Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona shows Shimla resort tickets to Dev. Dev asks why did she book tickets. She says she tuught he booked them. Ishwari enters and says she booked tickets as doc had suggested them to be tension-free, so she thought they should go on a vacation after all this mess up an relax. Sona says she took lots of leaves already and cannot take more. Ishwari says nothing will happen with 3 more days of leave. Dev says mom is right. Ishwari shows wollen sweater and says she is building her dream and next year, Sona will take it for vacation. Sona says she will go and apply leave. Dev says he did not realize about this. Ishwari says she just wants her dreams come true soon.

Vicky while working in office yells at peon and asks him to get files from last shelf. Peon gives

him files and leaves. Vicky continues yelling and finds Sourav Sonakshi Private Limited file. He reads it and thinks what is this now.

Dev drives car and tells Sona that they are going on a vacation and she need not be so serious, what is she thinking. She says nothing.. He holds her hand and says he knows it is difficult fo her and is doing all this for maa, but she knows he loves her a lot and even if she becomes mother or not, he does not care and his love for her will not lessen. She switches on music.

Vicky sees 5 crore cheque for Sourav and Sona’s company and fumes that Dev gave 5 crores to his BIL and does not even give 5 lakhs to his brother and left him to rotten here in office. He clicks document picks and says now Dev will see what he can do.

Dev reaches resort and tells Sona that they are reached resort, asks to look around and tell how it is. She says it is very pretty. He says even she is. They enter in. Musicians play voilin. Sona asks what is this. Dev says this is art and she should respect it. Resort owner greets Dev and says he is Pahuja. Dev asks why did he come. Pahuja says Dev is a big man and he is honored that Dev came to his resort. His staff gives bouquet and choc box. He says his mother Ishwari Dixit booked whole resort for them. Dev says whole hotel. Staff insists to come for a spa as his mother booked special package. Sona surprisingly says is it. They both ejoy foot massage. Masseuse says she will recommend pacholi oil for them. Sona says same flower which Dev cannot pronounce. Dev says yes… Sona says they should forget all the problems and relax. Dev says yes. Masseuse applies pressure and Sona says it is hurting. Masseuse says it will increase strength of her organs as fertility treatment massage is booked for her. Sona is shocked and leaves. Dev walks behind and asks Pahuja to give keys of another room. Pahuja says why another room, they are on honeymoon. Dev insists.

Vicky reaches home fuming. Elena asks what happened. GKB brings food for him and asks what happened. Vicky yells Dev has kept family members as servant but gave 5 crores to his BIL. Elena says there must be some misunderstanding. Vicky shows documents an cheque pics. GKB yells bengalan is controlling Dev completely and soon they will have to beg in front of Vicky’s inlaws, she will not keep quiet.

Sona sees rooom well decorated with flowers, candles, and balloons and fumes. Dev says she should relax. Pahuja with assistant enters with dresses for Dev and Sona and briefs about dinner plans and then.. Sona shouts if they cannot plan themselves. Pahuja says he is just following Ishwari’s instructions. Dev says okay and Pahuja leaves. Sona shouts maa will decide what she will wear and what she will do. Dev says she will look pretty in this dress. Sona shouts she cannot handle all this and will go from here right now. Dev walks behind her. Ishwari calls him and asks if they reached. Dev says yes. She asks if arrangements are right and if staff decorated roses. Dev asks what is the need for all this. She says she saw decorations on Nikki’s laptop and selected herself and they should enjoy vacation. Dev says okay and disconnects call.

He asks Sona she cannot leave like this. Musician come and play violin again. They both shout please stop it, Dev then apologizes them, gives them money and sends. Sona shouts maa cannot decide what they should do and make them act like puppets to conceive. Dev asks her to relax and take a deep breath. He asks what he has to do to make her feel better, if she does not look room, he will change it, if she does not like clothes, he will change it, but if she does not like him, she has to bear him. She smiles. He says they will have her favorite chinese. She hugs him and says sorry. He says it is okay, they will try to be happy from this moment.

Precap: GKB tells Ishwari that Dev gave 5 crores to his BIL. Dev and Sona are seen cutting cake and then dancing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Junee

    Subhashini sweetie wish you all the goodies in life!!!!?????????

    1. Subhashini

      Thank u junee?

  2. Happy birthday subhashini……the understanding between dev and sona is beautifull day by day getting addicted to krpkab congratulations shaheer and erica….mamaji congratulations

    1. Subhashini

      Thank u vini…

  3. Shruti710

    Main kya soch rahi thi Ki kyun na hum sab yeh bataye Ki hum kaunsi jagah se comment kar rahe hai
    Hum bahut acche dost hai
    To kyun na hum yeh bhi Bata de

    I am from Jaipur,Rajasthan

    And you all

    1. Manya


    2. Asmita...


    3. Subhashini


    4. chandigarh

  4. Asmita...

    Happy Birthday dear Subhashini…

    MAy God bless you with all the prosperity and happiness..

