Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev enters Sona’s room and asks till when it will continue. She asks till when he will disturb her repeatedly. Dev says what is Jatin doing here, why he is interfering between him and Soha, it is their time and not Jatin’s. What he is to her, uncle, brother, nephew.. Sona shouts a lot. He did not understand Soha well at all. Jatin stood with her as a best friend always, he is the one who reached hospital first when Soha was born and took her in hands, he used to console Soha whole night when she used to cry, etc. Dev says whatever it is, when Soha comes to his house, he will not let anyone barge in there.

GKB calls Golu and he tells Dev prepared fish for Soha. GKB yells and asks him not to have nonveg and tries to brainwash him that Dev loves Soha more and not him and

soon Dev will ransack him. Golu says his big cha is very good and she is wrong. Elena confronts her to stop poisoning child’s brain and to spare at least him from her dirty politics.

Dev enters Soha’s room and sees Jatin reciting story to Soha. Soha excitedly listens. Dev tells it is late now and he should go home now. Jatin tells Soha that he has important meeting and will leave. Soha asks what about story. He says he will complete next time. He walks out and tells Sona tha the is going now. Sona asks if Dev asks him to go, how dare he is. Jatin says Dev is Soha’s father and has right to spend time with her, which he cannot I am around, so it is better for me to go from here and asks her not to fight with Dev and spend time and concentrate on what Sona needs.

Vicky stops Bejoy in market and brainwashes him that Dev is expert in controlling people’s mind and he will convince all his family and take Soha and Sona to his home. Bejoy reaches home. Jatin comes with is bags and says he is going on a business trip. Asha asks what is the issue. Jatin says he feels he should not come between Soha and Dev. Bejoy shouts he knew something is wrong. Asha says he is doing wrong. Jatin says it is his decision Asha convinces him to stay back. Bejoy yells he knew Dev forced him to go. Asha says Jatin himself told it was his decision, now he should not drag issue.

Sona wakes up Soha in the morning and sees Dev asleep on sofa. They both join Bejoy and Sourav for breakfast. Bejoy says breakfast is very tasty and it boasted his mood today. Sourav says it is really tasty. Soha thanks Asha. Asha says she did not prepare it. Dev joins and asks how is breakfast. Soha says very yummy and reminisces waking up early and preparing breakfast for Soha. He thanks her. Bejoy comments he got acidity after breakfast and will prepare lunch today. Asha says he should concentrate on functions. Sourav comments baba’s plan failed.

GKB sees Elena getting ready to attend Sourav’s function and yells at her. Elena mimics her and taunts. Vicky says she warned him, but she is disobeying him, will he disobey even bua/Ishwari. Elena says she is not as Ishwari told not to go uninvited, but she is being invited.

Bejoy cuts vegetable with his usual frowning face. Sourav tells Dev that Ronita wants to go to US for honeymoon, it is very difficult to get visa. Dev takes phone and tells Ronita that he will get visa, not to worry. She thanks him. Bejoy comments Ronita was scolding Dev, but now is thanking him. He reminisces Vicky’s words and warns Dev to not try to act and be himself.

Elena enters. Asha gets very happy seeing her. Elena touches her feet and tries to touch Bejoy’s feet, but he leaves. Dev greets her. Bejoy returns and comments some people are shameless to invite even their uninvited relatives. Dev says Elena is his friend and friends are invited. Bejoy leaves fuming. Elena asks him why did not he inform that Sona invited her. He says Bejoy would have yelled at Sona during whole function, he does not want that.

Precap: During Sourav’s haldi ritual, Golu hits ball on haldi bowl and it splashes on Asha. Bejoy yells. Dev says if he was batting, ball would have fallen on someone else, pointing at Bejoy. Sona gets angry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mujhe laga aaj ka episode aacha hoga par sara ulta hogaya.cVs ne sona -dev bond dikana be nahi chate hemesha indono mele jagada ho jate..there is no roMance in devakshi

  2. Priya9876

    Again a:
    ~Cute wala epi ( Mr. Bokarath Dixit u r soo cute. Itni mehnat ki subah uth kar ????? )
    ~Widout Ish- Elena ki dare wala epi [ GKB KO BLACKMAIL KRNE KA IDEA WAS MIND BLOWING ]
    ~Perfect jami wala epi ( Dev dixit pe kuch jyada hi pyar aane lagta hai kavi kavi )
    The way Ronita calls him Jiju Jiju was soo cute.. Awww!

