Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev’s family selects clothes for Neha’s wedding. Neha selects majenta color dress. Radha says it is rani/dark pink color and she has same dress. Neha says it is not. Sona enters and says it is majenta and will look nice on her. Neha says she told it is not rani color. Radh asks Dev to select his sherwani cloth and shows maroon cloth. Dev says he is confused and cannot decide. Sona messages him to select same maroon cloth. He says he liked maroon. Radha sees Sona texting and sends her to kitchen. She asks Dev he was confused just now and now is sure about color. He says yes.. Ishwari asks Family then selects wedding card and jewerly and Dev selects one Sona texts him. She then texts him to come to kitchen. Dev walks towards kitchen but then stops murmuring he

is not joru ka ghulam. Radha passes by and thinks what happened to him and leaves. Sona comes out and apologizes him for ordering him. Dev says it is okay and they both smile. Radha gets jealous watching this.

Sona reaches home and apologizes Elena for coming late. Elena says they had to go for shopping, but she came so late, it is Neha Dixit’s marriage and there will be many functions, she needs at least 5-6 dresses to match with Dev Dixit. Sourav comments they are Sourav’s sisters, so should buy 2 dresses and exchange during functions. Elena throws pillow on him and says at least Sona is Dev’s girlfriend and should look classy.

Neha gets emotional and tells Ishwari that she was always a good mother, but she was a disobeident daughter. Ishwari pampers and consoles her.

After some time, Ishwari gives jewelry to Radha and asks her to wear it during function. Radha acts that she is garib ki beti and cannot handle them. Ishwari says she will look good in functions wearing this jewelry. Radha’s eyes widen in greed and she accepts it. Vicky comes and asks her why did not she press her sherwani. Dev comes and asks why is he wearing dress which he gifted on his birthday. Ishwari tries to speak that she gave money to Radha for shopping, but Radha stops her and says jiji gave her money, but it was not enough. Dev gives Vicky money bundles and asks him to buy whatever he likes. Radha’s eyes widen more in greed.

Sona does shopping with Elena and rushes to get ready for Neha’s sangeet. Nikki and Ria come to Neha’s room after getting ready and see makeup artists apply lousy makeup on Neha. They say they will get her ready now and go into childhood flashback and then repeat same childhood dialogues emotionally, showing sister bonding.

Sona gets ready for party. Elena dorns her Asha’s gold anklets and says now she is ready as Dev’s bribe. Sona gets shy. Elena comments he to be careful with her ankle as they speak a lot. Sona reaches Dev’s house and gets by in arrangements and walks with shagun thali towards Neha’s room. Her anklet falls down. Dev holds it and fixes it back. Sona sees him and relaxes. He starts praising her that she is looking ver beautiful and says these jewelries are looking good because of her. She says it is very cheesy dialogue and doctor does not like cheese. Their romance continues. She says she has to take these items to Neha’s room. He says he did not permit her yet. She asks who is he to permit. He says one who loves her most. The both continue talking smilingly. Ishwari sees them together and fumes.

Precap: Dev and Sona dance during sangeet. Nikki comments they both are looking cute together. Ishwari and Radha watch them dancing and fume.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Cute episode love devakshi romance they are best in the world

  2. thank u soo much MA, I was just waiting for this. And one more request pls make it more detailed. We are reading updates as we could not watch it. So pls make it more lively with some more detailed description. Pls. And tq

  3. Thank u for update…
    Is ishwari ko kya hogaya???????

  4. Hi guys…..can anyone notice…..imdb rating increase again n its 9.7……m so happy

  5. And todays episode
    Sona – Aur Aur Aur Aur Aur……
    Dev- mera khargosh is lahange me achha lag raha hai
    Still m smiling………devakshi u both are so romantic……..n maar daaloge apne romance se

  6. bocce episode this week gonna be best episodes of KRPKAB

    shaheer always rocks he looks soon cute

  7. However, Neha and Rajbeer’s marriage will bring a big twist for Dev and Sonakshi where Ishwari turns bit negative for Sonakshi.On the other hand, Neha starts feeling uncomfortable in Rajbeer’s house and is surprised seeing change in his behavior too.

  8. nice episode waiting for next episode

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    The last part was superssss dev yold sona not to watch her face on mirror & put kajal to free away from evil side
    Ishwari over possessive mother

  10. I don’t understand why is Ishwari fuming ?

  11. ISH will accuse SONA & also warn her to keep distance from DEV & mind her own business I.e., to be in limits of nutritionist & not to try to mingle with the family.by listening to this SONA Will broken & DEV is surprised to see ISH & feels bad 4er SONA & GRB raha will pure fuel in the fire

    & the real story of KRPKAB is gonna start

    1. Priya9876

      very exciting to watch the real story of KRPKAB…….

  12. Sheema Shahin

    Wow!!!!! Jst lvng devakshi

  13. Hi priya…..Whr r u

    1. Priya9876

      Hii mubeen
      M fi9

  14. Esme

    East or west krpkab is d best.hw many of u do agree with me??
    By the way please check my episodic analysis “”Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi New Promo released 2nd july detailed update”” and yeah please comment too.

    1. Priya9876

      Three cheers for Krpkab ?
      Hip hip hurray ? hip hip hurray? hip hip hurray ?

      1. Esme

        All together long live krpkabkrpkab.

