Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mamaji tells Dev that Ishwari knows about Sona and she expected him to tell her soon, but he did not. She is deeply hurt and feels she failed. He suggests Dev to not let his mom fail.

Bejoy comes to Sona’s room and says Dev is a good man, Asha told him everything, he is happy about her decision. Sona says Dev is complicated, he discusses everything with her but did not tell about he to his mom. Dev goes to his room and thinks Sona was right, he should have informed mom, he needs to talk to Sona before speaking to mom. He calls Sona, but her phone is in silent mode and she does not notice it. Bejoy tells Sona that he is her best friend, even then she did not tell him about Dev, even Dev must be facing same siutation and delimma.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and sees Radha trying to feed Ishwari. He asks Radha to go out as he wants to talk to maa. Radha starts yelling that he considers her as outsider and says Ishwari if she says, she will go out, else Dev has to speak in front of her. Dev angrily asks her to out. She walks out and hears their conversation standing near door. Dev tells Ishwari that he did from her that he loves Sona. She says her happiness is in his happiness. He gets happy and says Sona is perfect match for him. Mamaji sees Radha hearing their converation and takes her from there. Ishwari says Dev she needs to rest now and repeats her happiness is in his happiness.

Elena comes to Sona and tries to console her. Sona continues crying. Elena says if this is falling in love, she is better without it. Sona sees Dev’s missed calls and calls him. Dev in this his happily thinks of meeting Sona personally and informing her that mom accepted their relationship. He starts driving car towards Sona’s home. Sona calls him again. He picks call and says he is coming to her home right now and asks her to come out. Sona comes down. Dev happily liftss her up.

Precap: Ishwari tells Mamaji that she is feeling the same uneasiness she was feeling since some days. Mamaji says as she wished Dev told her about Sona, now she is worried that her love will be shared.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Asmita...

    3 cheers for MAMA JI…. Mamaji you are too good… Kitna easily Dev(dumbo) ko samjha dia… And finally Dev ko akkl aa hi gayi…

    Sona k parents kitne understanding hain… Superb…

    But Ishwari is still not satisfied… Bhagwan ishwari ko “sadbudhdhi” de


    1. Priya9876

      Mama ji aapke charan kha hai?
      Hip Hip hurray
      Hip Hip hurray
      Hip Hip hurray
      Thanku thanku soo much mama ji…

  2. Eagerly waitin for tomorrow’s episode ???

  3. I’m new here. Loved today’s episode. Esp devakshi scene . pls comment in English. So I could understand our comments since I don’t know hindi

  4. bohat achi epi itne dino baad dev aur sona ko khush dekha mera mood bohat kharab tha aaj lekin mene epi jese hi dekhi mera moood perfect ho gaya ha

  5. Esme

    Finally dev’s confession.

  6. Chithra

    aan…thats really a nice epdisode… bejoy thought was just amazing..

  7. I just hate Ishwari.

  8. Priya9876

    Ufff ye Jalim editor bhai kitna tadpaoge?
    Romantic sa lift dikhakar end Kar Diya aapne….unhuuu!!!! Hu!! Hu..
    Kaise wait hoga kal tak….
    Omg? kal Friday v h…aahaaaaaa mummaaaa uske baad 2 din ar wait krna hoga…?

  9. Kalpana

    Thank you MA for the super fast update 🙂 finally! Dev confessed!!! Ishwari aunty love increases when shared .. Problems decrease when shared… Not the reverse… Hamesha galat sur I mean rang pakad this hai!

    I hope Devakshi marry soon!!!

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally dev had little courages & tell his relationship to ishwari
    Unfortunately ishwari cant share dev love for another after precap
    Lastly sona main hassee toh aye love u devakshi

  11. Priya9876

    Aunty ji tussi had Kar ditta matlab ab bas v karo…aaj aapke expression dekh to sachhi wala gussa aa rha tha… Dev ro ro Kar aapse maafi maang raha tha lekin aap aur aapka gusaa my god!!!
    Bhaiya sab mujhe Khali Khali sa lag rha…sorry to say guys– but Khali aapka dimag Ho gya hai…plz ab to problem create mat karna…plz
    * Kisi ne notice kiya????
    — Jab dev room se bahar nikla to aunty ji ke kya expression the…totally horrible ??
    Mama ji ab aap hi kuch Kar sakte Ho..

