Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev and Bejoy/Asha are shocked when Sona tells that Elena and Vicky were having an affair. All 3 are shocked. Sona says Vicky must have gone home and they should go home and ask him. Vicky reaches home and asks Radha why did she give him 15 missed calls. Ishwaris says jiji prepared gajar halwa for him, so she called him. He says he had to leave office’s important work, he will have hawla in the evening. GKB starts her drama. Vicky says okay, get it. Dev with Sona rushes in and asks Vicky where is Elena and why did he steal such a big amount from office account. Vicky shouts he did not steal.. Sona asks where is Elena, what did he do to her. Vicky misbehaves with her and warns to mind her tongue. Dev holds his collar and waarns to behave wit his bhabhi. Radha

starts yelling at Sona and shouts how will Vicky know about Eelna. Dev says Vicky was having an affair with Elena, when Sona asked Elena to breakup, she did, but Vicky continued pestering her. Everyone are shocked. GKB continues alleging Elena and Sona. Mamaji comes and gives Vicky a tight slap and asks what happened to Elena. Radha yells let him beat Vicky as she cannot see Sona alleging Vicky wrongly. Dev also informs that Vicky took huge amount from office accounts. Vicky shouts he took a loan to repay his debt and not steal it. Mamaji tries to slap him again. Dev asks Vicky to tell where Elena is, nobody will tell him anything.

Nikki comes and says she knows something about Elena, shows Elena’s last pic on facebook that this is her last selfie. Sona starts crying and Dev consoles her. He then calls ACP and seeks his help. Radha thinks if Vicky is really involved as he is missinng now. Sona walks to living room. Mamaji asks if she got any info about Elena. She says not yet.

Bejoy enters with Asha and shouts where is Vicky. GKB starts fighting and alleges that he should have controlled his daughter and should check in some park, who knows he must be with some bengali boy. Bejoy shouts to control her tongue. Ishwari interferes and says she is also mother of 3 daughter and can understand his feelings, they all should think calmly and try to find out where Elena is.

Elena wearing bridal attire is seen in a dhaba. Vicky comes there wearing helmet and smiles at Elena. Elena says she is worried about family. Vicky asks not to worry as they are married now and should relax. He asks what would she have done if Sona would have asked to marry some Gosh babu. She says never as she loves only him. He says that is why he is mad behind her, anways tiger likes only tigress. They both hug.

Bejoy calls police and asks inspector to arrest Dev family for helping Vicky in kidnapping Elena. Dev says inspector that he spoke to ACP who told he cannot file missing complaint till 24 hours. Inspector says Mr. Bose has complained that Vicky has kidnapped Elena. Sona asks Asha what is all this. Asha says she cannot help as she is getting repeated calls from Elena’s motherGKB starts yelling this bengali baba called police and Ishwari is watching everything silently. Ishwari tells Bejoy he should have at least thought about their relationship. Bejoy says he just needs Elena back.

Elena returns with Vicky wearing garland in bridal dress. Everyone are surprised. Sona asks if she is fine, what is all this. Elena says she married Vicky and loves him. Asha stumbles in a shock. Vicky says he loves Sona and changed because of her, he has become responsible because of her. Elena says Sona wanted her to break up with Vicky and even Bejoy and Asha would have asked same, so she had to marry Vicky. GKB asks Bejoy if he can see his daughter’s misdeed and he was alleging Vicky instead. Sona apologizes mamaji on Elena’s behalf. Ishwari says both of them made mistake and nobody should be blamed alone. Elena apologizes Bejoy and Asha. Bejoy says she is dead for them now and walks with Asha.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari if Elena and Vicky love each other, then why did they elope and marry. Ishwari says Elena is part of this family now and like they accepted Sona, they have to accept Elena also.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What nonsense.. They showed everything in one episode only.. Its like we r watching any show doing fast forward.. Anyway I think nw Vicky will use Elena against Sona.. N yes the way dev took side of Sona, superb..

  2. Manya

    Chalo Aaj ka discussion Isi topic pe karte hai ki Elena ne Sahi kiya ya galat
    Situation Yahi hogi but general discussion Elena and Vicky ka sirf example
    I think it totally depends on how the situation is like if u really love the person more than ur family then u should but I think ki if the boy loves u that much only he will understand ki apki family bhi Apke liye utni hi important hai and he might try to seek their permission bcoz agar apki family nhi maan Rahi toh there has toh be some reason like they might think ki woh apko ache de Na rakhe and all……do u should clear that also
    Yeh sirf ek General baat thi nhi toh everything depends on the situation
    What do u think guys??

