Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sourav returns car keys to Ishwari and says he cannot keep such a costly shagun. Ishwari says he cannot return shagun and it is an insult to her. On the other side, Vikcy returns shagun to Sona’s family. Bejoy shouts how can Dev’s family return shagun. Vicky says daadi bua returned it as they sent fish. Bejoy shouts again how can they throw fish in dustbin. Vicky says it is inauspicious to them and he is just following Daadi bua’s order. Asha accepts shagun back and sends him. At Dev’s house, Dev tells Sourav he cannot return shagun. Sourav asks if he will accept such a costly shagun. Ishwari says Dev has everything and why will he need any costly gift. Dev says if Ranveer gives him shagun, he will happily accept it. Sourav says even then he

cannot accept it, keeps key on table and leaves.

Sona goes to her room. Dev follows and opens his laptop. Sona says because of them, their family has bearing insult.. Dev gets ready and walks down. Ishwari says she told him to take leave for some days. He says he has important meetings and leaves.

At Sona’s house, Sourav returns home. Bejoy asks if he returned car key. Sourav says yes. Bejoy yells again it is tat for that, Dev’s family returned their shagun and they they returned car, they should not bother.

Ishwari comes to Sona’s room and Sona calls her mom. She asks if she is feeling awkward to call her mom from aunty. Sona says she used to call her mom when she and Dev used to discuss about her. She praises her a bit and then asks her not to go down if someone tell that Daadi bua is calling her. Sona asks why. Ishwaari says she knows how daadi bua is and should give some reason and stay back at room. Once Ishwari leaves, daadi bua’s bahu comes and says daadi bua is calling. Sona says she is not feeling well. Bahu laughs that everyone gives same answer and says her excuse will not work. Sona walks down with her.

Sona walks down to living room. Daaadi bua asks her to do kitchen ritual and prepare food for all. Radha taunts that Sona does not know to cook. Sona says she will cook. She goes to kitchen and looking at book starts cooking. She adds lots of water in flour. Ishwari comes and scolds her why did she come down when she warned her not to. Sona says daadi bua’s bahu insisted, so she had to come down. Ishwari calls Kichu and says she willl help her now as if she fails, Dev will fail, and she does not want her son to fail. She prepares food while Sona stands silently and watches her. Sona tries to leave. Ishwari asks why is she leaving. Sona says she thought she is not needed here. Ishwari says she has to act as she prepared everything and serve it to daadi bua and others.

Precap: Nikki tells Sona that food is very tasty. Daadi bua says bahu prepares tasty veg along with nonveg and asks Sona if she added chokha in kadi before or after.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Manya

    Aaj koi DEVAKSHI scene nhi tha ??
    But I loved the way Sona conversed with dev’s pic ??❤️❣❤️??????
    Ishwari aunty did good but she is still doing this for Dev only ?
    Dev kabhi fail nhi Hua hai,Dev ki pasand pe ungli nhi uthni chahiye ??

  2. Manya

    But jab dadi bua me kaha ki voh 2-4 din mein chalu jayegi I was like Shaukar hai permanently settle nhi hone wali ???
    Guys humare ??? Bach gye yeh toh pehle hi bhaag gyi ??

    1. Neha1

      Yes dear….it relieved me too….Dadi-bua jayengi toh jarur lekin Sona ko pareshan krke jayengi….!

    2. Priya9876

      ??? bacha kar kya karna hai, chal na avi gira dete hai…

    3. Erina

      Swtheart y itni jaldi jaane vali???. mujhe to nhi lgti shayad inhe hamare plan k baare m pata chal gya hoga ?????thats why vo aisa bol rhi hongi. So mission to kill dadi bua, gkb nd that ishwari is on ok ?????

