Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev asks Sona if she has to tell him something. She says yes and stammers. He gets a call and says he will be there in 20 min. He wears shirt and asks what she wants to say. She says nothing. He leaves.

Ranveer takes Neha to coffee shop and asks how is his house. She says okay. She asks how are his people. She says okay. He says he loves her and wants to marry her, he is a straightfoward person and likes to speak directly. He is not rich like her family, but has a rich heart.

Sona walks out of Dev’s house murmuring that she will scold Elena. Dev comes from work and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He asks driver to drop her home. She slips and he holds her, asks if she is fine, she is slipping a lot now a days. She says she slipped in love.

He asks what..She says nothing and gets into car. She then smiles all the way home. At home, Elena comes running and asks if she told. She says no, she did not get time. Elena asks if she thinks Dev will ask her if she loves him. Sona says she thought boy will propose her. Elena says she loves Mr. Obodro and not prince charming, she has to propose herself. She will fix a dinner with Dev and asks her to imaging dancing with him, etc. Sona says yes. Their conversation continues.

Neha tells Ria that Ranveer proposed her today. Ria asks like in films. Neha says no, he proposed like a matured person. Ria says Ranveer is a nice guy. Neha says she went to his house and a small house had many people, she does not want to go back to poor life and suffer like before. Ria says she had their responsibility. Neha says she is not a responsibility. They share a lighter moment.

Dev calls Tina at night and asks her to arrange Mr. Gujral’s meeting well. In the morning, Sona reaches Dev’s home in taxi and taxi driver asks her 50 rs. She says it must be 150 rs. Driver says his company has a scheme for 1 month where they will charge 1/4th. Elena jumps happily and says they will do shopping with saved money. Driver calls someone and says he did like she said.

Ishwari asks Dev if he is going abroad for a business meeting. He says not yet, once deal is fixed he has to, his company will benefit a lot. She thanks god. Garib ki beti Radha comes and Ishwari asks her to bless dev. Garib ki beti Radha says she can only bless and says he should go to temple also. Dev says his mother is his god and he does not have to go anywhere. Garib ki beti Radha tells Ishwari she has to go and apologize god on Dev’s behalf.

Dev gets down and sees Sona with Elena and asks if she is fine. Sona says no..Elena holds her and tells Dev she came to invite him for dinner. He agrees. Vicky comes and Dev introduces him as studying in some college. Elena says even she studies there, but did not see him anytime. He says he goes there to study and is not a teacher. Dev leaves. Vicky comments, Sona countercomments and leaves with Elena.

Dev goes to office and waits for Gujral anxiously. Tina says she did not see him so anxious before. He says this meeting is important to him. Gujral comes. Dev meets him and asks when to sign contract. Gujral says in business one needs to be both impatient and patient. Dev says sorry. Gujral gives contract papers and asks him to study them first. Dev says he will by evening. Gujral invites him for dinner. Dev says he has prior commitment. Gujral asks girlfriend. Dev says other commitment.

Dev while having dinner with Sona at a restaurant asks what she wants to say. She says I love you. He is dumbstuck in a surprise.

Precap: Dev walks with Gujral’s daughter. Sona enjoys feeling of being in love.

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  1. Sona is lost in love haha why isn’t Dev able to see it I hope he gets hitched with sona instead of kareena. Love devakshi pair a lot 🙂

  2. Tanya

    Too fast ranveer, I think sona proposed dev in dream , what u guys think about it ??????.

  3. Savi

    I think he will reject in a kind way! Saying into working n taking care of his familys. Plus I believed Dev just being nice which Sona assume it’s love. Poor Sona I say let him run behind you girl .

  4. Aarti

    I agree. Jst imagine, Dev trying 2 impress Sona n proposing her. Kya scene hoga yaar. N I too think it was a dream.

  5. eshani

    i couldnt watch the episode…..did sona really propose to dev?? ohh am too curious to knw if it is real or dream…..

    • Elena

      I also didn’t watch the episode yet!!!wait when does dev propose to sona?in ep 50?shuddi?

  6. prit

    Finly love is being confessed by sona what a scene but i m really worried about kareena what will happen. Dev should also confess his love for sona and i m eagerly waiting for the day And next episode of KRPKAB.

  7. Tanya

    i have read somewhere that sona will come to dev office to tell ilu but will not say as she saw kareena with dev and she will shattered. Dont know is this true or not

  8. madhusmita naik

    Agar sona dev ko propose nahi karegi toh hum jarur kar lenge dev ko. .hahahaha. .hum toh soche the story alag hoga. .lekin ye toh traingle luvstory banne bala h. .but jo bhi h bahat hi acha h. .awsome serial. luv u shaheer

  9. tara

    oh my..ranveer is too straight forward…. bt did sona really propose dev?? awww so romantic…..bt i have one question.. why is radha rani referred to as “garib ki beti radha ” everytime..?? it sounds funny…lol

  10. Moon

    DevSona rock together. Now with the entry of Kareena i am worried! What a spoiler. When is Dev going to profess his love to Sona?? Waiting for that eagerly!

  11. Mrunmayee behera

    I think it’s a dream does some truly proposed. Omg please please dnt do anything bad to both sona and dev .I love their jodi .

  12. anj

    savi……. i too agree with u……?normally this wil hapn…..bt as t s serial, cant guess wat will happen…….!?

  13. THJ

    Evn I think it’s a dream.. Roop (the girl playing kareena) posted a pic on insta saying her name is changed to Natasha n is nt kareena now..
    Shez a positive character n wud help dev n sonakshis love story

  14. Moon

    Someone in an earlier forum mentioned that Natasha will ultimately be his fiance. Pzzz No! We love Dev and Sona .They look really good onscreen like a perfect match!

    • Elena

      Haha I’m sure that she meant finance partner and nothing more than that.ishwari would start loving sona and start accepting her as dev’s Girlfriend slowly before Natasha/kareena woos her.i hope so…?Cross my fingers for devaakshi?❤️❤️

  15. Superb episode. Interesting precap. Im waiting for kareena s entry then only Mr. Dixit will realise his feelings.

  16. Bhagyashri

    Congrats krpkab for completed 50 episodes today. I wish it will be 500 and more in future.

  17. Bhagyashri

    Congrats krpkab for completed 50 episodes today. I wish it will 500 or more in future.

    • Sandy

      Why did this happen? Why didn’t they telecast today’s episode. It was showing that yesterday’s epi was not telecasted so they R showing it today. Oh there’s so much suspense. Was it dream, real??? This is bad, they should have shown today’s episode.

  18. Nidhi

    Happy birthday erica di!!!!❤️?I really don’t know whether u can see this but still I’m a really big fan of urs and your amazing acting!!!happy birthday!!!and have a very nice birthday celebration!!!❤️?

  19. Pinky

    No wonder last scene was yet another dream sequence of sona otherwise they wudnt hv reached the restaurant all of a sudden n dat too in same clothes on the top of it sona’s family members r also nt dere.. BTW I really miss nikki…. apart from devakshi only nikki elena saurav n bunty r treat to watch… I hv begun to hate ishwari and as well…!

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