    1. I completely agree with u manya coz bhagna n all that toh uss case mein important hota hai jaha honour killing hoti ho ja caste discrimination but iss case mein aisa kuch bhi nhi tha elli ki family bhot supportive hoti agar ladka bhi acha ho phir toh sab maan bhi jaate but what elli did was totally wrong.
      Elena ki age hi kya hai abhi,i lik independent women where as acc. To the she elena college padti hai n college mein toh insaan zadatar itna mature pyaar nhi karta na decisions leta hai
      upar se vicks bhi toh itna responsible insaan nhi hai so her decision lacks proper thinking

  3. Manya

    Omg Aaj ke epi mein toh Sabka expressions EPIC the
    Koi toh Batao ki Vicky really loves Elena ya sirf naatak Kar raha hai!!
    Aaj toh Sahi Maar Padi use
    I think bejoy me police Laakar galat kiya bcoz Dev babu ACP ke pass gye toh the
    Precap mein toh kuch Samajh nhi aaya
    Ab dekhte hai aage Kya hoga??
    Meri wall dekhna mat bhoolna??

    1. Priya9876

      Ur wall???

      1. Manya


  4. Vicky urf vicks ki goli kabhi sudharr jaye aisa toh ho hi nhi sakta
    yeh kya tha itna fast episode jaise train choot rhi hoon
    aaj prove ho hi gya ki end mein dumbest character to elena nilkli matlab hadh hoti hai itna low standard bhi nhi tha yaar

    1. Priya9876

      Jab Devakshi k shadi k time makers ne train dauda di thiii…Fir ye Kya chiz hai…. Ye too Bhagi bhagayi hui shadi thi….hahahaha

  5. Isse acha choice toh neha ki hi thi ranveer ek acha insaan toh hai but this ellina is what we call educated illiterate.

  6. But manna padega iss vicks ki goli ne itni achi acting ki that for once i thought kidnapping mein iska koi haath nhi hai

    1. Priya9876

      Nice name Vicks ki goli in short we can say— VKG……….haha haha sounds same like GKB…..???

  7. Priya9876

    For my Faaltu Dixit Family except ….off course Devakshi & his supporters…??? And lovable Bose Family………..
    ?. Jor ka jhatka haye joro se laga Haa laga ?? stupid Elena ki bachhii Shadi ban jayegi Umar kaid ki saja ha. Saja….

    But Vicky Sach me sudhar gya Kya?????
    Ye to samjh hi nhi aa Raha????

    1. I don’t think there is change in Vicky’s behavior.because woh aaj bhee sona se bahuth rudely bath kartha hai na.

      1. Priya9876

        Hmm…. point to be noted

  8. Neha1

    Atlast Vicky Elena k shaadi ko bhi sab accept kr hi lenge… but not sure about GKB.?

  9. Priya9876

    Dev Babu tussi ye Kya kar ditta?????
    Sony TV pe hokar ACP Mehra ko call Kiya? ? ? ? ? …..!!!!
    Apne ek baar v nhi Socha ki ACP Praduman ko kitna Bura lagegaaaaa…….!!!!!!!
    ( In ishwari style ) — dev tumne ek baar v apne uncle Samannn ACP Praduman k baarey me nhi Socha Ar Kisi Ar ko higher kar liya…..!!!!!!! Mujhe tumse ye umeed nhi thi Dev…….


    Haha haha haha

    @aaj Dev k Baal dekhkr mujhe @ shalini ki yaad aa Gyi …..bilkul Sahi notice Kiya hai…. shaheer k sath sath uske baalo ki v bohot important role Hoti hai…Baalo ko v acting karni padti hai,,,the way director wants… Lol…?? Too funny…..
    Hayeeee ….waooo? shaheer k messy hairs Wala look …. really miss dem??

    1. Lol priya u r ryt!! Bechara acp pradhuman ko ignore mar diya n sahi baat hai shaheer ke baaaal uffff aajkal toh handsome dikhna compulsary sa ho gya hai.

    2. Sonadi

      I think ACP praduman is in Bombay and not in Delhi

      1. Priya9876

        So what, investigation k liye to Cid kahi v jati h..:-P

    3. Manya

      ???Sahi pakde hai
      I loved d scene jab Dev babu me Vicky ka collar pakda tha???

