Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neha, Nikki, and Maami try to console Rhea after Ayan’s family talk about breaking alliance and walk out. Sona enters and asks if anyone want to have juice. Radha yells she already did a lot today and does not have to do anything more. Neha starts yelling next. Nikki says what is wrong if bhabi came to ask for juice. Neha yells at her to shut up. Dev enters. Neha yells even at her. Dev asks to calm down. Neha yells she is staying in his house, he will scold only her now and not his wife.

Bejoy after finishing lunch and tea tells Asha that he will sleep now and goes to bed. Vicky hiding behind bed thinks these bengalis and their mid day nap. Elena messages where is he. He replies he is in Bejoy’s room. Bejoy hears mobile beep and asks Asha

whose phone is it. Asha says she does not know. Elena rushes in, keeps her phone silently, and says it is her phone. She tells Bejoy and Asha that she needs to talk to them and asks to come out of room.

Dev makes Sona on swinger says he is thinking of buying a big swinger. Sona says if he thinkshe will impress her with big swinger, he is right, but he does not have to do this. He says maa and Neha. Sona says whatever happened today it is obvious about their reaction, whatever happened in Neha’s life even her frustation is obvious. Dev says she is marvelous. He says this all happens in family. He says whatever happened today, he enquired about Ayan and got sure that heis perfect for Rhea. Sona thinks something is wrong.

Ayan and Khushi play card and Khushi says she wins always. He says he lost because he does not want to lose her. She says today his acting was awsome, he did not let Rhea and his family doubt on him. He says even her acting was good, she spoke so well to her sautan. She says he is meeting his goal well. He says they should be careful about Sona, she will create problem, but he is also 2 stteps ahead of her and uses his brain to tackle her.

Dev gets ready for office and asks Sona to move aside of mirror as he has to look good. She asks in his age. He says he is not in his 50s. She asks whom he has to impress. He says his wife, she is too picky. She says even her husband is too picky. She asks to give her some cash as she did not go to ATM. He says with govt’s new rule, at least his wife is asking money. They continue chatting and smiling. Neha enters yells when to enter their room, they are always busy romancing. Dev sys whenever she comes in is the right time. She says she needs cosmetics and mom is going somewhere else, if she can bring them. Dev says he has important meetings. Sona says if Dev brings even shirt for him, that would be great and says she will bring cosmetics while returning from job. She asks Dev to give money. Neha yells she asked just cosmetics and not diamond necklace, bhabi always tries to degrade her and does not want her to be in this house, if she would have earned, she would not have stayed in this house. Dev says she is thinking wrong and tries to explain and walks out angrily. Sona asks Neha not to feel bad about Dev’s words. Neha yells why she is interfering between her and her brother.

Dev’s employees inform him that a big transaction happened from company’s account and asks if he did it. Another employee enters and says Mr. Reddy from IT department found out who did transaction, it is Vicky.

Elena goes to Sona’s clinic with Asha’s prepared food. Sona shows her Rhea’s engagment pics. Elena sees Ayan and Khushi’s pics and says Khushi works in her college and Ayan comes there often. Sona gets tensed. Elena then walks on road and sees a van following her. She informs a passerby man and asks to help her. He asks not to worry.

Nikki shows Ayan and Rhea’s pics to Radha and Neha. Radha tells Ishwari that she found a good boy for Rhea and should get them married before Sona creates any problem. Neha says yes, you know how Sona is. Nikki looks at Elena’s pic and says she is very cute. Radha yells what koot/cute, she is black. Ishwari says bhabhi…Radha says okay, she is dusky. Nikki says Elena is so cute.

Asha calls Sona and informs that Elena did not return home and she informed via phone that she is coming directly home from Sona’s clinic. Sona asks not to worry, she is coming home. She informs Dev to reach home soon. They both reach Bose house. Bose family gets very tensed. Sourav says people saw her going and not coming in. Dev asks not to worry, she will come back soon. Asha saks Sourav to file police complaint. Sona says she will check Sona’s room first. Dev follows her and asks what will she get in Elena’s room. Sona asks where is Vicky. Dev asks why she is asking about Vicky, he withdrew money from company account and is missing. Sona says Elena and Vicky are having an affair. Asha and Bejoy enter and ask what…Sona says yes, she spoke to Elena about Vicky and Elena broke up. Bejoy says she knows how arrogant Vicky is. Dev says she would have informed him before, if she is sure Elena will be with Vicky.

