Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Asha confronts Sona that she cannot misbehave with Dev like that, he is Suhana’s father. Sona tells Asha she accepts she made a mistake, but clap does not happen with one hand. Asha says she is happy that her daughter has guts to accept mistake, now whatever mistake happened need to be corrected. She ask to follow her. Sona asks where. Asha says just follow follow.

Ronita calls Sourav. Sourav apologizes for Dev’s mistake. Ronita says Dev is a good man and she respects him more now. He yells and disconnects call.

Asha takes Sona to Dev’s room and asks to sort out their differences right now as their fight is affecting Soha. If this continues, she will take Suhana somewhere alone. They don’t take her out together and always fight. Dev says

he will take care of Suhana from here on well. Sona says same. Asha says again they are telling individually, Suhana wants both parents together and not separately.

Ronita reaches Bose house and calls Sourav out. She informs him that her mother stole jewelry and not Dev. Sourav says how can his mom do this, he is confused now and asks to lave him alone. She asks what is her mistake. He shuts door.

Dev and Sona start arguing again. Dev says he got a strategy not to fight. Sona asks what strategy. Dev says her mom told they fight like husband and wife, so irritating, that one word is enough for him to stop fighting. She says it applies even to her. He says he will not complain, not even when she will snore. She says she does not. Argument continues. Sona leaves. Ishwari calls Dev. He asks if she reached Vaishnodevi, shall he send helicopter to pick her. She says no need, maata’s darbar is on cliff so that her devotees can remember her often. He asks not to exert herself. Ishwari says bhaiya will not let her exert and disconnects call.

Dev goes to living room and sits on sofa. He tries to speak to Bejoy and Bejoy starts yelling again. Asha cals him from kitchen. Bejoy shuts his mouth. Dev tells Sourav that he wants too talk about his marriage arrangements. Bejoy starts again. Asha calls him again. Sourav says it is better they don’t talk, else argument will start and mom will kick them out. He gets Ronita’s call. Dev says think of the devil..Sourav says Ronita is not a devil and picks call. Ronita apologizes him. He says he should not have yelled. She asks to give phone to Dev, she wants to apologize. Sourav gives phone to him. Dev says he is ready to accept her scolding and hopes Sourav also forgives him. Bejoy happily says his bahu did right by scolding Dev. Dev returns phone and walks towards kitchen saying nobody wants to talk, pointing at Sona.

Dev joins Asha in kitchen and Golu follows him. Asha asks if he does not want to watch TV. Dev says even there it is bengali. He starts chatting and asks what is she cooking. She says she is preparing Suhana’s favorite dish. He insists he will cook. She says it is nonveg. He says so what, he will learn for Suhana’s sake. He starts cooking with Asha’s assistance. Sona and Bejoy notice it and fume. Asha then serves food. Bejoy comments even fish must be in shock thinking who cooked it, if they can order food from outside. Asha asks what happened to him again and asks to have food silently. Dev says let Suhana come first. Suhana returns with Jatin and says Jatti uncle brought her burger and cool drinks, she enjoyed a lot. She gives burger to even Golu. Dev gets sad. Suhana says she brought gift for even Dev, music instrument, invites Dev for dance and leaves with Golu. Jatin apologizes Dev and says if he knew that he cooked food for Suhana, he would not have taken her out. Dev feels disappointed and gets up saying he is not hungry. Bejoy starts commenting again and Dev leaves ignoring him. Bejoy yells at Asha why did she let Dev cook Soha’s favorite food. He tastes it and likes it, says they cannot waste food.
Golu asks Dev to join him for a dance as they are a team and Suhana and Jatti uncle are a team. Dev asks if he decided this. Golu says Suhana. They walk into Suhana’s room and see her dancing with Jatti. Suhana slips and twists her leg. Dev gets concerned. Suhana says she is fine. Dev goes to get medicine. Jatti cheers her up and she thanks him and says his magic always work. Dev gets more disappointed seeing this and asks Suhana not to dance more now. Suhana continues mingling well with Jatti. Dev gets more jealous.

Precap: Dev confronts Sona that Jatin has disturbed his life, what is he doing between him and suhana, why he is here often, what is he for Sona. Sona says a lot.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Prads

    There are no couples in our society who are not fighting with each other due their parents or ego problem. But, they will adjust once a child will enter in their life. Marriage is all about the adjustment & there is no place of Ego or any other matter after their children came in their life. Because, their more concern is to give a better life to their children.

    In this serial, Asha is telling the same with her own life store but neither of them are understanding this thing. May both are not ready to accept their mistakes.