  3. Junee

    I felt pretty low after watching todays episode! Reasons:-
    1. Everyday some form of misunderstanding between Dev and Sona after marriage!
    2. Misunderstandings thru either Ishwari’s plot as on first night or customs and rituals just not leaving the couole alone or the bantering between two sides. Rather ego clashes
    3. Atleast it was better to see them closer and more romantic as lovers
    4. Looks like Ishwari’s other game plan already laid down with the food preparation! Sona will either blurt out the teuth or will tell Dev or situation might make her commit as GKB would ne ready to do it.
    4. Sona’s helpless and honest look in the room when she was called by her sisin law or in the kitchen was indeed depressing.
    5. Ishwari’s bhashan about how long it took her to adjust to the kitchen and she cannot do it overnight clearly indicated that the weeked woman has something in her mind.
    T6. Looks like Dev sona will never be allowed to come close thru circumstances that will be pitched such that both will refrain!
    7. Sona’s dressup is ok as she is mewly married but plz makets dont give hera behenjee look. Women in sarees when dress up properly look modern chic and graceful so i hope slowly she heads for that modern look in saree. Working womN should look smart and i hope they will show the gradual transformation.
    9. Our Mr Grumpy ran away to his office . His ego is hurt so no talking zone will be maintained i guess!
    How can a relationship head towRds. Healthy one?
    10. Makers please send them for a hobey moon to some outdoor location! Ee want to see that! At home irritating ish and relatives will keep knocking! Atleast to start with Sonas house will be less disturbing and understanding!
    Lets see what makers have in mind to pep us up!!!!!

    1. Erina

      Hey junee i’m back nd i totally agree with u yaar what makers r trying to show seriously i’m not understanding……

      1. Junee

        Good morning Erina ! Was missing u ! Our sona is in trouble and even I am feeling helpless! How much will she fight???

      2. Erina

        Me to junee feeling helpless but don’t worry dear i believe that……….. our sona is bangali tigeress she will definitly come with bang nd till then we r present na to support our sona..

      3. Erina

        Sachiii hooo so sweet of u even i have also missed u nd ur comments badly but i was busy in navratra nd my net pack was also expired … love u dear

    2. Neha1

      I completely agree Junee…..It was better to see them as lovers…. atleast we had witnessed their romance… but now…after marriage…. there’s no romance…but to fight….like they fight on their 1st wedding night… I’m eagerly waiting to see them romancing like a husband and wife….

  4. Devga

    How cheap u r ishwari…..
    Dev arey u r again to square one….
    Dho epi mein bhi apni wifey se ladaye bina nahi reh sakthe….

    Hahahahaha bejoy uncle i liked it.. “kyun voh ishwari ji aur unke item (dadi bua) kuch tamasha nahi kiya kya”…. Lol…. I was laughing like anything….
    Wat is diff btween u and thm… Dhono shagun wapas kardhiya….
    Aur mera cute dev babu ko naraz bana dhiya…. Ab unki narazi kab thak mein sehen kar paungi….

    Helo frnds…. Sorry i cant comment regularly as my health is NOT ok….. And i just coment wen i am ok…. And dont u guys forget me ok…
    @erina @priya @prit @ganga @sammy @subhasini @esme @[email protected] @neha @aaru @varsha @junee @kalpana @nagarani @manya @pothik @dhanu @lakshree @latha @juhi….. Take care.. Guys….. Dont forget me… Keep commentting…..

    1. Devga

      Sry @shalini miss hogaya thumara naam…. Aakir thum ho ISS page Ke reporter jo sara promo link AUR devakshi Ke sara kabar dhethi ho… Keep doing this grt job….

      1. Erina

        Get well soon dear nd how can i forget u.. I’m in ur heart na after paying rent so how can i leave u or forget so easily ???????

    2. Neha1

      What happened to you Devga….plz dear take care of your health..

    3. Junee

      Devga Good morning! Take cate if yourself! You will be missed the days u dont comment but please take care of yourself! Hope u recover very fast and remain fit as fiddle! Take care

    4. Pothik

      Devga how can i forget u and ur sweet comments……really sad to hear abt ur ill health……dont worry everything will be fine……and keep commenting

  5. Neha1

    Honestly, Today Again I was disappointed with Dev….I mean why he’s angry….He’s not thinking its not about the price of gift but its about Sourav’s self esteem….! I completely agree with Sona….

    And here we go..! Why Dixit family returned all the gifts sent by Bose family….ok it was quite understanding that they threw fish coz of non-veg but why they didn’t except Those gifts which was gifted by Bose family….??? Again they disrespects Bose family…! Not fair at all…it will lead to a big misunderstanding for future between the families as well as for the couple…!

    When Ishwari comes to Sona’s room by saying that If anyone came to call you by taking Dadi-bua’s name….I doubt on her intentions…. but when I came to know that they’re calling for ritual where Sonakshi going to make a food for everyone…. I was Shocked… poor Sona..!