    4. Sneha1

      seriously dev ki aankhen hi nah… uske to baal bhi mood k according acting krte hai…. he looks so real …. as if he is not potraying nay character but just living that character…
      he is so gooooood……

      1. Priya9876

        After all he our shaheer ,…..no…??

  10. Okay soo sona ne dark green suit pehna tha party wear jaisa woh elena ke grah parvesh ke liye pehna tha !!!loll but udar toh dev n sona r smiling n vicky n elli khushi se pair choo re the sona ke

  11. Sravanthi

    I am feeling like…i didnt understand the episode & precap…itna jaldi kyun hain makers ko….i mean pehle 5mns late shuru hua hain show….aur pata bhi nahin chala kab khatam hua kya hua episode mein….wen i tried to recall de episo which i usually do daily i felt like did i do some other work simultanesly during d show….itna unclear tha episode….

  12. Priya9876

    Ab to dekhne hai ki kaise
    Choti Bangalan
    Radharani ki ?? ?? ??? ?? bajati hai…..??

    R u Guys Excited…..???????

    Jokes a part
    But today Elena looking pretty in
    ” Bhagi hui Bridal Attire “

    1. Woh toh hai +ve cheez bhi notice karni chahiye elli achi toh lag rhi thi n achanak se baal bhi lambe se hoge the

    2. Sneha1

      Sach mein Dixit niwas war… Eli v/s GKB…..
      Bus eli sona ki tarah submissive na ho jaye… eli jut keep your spark nad teekhi mirchi attitude alive….

  13. Priya9876

    Okkk….guys good night ….
    Have a sweet dreams…..by everyone one …

    1. Patha nai yaar priya .aaj raat ko need kaisa ayega .itna bada jhatka Jo laga jore jore se iss Elena ko dekh kar .?

      1. Hey,,mujhe to nind aa Gyi thi☺

  14. Wt is this yaar.felt very bad after watching today’s episode.wt a shameless girl is this Elena .she made everyone of her family ashamed.even married to a wrong guy.i thought Elena is a smart girl but no more.she is really a stupid .pehle se sona ko pareshan karne wale log kum hai kya .ab ye maharani bhee agayi.ab in donon ka devrani-jethani ka story banega kya ?

  15. Junee

    Though I haven’t seen today’s episode but have been thinking on the following lines with a different perspective as a viewer after viewing the last two. I don’t think it’s a typical saas bahu drama not at least at the present.
    1. The first thing that hits me is that we always try to anticipate the next move as per any saas bahu saga but it does not happen that way. The Makers are constantly thinking of something new. Of late there are other events apart from Devakshi happening, although Devakshi is always the central theme.
    2. Well, I was disturbed to see that video on Elena and Vicky too but think of GKB ? How will she accept another Bangalan as her own Bahu . I am sure she didn’t expect Vicky to go so far to get married to that Bangalan who happens to be Sona’s sister.
    3. Next Elena will in all probabilities be used against Sonakshi but she lived with the Bose family and was a part of it, therefore other complexities are likely to come up. The other probability Elena might at times be supportive towards Sona especially when the medical report comes up.
    4. Vicky could turn into positive,( I have little hope though) as women have great role in transforming their life partners over a period of time for better.
    5. The other interpretation would be “KUTTE KA DOOM” never straightens again coils up and so will Vicky!
    6. Through Elena Vicky events, Ishwari’s ego might mellow down. She might turn positive towards Sona with a realization that she has a gem ( Sona) in hand.
    7. GKBs dual standard might get exposed.
    8. So there are innumerable possibilities for these characters to mellow down or become worse.
    9. In reality life is harsh and unpredictable to a great extent. What seems to be great today might just seem to be worthless tomorrow and I think they are making an effort to showcase that! Lot of these characters will actually get exposed eventually! On a positive note some might turn better and that’s what we could hope for. They are trying to showcase the Complexities in relationships and every equation can conveniently change now and then which is the harsh reality of life.
    1.Will DEV Sonakshi be always together in the fight against odds? That remains to be seen.
    2.Will their ever bonding love keep them together despite turbulence?
    3.Will they abide by the principle ” TILL DEATH DO US APART”? That needs to be seen.
    Makers ke bhi dum tab pata chalega!!!!

