Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev eagerly waits for Sona to return. Sona tells Bejoy that she needs to go as maa and Dev must have returned home. Asha asks to rethink about infertility treatment as it is very painful. Sona says she will leave now and walks out. Dev eagerly continues waiting outside. Sona reaches. Dev says let us go in, mom has returned. Sona asks if he is sure about treatment. He asks what happened. She says even earlier everyone were eager about her pregnancy and if their hope shatters again. Dev says we will try our best and will think aout results later.

Inside home, GKB tries to brainwash Ishwari that bengali baba/Bejoy must be brainwashing Sona. Elena says even they are worried. Sona enter with Dev. Neha yells Ishwari that her bahu came. Ishwari says whoever

must have done mistake, the truth is her dream is shattered and she is deeply hurt, she just needs a heir of her house. Dev says Sona agreed for treatment and they will consult this city’s best fertility treatment clinic. Ishwari says she will fast for 16 mondays then and asks Sona if she is ready. Sona says she needs to talk to her. GKB murmurs herself that Sona is hitting her leg with an axe herself. Sona tells Ishwari that she is ready to do anything and tells her childhood story where she likes a doll and her parents did not have money, when her baba got salary and they reached shop, doll was already sold, she did not get what she needed for the firs time. If she had got that doll that time, she would not have remembered that incident. Sona asks what she wants to say. Sona says she is ready to undergo any treatment, but if she fails, will she consider her as family member again. Ishwari says she is right, this is our family and she asked her to undergo treatment for this family’s sake, her child is whole family’s child and she has to try her best to fulfill her promise and stop thinking negative, she just have to think about 7% success rate.

At night, Dev comes out of washroom and Sona in front of mirror. He thanks her for accepting mom’s request. Sona says mom is right, they are all a family and she is doing this for family, if the result is positive, she will get same happiness as mom will. Dev says he told everything to mom that she did not know anything and he hid it even from her. Sona asks if he told everything. He says yes. She asks what about 5 crores he gave to dada/Sourav. He says she considers his family as hers, but what about him, he just did a business, Sourav described his idea and he liked it and invested. Their chatting continues.

GKB sees Elena applying nail polish and insists to apply it on her fingers also. Elena says she will apply on herself first and then will apply on her fingers. GKB thinks her fingers will look good, Vicky got a dusky wife, if it was in her control, she would hav got a fair bahu. Vicky comes and asks to get him hot milk. Elena asks GKB to get him milk as her fingers are still wet. GKB thinks these 2 tota maina/love birds are pestering her a lot.

In the morning, Dev joins family for breakfast and tells Ishwari his child would be naughty like her. After breakfast, Dev with Sona and Ishwari meets doc. Ishwari says she needs her ahu’s treatment ASAP. Doc says they need to perform tests for 2-3 days and then start treatment. Ishwari asks why 2-3 days. Doc says she will do Sona and Dev’s stress test first and asks her to go out. Ishwari asks why, she came with them. Doc says she has to go out.

GKB yells in front of Vicky that she tried hard to brainwash Ishwari and kick Sona out of house, but her plan failed and Ishwari instead reaccepted Sona and took her to doc. Vicky says she is too eager and makes mistakes and should wait and watch.

After performing stress test, doc tells Ishwari that Dev and Sona are under a lot of stress and once they are tension-free, 7% chances may work and Sona may get pregnant soon. Ishwari asks to treat her bahu well.

Asha serves tea to Bejoy and Sourav and asks Bejoy to have it. Bejoy says he does not want Sona to go through pain, so he will ask her not to undergo treatment. Asha says what is wrong if they get happiness. Sourav says same. Asha asks Bejoy to relax and concentrate on his secretary job.

Sona returns home and finds Shimla tickets on bed. Dev comes and asks her if she started reading immediately after returning home. Sona shows Shimla tickets and asks if he booked them. He says no. Ishwari enters and says she booked tickets as doc suggested them to be tension-free. They should enjoy trip and even visit temple there as wishes come true there.