    I am not able to understand that what the exactly both Dev & Sonakshi is expecting between each other. Dev is concern only about Soha. OK then what he is expecting from Sona ? What Sona is exactly want to do with Dev ? Only she wants to insult Dev like she has faced past 7 years or whether she wants Dev to understand that how she has faced in his house. After that, next what!!! Once Dev understood, whether Sona will ready to live with Dev.

    Totally confusing….

  2. Ishankrpkabian

    Rone wala vm everyone will cry the moment which we hated the most i literally cried
    Take a look at @EricaClub’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/EricaClub/status/849858794150653953?s=09

  3. Prads

    As per my views, I will tell you that why I admire Dev a lot.

    Since childhood, Dev has no friends circle. He has not enjoyed his life. He was totally concern about his family & business only. After that, Sona entered in his life & found a friendly nature on her & became friend to whom he can share his emotions. He loved Sona & wants her in his life. But, after marriage, he was stuck up in between his mother & lovely wife. He cannot leave his mother as he has seen the tremendous sacrificing of his mother in his childhood and always wants his mother to be happy. Some unwanted situation arisen, where he cannot able to handle it smoothly & took the help of Liquor. Unwillingly, he has said some sentences which hurts Sona & later on Sona left him. After this separation, he became alone & addict of liquor to forget his unsuccessful love & married life. During these 7 years, he have no contact with his own mother & visit house only to meet Golu. Golu was the only one in his life at that moment. After 7 years, Sona once again entered in his life in a stubborn & successful business women. Accidently, he came to know that he has a 6 year old daughter. Now, he wants Soha in his life & for that whatever he has to do, he will do.

    Whatever, Sona is expressing that she has faced so many difficulties in her married life. What she thinks that Dev has not faced the same as he was stuck up in between his mother & wife. This is the most crucial situation which every Man has to face in the married life. Secondly, after the separation, Sona got the support from her family & her best friend and she has a daugther. She never became alone after the separation like Dev has faced. So, just saying that “Maine saat saal me kaafi kuch saha hai” is just the excuse to hide her emotions.

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Prads dev ko kyun problems face karni padti hai iska ek hi reason hai

      1. Who pehle kisi ki baat ko gaur se nahi sunta aut kuch bhi dekh kar assume karta hai

      2. And another woh kabhi kuch bolta nahi use sab baat pata hoti hai par sabko khush karne ke liye baatein chhupate rehta hai like jab neha ka pehla rishta toota tab usne neha ke sharatein chhupayin thi sabse taki woh khush rahe

      And jab sona pregnant nahi thi woh wali baat chupayi jisse sona aur ishwari ke beech mein khushiyaan ho understand. .

      1. Prads

        Kuch logon ko hota hai fitrat kuch bhi dekh kar assume karna & one of them is Dev. I agree that this is one of the major faulty nature he has. But aajkal Bose family me bhi yahi character chal raha hai.

        Anyway, for the point no. 2, I would say one thing that “If lies will not hurt anyone & gets smile & become strong relationships, then I think that type of lies are not big issue. Unless, the truth will not be open in a sweet manner.” Dev always tries to be happy in nearby ones face. Most of the Men are doing the same. They are hiding some matters with the family to just let them be happy. It’s not a big deal until the reality will came across to the family members from distant peoples. In Dev’s case also, all the truth has come out through GKB & Vicky in a wrong way.

  4. Arti aka fan

    i really loved today episode…..feel good epi after such ugly fights……before going to talk about the episode…..Shaheer u rocked……what an acting!!!….i’ve never seen such a versatile actor like u in the television industry….u r the only one who can make whatever role u r given alive……..makers thnks for giving such a different shade of dev…….i see so much of Shaheer in dev recently,it looks like he lives his character….
    Golu n Dev bonding s amazing i don’t why Sona n Soha duo doen’t come out well……s this a part of the story too?……
    Asha ji again u r the best…….keep up the good work…dev n sona reallly need a sane n much sensible person like u right now…..u just said what i’ve been thinking lately they are under the same roof only for their daughter but all they do s fighting fighting fighting…..Atleast dev s trying to spend as much as time with Soha i don’t see any contribution from Sona side….maybe they wanted to highlight dev n soha bond who has been away from each other for 7 seven years…..
    Dev n Asha bonding s heart warming……when they were not that close dev called her maa but now they have a wonderful bond more than SIL n MIL dev calls her aunty…how strange? the name with which u address each other doesn’t define ur realtionship (for at least most of the time) how much u understand n respect each other even when there s no mean of communication that defines ur relationship…
    As per Jatin we have to wait n watch but at present what dev feels s not entirely wrong….as a father his feelings is justifiable… he s ready to go thru everything just for his daughter…..it s not insecurity but kinda healthy possessiveness which every mother r father has over their children…..in dev case he didn’t force his desires on soha it his longing that’s it i expect he should express this in a matured way….
    it s fun to watch bickering btwn dev n bejoy as long as it remains in the fun zone

