Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Elena asks Sona if she loves Dev. Sona nods yes. Elena happily jumps in happiness. Sona says it may be one-sided and Dev may not feel the same. Elena says she is intelligent and a good person, what else Dev needs. She just needs some practice. Sona says she does not know if he loves her or not. She works for Dev and if she does somethign wrong, should she leave the job. Dev is very complex, nobody can understand when he is happy or angry, even his sisters say bhaiya’s mood changes spontaneously. Elena says she should express her feelings to Dev and if he does not feel same, it is okay. Sona says she will practice, says Mr. Dixit I.. Elena says love… Sona says it is first time and she needs time… Elena hugs her and says she is happy for her.


sits for dinner and asks Ishwari if everyone had dinner. Ishwari says yes. He asks if Neha going to her English class. Ishwari says yes, she is not missing even a single class. He bites food and scolds Kichu why did not he learn preparing food from mom yet. Garib ki beti Radha says she prepaerd food today by standing in kitchen for 2 hours and starts her drama. Dev says he will her gobi parantha in the morning. Garib ki beti Radha gets happy and asks Kichu to get 1 kg gobi in the morning.

Elena continues taunting Sona and shows her Dev’s magazine pic. Mom enters with medicine. Sona gets nervous. Mom feeds her medicine and leaves. Elena shows magazine again and taunts. In the morning, Sona imagines Dev waking her up and when she opens eyes, she does not find him. She selects her clothes and rejects many, finally selects one. She joins family for breakfast. Mom says she will not go out. Sona says she has to go to job. Daadi also says she should not go. Dad says his daughter is a fighter and knows value of work. Elena taunts Sona that she cannot live without Dev even for a day. Saurabh says he will drop Sona at bus stop. Mom says she and Elena will drop Sona via taxi. Daadi says even she will go. Saurabh says he will drop Sona till door.

Saurabh drops her outside Dev’s house in a taxi. Sona enters home and asks gardener if Mr. Dixit is at home. Gardener says he left home long ago. Sona enters in and hears Ishwari talking to Dev over phone. Ishwari sees Sona and asks why did she come home without resting at home. Sona says she was feeling bored at home and was missing them all. Garib ki beti Radha comes and asks Sona what she eats that she got well so soon. Ishwari changes topic. Radha asks Ishwari if she does not want to go to keerthan. Ishwari says she has to give blue shirt to Dev as he wears it during important business meetings. Radha says Dev is not a kid and will pick it himself. Ishwari asks Sona to inform Dev that she kept his blue shirt on right side of cupboard. Sona nods yes.

Ranveer takes Neha to his home and says next time she can come directly here. He calls his bhabhi and mom. Bhabhi comes and asks him to make Neha sit while she brings him tea. Mom also comes. Bhabhi’s children come and fight for a toy. Neha reminisces her childhood and walks out from there.

Sona practices saying I love you to Dev. She nervously says Mr. Dixit I love you and thinks it looks as if she is writing application. She continues practicing. Dev comes and asks what is she doing here instead of resting at home. She says she was feeling sick at home and says she needs to talk something important. He asks to speak. She says his shirt is on right side of almari. He says okay. She thinks why did not she say I love you.

At Sona’s home, Saurabh tells he got a bulk order for male underwears. Daadi jokes. Elena comes and says her college’s first day was good. Saurabh and dad’s nok jhok starts.

Sona waits outside Dev’s room practicing I love you. Dev calls Kichu and asks where is his shirt. Kichu comes with food. Sona takes tray and gets in. Dev asks what is she doing here, where is his shirt. She gives shirt and says she needs to say something important. He says tell..She nervously says I..you..

Precap: Sona is seen enjoying her new feeling of love.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i jst saw tht there will b a new guy casting opposite to swara aftr d memory loss.. n d auditions r going on.. well good luck wid tht to all d swasan fans.. n raglak r slowly bcoming slaves of swasan..

    1. shit soo sorry i wrote this god damn thing in d wrong page -_-.. very sorry!! n abt KRPKAB loving d feeling of love.. when evr sona looks @ dev wid love… too cute fr life

  2. Thanks MA for update…
    lovely episode…

    but plz try to update little early..

  3. Thanks for the update 🙂

  4. Nice Episode. Sona s dream portion ws too Good. Devna scenes superb ?

  5. Can someone tell me where I can find the lyrics of title song, give the link plzz.

  6. Sona is too naughty..she knew he will b changing still she went in his room..lollll..jst want d confession fasttttt n dat too from Dev’s side.

  7. hey i m new here, just love devakshi

  8. What an acting by Sona….superb… But really cant accept kareena coming into the love Story of Dev and Sonakshi…..We want only you two Dev and Sonakshi…Love you both…..

  9. This serial is nothing but a piece of shit.
    Full drama with no meaning.

  10. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hello guys!This is the first time I am commenting here.Where there is Shaheer Sheikh there is a ‘DHAMAKA’.I think it’s world’s second best serial.The first is Star Plus Mahabharat.Love u Shaheer………

  11. What an acting by Shaheer! Lovely expressions!

  12. I agree Ru bhattacharya

  13. hey pls post d written update fast na…..why u take so much time

  14. Finally sona proposed dev!!!! Awesome!!!

  15. Loving every bit of the show! <3

  16. Where is 5th May 2016 written episode?

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