Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iswhari asks Dev and Sona to go and rest now. They both leave. Kichu asks what to do with fish. Daadi bua asks him to take permission Dev’s permission and throw it out, else throw her out. Elena and Sourav listen silently. Nikki and Rhea drop Sona and Dev to their room and say they decorated this room personally for them and asks if they liked it. Sona and Dev nod yes. They leave closing door. Dev and Sona sit on bed. Dev says if she noticed they did not speak today whole day. She nods yes. Their romantic discussion continunes.

Sourav and Elena reach home. Asha asks how is Sona, if she settled in her new home. Sourav informs that Ishwari accepted their shagun/gift, but other family members created an issue over nonveg food served at marriage and threw

fish in dustbin. Bejoy yells they did not serve nonveg themselves and how dare they throw auspicious fish in dustbin. Daadi says fish is auspicious for them, but for Dev’s family nonveg itself is inauspicious, so they should drop this issue right now. Asha says maa is right.

Ishwari asks Nikki, Rhea and Neha to go and rest now. Mamaji says he will get food from restaurant for Ishwari and daadi bua. Daadi bua says she does not in which utensil restaurant people cook and she does not need restaurant food. Radha yells as usual. Mamaji says Sona’s family served nonveg and veg food separaely and even after knowing nonveg food is served with veg food, Radha ate nicely and now is acting. Radha says she cannot conttrol hunger. Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare food and stumbles. Mamaji notices it and holds her. Radha sees that, runs to Dev’s room and just when and Sona are in romantic talks knocks their door and informs Dev that Ishwari’s fell down. Dev rushes towards living room.

Mamaji makes Ishwari sit on sofa and gives her water. Sona checks her BP and asks how can her BP get so slow. Radha starts yelling that her family served nonveg food and Ishwari does not even drink water where nonveg is around. Sona says her parents kept nonveg with Ishwari’s condition and if she had problem, why did not she inform beforehand. Ishwari says it is okay, she loves Dev a lot and can tolerate anything for his demand and happiness. She asks Dev and Sona to go and rest now. Mamaji says same and says Ishwari is his sister before Dev’s mother, so he will take care of his sister. Dadi bua says lots of inauspiciousness is happening, so Dev should not bother. Dev walks towards room. Sona angrily looks at Ishwari and walks behind Dev.

Once they reach room, Sona starts blasting Dev that it was him who agreed to keep nonveg food. He says he wanted to maintain balance between families and did not want to disappoint anyone. She yells her mother repeatedly told she let him marry as she loves him, it means she did not accept her as bahu. He says she did not understand mom well, anyways her father insulted his mom so much, even then she agreed for marriage. Sona continues blasting. Dev asks her to forget all these complaints as they wait for this night since so many days. She says she needs time and sleeps on bed turnig her face. Dev stands sadly.

Precap: Sona comes down wearing pallu for muh dikhayi ritual and her pallu falls down. Women yell ritual is finished before starting ritual. Daadi bua yells if Sona cannot handle her pallu, how will she handle family.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Azzuu

    |Registered Member

    yaar ……….
    kya hai thsi sihwari so sad and first night hi fight hogayi
    this ishwari and dadi bua and gkb feel like chappal utha ke maro
    i mean so stupid so sad
    and precap …………
    and sona ne argument kyu ki mai dekh hai nahi par phir update padke assa hi lag raha hai

      • Erina

        |Registered Member

        Bcse dear she feel insulted when that dadi bua, nd gkb started their chalisa us usual of dharam bharasth nd that ishwari mera dev ki mai har wish puri krti hu chahe vo kaisi bhi jidd kyu na kre. So thats why she aruged to dev that is maa is not happy, is maa is not ready to accept me, she does all this for only urs happiness. Is it so dev nd as usual dev had taken side of his maa… Uufff mai to fed up ho gy dev ke maa chalisa se.. Thats why i said earlier that i don’t want devakshi marriage so early as i knew ki yhi hoga.. Now see… What u think?????