    1. I too hadn’t watched yesterday’s episode and these are the exact points that hit my mind after reading the update. Perhaps Vicky’s character can really be changed. However, I won’t keep my expectations to high either since the current track is completely unpredictable!

  16. Sonadi

    Like yesterday ‘s episode the makers are moving fast. Vicky and Eli ‘s marriage is not a surprise. Isupected this .That is the reason I was so sure that Vicky is responsible for Eli’s disappearance, not Ayan. Now with this marriage Sona has a support to find the truth about Ayan. As I see the episode Sona already apologized to Mamaji and GKB as the fault lies with both of them.
    Sona probably reconciles with the reality.
    May be Vicky is better than before as he is arrogant always. Hope Sona and Eli make up and support each other in the family.I have a feeling that Eli will also change Vicky for better.
    Different colors of love as the name suggests does so many things in life.
    My only disappointment was Bijoy. Such a well mannered man without thinking it out goes and files FIR.I know he always does thinks in haste. He should have thought about Sona.
    Asha should have been stubborn like she always does.
    Now Eli lost Bijoy . She betrayed Sona. This incident again glorify Sona. Sona would never do that.Hope Iswari realizes that like Junee said.
    I would like to see how GKB accepts this.
    Is she going to taunt Eli like she does to Sona. I do not think Eli is polite like Sona.
    She will give it back to her.
    Now the makers have so much possibilities to keep tha fans interested.
    They may also bring everything together and finish the serial as the new serial is coming.or they can also close this season and bring it next year as a season 2

  17. Sonadi

    I was going back and watching the old episodes.
    This serial is about different colors of love. I think that is what the makers are showing.Eli and Vicky elope and getting married has happened in real life. They both know that they will not get approval of both the families. And both are bold and Vicky does not care for elders. He always thinks about himself. Eli to some extent does not think about consequences of actions.Her charecter is not like Sona. Sona ,even though she makes mistakes is a gem.
    Now it will be interesting to see how Sona and Eli relationship goes from now on.Generally it gets sorted out over time because it is family.I hope Sona accepts Vicky and work with Eli to find the truth on Ayan.

  18. Sonadi

    I saw the promo of grahaprevesh of Vicky and Eli.Sona takes arathi along with GKB. After they enter the house I saw Vicky saying something to Sona. I wonder what he is saying. May he is mocking at her for his victory.
    This is going to be interesting. And hope because of Eli Sona does not have problem.

    1. Ssss….I also notice diz……

    2. Neha1

      Yes, me too was thinking the same…! Vicky-Elena ki shaadi ke side effects Devakshi ki married life pe, specially Sona pe na ho..! Or may be Vicky is planning to breaking sisters (Sona-Elena) bonding…..! Let’s see! Only time will tell.!

  19. Priya9876

    Good morning all of u….? ? ☕

    1. Good morning priya….. ??

  20. Hiii everyone…… Very gud mrng ?

    I hav a doubt….. Eleena ka parents Devakshi ke Shadi pe nahi attend Kiya tha na……????? ??? meine nahi dekha Eli ka parents ko….. App sab dekha hei kya… ??

    1. Sona ka parents ne Elena ka parents se phn pe baath karthe hui bi nahi dekha heina hum……. ??

    2. Neha1

      Yes, Elena ki mom ko mene bhi Devakshi ki shaadi me nhi dekha…. or ab toh shaadi ho gayi Elena-Vicky ki toh pata nhi Elena ki mom ko makers dikhayenge ya nhi…?

      1. Hiii Neha… Ur dp ????

      2. Sneha1

        Neha.. Ur DP is just amazing….

      3. Neha1

        Thanks Ganga and Sneha.?

  21. I love ? d way Dev supports Sona…… ????
    Mamaji Aap ye thappad Vichy se pehle GKB do……ab agaya mazaa????

  22. Junee

    What will happen to HKB ‘s gibes??
    Now she has another Bangalan at home! ?????She used to chatter patter a lot!! Serves her right! Huge scope for Ishwari to mellow down thru the comming incidents! Lets see what happens. But now its going to be very interesting! GKB ” yeh kya hua? Kyu hua , keyse hua? Boomerang hua!!

    1. Priya9876

      Eagerly waiting for that world war…..haha haha

      GKB vs ELE

  23. Neha1

    Good Morning guys…! Have a nice day to all KRPKABian’s…!