  12. Aaru

    Awwwww..it was so cute, when Dev lifted Sona..I mean, her feet were near his knees. He lifted her so high..Sona itni halki fulki h ki Dev ne use aram se utha liya..dil garden garden ho gya..luvd it

    1. Priya9876

      Sachi maza aa gya…
      When I see dev’s excitement ? uffff can’t I express that time, my excitement iss in top of the mount Everest…. Awww really soo cute lift…
      I wish today in my dream u come n lift me also???

    2. He he even I noted that..he lifted her very high .. That’s right she is not heavy either..but they look damn cute together… ??????

    3. Esme

      Such a cute n beautiful lift……never seen before. …

  13. The problem for ishwariji was not just tht k dev unhe bata kyu nhi raha h…
    It was tht k wo relation me hai hi kyu..???
    Sometimes i feel laughing looking at her expressions….how she feels bad every time when she sees sona…
    Sona ki family to damn understanding yaar….hats off to them…
    Dev jitna complicated h uski family usse bhi jyada complicated h…
    Kya yaar ye dono maa bete bechari sona ko kaat ke kha jayenge…we all should give yellow flowers to ishwariji and should say “get well soon”to her…just like sanjay dutt did in munna bhai mbbs…???

    1. Priya9876

      Ohh too funny ? kaat ke kha jayenge hhaa…hahhaha….hahhha…
      Hey katenge v too sirf bones hi milega…??
      Sorry sona…n I luv u

  14. I so much despite these 2 face acting ok n then not ok! Accept but not contented it make others life corrupted omg

  15. mujhe yaqeen nahi aa rhaa tha iss liye 10 baar lift vala scene repeat kar ke dekhaaa i just love the way dev lifts her upp i just love it love it love it love it ummmmmmmmmaaaaah❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????

    1. Priya9876

      How u repeated tht last scene???

      1. Esme

        Maybe by recording it …..u can play as many times as u want……hehe…….

  16. Priya9876

    *latest upcoming news*

    DevAkshi fans, we have good news for you all!

    The cute reel couple, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh)-Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) relationship is all set to take the next step on Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams).

    The makers have planned something amazing for all their loyal viewers.

    With Dev and Sonakshi’s family learning about their relationship, looks like an exciting development is in the offing.

    As per a reliable source, “In the upcoming episode, Sonakshi’s family would decide to get their daughter engaged to Dev. The Bose family would go to Dixits’ house to fix Dev-Sonakshi’s relationship. The family would also propose Dev-Sonakshi’s marriage to Ishwari.”

    So is marriage on the cards for the duo?

    Will Ishwari accept Dev-Sonakshi’s marriage proposal??

    1. Esme

      Don’t worry priya……kyunki reel life mein end tak sab kuch sahi ho jata hai…aur agar end sahi nahi toh picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

      1. Priya9876

        Yeah very true

  17. Ab dekhna hai dev kitna romance krta hai. ….sbko pta hai…..ab kis se darrna…..m so happy….love u devakhshi…..frm nw only m start blushing omg

  18. Appreciate your written episodes…. Thanks a lot! Will be happy if the written episodes are more detailed….

  19. so Happy for Dev and Sona.lets just hope they remain immune and unaffected from negativity and rift that right now going on in Ishwari’s mind.GOD bless the duo and their pious love.
    I am pretty sure she will not b able to accept Sona or any other girl as her Daughter -in-law ..forget accepting as Daughter.She is a big time jealous lady.Sahi kaha ISHWARI ke naam me hi bas ISHWAR hai..andar she is a total Devil and praying her Devilish tricks.

  20. and to my belief ,Mama Ji was totally instrumental in convincing Dev to tell this to Ishwari. We were so fed up with this Hide and Seek game between Dev and Ishwari.
    Ishwari should learn something from Sona’s family as to how to take good news in a positive manner rather than spreading Negativity and stress everywhere..she has literally lifted the whole house on her head and created haphazard unnecessary just to seek attention from her son.dint know she could b that self centered.