Precap: Dev with Sona reaches home and sees Vicky there, he asks where is Elena. Soa asks same. Vicky shouts to shut her mouth. Dev holds his collar and warns to behave with his bhabhi and says if something happens to Elena, he will not spare him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sravanthi

    Hiiii everyone….article on our show is out in fuzion productions celebrating compltion of 200 episodes….so have a look at it?

    1. Junee

      Thanks Shravanti for the update about Saheli’s article!!!?

      1. Junee

        Tefetence to the mythological characters is so appropriate! Pisswari is Kaikeyee and not Kaushalya as she claimed by her and today’s Ram our Dev Dixit can be a good son as well as a good husband too! For that he needs to use his better sense.

      2. Junee

        Sorry about the typos . I am just fed up for not being able to scroll up and check before posting .
        Its “reference ”
        .”.. is not Kaushalya as claimed by her”

  2. Pothik

    Today they didn’t show Ishwari for once……yeppi….yeppi….

    1. Priya9876

      Ohhh…u. came…..happy to see u…

      Yes pisswari ki irritating aawaz sunne ko nhi mili….Maza aa gya….

  3. Priya9876

    200th episode pe ek acha gift Mila Hume….
    Finally Neha ki class lagi by Dev….woooooo…..!!!!hooooo….!!!!!!
    M sooo happy……

    1. I think Dev darely spoke out to Neha for d first time na….. ????

    2. I love d way Dev supports Sona….. Dev always be like dis with Sona……. Plssssssss…….. I hope Dev ne ishwari ko bi aisa jatkha de diye ki like Neha ko diya na…….Ab ayaa kahani me mazaa…. ???but Dev ko Maa se darely baath karne ke liye vvvnnkkiii (Alcohol ??)Sahara tho jaroori heina ????

  4. Priya9876

    Devga…..Neha……Azzuu…. Aaru…..sneha….Asmita….Preet…. pothik.. where r u guys???????

    Missing ur comments….?

    1. Neha1

      I’m here Priya…. but can’t able to comment regularly but whenever I get time I’ll read all your comments….I’m happy that you missed me and my comment….thanks dear for your concern…!
      Priya, Now a days krpkab has turning typical saas-bahu drama….and I’m not happy with this current track….I think they should turn Ishwari character into positive for her daughter-in-law ,Sonakshi..!
      And Many Many Congratulations to krpkab team for completely 200 episodes….. !

      1. Priya9876

        I c it’s ok dear Neha congratulations to you too

      2. Hii Neha…… How r u. Dear…..????

    2. Devga

      Hi Priya …. I was watching the episodes but dint get time to COMMENThere dear …. Thank u for remembering me and missing my comment … This means a lot …. Today also I came here to show my grt disappointment by seeing Eli and moron’s marriage …. Yuck wat rubbish

      1. Priya9876

        Ohh…hooo. nice to see you….
        Me too yaar it really rubbish decision by Elena

    3. Sneha1

      Hi Priya… I am back dear… actually meri CA articleship chal rahi hai.. n I have opted for industrial training in a big Oil firm n these companies…thy just suck you… life is like hell…

      Coming to episode… it is just mindblowing…. I am just imagining all fans reactions when dev said… agar ye loan hai to interest dena padega…
      wow he is so cute……

      I am again falling in love with his eyes… or what we write in FF.. His deep hazel eyes…

  5. Priya9876

    Well….in Elena kidnapping Jo v involve hoo…. Ayaan or Vicky…..ki fark pendaa hai….bcz benefit too sona ko hi. Milne wali hai….

    Dono condition me pisswari ki sakal dekhne layak hogi…..? ? ?

    But I wish Elena safe ho…

  6. Sravanthi

    Hey guys….vickey aur elena ki hogay shaadi

  7. Shocking news
    Ele vicky ne saadi kar li https://youtu.be/UTvpjnf-BAY

    1. Devga

      Yea I saw it …. Bakwaas

  8. Neha1

    OMG.! Dev and Sonakshi shocked as Elena and Vicky got married in KRPKAB :-
    Sony Entertainment Television “KRPKAB” will witness high intesity drama in the upcoming episodes. As per the current track, Elena has been seen missing in krpkab. Later Dev and Sonakshi will confront Vicky about where is Elena? However, Vicky has pretend to be innocent.!
    Dev will hold his collar, whereas Radha Rani would be worried for Vicky though her ego will remain as it is.! It will be later revealed that Vicky and Elena got married! Elena ran away with Vicky and took the wedding vows.
    Dev and Sonakshi would be completely shocked.! When Sonakshi will confront Elena she will reveals that she married Vicky secretly bcoz she was aware of no one in Dixit house would have agreed for their marriage. Will Sonakshi be blamed for Elena and Vicky’s marriage?
    Only time will tell.!