    And I know that Ishwari help Sonakshi only for Dev’s sake…she didn’t want that anyone will question about Dev’s choice….As she said “My son never fails”…! but later everyone will get shocked when all get to know that the food was prepared by Ishwari not Sonakshi… coz GKB already told dadi-bua that Sonakshi dont know cooking…So, again Sonakshi get taunts by dadi-bua and feels Embarrassed…!

    1. Junee

      Neha completely agree with u! Oneday they show us lovely episode and next day back to sqare one ! One day have good food rest of the days plain dal rotee khao type attitude makers have!!!!

  6. Junee

    I didnt feel good as very little Devakshi shown!????
    Dhuuttt kya ho raha hey! Like sasbahu chalega kya? OMG then!!!’

    1. Erina

      Same here junee nd jo dikhya usme bhi sirf fight… Uuuuffff

      1. Junee

        Yes Eri ! Yesterday I felt pretty depressed even seeing Dev’s reaction! Ishwari is playing a huge game and Sona will be completely trapped! Ish is too shrewd

  7. hey guys……. at the starting episodes there was a villain who always blackmailed iswari……… were has he gone…… wat was tat blackmailing about…..? he used to say tat he wil say some secret to dev which iswari doesnt want to happen………has the writer abandoned tat character? r wil he cum again…….?

    1. Neha1

      Yes anj, you’re right…Even I’m very curious to know what secret he’s about to tell…? I’m waiting for that khatri…who was blackmailed Ishwari in earlier episodes….. And my gut feeling saying that it’s something very secret…. about Dev’s father or may be as we heard earlier that Ishwari is not her real mom….something like that….
      eagerly waiting for such episodes…hope that maker’s will focus on that soon instead of as usuall saas-bahu saga…!

  8. anybody got any idea about tat?

    1. Azzuu

      ovio ….who can forget him we want him back the one and only

    2. Junee

      We are all eagerly waiting for Khatri’s return friend!!! Everyday somebody or other enquires about him here????

  9. Priya9876

    aaye hayee narazgi to dekho mr.obhodro ki…

  10. Erina

    What to say about todays epi…… I don’t know what to say?????? Seriously guys whats ur all views

  11. Erina

    D most hurting part for me when dev don’t understand sona. I know its hurt when u gift someone something with lots of love nd they return u but atleast u should try to understand na why he or she had done that but instead of understanding dev gone for meeting. I feel hurt when they fight….
    But i love that section when sona was talking with dev’s pic…somehow i love d way ishwari is treating sona infront of family. Jhutha hi sahi but d way she is taking side of sona was good. I know it will not last long but its ok. I think grls should know cooking bcse it will become a chance for inlaws to insult her!!!!!what u all think

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi erina! I accept ur point of cooking.. But i just had only one doubt dear if a girl knows cooking means will they accept her(in her husbands house ).. Never ever ya…. whatever we do for them, they dont care about us.. Bcoz we r from another family, they need their son for that, they go to any point…. they act infront of their son and manipulate him every time…. whatever problem starts in husbands house atlast they blame their daughter in laws only…. And husbands, ha ha ha???they never understand his wifes feelings…

      sona pls understand the practical issues. Every women in the world is going through the same issues… So nothing special in ur condition… Try to overcome it orelse u will not get a piece of peace dear… If u ask this to dev means it will blast btw them and their love life will be full of tragedy… Sona pls dont expect ur motherin law to change in to ur mom… She never change.. Whatever it is mother in law is mother in law, she cant take our moms place… Bcoz mom is always mom, whatever and whenever we shout at her, We hurt her, she give a smileand love to us… noone can fill our moms place☺☺☺☺

      1. Junee

        Superb Ishwarya ! You have mailed the truth! It actually happens that way . A mom in law can never be a mother! She will always try to get the better out of her son but Sona should focus on Dev becoz it is important for not to let Dev slip again into his mothers domain

      2. Junee

        Nailed not mailed ! Sorry for the typo

      3. Erina

        Dear inlaws r inlaws only they can’t became our family na. They only find fault in their daughter in law it doesn’t matter she know cooking aur not. If they know cooking then they will find anyother way to insult her. I only said that bcse i think if she know cooking she don’t feel bad na when ishwari said that to her.
        I think girl should prepare their self in such a way that on one can point finger at her nd about its skill.
        And dear i totally agree with u in that that they can’t appreciate their daughter in law as their own daughter if inlaws r like ishwari but situation changes if inlaws r like asha. I think so. Is’nt it so????????