  3. Neha1

    Woww..! Slowly Dev comes closer to Bose family members but Bijoy wasn’t happy… still irritated with Dev….
    But why Dev wants Jatin to leave Soha and Sona…? I mean I really want Devakshi to be together as always but Same like Ishwari, Dev feels insecure towards Soha specially, from Jatin….And I completely agree with Sona…that Jatin had always supported her and The entire Bose family in their needs…so Why Jatin leaves Soha and Sona’s house or friendship…. Dev has to be more mature to understand the differences between friendship and any other relations…!

    And Vicky brainwashed Bijoy..both mother and Son are perfect for growing poison in relationships..!
    Precap, again angry old man Bijoy will shout on Dev…Again Dhishoom-Dhishoom between Dev and Bijoy….waiting 4 2mrrow episode..!

    1. Rakesh

      @nehA.. yes I too feel dev insecure towards jatin but hope one day he will realise and will not remain same like ishwari

  4. Rekhadhir

    shukar hai aaj dev n sona ki aaj ladai nhi hui

    dev ki jealousy ..uff toba.

    golu molu best expressions

    dev babu cook

    but ek baat jo badi funny thi ki USA ka visa…

    i mean USA ki ambassy main dev babu ki pehchaan hai …

    bhai agar aisi baat hai to mujhe pehle dev ke pass hi jana tha apna visa lgane ke liye

    makers kuch to sense ki baat karo…
    over all episode was suparb

  5. Manya

    This is a rumour no guys???
    Plzz koi Bol de yeh Jhoot hai???☹️???????????????????????
    Plzzzzzzz Aisa nhi Ho sakta??
    Yeh Jhoot hai Na???

    1. Rekhadhir

      ye to purani khabar hai woh bhi jhuthi…sanaya to nach baliye main gyi…

      1. Manya

        Thank god?

    2. Pehele bhi kuch aise hi rumors aarahi thi ki shanaya irani ka show krpkab ko replace karega per mamta mam ne twitter per officially tweet kiya tha ”KRPKAB is not ending anytime soon”.
      So manya just relax our krpkab is not ending.

    3. Ishankrpkabian

      Yep i have also read and tweeted taht who gave 1 year extension to show ! Lol

    4. Akshita

      Chill ayushi KRPKAB TO 1 year ka extension mila hai nd it’s not going off air soo soon?☺

    5. Ishankrpkabian

      It’s technically wrong sanaya has just started nach baliye 8 and it will on air at least till july 1st week .

      And how sanaya would know ki nach baliye mein se woh kab eliminate ho rahi hai after all she is runner up of jdj 8 and as per deal with star plus she can’t shoot with sony till show ends and that’s why sonakshi sinha had prompted noor in idol b4 nach starts

      And the other thing is they are telling this will be start in june how can it possible tell me kya sanaya episode ke telecast hone ke agle din shoot karegi

      And the biggest thing will give us relief that is the producer of this show is yash sir and mamta mam our krpkab’s producers . And mamta mam had tweeted in later feb that we are not going to end it any soon and yash sir had tweeted on 1st anniversary of show that they have got 1 year extension matlab deal was signed and that was confirmed by Wikipedia too

      So let’s wait what sony and producers say

      But in my way it is the biggest rumour of year shayad april fool bana rahe ho

      Aur agar yeh hota hai toh sony kahin ka nahi raha tkss bhi bandh hone ke aare mein hain agar no 1 online trp wale show ko bandh kiya to sony kahin ka nahi rahega

    6. Ishankrpkabian

      The other possibility is sony will start 10 o ‘ clock plot again bcoz reportedly they are also starting a serial which reflects the life of poras and also mere sai has to come so if poras will replace krpkab then sanaya will beyhadh and that can’t be possible aise hi thodi ek saath shaheer erica Jennifer aneri kushal jesi cast ghooma denge and also kapil team

      1. Rekhadhir

        oho itna deeply jane ko kya hai????bus baat khatm ki ye jhuthi khabar hai…pure page ka clarification likh diya @ishan…..:) 🙂

  6. Bijoy’s behaviour towards dev is just unacceptable .. always full of sarcasm and cynicism , but dev always has a great reply for his sarcastic comments

  7. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Golu’s expressions..???
    Sona’s attitude…???
    Jatin’s understanding nature…????
    Bijoy’s constipated face…??????
    Dev’s job….???
    (He cooked, he didn’t fight, he helped for haldi arrangements… yeah thumb’s up)
    Vicky n GKB…..???
    (Only know how to spoil the episode)

    P.S. Elena ko toh har chunni munni episode ke liye acche naye kapde milte hai…[email protected] ma’am ko sona se kya dushmani hai…..plz somebody gimme d answer???