  9. Neha1

    What the…!! Show me ek problem solve nhi hoti k dusri bhi problem aa gayi..! I don’t want to say but still the show is going worst day by day in comparison to earlier episodes… Don’t know what makers are upto.??
    Duniya me tension kya kum hai jo makers humare entertainment ko bhi bakwas kr rhe hai….
    Pehle show jaisa tha, or ab jo hai…..bht bakwas hai….! as usuall Ekta Kapoor k shows ko follow kr rhe hai makers…but Waha Saas-bahu drama me Saas-Bahu ki achchi bonding toh dikhti hai…krpkab, me woh bhi nhi hai…! Everyone is against of Sonakshi accept Dev and Mamaji..!!! Uspe ye Vicky-Elena ka SYAAPA..!!
    Pata nhi kya hoga ab Devakshi ka..? Kaise handle karenge Devakshi Iss matter ko…
    GKB, Neha or Pisswari ko toh Sonakshi ko taunt karne ka mauka mil gaya na..!!

  10. Yehhhhhhhhhh kya ho gya vicky n elena ki shaaadiii ho jayegi n dev n sona seems to be happy abt it

  11. I m shocked itna suddenly aisa twist !!l!!!hope vicky will not use elena against sona

  12. Dixit parivaar ki shaadiyon pe ghrehern laga hain.

  13. Dixit parivaar ki shaadiyon pe ghrehern laga hain.

  14. Erina

    Hahaha makers ne to mre sare imagination pr paani pher diya ?????kaha mai interesting things imagine kr rhi ty but makers tusi kamal ho yaar . seriously aise imagination aati kaha se hai … but kch v ho ek baat to sahi ki maine k kch v ho makers sona pe blame jarur dalenge nd vhi hua ….

  15. Junee

    I am loving the story now since the last two episodes! There is a balance that is back once again! A good son also can be a good husband and a good brother so it all boils down to being a good human!
    Bringing in Ayan Khushi will help to see another story apart from regular squabbles of Ishwari and Sonakshi! Dev’s support for Sona has been a turning point i guess. Also Vicky Elena story will also be something to look for, provided the ruffian changes for good! So far the duo has not been able capture the audience! Lets see whether this dhamaka can create an impact. After marriage of Devakshi the makers possibly cant go on showing lovey dovey scenes constantly but intermittent dose of affection and love can always be stirring!!! I am glad Dev’s character is being made stronger and this would again help the serial to get off from the regular sas bahu squabbles.

  16. Junee

    If you go through the 10 best scenes of KRPKAB and the writeup with it on fuzion production, you will realise how beautifully the viewers point has been portrayed thru Dev and Sonakshi . As if those were what we wanted to say ! I really had my mind atleast working in those lines! So deftly have they used those dialogues! The dialogue writers are the best in KRPKAB!

  17. Junee

    I feel its a smart move by the Makers to break the monotony! We expected something but they are not following those lines therefore it’s interesting to know what they have in store!!!!!

  18. Devga

    Guysi am back ….
    But wat is happening with krpkab I was happy atlast v got some devakshi cute moments…. But no they will not allow us to enjoy it right …ok let them do wat they like I just see it for devakshi …. And wat rubbish is this elina is kidnaped … NO PROBLEMBUT THIS VIDEO BELOW I CANT BARE IT ….

    U guys take a look …. Eeks


    1. Junee

      Devga, lets see what GKb does with another Bangalan bahu especially she landed up with one for her own . She will be used against Sonakshi for sure but she will also rescue Sonakshi from difficult situations i feel and also Ishwari will realise the gem that is Sona’s worth! A lot of Ishwari’s ego will be brought under control thru this move i feel!

  19. I think they have decided to irritate the fans. I am really fed up with this story line. I have decided not to watch it more. All my others friends r thinking the same. Idiot director and writers????

  20. Yes june di u r ryt kuch hatke kiya makers ne puri meri imagination ko piche chod diya

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