      4. Erina

        Most important hubby like dev r good for nothing when they can’t ulter a single word in support of her wifey infront of his family or his mom

    2. Sakthi

      You are very correct rosho..girls should prepare well before marriage else they wil be surely insulted for something..
      When tis devakshi wil stop misunderstanding and support together..

      1. Erina

        I don’t think pari that devakshi will understand each other nd support bcse for this both should present na but see dev don’t even trying to understand sona words then i wonder how can he

      2. Erina

        Support her. I don’t think it will be so easy for dev this behaviour only sona has to suffer bcse dev will be happy when his mom happy na. He don’t care for sona if he then he should try to understand sona to rather than his mom…..

      3. Sakthi

        yes dear..i am dev can only make all problems solve if he is not supporting sona then nothing will happen..only fight remains

  12. Please send dadi bua back to kanpur otherwise this serial will turn like other daily soaps,unnecessary torture on bahus! Please keepblove blooming between Dev and Sona

  13. Neha1

    Sach me….Ishwari jo bhi krti hai Vo Dev-Sona ki khushi k liye nhi balki isliye krti hai jisse vo apne laadle bete Dev ki nazar me achchi bani rhe….or Dev ko dukhi nhi dekh skti lekin Sonakshi ko bahu sirf duniya ki nazron me but khud ne Sonakshi ko dil se bahu nhi mana…
    And Sonakshi ko Diamond Necklace dena vo bhi sabke samne, Sonakshi ki kitchen me help krna….etc… sab kuch vo sirf apni izzat bachi rhe or bani rhe Dev or Duniya ko dikhane k liye kr rhi hai…
    Soooooo cheap….! Sach me Dadi-bua taunt krti hai vo bhi sonakshi bardaasht kr legi, GKB ko bhi ignore kr legi lekin apni saas ko kaise handle kregi vo bhi bina Dev k support kiye…????
    Kyuki Dev khud apni maa ko leke itna possessive hai or Ishwari ka Dev ko leker overpossessed behavior……its too much….
    I’m worried for Sonakshi…. but If Dev supports Sonakshi then there’s definitely a hope to deal with such tough situations…Lets see…What happens next..

    1. Junee

      Neha tum ne meree mann ki baat kahee! Ekdom perfect bola tumne!!!????

    2. Erina

      Agree with u neha. I’m also worried for my sona. How can she manage if dev behave like this only. I’m not happy with dev behaviour

  14. Erina

    Guys those who r dissappionted with maha epi of devakshi marriage plzzz i suggest go through kalpana ff piya ke rang odhani she described whole marriage in awesome way nd what i want from dev was their only. Most awesome part i loved in her ff was d promise which dev made to bejoy as he will –
    “take care of sona as maa, scold as father, protect as brother, respect as husband, love as boy friend /lover nd support as best friend ”
    I only want dev to do this only for sona. What u all expect from him????

    1. Erina

      Sorry typo error ff name-” piya ke rang, rang deeni odhani “

    2. Junee

      Wow! I will read that ! Sounds great Eri! Yeh Makers ff se bhi to story le sakte hey jab khud se sweet stories nahee dikhya jata!!!!

  15. Erina

    Gud ngt guys see u all tomorrow. So till then take care @devu, priya, neha, bani, ganga, manya, junee, aaru, preet, asmita, shalu, azzuu, pari, kali, juhi, teddy nd all krpkabians family

  16. Junee

    Good morning All! Have a lovely wala happywala day folks! Mast raho!!!
    Hope the day goes well for All!☀️☀️☀️????????

  17. Junee

    Mei to iss page mein atee hoon aur sabse baat karke mein Changa ho jatee hoon . I feel happy to be here on this page ! Do u all feel that way? I am quite addicted to this page actually. In between work during lunch or tea break I run to the library or the coffee shop for wi fi ! Pura fultoo mad hogayee KRPKAB fan club!!!!?????

    1. Erina

      Yaa dear i to feel that way. Whatever happens when i come on this page to chat with u all my mood automatically change nd do u know i’m so much addicted that when ever i get time i come on this page only. Me to become mad ?????

  18. Junee

    Makers plz take Dev and Sonakshi for an outdoor shoot! Honey moon! Yeh Dev to nahee leke jayga laag raha hey!
    We are sick of Ishwari niwas and Bose house! We want them together in an outdoor locale sharing some sweet moments together! You have not shown some long sweet togetherness after marriage ! We dont want disruption all the time ! Make that into a Mahaepi for ypur TRPs!!! How about that???