    1. Lizaa

      Yes sammy ..mamta mam ko sayad sona ke naam se allergy h…???

  8. Dev always fight and make fun of bijoy, but when sona only say something about ishwari. He feel offended.
    How hypocrite he is.

    1. Juhi16

      Ekdam sahi kaha tumne….I strongly agree..??

    2. Satie Singh jee

      Soooooo true

  9. Miss Sona ke so called sanskar kaha gaye…poor fellow made tea and breakfast for family members and no thank you or any other applications.

    ,Everyone said Dev was quite when mamiji taunting sona …now what she is going when her baba badmouthing in front of Dev.If Dev is mama’s boy than she is also papa ki beti. Garib ki beti is not educated but Mr chickchoy what happened to your choti soch

    1. Typo *appreciation

    2. Rekhadhir

      i agree wid u…

    3. That time they were married, dev should support to sona when every member is mis behaving with her.
      Not they are divorced so sona don’t have right.

      1. Mamiji and mataji use to taunt her when Dev was not arround.once vikie misbehave with her he told her she is his bhabhi and still don’t understand he knows she is his wife and respect her same once he scrolled neha as well..all was happening when Dev was not around and sona wanted to handle everything as she was independent so why now start all those past thing…

  10. I have a six year old brother who loves to watch this show bcoz of the kids….he loves to see family moments when dev sona golu sona are all together….even a little of non jhok bw dev n sona is loved by him..

    But these days he has begun to hate the show….and the only person behind this is MR. BIJOY BOSE…
    His persistent nagging attitude…. Irritable temper….and “I know it all” behavior really makes my brother go crazy…
    He keeps asking me to bang this Bijoy n break his teeth so that he can’t speak….
    That 6 yr old kid has more sense than that 60 yr old…….he just isn’t ready to believe that dev really has a good heart and can be as helpful as he is…..

    And today VICKY the great….has added fuel to the fire…..I really donno what the makers are planning…..plz bring in some positivity….the audience is tired of all this drama…????

    1. I agree he is annoying character but somewhere he is right, he is also a father and he is worried about both sona nd soha. Dixit family only want soha but sona is also attached to soha. Being a father he is only protecting his both child. Like ishwari and dev didn’t forget how sona push ishwari, same bijoy didn’t forget how dev slap him.

      1. Hi Vini! I very well agree with you that after all that has happened with sona, bijoy’s being protective for her n soha is justified. But in my opinion (solely n solely my opinion) he has been blinded with his over possessiveness. Of course he is sona’s father, but even dev is soha’s father who has been away from his daughter from the past 6 yrs. Now when he’s just spending time with her…and proving out to be such a good father…I guess bijoy should realise it. If he can’t appreciate him….he shouldn’t at least try to separate them.

      2. Sonadi

        I want to tell you here,that Sona did not push Iswari.Actually Dev pushed Sona and Sona went and fell on Iswari. Go back and see that episode.I am for Sona and Bijoy. They both suffered at the hands of Dixit family .How can they forget that.

  11. Manya

    Sensibility mein Asha aunty Ko takkar dene Jatin aa gya hai?
    But ofc Asha aunty rocks!!
    And Precap??
    Oh Teri Dev babu Tu bade bold shold Ho gye??

  12. Manya

    Guys result aa gya
    On cloud nine???

    1. Rekhadhir


    2. Swarna494


    3. Neha1

      Congrats Manya..??

    4. Priya9876

      Well done Baccha

      Ye sara tumhare liye …

    5. Riti1107

      Congrats ???

  13. Hi guys, I’m Luna. I’m new to this page. I hope you all accept me in your family.

    Currently, I’m liking this track but Bijoy has became very irritating. He isn’t thinking at all about Suhana and is putting is his hatred for Dev above everything. He’s pretty much acting like a kid nowadays, always shouting for no reason. He should understand that Dev is the father of Soha and he has full right on her. Both Ishwari and Bijoy are very selfish parents who only care about themselves. They had a big role in separating Devakshi, though more blame goes to Dev and Sona only

    Dev cooking for everyone was so cute. But I’m not liking how Dev wants Jatin to stay away from Soha. So what if Jatin is more close to Soha than Dev??He should understand that Jatin is like a family member to Bose family and he knows Soha for many years, while Dev is new in So he’s life even if he’s his dad. Instead of getting insecure of Jatin, Dev should try to make a special place in Soha’s heart. Right now, Dev is just like a new friend of Soha and nothing more than that. It’ll take some time for them Dev and Soha to grow their bonding and Dev should understand that. He’s just acting like Ishwari, only thinking about himself and trying to shove himself down Soha’s throats. It’ll become irritating if his insecurity increases.