    I wish that you will get a chance to meet Sharica too…

    1. Subhashini

      Thank u asmita??
      Oh so sweet of u …thank u sharica kiliyae

  5. Happy birthday subhashini…..dev and sona understanding is so beautiful….congratulations shaheer and Erica…and mamaji….dev and sona wear same color dress…waiting for their dance love the show day by day

  6. Iniya pirandha naal vazhthukkal subhashini….. ???

    1. Subhashini


      1. Priya12

        Happy birthday dr.., I m also tamilian

  7. About the show…..it s really difficult for me to put my thoughts in words…..while i was watching the show i felt kinda embarrassing i don’t know y, even such kind of people exist in reality? Dev, oh no! U r getting worse yaar… The breaking point which I’ve been expecting so long must be that slap scene. If it isn’t then there s no point in saying sona s a human she must be an alien. Yeah she started showing her frustration but not much may be that slapp thing might cause her outburst. Coming to makers….. Don’ make the story just on the basis of trp… We want it to be in a good taste…if u wany to show us that character like ishwari can go to such extent, it’s okay but don’t make plot to justify that in any manner not even by dev…..

  8. KRPKAB:Sonakshi part way with Dev post tight slap on Bijoy’s face

    Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) part ways with Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) post Dev’s tight slap on Bijoy’s face in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Dev and Sonakshi in the daily soap.
    Sonakshi gets very much pissed off upon Dev for slapping Sonakshi’s father Bijoy.

    Now, the situation has gone so much hay wiered that even Sonakshi has left Dev’s side.
    Sonakshi leave Ishwari’s house
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Sonakshi and Ishwari in the ongoing serial.
    Sonakshi’s self respect gets boosted up and she just packs her bag and leaves off to Bijoy’s place.

    1. It feels absolutely amazing to hear such good news after so many days! Finally, after what seemed like ages, Sonakshi has regained her individuality and is now ready to take a stand for herself and her family’s respect. If the above news it true, then I must say that there will be a lot to look forward to in the show post Dev and Sonakshi’s split. Of course, after this, I expect Ishwari to become sensible for once and for all, without placing forward any kind of conditions; although it seems next to impossible, I yet wormer how it would be if Ishwari ‘really’ changed. As for now, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed!

  9. Chanpreet0815

    Yaar dev is such a understanding guy. I loved the way of balancing wife and mom. Yaar sachi jar kisi ko sea hi life partner mile apni life me. Dev babu u rocked today. itne time baad mujhe esa laga ki hamaara puraana dev waapas aa gaya h. first time mujhe sabse jyada excitement tab hui thi when dev realised that he loves sona. And second excitement today.????

  10. I don’t want to talk about Ishwari….(inke bare me baat Karne ke liyebi vo laayaki nahi)????… Disgusting lady……?????

    Cute moments when DEVAKSHI enter kiya that na resort ke andar violin ko lekar baat kee…Ye ART HEI YEK KALAA HEI….ART KO APPRECIATE KARNA ANA CHAHIYE….????




  11. Junee

    Actually yesterday’s episodes had lot of cute moments like “Hum ek duste ke sath waqt bitame aye ua PT karne aye” ! Several others like ” you have to deal with me….” but all had got masked by the stressful situation created by Ishwari! These moments could not be relished which actually is the USP of KRPKAB.
    Stress was so much with the violinists chasing them and the people at the resprt wete over their neck so was Ishwari . We just overlooked the nice moments. Even romance between the two irked us becoz it was all as per Ishwari’s wish! There will wish was no where in the scene. That is why many of us reacted so much! It also felt like a barter system in function. The humane feelings somewhere got completely masked becoz of the storyline possibly!!

  12. happpyyyy birthdayyyyy subhashini may god blesss u n always keep u happy.may god give u all the strength that is needed to achieve ur goals.love yaaaaa.keep commenting!stay happy stay blessed

  13. Sonadi

    Actually we did overlook certain nice moments as Junee said.We did see some fighting sprit in Sona.
    The slap incident I am sure will bring her forgetten qualities back. She is going to part ways with Dev,
    And she will become pregnant naturally.The miracle will happen at night as reported earlier.
    Then Iswari will go and beg Sona to come back.Then Sona should put conditions like Iswari did.
    She should make Mamiji appologise to Bijoy and put her in place.But this will not happen because Sona is a too good a personto do something like that.
    Next week epi.sodes should be intersting.

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