  19. Erina

    Gud mrng guys @pari, devu, neha, junee, bani, priya, asmita, preet, aaru, ishwarya, juhi, ganga, manya, azzuu, kali, teddy, shalu, esme nd to my lovely krpkabians frnds

    1. Junee

      Gud mrng Dear Eri!!!

    2. Sakthi

      Gud mrng pari dear..

    3. Neha1

      Good morning dear..!

  20. Asmita...

    Good Morning …
    Aaru…Aayushi… Arjumanbanu… Ashriti… Akanksha bhardwaj… Anam… Alia… Aashi… Arpita… Archita… Amy… Azra… Azzuu… Aisha… Anj…
    Bhoomi… Bala Chitra S… Bunny… Beth…
    Chandra… Chari…
    Devga… Dhanu… Dibya… Dolly… DevSona… Dhira…
    Esme… Erina… Erika…
    Ibtesam… Ishita… Iswarya… Indradev… Imran Shah Jillani… Iswarya Santosh… Ishram… Ishu…
    Junee… Juhi…
    Kitty… Kaarnuha… Kiran Kumari… Kaya… Karnika… Kalpana… Kittu… Kaira…
    Lakshree… Lovinglt… Latha… Lotika…
    Malathy… Mubeen… Moni… Maggie… Maria…
    Nishi… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nikki… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Nikita… Nabanita… Nida…
    Priya… Preet… Pothik… priyanka… Piya… Pradishma… Piyalli… Pinky… Punitha… Pankaj Grover… Puja Bose…
    Radhika… Rishneee… Ramyakumar… Rakshitha… Raksha… Ratna… Rishneee… Ria… Rajdip… RiyaDcruz… Rakshita…
    Subhashini… Shraddha… Saurav… Sneha… Sonali… Subasri Gautham… Shubhi… Sri… Sharica… Samaira… Sammy… Sakshi… Saamii… Shalini… Sam… Surti… San… Shweta… Shalu… Sona… Simi… Sadaf Shamim… Srisatya… Simran… Simplesweety… Shalini Senthil… Sonal… Shree… Saasha… Shivani… Sakthi… Sangita… Smita… Shivansh…
    Tapasya… Tamnna… Tanu…
    Varsha… Vahini… Varshini… Vini…
    Zaara Ali Khan…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

    1. Neha1

      Good morning Asmi…and all my KRPKAB friends AMD Devakshi fan’s..!

  21. Good morning asmita…totally agree with u Junee ..as lovers chup chup me kitna cute and ache romantic moments dekha hai humne. But after marriage something missing between sona and dev…sari understanding kahan chali gayi….

  22. Sneha1

    Yaar .. ye kya ho raha hai…
    hamare pyare romantic serial ko in logo ne milkar typical saas bahu drama bana diya hai… roj mein khud ko samjhati hu ki aj kuch accha hoga.. it is not a saas bahu typical serial… but all my hopes turns into negative when i witness an episode like this…
    they are showing two souls who are madly in love with each other… who should understand each said unsaid feeling of each other.. but what crap they are showing… On silly issues like this, dev n sona had ruined their first night… the moments which are cherishable for any couple for the entire life… then this useless argument over shagun…. then worst of all.. Dev left everything in middle and left for office.. is this the way to leave things in between….

    God only knows what makers have in their mind… i thought instead of me ruining all best memories of past episodes and these new saas bahu drama.. overshadowed that .. Should i think again whether to continue watching this or not…

    I dont know why they cant continue a romantic serial in that genre only.. why to stereotype it just for the sake of gaining TRP…

    1. Neha1

      Yes sneha1…. I agree…the makers has truns this show on typical saas- bahu drama…. and we’re eagerly to see Devakshi romance after marriage and also wanna see dev supporting Sona and a good sensible husband…

  23. Junee

    TU my many of my comments posted between 7 am to 9 am are still awaiting moderation! What is going on ??? What is the meaning for commenting then! Keep moderating and sitting on them for the whole day! None have any abusive element but still u have a problem! Disgusting!! Ineffeciency to the core!!!!!???

  24. Ishwari jii selfish thi aur hamesha rahe ge….??
    Sare kaam apne dev ke khushi ke liye karti hai sona ko tho bas dev ke khushi ke liye apnaya aur ab ishwari ke karan dev aur sona ke beach misunderstanding create kar rahi hai…
    Bechari sona??