    1. Rekhadhir

      welcome luna …keep posting

    2. Swarna494

      Hello Luna??
      A hearty welcome to DevAkshi fanclub..

    3. Saasha123

      Hi Luna di… When r u planning to update ur ff???? One ur best fan is waiting…?

      1. Hi Rekhadhir, Swarna and Saasha. Thanks for welcoming me.Saasha I’ve updated my ff. Here’s the link:

  14. wow jatin helped sona in her pregnency.kya whole family mar gayi kya.what asha, dadi sourav doing if jatin helped her .

    1. Swarna494

      Gud point..to be noticed

    2. I agree.. sirf Jatin ki bhajan gaati reh ti hai Sonakshi.. very irritating tbh. For God’s sake you never told your ex that you conceived and later gave birth to Soha and if she had then Dev would definitely have supported her. Agar bechaare ko andhere mein chod diy aur Jatin ke saath happy families khelne suru kiya toh Dev ki kya galti? She is becoming to arrogant in my opinion. Baba ki beti.. I genuinely feel sorry for Dev and empathise with him.. Har baar he is misunderstood :(. Jatin has a good heart though… a positive character 🙂 Also, Elena and Golu were great today.. Jaisi maa waise beta x Sonakshi has not picked up anything from Asha.. what a pity 🙁

  15. All will be well the minute bijoy and ishwari accept their mistakes

    1. Rekhadhir

      agar aisa ho gya to show hi khatm..jo hum chahte nhi…

  16. Rakesh

    this bijoy making things complicated and I dont know when and how he will understand… GKB bad Vicky started their stupidity works… jatin I admire you.. dev should not feel insecure towards jatin…. and today episode nothing to enjoy, again things becoming worser,day by day things are getting complicated….

  17. Satie Singh jee

    7 days of torture by. Bejoy and upcoming 7days of Ishwari torture cant take it anymore hope she changes her attitude by visiting some place whatever you call it anb be good to our lovely Sona

  18. Sona said Jatin was there to help jab soha rat ko roti thi.I wonder asha bb dadi and Saurabh kaha the ..I thought jatin wife past away 2 years ago so vo soha ko sulataiinstead of staying with her family

    I’m not against with sona she was nice girl not liking this new sona…problem is she still love dev and can’t admit so her anger is coming out as frustration

  19. Dev ko puchna chahiye agar itna best friend tha to kabhi shadi me kyu nahi bulaya or kisiko uske bare me bataya before marriage

  20. I started watching this serial recently and started catching up with the initial episodes.Where did neha,nikki,riya go after leap? nobody mentioned about them at least once.

    1. neha is at US with her husband.
      nikki n riya are doing their higher studies.(im not sure abt the place)

    2. Swarna494

      Neha went to states, had she learnt eng frm ranveer know??
      Nikki had gone sumwer 4 higher studies
      No address about riya..
      They mentioned it shraddha,wen the dixits were playing ludo.. I think in the early february episodes..

  21. Now a days sona face is not good without makeup she look very bad how many days to go for 8 days I think its a deal na any way bejoy Dev fight is more interested nowadays its good

  22. Can someone lock Bejoy and GKB in one room for a long time, both charecters are needed but very annoying.

  23. Lizaa

    Phir se ladai???
    Dev ko asha aunty ka gyaan class ka koe toh faida hua ki zyada ladai nhi ki
    Bt warning dedi mere ghaar main mere rules honge….
    Sona is ryt dev aa gaya iss liye jatin ko side nhi kar sakti
    Jatin be bahat help ki he h sona &soha ko
    Jatin ki understanding nature????
    Vicks ki goli ne Mr bb ko apne JAL main fasaliya pehle se Mr bb itne chik chik kar rahete
    Wah dev babu USA ambessy v apko janti h???
    Precap is interesting…

  24. nowadays Jatin’s performance and his role is stoling the show .don’t know why dev is reacting so much. jatin has always been with sona and soha. so he has all the right to spend time with soha.and even soha loves his company.eventhough we want dev and sona to be together ,what dev doing is really bad.he is behaving like ishwari

  25. nowadays Jatin’s performance and his role is stoling the show .don’t know why dev is reacting so much. jatin has always been with sona and soha. so he has all the right to spend time with soha.and even soha loves his company.eventhough we want dev and sona to be together ,what dev doing is really bad.he is behaving like ishwari

  26. Hey Luna just want to reply to your mail,regarding dev being insecured by jatin for his daughter.hint to the writers of this episode.take sona soha to his house be a man and give sonakshi her rights.get GKB and hers son Vickys plan busted out in front of Ishwari.let bejoy advise dev how they were tricked by Vicky to be thrown from their own house.let Ishwari realise that night when she herself phoned sonakshi and informed were dev was on that night.which will add to some viewing if this serial or it is just dragging.because truth prevails all and how long will the writers ignore this.