Precap: Sona enjoy their Shimal vacation. Vicky finds file in which he finds that Dev has invested 5 crores in Sourav and Sona’s file and hatches a plan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hey guys! Finally, I’m back! Missed you all and your comments so much, I swear. No doubt, this is the most addicting page I’ve ever visited! Anyways, I know I’m late, but better late than never; Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!

    1. Subhashini

      Happy New Year to you too anshu dear???…

      1. Same to you Di!!???

  2. Ishwari, I must say, has literally crossed all limits. A highly cheap and selfish woman she is, I consider. She simply thinks that such a treatment is no great deal and it mightn’t be of much trouble. And even if she knows what great amount of trouble this treatment causes, I positively think that she couldn’t care any less. In my opinion, she finds this all a really interesting and fun game where she simply wants to remain at the topmost position. Now, neither will she be loving towards Sonakshi nor will she let her breathe in peace! The look on her face when she was told to exit the room by the doctor explains it all; her desire to be present everywhere and to have her own control over things. I strongly feel that Dev should oppose her thoughts and decisions at such a point. Instead of taking Sonakshi’s side and considering the amount of pain she’d have to go through, Dev is simply being a mamma’s boy yet once again. When he said that he’d do anything to please Ishwari, Sonakshi seemed to be too taken aback and if I’m not wrong, she too realized what we did ages back: that Dev shall leave no stone unturned to meet his mother’s desires.

    1. Sonadi

      I do not know whether Iswari crossed all the limits.I have seen many mother in law as do the same thing driving the son and daughter in laws crazy about grand children.Besides here she was falsely given a dream and she became obsessed.Slapping incident is going to be bad. Simla trip is not going to help.Iswari should realize and shut Mamaji..

  3. As it is said, too much of anything is bad and here, we have Vicky as a living example of that. Since quite some time, he’d been a bit too much of a positive guy and now, he’s back to where he’d started from. Once again, he wants to burn things, he wants to cause trouble in DevAkshi’s lives. Although a bit influenced from his dad, most of his blood is surely inherited from his mother, GKB, I can say.

  4. For now, all I look forward to is DevAkshi’s trip in Shimla☺️
    Although for her own needs and selfish reason, I’m highly surprised to see Ishwari do such a grateful thing!

  5. Highly regressive show. A daughter-in-law has no value other than being a child-bearing machine. The husband is spineless and very stupid. All the women in the house are devious and nasty. The worst part is daughter-in-law acting like a slave and putting up with all the abuse and justifying it in the name of family values, Any self-respecting woman should walk out of such a situation.

  6. Sonadi

    This episode was not bad.Iswari is selfish I agree. Couple do try to get child by trying many ways. Sona agreed to do this because she also wants a child.But she knows that Iswari ‘S love is only conditional. That is why she posed that question for which she did not get a straight answer.There is no guarantee that she will get a male child even if Sona gets pregnant.
    Iswari is also sincere that she will fast on Mondays and prey to God.
    GKB hatches plans but it fails in the end.
    Thiis 5 croresbinvestment is going to create another problem.Dr had told Iswari that Dev and Sona have to be stress free. That is the reason Iswari is sending them to Simla. But when they come back stress is going to be back because of GKB. Iswari should send GKB away or ask her to be quite like she gave the ultimatum before..
    As long as GKB is in the house stress is going to be there for everybody.
    As I had said before no brother with self respect and pride will stay under his sisters roof for so long.
    I agree Dev lied for his selfish reasons but What Iswari did she cheated her son by getting his signature without his knowledge in the prenup. Was it a good sanskar..
    She also did cheat her son because of her own selfish reasons.
    Finally , for the past one week the makers made us cry. But it looks like they are not done with it yet. If this goes on fans will loose interest and the rating will go down.
    They should make bad people suffer for sometime atleast.
    My feeling is that most fans take these serials do not take as a story.They take it to their heart. If they keep showing that bad people triumph all the the time otherwise fans will loose faith in life.