  25. Ngkrishnakumari

    Yesterday epi is not so good humne socha tha kya hogaya ajeeb
    Dev is dumb how can he ignore his wife & leave for office
    The intension of ishwari is bad we want to bring old khatri
    After marriage sona ko sab ki atyachar serna parega
    Please maker bring some extra thing rather than saas bahu serial

    1. Asmita...

      hey dear… did you try to log in with the user ID & password I sent you through email ?

  26. Erina

    Where u all r dear??????? @priya, ganga, bani, sam, esme, shalu, juhi azzuu, pothik,
    Plzzz come…
    Jab mai aay to tmlog kahan chale gy ?????

    1. Pothik

      Ohhhh dear hum sob lok Devakshi ki shadi mein aye huye hain………..hum log Devakshi ki shadi mein itne khoye huye hain ki koi comment mein hi dil nehin lag rahi hain……aur jo larkiya Dev se marti thi wo log Dev ki shadi ka look dekhke itni behush hain ki uni larkiyoko hosh ane mein time to lage ga…..tab tak ke liye hume eiye duriyan bardasht to korne paregi……or dear hamari pyar to kisi aur ka ho chuki hain aur meine kuchhhhh vi galat nahin kiya……ab bohut kosht korke mein Devakshi ko eksath dekh rahin hu…..aur ro rahi hu….kya batau tumhe…..tum samajh sakti ho na?????

      1. Erina

        Dear i’m socked nd puzzled too. Can u plzzz solve my problem. First a fall u r saying ki hamari pyaar to kisi aur ki ho chuki hai aur tmne kuchhh galat nhi kiya then i thought u r boy but next line u said ki devakshi ko sath dekh rhi hu aur ro rhi ho then i’m puzzled. How r u a boy or girl????????
        Plzzz solve my problem………

      2. Erina

        Sorry typo error who instead of how

    2. Priya9876

      HI ERI

    3. Priya9876

      sometimes i also confused yaar…
      she is boy or girl??
      i think she is girl…

    4. Pothik

      Obviously i am a girl…..but the problem is i dont know so much hindi as my mother tounge is begali….therefore the mistake happened….sooooo dont be puzzled

      1. Erina

        Ooo so u r bengoly bala. Thanks for clearing doubt dear nd sorry for troubling u. Well seriously after knowing u know lil bit hindi i love ur hindi bcse i love those who don’t know but try to tell. ???????

  27. Priya9876

    Finally khadoos DADI BUA chali gyi…….
    majeeee kROOOOOO


    1. Erina

      Sachiii is it so then issy baat pe party to banti hai so Yeeeeee yiipiiiiii lets celebrate ??????????????

      1. Priya9876

        n aisa lag rha dadi bua k jane k baad kuch to romantic moments aayenge……?????

        dev- nhi maa bhola bhiya q layenge nasta, ?? SONA h na….????????

      2. Erina

        I also think so dear devakshi ka cuteee nd sweet moment dekhe aisa lgta h decade ho gya ????? but still finger crossed bcse ishwari and gkb hai na sona ko trouble krne k lye……

    2. Erina

      So kahan ty ab tk???????

      1. Priya9876

        lil busy

    3. Neha1

      Wooww finally dadi-bua gone…..good to see them romancing…

  28. Hey frnds tum logon be SBAS dekha…Dixit house m aye mata rani..
    Dev ke ghar ho rahi hai Puja air sabse achi news buaji ja chuki hainnd dev khud bus dadi ko chodne gaya tha aur WO sabke samne sona ko kuch nashta leke room m ane ko kehta hai.

  29. Neha1

    Hey guys aaj me SBS nhi dekh paungi…! plz If there’s any twist about KRPKAB then plz let me informed… it’s a request…!

  30. Priya9876

    shalini,, ganga,, preet,,esme,,azzu,,aaru all r missing…….

    1. Erina

      Hmmm all r missing dear i think bcse yesterday epi was not good thats why….

  31. Priya9876

    only 75 comments…..

  32. OMG my comment is nt published.As iam busy in preparing for my xams.I couldn’t comment over episode. Frnds pray for me to get succeeded in my xams.

  33. Esme

    Sona looking at Dev’s pic…waooo…aap ghar aayiye…mai aapse bilkul bhi jhagra nahi karungi…kya mast expressions re baba…oye hoye..

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