  15. Asmita...

    I could not watch today’s episode…..

    1. Priya9876

      Don’t worry….
      Episode is uploaded on YouTube….
      N what about ur shifting ,, started or not????

  16. Ishwari is nothing but the possessive mother who can’t bear anyone in her sons life unfortunately .EGOISTIC CHARM ZTE HER

  17. Hi nice update but please give a detailed story as i dont understand hindi much so ur update is useful for me to understand. Dev will explain her beauty but that was not indetail so can u do it thankyou

  18. Ishwari is nothing but the possessive mother who can’t bear anyone in her sons life unfortunately .EGOISTIC CHARNEY who only wants her son to herself and not interested in her sons personal life to flourish .

    1. She is possessive of her son. Yes you can be angry for hiding something from you but not for long or go to the point of accusing the girl of stealing your son.

  19. Guys! I have a different opinion. Altough I feel that Dev and Sona’s are the best couple on Tv and they just look so good together.I feel that Sona and Dev should not get married.since dev s kindda Mama’s boy,Sona will never be happy in such kindda set up.I have a strong feeling that Dev is all this romantic,extra possessive towards Sona only in private but when it comes to publicly accepting specially in front of this mom,he would emerge as a different person and will show his true colors. Sona will be painfully and hopelessly stuck in between this Mother son’s too deep relationship if at all she gets married to Dev.

  20. Hello everyone….!!
    I’m new here…..
    I’m a big devakshi fan as you guys are….
    Today’s episode was nice and the last pat was awesome…..
    But ishwari is going to be a big hurdle in the sweet love story….?

  21. devakshi moments were so cute…..

  22. @ ESME I agree wid u ..east or west KRPKAB is the bessssst ….

    1. Esme


  23. This is my best birthday gift ever!!and Radha doseent get jealous,she gets suspicious!!omg devaakshi are so cute!!!?

    1. Esme

      I have read some of ur comments before n they r simply awesome. Now a selfish request. Can u please read n comment on my article “”Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi New Promo released 2nd july detailed update””?

  24. Devga

    Awwww both gems would have been pretty right??? I don’t see the episode …. thank u for the update ma ….

  25. Subhashini

    Ishwari scolds sona will dev also silently to watch this is not right,ishwari ji is over possessive mother but anyways today last part of episode is so superb and in precap nikki is right dev and sona looking cute together

  26. The whole family is selfish and just bothered of their own selves including Ishwari whose only worry is her son would move away From her on fresh love . Neha The less you talk about her the better it is .

  27. the episode was totally awesome. mummyji is coming in form

  28. Devakshi was very awesome today in neha Sangeet
    Just waiting for the next episode

  29. Priya9876

    Hii everyone…
    A sort detailed update of Only Devna scene….
    the last one…
    S- aap?
    D- Mai…..
    S- Pehli nazar me to mai dar hi gyi thi…
    D- pehli nazar me to mai marr hi gya tha…
    S- Soo cheezyy, mai ek nutrients hoo mr.dixit, i can’t love extra cheez
    D- ar extra pyar??
    S- ahmm!! Mai kaisi lag rahi hun?
    D- Bahut khubsurat…
    S- aur?
    D- aur….ye jhumke,,,, ye payal,, aap pe nhi saj rahe aapki wajah se ye saj rahe hai…
    S- aur?
    D- Aaine me mat dekhna….kahin najar naa lag jaye khud ki
    S- aur?
    D- aur…… aap itni masum lag rahi hai…..
    S- aur?
    D- kitni bholi….
    S- aur?
    D- aap ek dumm….. khargosh lag rahi hai…..
    S- mai…mai khargosh lag rahi hu aapko??
    D- AAp khargosh nhi lagti, khargosh aapke jaisa lagta hai….. waise mera khargosh iss lehenge me acha lag raha hai….
    S- aam!! waise mujhe yeee Neha k room rakhna hai to mai ja rahi hu….
    DEV holds her hand
    D- Maine jane ki izazat di….
    S- Aur aap mujhe kis haq se rok rahe hai?
    D- Pyar haq de deta hai sonakshi….mera tumpar pura haq hai, kyu ki mai tumse pyar karta hun…
    Sadgi Achii lagi mujhko ye teri…… plays…..
    waoooooooo!!! what a scene….
    expression was superb……….
    shaheer n erica rockss…….

    1. Asmita...

      Hey Priya….good attemp….its really better than mine…

      1. Priya9876

        Thank u…..
        Noo yaar dis is not better than u, bcz dis izz very small attempt….

  30. Priya9876

    guys have u noticed………
    in yellow shirt….. DEv kita hansome lag raha tha….uffff….
    Ye GKB se v jyada mujhe iss ullu k patthe Vicky pe aata hai….hmesa ye DEv se itne sare paise lekar jata hai…huhhhhh!!!!!
    aur ishwari khamosh dekhte rehti hai…..bechari ka mann too nhi hota dene ka, lekin fir v dena padta hai…
    PLz DEV iss GKB ka ghar banwa doo…

  31. Writers do not change good story into boring ekta kapoor sas bahu story

  32. Hi priya……nice conversation…….love d devakshi scene…..ty fr dis conversation

    1. Priya9876

      Thank u soo much

  33. DevSona

    Link of my new Devakshi ff. Please check. I’ll be more than happy if u do so… Stories name ‘Poisoned Love’

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