  7. Hi everyone…

    Am I the only one who found today’s episode a little embarrassing or everyone?? Seriously yaar ishwari is getting creepy and she literally is sending them to make a baby, how creepy and embarrassing is that to a daughter-in-law.. on top of everything, dev was reacting like its normal, really?? Any son would feel uncomfortable if his mom talked like this.. when they wanted to go to honeymoon, she dint let them go, now she is doing it for the baby.

    Anyway it’s like the makers have made up their mind to give us jhatkas.. they give us one happy devakshi moment, the next 10 days of fight and arguments.. they gave us the surprise dance sequence and then the ayan drama.. now 1 episode of honeymoon romance, then the slap sequence, hadh hai yaar, thoda tho break dho..

  8. Will be so good if Ishwari ask GKB and Vicky to move out, lesson for all freeloaders to give respect.

  9. very very regressive, backward show . no respect for women. lousy show

  10. Junee

    I felt extremely low after watching this episode! Poor Sonakshi trapped and helpless ! She was not only humiliated but the pain she was going thru nobody except her father Bijoy understood!This story definitely is showing a mother of 1960 or 70 who would behave this way for I have witnessed 4 mother in laws of 80s in the family all cousins of mine who had miscarriage or a similar inhospitable uterine problem have ultimately become mothers . But what is important is their mother in laws adviced them to be patient and atleast wait for a year for the body to come back to normal and ready for conception! None of those women were doctors bit experience made them give that advice to be anxiety and stress free!
    Ishwari knows it all and does not actually know a thing! Illiterate of the first order!
    She is a control freak who just wants Sonakshi to achieve the difficult in a ruthless manner. Let her ask Neha to do the same! Why cant she sort out Neha’s problems !Useless gawar female!
    My colleague a gynae says she hardly comes across such people. Most of the time the couple comes alone or with the girl’s mother rarely MIL! Even if they do those women are usually concerned and not Ishwari like. They always sync with the doctor that the couple should remain stressfree! This Ishwari is evil and Dev is spineless and that is why Sonakshi is suffering so much! I had defended Dev even when he lied to both Sona and Ish as I felt he did it with good intentions but I find him totally spineless a person who thoughtlessly is conceding to his mother’s unreasonable demands! He could have said we will try later but let Sonakshi come out of this trauma then we shall get this medically treated! He breaks a news to her and does not give her any time to heal! Just terrible! I feel Sonakshi has taken enough of all this she should leave that family! Dev also goes on to say he can do anything for his mother which probably may include leaving Sonakshi at the wicked lady’s demand! I just felt disappointed and dejected to see a girl being slaughtered this way! For those who claim this to be a reality , I will say that I have not come across a case like this personally and professionally ! This is a pre 70s mother who might have this mindset but definitely not a mother in law of a generation we belong to! Disgusting husband thats all I can say at this point if time!

  11. Junee

    I just hope Sonakshi gets pregnant and delivers a girl child! What will Ishwari do then? Besides the prenup agreement will come up so how does it matter whether it s a boy or a girl! Anyway she will deprive Dev Sonas kids to Dev’s fortune as per that! Lets see what Dev does in that case? Will he protect his daughter and Sonakshi against his mother’s will? Had I been Sonakshi I would have given him a tight slap and walked out with my daughter! I am really upset with the mother and Son duo!!what teash is the writer of KRPKAB asking us to gulo down? ? Mahesh Pandey you just can’t write about antique problems you need to focus on solutions dear writer!!!