  21. this kind of character and behavior doesnt suit Ishwari. This spoils the relationship of mother in law. This shows should spread positive vibes and not negative feelings. Ishwari is shown loving mom so she should be happy with her son’s relationship because he found the right girls .

  22. Episode is ok
    But ishwari ka sadness nahi katam hova hai
    Don’t when this gonna happen
    Waiting for tomorrow episode

  23. Sona ki family middle class hote hue bhi Dev ki so-called Super rich family se zyada suljhi hui hai..everyone s samajdhaar and understand each other very well.na hi koi badi badi baate karte hai.I remember in past episodes Dev used to utter wherever he goes…ki meri Maa Meri Maa nahi,wo meri Bhagwaan hai. Simliarly Ishwrai too behaves as if his Son is her lifeline.This serial has seriously given us a relationship goal that we should not over complicate the things.

  24. I love the episode very much

  25. Omg it was sooooo cute When dev lifted sona i was like repeat repeat and i saw it more than 10 times i am totally into this serial Its like i Cant express
    I was literally i was blushing cant wait for 2marrow .
    Is thr any 1 who feels like ur totally connected with it like When u watch it brings smile on ur space.
    Omg i dont know Wht but it srsly made my evening
    And i didnt like the precap itna bhi possesiveness I really dont like ishji is she devs mom or gf.

    1. face* not space

    2. Priya9876

      I m the one ✋

    3. Esme

      I don’t blush at all….bt d show brings a fine line near my lips…a cute smile…

  26. I think dev is Ishwari’s adopted son

    1. Esme

      Absolutely wrong. …no way

  27. Mr.dixits (obodhro) tumi ekdum impossible aapne itna sab apni maa ko bataya ye bhi bol dete k mai hi tym le raha tha batane me sonakshi k force karne par bhi maine tujhe nhi bataya mai himmat nhi kar pa raha tha ….

    To aadhi baat to wahi ishwari ji ki clear ho jati k chalo wo bhi yahi chahti thi ishwari ji ki thodi to misunderstanding dur hoti

    Aaplogo me se kisine is bare me socha tha

    1. Priya9876

      Yes Mai v bass wait Kar rahi thi Ki Dumbo dev kab ye baat share kare Ga….
      At least kuch to acha sochti aunty ji sona k liye….
      Dev KO sona ko v credit Dena chaiye tha Ki wo mujhe kb se keh rahi thi maa KO Bata do humare baare me…but ye Dumbo dev too Dumbo hi rahega…

      1. Esme

        Don’t call Dev dumbo……call him super duper dumbo….hehe…

  28. Mr.dixit (obodhro) tumi ekdum impossible aapne itna sab apni maa ko bataya ye bhi bol dete k mai hi tym le raha tha batane me sonakshi k force karne par bhi maine tujhe nhi bataya mai himmat nhi kar pa raha tha ….

    To aadhi baat to wahi ishwari ji ki clear ho jati k chalo wo bhi yahi chahti thi ishwari ji ki thodi to misunderstanding dur hoti

    Aaplogo me se kisine is bare me socha tha

  29. Atlast things are on track and now if ishwari is still feeling possesive then …..she will surely complicate things soon

  30. stopwatchingtv

    Dev has recently become so rich but his mother is still the same. Illiterate lower middle class types. Like that gareeb ki beti. Chik chik types. She has already started harassing her to be daughter in-law..sona

  31. Shalini rakshan

    background music was just awesome ☺☺☺

    1. Esme


  32. Priya9876

    Finally Shaheer ne apna hair cut karwaya, kitne bade ho chuke the…kb se notice Kar rahi thi uske hair ko…
    Aaj SBS segment dekha too paata chala…
    Now looking cool ?

  33. Ngkrishnakumari

    Yesterday epi was awesome love the way bejoy console sona the father daughter bonding is awesome
    Lastly devakshi last part was mindblowing

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