    1. Hi Freakish. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you.

  27. Dev is such a big hypocrite!! He says so many things about Sonakshi’s father but can’t hear a word about his mother!! He teases her father, talks rudely, disrespects him but asks Sona to mind her words!! She always respects his mother and never talks to her disrespectfully no matter how mean that old lady is.

    He asked her dad if he taught her about saving relationships when she left his house. But what did his mother do?? She asked both of them separate and also did not allow Sona inside their house when she came back. He said she left him but it was him who asked her to get out. At least she came back with baby only to be turned away by his evil mother, but he didn’t do even that not even a phone call to Sona.

    Big hypocrite!!! Egoist and spineless fellow. No equality between mother and wife

    1. I completely disagree though each one of us is entitled to their own opinion 🙂
      #Team Dev

  28. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    What’s wrong with #krpkab fans??
    I’m just not able to understand why we’re disrespecting the soul of the show (that’s devakshi)…..ppl hv divided themselves into teams….supporting one lead and bashing the other…..this is not done……I mean I agree both dev n sona have things to mend…..none of them is perfect…..you cannot just blame dev or sona for all that has happened….. They’ve equally been a part of the journey….

    I know we’re all emotionally attached to this show but…..At the end of the this is just A SHOW! We need to watch it with a lot of understanding…. And try to bring out positive points from each episode rather than pointing out what’s wrong with dev or sona or bijoy or whosoever!!

    Love KRPKAB

    1. Priya9876

      What happn samayra???

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Nothing serious yaar Priya…just that I do not like the fandom favouring either dev or sona n insulting the other …you see some ppl are like dev is selfless n he has suffered a lot….sona has a lot of ego she doesn’t respect relations….. N then some ppl say dev is spineless n rude….its sona who has suffered the most….Bijoy is totally right n all that stuff…
        I don’t know why ppl don’t understand that both sona n dev have been at fault….in the past as well as in the present…. Both of them have equally suffered…. None of them is perfect…that’s just it.
        The mere idea of the fandom dividing really pisses me off…
        This is a show…..a writer’s show….you cannot change what’s gonna happen….. So just enjoy na….why to be judgemental…..viewers shud just try extracting positives n stop arguing whether dev is good or sona!

        Just my POV…..no offence to anyone?

    2. Priya9876

      Oo…thts the matter…

  29. Neha1

    Dev and Bijoy to play “Truth and Dare” game in Sony TV’s KRPKAB…!


    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      That’s gonna be fun…

      Just hope Kuch constructive ho…..Yeh makers sapne toh bade bade dikhata hai but baad mein sab pehle jaisa ho jaata hai…
      This should not be a futile event……dev n bijoy ka bond strong ho Jana chahiye Iske baad……hope misunderstandings clear

  30. Hai everyone…am new one hr…can I join with u all..n I am watching dis serial from episode 1 in tamil..but now am watching in Hindi too…waiting for todays episode…

  31. Manya

    Did anyone notice that alarm clock??
    That’s the same one joh 7 saal pehle Dev ke Kamre mein thi??

    1. Rekhadhir

      dev ke room main jo is time wall pe frame lgi hui hai woh wali hai jo shadi se pehle dev ke room main thi

  32. Hi everyone…just now i have seen yesterdays episode but i was surprised with comments of Sona convincincing about the importance of jatin in soha life. She has explained that jatin was the first person who was present when she was hospitalised for the delivery. He was the first person who took soha before sona. He was the only person to console soha when she crued. Soha see him as a fathoorhood. I agree with the last comment bit the first two things I am not agreed. Why, because
    Its impossible to happen with a lady who us preganant and luving with her oarents and brother that no one was present in the deluvery stage. Grnerally, the parents is always carung to thrir preganant child from seventh minth onwards. So, how ir coyld happen. Secondly, they were in kolkata and jatin was hus own home so hiw he woyld br available at ger home at thr night when soga was cried. No one from her family was not available. Irs just an excuse as per mt viee which us not acceprable.
    However, if she told that jatin was the only person who supported her and familt to overcome the dusturbance due to separation, theb U was completely agreed.

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