    1. Sonadi

      Prenup is signed only by Dev. That is also Dev’s God Iswari cheated her own son and got it signed by him without his knowledge.Since Sona did not sign it does not have any value.But Sona does not care about Dev’s wealth.She will sign when the divorce situation comes.
      I feel that nobody discusses this fertility issues in front of everybody. It is a private matter.
      Again it is illogical here.
      I feel sorry for Bijoy. He is a realistic guy. He is the only one who feels about the pain Sona is going to have.
      I started hating Dev because he is not supporting Sona against Mamaji.All he is worried is about his mother.

      1. Junee

        Yes u are right! She doesn’t care about Dev’s wealth but she would definitely be hurt to see Dev’s signature on it.
        Besides , the MIl doesn’t go overboard like Ishwari. I fail to understand she being a mother
        of 4 children doesn’t understand the pain that shona is going through! I just hate her! Dev , is a spineless fellow and I can only pity Shona for
        having a guy like that in her life!
        Terrible isn’t it???

  12. Junee

    Trash and not teash

  13. Junee

    What trash is the writer of KRPKAB , Mahesh Pandey asking us to gulp down???

  14. Junee

    Good morning All!!!!!Have a nice and a bright day! Cheers!
    Sorry I was feeling so low that I forgot to wish till I vented out my feelings!!!☺️☺️

  15. Junee

    Elena who has always been a fan of her sister should now do enough to not only keep her mother in law in check but also make other members realise their ruthless and thoughtless behaviour! Elena you must do something for your sister and not just apply nail polish!!

  16. Dev always only put his mom ahead!
    Why nobody mom n family’s isn’t god too?
    Ishwari is being too mean. Like only her wants a kids? Doesn’t hurt Sona twice as much not becoming a mother n her who will undergo all the pain n be insulted. Instead she being more caring she become demanding n pushing more to Sona. Is only a child can bring mother in law n daughter in law together. Sona family’s worries more it’s their kid who is going through this phase n trial time not Dev.

    I feel sorry for Sona she bears too much for this family’s to accept her still!

  17. Asmita...

    Shame on Ishwri… how can a mother be so cheap…

  18. Asmita...

    A superb Good Morning …

    Aaru… Aashi… Aayushi… Aila… Aisha… Akangsha… Akanksha bhardwaj… Alia… Alka… Amii… Amy… Anam… Anj… Anita… Annie… Anshita… Anu… Aradhana… Archi… Archita… Arjumanbanu… Arpita… Arrjay… Ashriti… Avni… Ayesh… Azra… Azzuu…

    Bala Chitra S… Banno… Beth… Dr Bhalchandra Thakkar… Bhoomi… Bunny…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Daksha… Devga… Devsona… Dhanu… Dhira… Dibya… Divya… DJ789… Dolly… D.Seeba…

    Erika… Erina… Esha… Esme…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…

    Ibtesam… Imran Shah Jillani… Indradev… Ishita… Ishram… Ishu… Iswarya Santosh…

    Jeni… Juhi… Junee…

    Kalai… Kaarnuha… Kaira… Kalpana… Karnika… Karthika… Kavitha… Kaya… Khusi… Kiran Kumari… Kittu… Kitty… Krish…

    Labiba… Lakshree… Lalitha Manasa… Lata… Latha… Leesa… Lotika… Lovinglt…

    Maggie… Mahi… Malathy… Maleeha… Maria… Mika… Mohit Kalra… Moni… Mubeen…

    Nabanita… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nida… Nidhi… Nikki… Nikita… Niki645… Nirmala… Nishi… Noorjahan… Nutu Tekhil…

    Pakhi… Pankaj Grover… Pankti… Pinky… Piya… Piyali… PK… Pothik… Pradishma… Preet… Preeti… Pri… Priya… Priyanka… Puja Bose… Punitha Ranjan… Purvi…


    Radhika… Rajdip… Rajesh… Raksha… Rakshita… Ramyakumar … Ratna… Ria.. Ridhs… Rishneee… RiyaDcruz… Roshni…