  5. Mujhe laktha jatin -sona bond to realize important of sona in dev life bcoz Saath sal pahele dev “maa maa”kartha rahta tha ab ye dev “soha soha”. Manthiyum soha dev ki beti hai saath sal baad apni beti miltha hai par sona be Saath saal badh miltha haina par dev sona hamesha sona ko hurt karahai isiliye sona be dev se rudley baat karthiye

  6. Dev was in ” salt bea chef” style yesterday… good job cv’s..loved that part!!!!!

  7. i totally agree with u prads regarding the views u have about Dev..whatever u said about dev is totally right..both of thm faced difficulties in their married life..but totally the most affected and pitiest person is dev..he didnt get any support frm his family members instead his family members only spoilt his whole life..and devs feeling towards soha is not wrong at all..he has the fear of getting seperated frm his daughter..but he never has forced her to do anything..all he wants is for everyone to be happy..dev abhi bhi bose family ko apna family mantha hoon..he tries to make every one in his family happy and finally he gets hurt..even seven yrs bck when he loved sona..he hid the med reports frm her jus bcus of the fear he wld get seperated frm her..now he loves soha more than tht and he is living just for her now do he is ready to do anything for her..tht one night vicky made him drink and he spoke some unwanted things..but both of them had ego which stopped thm frm meeting each other and sorting out things btw them..y do writers hv to show tht sirf dev ne sona ko parishan kar diya sath sal pehle..it was all gkb n vicky s plan..only dev is dumb tht he still didnt get their characters but sona knows verry well abt vicky n gkb..atlst she cld hv guessed tht dev kabhi aisa nahi kar saktha..and tried to tlk to him when he was not drunk..so theres no point in blaming each other now…

    1. Prads


  8. kabi kabi aisa laga ki jese halwa mata bejoy bose se bhi kafi better hai..now a days..can u bliv it when dev sd..7 yrs bck ishwari ne kahatha ki dev n sona cn live in seperate house if they r not happy here but dev ne kudh mana kar diya

  9. Prads


    Please read it…. Whoever it may be, but written perfectly.

  10. Prads

    I think that like Asha is trying to resolve the difference between the family members, particularly related to Dev & Sona…. I feel that one day she will also teach Jatin to give some space between Soha & Dev as they are father & daughter.

  11. Ishankrpkabian

    Plz one request i think tu should launch a aap for written updates comments ff os and many more

    1. Priya9876

      yeah u r right… M also thinking about the same…

  12. Rekhadhir

    Mude ki baat ye hai ki galti dev sona ki hi nhi balki dono families ki bhi hai
    Jab dev sona alg hue tab asha kahan thi?
    Tab usne dev se baat kyun nhi no?
    Ishwari ko chod hi do woh to pehle se hi chahti thi ki ye dono alg ho jaye
    Radha rani or vicky ki wajay se hi to alg hoye
    Bijoy boss itna gussa use ..usko dev ka thanks karna chahiye tha ki dev be sourav ki help ki par nhi woh apne hi ghore chla raha tha
    Sona usne kabhi ye nhi socha ki kya dev aisa kar sakta hai?

    Dev to much mumma’s boy

  13. Prads

    Ab humne bhi shuru kar diya :Husband – Wife” ke jaise blame karna….. Iski galti hai ausi galti hai…. Lets cool everone. Its a story and just enjoy it.

  14. Priya9876

    I never thought ki Outfits k upar v article aa sakta hai……..

    @Mamta Ma’am ab to sudhar jao….


    seriously Mamta Ma’am is soo dheet kind of women…
    itne minnatey karey sab ne but no sudharr on Sona’s outfits….

    Sona Ki dresses achi dene k bajaye Dev ki dresses bigaad kr rakh diya hai…
    Apni size choti size ki t-shirt pehnne laga hai….

    God knows inhe kyu maja aata hai Lead Charc.. k kapde bigadne mey….

    1. Nikkita0194

      Lol log mangte hai
      Gopi wali sari
      Ishita wali sari
      Maya ki dress
      PR koi Nhi mangega sona Ka parde Ka kapda chalti firti torch aur mashale MATLAB bore ho gaya insan ek hi ek kapde dekh Ke
      Very well written article
      Aur chahiye toh banarsi sari hi peHna do ya long skirts hi pehna pata Nhi ye kya pehnate hai

      1. Priya9876

        iss article se v koi fark pade to na…
        Allah knows!

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really miss Dev and Sonakshi’s romance and their love story. I mean, I am missing the soul of KRPKAB.

  16. please dev ki mummy ko samjau jada garib ki beti ke behkawe main na aye…
    aise maa aaj tak nahi dehi ……

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