishwari tells that Sona is like family member. Sona leaves. Mami shows some jewelry design to Ishwari and talks about Dev’s engagement but Ishwari asks her not to talk anything about this as Dev has not decided yet anything.

Bose house –
Vijoy and Saurav play chess. Asha wants to start writing and all appreciate and support her. Asha is not happy coz there is no problem in her married life that is why she is not able to write anything.

Dev’s office –
Gujral comes and talks about the engagement. He tells that on upcoming Saturday Natasha’s birthday is there so he wants the engagement to be done on that day as his mother is also coming to Delhi and it is very difficult for her to travel often in this age. Dev starts thinking. But Gujral forces him indirectly. Dev tells I will talk to Maa. Gujral tells that after engagement, he will sign the deal too. Dev looks worried.

Dixit house –
In the night. Dev is not able to sleep. He is about to take sleeping pills but avoids reminding Sona. Dev calls Sona and disconnectes immediately. Sona calls him back.
Sona – Hello.
Dev – Sorry ms. Boss , wo galti se, maine phone kaat bhi diya tha lekin shayad ring chali gayi thi,,,I am sorry,,, aap so jaiye..
Sona – mr. dixit,, is everything alright.. agar koi problem hai to aapko mujhe bata dena chahiye.
Dev – nahi ms. Boss, aisi koi baat nahi hai.
Sona – Are you sure? Aapko to pata hain na kid r. se kuch nahi chhupate.
Dev – aur ek dost se nahi nahi… hai na?
Sona – right…. To bataiye kya problem hai?
Dev – ms. Boss, nind nahi aa rahi hai to main soch raha tha ki ek sleeping pills le loon. Kya main le sakta hoon?
Sona – Kya yahi problem hai ? ya kuch aur jo aapko sone nahi de rahi?
Dev – nahi bas,, thik feel nahi ho raha,, tabiyat kharab si ho rahi hai.
Sona – aapko fever hai? Main dr. sinha ko call karti hoon.
Dev – aisa kuch nahi hai. Kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai. Bas aise hi…
Sona – Are you sure, mr. dixit? Main aa jati hoon.
Dev –nahi aapke aane ki koi jarurat nahi hai,, its ok.
Sona – ok.
Dev – to kya main sleeping pill le sakta hoon,, sirf aaj raat ke liye?
Sona – lekin aap mujhse pooch kyun rahe hain?
Dev – aap hi ne to mana kiya than a sleeping lene se,, isiliye aap se pooch raha hoon,, aur agar aap haan keh dengi to aaj raat ko shayad thik se so paun.
Sona (smiles) – thik hai.
Dev – thank you.
Sona – your welcome.
Dev takes the sleeping pills.
Sona – mr. dixit,, kal subah aap mujhe bata dena ki aapko kesa feel ho raha hai,, phir hum decide karenge kid r. sinha ko phone karma hai ya nahi.
Dev – ok..gdnyt.
Sona – gdnyt.
KRPKAB song plays. Dev is still restless. Sona is happly to think about Dev.

Next morning Dixit house –
Dev tells Ishwari about the enagement and deal to be done on Saturday. Ishwari is shocked but manages herself. Mami interrupts and is exited about engagement and asks them to get ready for this too. Ishwari looks tensed too. She tells it needs time for the preparations. Dev tells that Gujral will do all the arrangements. Mami takes all the responsibilities. She calls the jeweler Sona overhears this and is shocked.

Bose house –
Vijoy and Dadi try to get rude with Asha. But Asha asks them to stop this nonsense. And their nok jhonk starts.

Dixit house –
All are busy in selecting ring. Mami calls Dev for selecting ring but he denies. Mami insists him for this. He selects a ring but they are confused about size. Mami wants to try the ring but Nikki stops her. Nikki asks Sona to try the ring. Mami oppose this. Dev makes Sona wear the ring. Sona is stunned and teary eyes.

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