    Saamii… Saasha… Sabahnur… Sadaf Shamim… Saheli… Saibha… Saina… Sakshi… Sakthi… Sam… Samaira… Sammy… San… Sangita… Sarika Siva… Saurav… Savi… Shalini… Shahnaz… Shalini Bose… Shalini Senthil… Shalu… Sharica… Shivani… Shivansh… Shreya… Shruti… Shraddha… Shree… Shivani… Shubhi… Shweta… Simi… Simran… Simplesweety… Smita… Sneha… Sona… Sonadi… Sonal… Sonali… Sri… Srisatya… Subasri Gautham… Subhashini… Sudheer… Surti… Sv… Swarna…

    Tamnna… Tamoghna Dutt… Tanu… Tapasya… Teena… Tessie…

    Vahini… Vaishu… Vani… Varsha… Varshini… Vini… Vishu…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zahra Ismail… Zaraa… Zoya…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

    1. Aarti32

      Good morning Asmita..

    2. Sriya

      My name sriya

  19. Waiting for that slap to bejoy…
    Although accidental, I am eagerly expecting to see bejoy getting tight slap, else he won’t shut his filthy mouth.. blo*dy bejoy, he is pissing out much more than pisswari.. Whenever he comes on screen, he just keeps on talking,talking,talking,talking
    .ufff wonder if his mouth is made of rubber.. Disgusting old man.. Always blaming Dev. Can’t he shut for while..

    Saw the link where bejoy gets slapped.. God, Dev already in stress trying to console pisswari and this bejoy keeps talking, talking that too standing to back of Dev.. Ppah..

    1. Akku

      Can u send that link here plz

    2. Sonadi

      I guess you are for Dev. He never defends his wife. He does not explain properly to shut his Mami.You are blaming Bijoy. He is a father concerned about his daughter.Dev now is exactly like his mother,spineless and selfish.
      Dev has to go for anger management.He does not say anything to Mami who is constantly abusing his wife..Showing Dev slapping his fil even though it is an accident is very horrible thing
      Bijoy is the only person concerned about his daughter.

      1. Junee

        You are bang on right Sonadi

    3. Junee

      I feel like giving a tight slap to Dev a spineless selfish man ! Just obsessive about a toy called Shona yet cannot live upto her in terms of being responsible! Where on earth in a decent family have u heard about a son or a son in law slapping his fatherin law or father! Its a slum culture! A wife can slap a husband or vice versa but havent heard of someone younger dlapping an elderly person!!!!

  20. Akku

    I m really pissed of now…this ishwari…ufff….
    Itni despiration….lyk seriously…nd the way she talked to the doctor…k aaj kuchh ni ho skta h…aree bhaii procedure h…tera besan ka halwa ni bnana..k aadha kaam aaj krdo baki kl kr dena nd your halwa will be ready…hdd ho gyi..koi cheez thodi bnani h…
    dev is back in his stupid fool avtar…pdhai kr k xam ni dena…k haan maa sona din raat pdhai kr k 90% le aaygi…it is a medical procedure u idiot…sona ki feelings k baare me kisi ne ni socha k usko kaisa lg rha hoga..pehle usko comfortanle kre koi iss treatment k liye..

  21. Akku

    I don’t know why…bt kl dev nd ishwsri k jo bhi dialouges the nd jo bhi kl dikhaya…uska impact aisa aaya k…koi materialistic thing h..like some defective furniture..jisko carpainter k le jakr theek krwana h…i mean no emotions at all….ishwari se to koi expectations hain hi nhi…bt dev bhi bss strt ho gya apni maa k peeche…yrr thoda tym do sona ko..usko bji abhi hi pta chla h sb…usko bhi pain hua…uska bhi dream toota..usko relax kro thoda…bs ishwari ne bol diya to nxt day se lgg gy dev babu

  22. Sriya

    Ishwari is a selfish women she just thinks that treatment will go well and that radha rani always influences her so every time ishwari end up doing something which hurts Sonakshi feelings and Dev is again becoming a mamma’s boy and precap ? What will happen ? A very good morning to all Krpkab fans. I am new in this page writing my first story on Devakshi the rain where our love story begins so hello to all.