    1. Veryy gud mrng ? Neha…. ??

  24. Neha1

    Where is Devga, Asmita, Chanpreet, Subhashini, Sneha and Shalini..? Missing you guys and your comments too.! Sorry If I forget anyone’s name here…!

  25. Priya9876

    Hayeeee ye Dixits ja halwaaaa……??
    Ishwar’s expression the way she told—-“Teri màa ne Tere liye gajar ka halwaaaa banaya hai” ???? ROFL……..????

    BDW I love Gajar Halwaaaa….it’s yummmm…!!!

    1. Junee

      Ab to GKB ki halwa ban gayee???I am ?!
      Even if Sona encounters problems which she will, from Vicky thru Ellina, she will overcome if Dev remains supportive this way!
      I just love the way Dev is supporting Sona ???. This is reality!!! Keep it this way please!!!!??Thank u Makers! ????

      1. Junee

        I am ???and not ?!!!

    2. Vs family ko Halwa ND gulabjam ki alava kuch atha nahi may be…… Gulabjam bi natasha ND gujral ko dinner pe bulaya tha na Vs din ND Ayaan family dinner pe ayana Vs din banaya tha na……

    3. Sneha1

      Ishu maa ne GKB ko halwa banana sikha diya kyunki GKB bhi ab MIL ban gayi hai to halwa torture to sikhna padega na… varna Vicky ko emotionally blackmail kaise karegi….

  26. Vicky has no knowledge about his position in the company even he has no about language ( remember he was spelling wrong when he disputed with Sona). Why can he still work and Dav should know about it? Dav always has meetings in the company . He should know that no progress work on Vicky department.
    And how come Vicky withdrew big amount of money from the company easily. In fact, big company has a good defense and should be punished Vicky although he is Dav’s relative.
    May be the writer is forget this point. It is quite long time that mamiji burned her house. And Dav told mamaji that he will built a same house for him. I think new house should be finished now and they have to move back??

    1. Junee

      Drama , story keyse badhegee with them moving out?? Ha ha ha!???Woh unko karna hi nahee hey ! The mamaji family is permenantly parked in Dixit ?!!

    2. Junee

      Nisha, this is a common practice in big or small family business’s!!! Bahot hota hey and one can just warn becoz these are sensitive issues in the family!!

  27. I donno why dixit famly is so obsessed with this halwa thing. Itna toh sona ki family bhi kabhi rasgulla rasgulla karti.anyways ab pata chalege ki is gareeb ke beti ka gareeb beta karna kya chahta hai

    1. Neha1

      Piya, Iss show me halwa banane k liye Ishwari or khane k liye dev hai…! but aaj toh gazab hi ho gaya k GKB ne Vicks k liye halwa banaya…. “halwa sham ko khaunga”aisa kaha tha na Vicks ne !
      Us Vicks ne Eli se shaadi krke jo ” JALWA” kiya hai…Uske baad toh GKB ko halwa banane ka afsose hoga..! koi nhi kha payega “HALWA”.?

      1. Priya9876

        Omg…Neha u r soo funny…???
        After reading ur comment ?????????

    2. Priya9876

      Dixit Family me sab kuch Beyadh hai….
      Neha ka Kaw kaw
      Jealously pan
      Everything thing……
      But most famous HALWA hai Ji HALWA
      HALWA nhi Hoga kaise LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ho gya

      1. Neha1

        hehehehe??… your comment was too funny Priya..!

      2. Neha1

        And Yes Priya, “HALWA” is the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD hai… in Krpkab..!

  28. Neha1

    Sonakshi’s new struggle game begins in KRPKAB :-
    Sony Entertainment Television KRPKAB will witness new twists and turns in the coming episodes. As Elena eloped Vicky, the real drama will start in Dixit house as Elena isn’t perfect as Sonakshi.

    In the coming episode of KRPKAB, Elena’s GRAHPRAVESH with a new drama will finish. Dev will be shocked and seen discussing about Vicky and Elena with Ishwari. Surprisingly Ishwari will accept Vicky and Elena’s marriage.

    Next morning, Elena will wake up late and Sonakshi will try to handle Dixit family and keep her sister safe. On other side, when Dev and Sonakshi will be sleeping , someone will throw water on them. Dev will try to find the person who threw water, he will try to search for him but he will not be able to find the real culprit. Indeed it would be a funny sequence.