  23. Sonadi

    Iswari did not even apologize for what she said to Sona in the temple. She still did not believe that Dev .
    I am watching the old episodes like from 35 to 45.They showed Sona as a fighter.But now she is so much submissive.The writers as usual does not have logic.They just want to create situations.
    Dev says to Bijoy that Sona is my wife also but does not even think how much pain she has to go through.Hevdoes not even defend her against Mamaji. Not even once he says anything to Mami.
    It looks like Vicky has some plan .we have to wait and see the slapping episode.After that Bijoy leaves the house .Sona and Asha goes after him.Dev is also running after them.Sona should not come back to Dev’s house for what Dev did.If he has so much anger why can’t he say anything to Mami.Mami will shut up once he opens his mouth.
    Junee , you are questioning why Iswari is not sorting out Neha’s problem. Because Neha will talk back.And Iswari has double standard.

  24. Aarti32

    Ishwari ki baton par ab mujhe hasi aati h..hospital mein wo kya help kregi doctor ki..wo kya doctor h, ya phir nurse..Aur kitna awkward lagta h, pati patni gye h fertility treatment k liye..N wo bhi sath mein tang gyi..usko to sharam hi nhi h..

    Ab bas wo shimla na chali jaye unke sath..?? ye bolte hue ki meri madad ki zaroorat padegi..

    1. Priya9876

      beshARAM KI leader h bhaiii….bol v sakti hai….
      agar sona sucess nhi hui too ye v bol sakti hai ki mai bachaa paida kar leti hoon

    2. Akku

      Haha…well said….main bhi yhi soch rhi thi…koi bdi baat nhi thi agr wo unke sath shimla bhi aati…or she will make sure k what devakshi are doing in their room everynight…bss tym waste mt krna

  25. Subhashini

    Ab kya bolo patha nai iam confused and i don’t know in dev’s family relationships are true….because we noticed that ishwari not worry about her daughters she always much worry about dev only y….always she think about dev …neha ki problem ki baarimae ho socha nai ,ria,nikki ki baarimae socha nai sirf dev then theen beti ka kya…
    Ishwari kiliyae beta chahiyae,potha chahiyae ,lekin bahu nai chahiyae ae kya pyar ae …
    Dev also like same as ishwari he love much more but in needed time ho kabhi sona ki saath nai….sona ki baath bhi ho sunn nai saktha infront of his mother

  26. indira chatterjee

    Sonakshi ma nahi ban sakti yeh jante hue bhi Dev ne use shaadi ki, phir vi woh jhut ka sahara liya, after treatmnet sonakshi ma nahi ban saki to ? Dev ko yeh baat apne ma se clear kar dena chaye, koshish thik hai lekin man me jhuti ummid nahi rakhna chahiye

  27. Asmita...

    Hey guys… i have written an OS… Devakshi with No Ishu…

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz do read….


  28. Sneha1

    afetr a torturous ishu mataji episode…
    finally a reliever…

    Shaheer Erica receiving Lions Gold award for best Jodi on stage


    1. Manya


    2. Areyyyyy yaaar Soooooo lovely both ?????

      Sharica was really lovely jodi……..??

  29. Sneha1

    in the award ceremony.. both are looking super awesome…what a color coordinated dress.. Erica is looking super gorgeous in western outfit….
    When Erica said that she got awards because of Shaheer…Shaheer was saying slowly slowly that no no don’t say like that…how cute they are together…
    Just love them from the core of my heart

  30. Sneha1

    enjoy the videos…

    here is the link of winning jodi award




  31. Priya9876

    height of despreation………….!!!
    u b*t*h Ishwari………..
    ithink writers ka dimaag expire hota ja raha hai….what r u writing????????????

    kuch dino baad SP fir kuch Tweet karegi apne selfish character ko lekar….

    1. Sneha1

      sach mein yaar… ishu k expression dekh kar to aisa hi lag raha hai ki ab wo practically samjhayegi Dev Sona ko… ya phir teacher banker unke room mein baith jayegi.. just to check if they are putting efforts in the right direction…
      Height of stupidity… I am fed up…
      How can they deal with such a sensitive issue of infertility like this… they are not just mocking the couples who are suffering with infertility issue and also of all medical developments in the field..
      aisa lag raha hai ki sab kuch ishu mataji ki marji se hi hoga.. I just feel to kill her seeing her expression in doctor’s cabin….. so despo she is……

  32. krpkab ka pehle wala charm ab dikhai nahi deta….I wish humara purana krpkab hume wapas mil jaye

    1. Manya

      Me too?

  33. Sneha1

    & see what Dev is doing…. Bus band kamre mein biwi ko bolta hai.. mein tumhare sath hu…
    aur mataji aur Mamiji k saamne aate hi jubaan par taala lag jata hai… stupid mama’s boy !!!!
    hate you …..

  34. I think makers have got one of dev’s traits, finding temporary solution. Supriya was not happy with her negativity compiled role n shaheer teased his character that every husband become dumb after marriage in shows. So we got to see happy happy ishwari pampering sona, dev dealt ayan alone. What now? Back to square one. Sona s trying to b part of the family, dev s trying to satisfy his ‘god’, vicky started to make trouble in devakshi life…..r they thinking just showing some happy moments between dev n sonakshi will keep the audiences stick to the show? It s sad r happy track whatever it s i just want it to b logical and realistic that’s it. I miss old sona???

    1. Sonadi

      They started realistically and logical. Now they just want to create situations and does not have to be logical or realistic.

  35. Wat a cunning nd shameless Mother Ishwari….. Wahhhh

    Pata nai director ji ko Kya dushmani ho humsab fans se……Ye Kya kehna chahthe ho……?????

    Kya Dev tum bi na Sona ke support sirf band kamare me de saktha ho kya….. Idiot (Sorry to say dis)…….????

    Ye Vicky na Sona SE badla lene ke liye kar raha Badmash ki bacha…… thoda nice track ane wala vnke pani PE pathar dalne ke thayar ye saithan ki beta….??☠?

    I think dis TRIO witch ko na muh pe fevicol dalo….. plssss we can’t bare dis again nd again…… Sona common yaaar Jor ka jatka dho vsko…….. Don’t cry dear….Plssss…..An Rona dona bandh karo…….Be strong like before Plssss

    Precap PE DEVAKSHI ka New dresses clr vnpe sooo romantic tha….??❣

  36. Actually am really feeling depressed bcoz of Ishwari…..Kya hei vunki prblm……
    Vaaris vaaris bolne lagi agar beti hothi tho kya karegi….. Stupid (Rakshasi…. Dheyyam…..) Sorry guys am feeling good in Telugu word’s …It means Saithan nd ghost))…….

    Isliye meine abi thak comment nahi kiya….

    1. Priya12

      Di, I also know telugu

      1. Ohhh….It’s good….Wr r u from @priya12

  37. Today i don’t believe in award shows guys. He s a good actor than a co-actor. How natural his acting is! He avoids eye contacts in most of the scenes i don’t why he s doing that except that long eye lock romances…people loves thriller n fantasy more than feel good, much closer realistic shows sorry no offense…. I m not taking sides but this show deserves best… You guys agree with me?

  38. I watched some of his previous serial episodes navya… Comparing his acting in both serial he s much refined now..i became a fan of him after watching mahabharat….whether offscreen or onscreen he s so cool. About erica this serial maybe her debut but she has done many movies so there s no doubt in her acting she’s got experience too. As a jodi they have a cute onscreen bond. Sorry for being sooooo judgy…..

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