    1. Priya9876

      Kuch too funny ho???
      Reallyyyy need a funny episode hai bohot jarurat hai Bhai……
      Aankhe Taras Gyi hai….

  29. Junee

    Ohh ho??Looks like Vicky has married Elena to take revenge on Sona and he mentions it when he meets her at the Dhaba but mentions it very deftly . It looks like ,Elena has not been able to gauge that.????

    1. I too think the major reason for which Vicky married Elena was to take revenge from Sonakshi! Seeing the despite the number of events which had occured in which it was clearly seen that Vicky is amongst the worst people you can ever find, Elena didn’t seem to be remembering anything at all from then! If she would remember, it had been her dear husband, Vicky, who’d been misbehaving with her on Dev and Sonakshi’s sangeet! The day she’d confessed her love for Vicky, I made no further expectations from her to spot out any faults in Vicky, may it cause any other destruction to her other relations!

      1. Manya

        Anshi I have a surprise or surprises for u
        Check my wall?

    2. Manya

      Di check my wall?

  30. Sneha1

    I just wish ki Eli sona ka ek support system banker family mein aaye.. Eli is so strong/ supportive/ straightforward n also she is blunt.. I think she can make people fall in there place… sabko seedha kar degi…

    1. Neha1

      I wish aisa hi ho Sneha…. but I think Vicky is married to Eli just to take revenge of his insult and thappad….coz he, infront of Eli, badmouthing about Sona and Eli didn’t said anything to Vicks…! Or may be he’s trying to break sisters bonding of Eli and Sona…. May be I was wrong but let’s see!

      1. Junee

        I too feel the same Neha!! But there is a possibility that Sona will get glorified thru Eli’s actions. Could be positive or negative

  31. Sneha1

    hey have anybody noticed the small scar on Dev lower lip when he was holding Vicky’s collar…

    I just thought… Dev ne Sona se apna interest le liya…

    I know… weirdo imagination…

    But Dev ko dekhkar mera dil arden garden ho jata hai….

    1. Romantic imagination… ???

    2. I saw it di. But i have noticed this in day b4 yesterdays epi when dev come to know about a huge transaction, while he was tensed i noticed that. It remembers me a proverb for shaheer fans BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER

    3. Priya9876

      Noo didn’t noticed yaar….
      Waise agar interest dene ka ye tarika hai fir tooo….bohot hi acha hai????….ouchhh…!!!! Haha haha

      Imagnationi to kuch v kar sakte hai….?
      Ar jab imagination Me shaheer ho tooo Kya kehne…..Fir too Har imagination Beyadh hona chaiye….??

  32. Sneha1

    I was just surprised on precap.. when ishwari said… we have to accept elina they way we have accepted sona…
    Arey dusht lady.. tune ab tak sona ko accept kiya hi kaha hai… jo jabardasti dev ke saamne ye bol kar apne points bana rahi hai…

    1. Junee

      Actually she will mellow down now and probably will gradually realise Sona’s worth!

    2. Priya9876

      Ishwari ko lagta hai…dev k samne koi v jhut bol do wo sab màaf hai….chipdiiii kahinnnnn ki…..

  33. Today’s episode had reached its heights! Too much of drama to be digested at once! I’d never expected Elena to elope and marry Vicky!
    And then, coming to the precap, how can Ishwari expect everyone to accept Elena just the way they accepted Sonakshi? I mean, she herself hasn’t whole heartedly accepted Sonakshi and is passing on lessons to other fellow family members! And I bet that she too knows very well that when compared, Sonakshi leaves Elena far behind in all areas, then if everyone can’t take Sonakshi in, how can she expect the family members to digest the fact that Elena is a part of their family? And, especially right after the moment the two come home after marrying in secret???

  34. Junee

    I think Ishwari knows that Sona is far more competent than Elena or herself and that is why she isn’t being able to accept Sona! For Ishwari anyone who can beat her in a race is scary!
    But now she will probably realise Sona’s worth thru the interactions between GKB Elena and Vicky. It will be a gradual process! When u have something good in hand we often don’t realise the worth of it till we see or experience something bad! Ishwari probably is one such soul!
    But there will be massive politicking and manipulation from now on which also happens in a lot of joint families who specially have business!

    1. Yes indeed! I too think that gradually, after a few such cases, Ishwari should be just able to digest the fact that yes, Sonakshi is her daughter-in-law and she very well deserved it too. I just hope that Ishwari doesn’t take much time to realise the same!

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