  2. sneha

    I don’t know I.had expected too much or makers r so stupid… The episode was utter bakwas…. Missed all emotions, love, shyness, sincerity….. Just like the typical SaaS bahu serial where one or the other conspiracy going on
    Seems as if ishwari purposefully called Bua dadi so she can blame sonakshi or taunt sonakshi for every.other reason n ishwari can maintain her all sacrificing, understanding, loving Maa image in front of Dev

  3. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    The little DEVAKSHI scene we had was lovely…. and like that part when Dev was helping Sona to get rid off her hair pins…! That was soooo nice….I loved that moment…. and When Sonakshi finally admits her by called herself as Mrs. Dixit….👍👍👌👌😍😍😍😘😘😘

    But all other’s Dixit family members was unbearable except Mamaji.
    I’m very disappointed…. I mean…like seriously…!
    The girl had just got married, not even couple of hours has passed…..and what the hell is happining with her….This is too much..!

    It was so different when she was a nutritionist, but now she’s Dev’s wife now…! For god sake…Behave yourself ladies….Ican totally agree with Sona and completely understand what she has been going through…! Suddenly she’s being targeted so badly…..
    I really felt sooooo bad for Sona…. Specially when Dev said that his mom was insulted many times BT he didn’t say anything…! Dev is completely blind when his mom was concerned…
    His rational mind was completely switched off rather it is on sleep mode where Ishwari is concerned…

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      thanx 4 mentioning short but sweet devakshi scene…..
      nani ghar se aane k baad 1st time episode miss kiya maine….. really sad….. 😪😪

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Hey neha what can i say first is all d best dear for ur coming exam 👍👍👍👍👍
      Nd coming to epi i totally agree with u i loved that cuteee small moment of devakshi but my happiness vanished when dev just said that words to sona…….
      See thats why i said that ki i don’t want devakshi marriage so early as i was knowing that dev maa chalisa will not end at all but u all r exiciteddddddddd na that time now see whats happening……
      Aisa rha to i must say that report vala issue will soon arrive…

  4. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys kaisa laga aaj ka epi???????? Seriously i can’t digest this dadi bua, gkb nd that ishwari any more. 😈😈😈😈😈

  5. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Aaj us Pisswari aunty ki wajah se Sab kuch Kharab Ho gya 😪😪😡😪😪
    Bichara Dev apni maa aur Biwi ke beech mein phas gya 😜Uski toh koi galti nhi hai but phir Sona usi Ko Suna rhi hai
    Upar Se bejoy uncle ya phir chikchikoy 😜😂bas…….😡
    DEVAKSHI kaise bed ke corners par so rhe the Ishwari ki wajah se😡😡😪
    Upar se precap 😠Dadi bua ki toh ……….
    Lekin Sona bahut sundar lag rhi thi

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Hey swtheart don’t u think rather than saying sona that her family has also insulted him he would just support nd console sona by saying that whatever happens i’m here for u always no matter what maa, dadi bua nd mami said. Its not at all ur nd urs family fault. Its only my fault nd he just give tight hug to sona to give her comfort?????? I was looking for this only but dev had done reverse of it….

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        absolutely rightly said! I would have enjoyed exactly the way u suggested Erina! Me too was expecting that Dev would hug her and ask her to forget the bitterness for the moment

      • Neha1

        |Registered Member

        I’m completely agree with you Erina….but he’s Dev….For him his mom is God…! As I said before, when it comes to Ishwari..,, he was blind at that time…..His MAA-CHALISA will continue..
        But even I also want that whatever you suggested for Dev has to say Sona…. was perfect…!
        Dev toh waise bhi Sona ki koi baat itni easily nhi manta jab tak usse jhatka na lage….ye Dev ka bht purana record hai…!
        Dev kehta hai “I know my mom, Uske liye meri khusi se jyada important kuch nhi hai”….! But I think he don’t know his mom so well as Sona and her father Bijoy knows Ishwari….
        I think Ishwari was ready for Sonakshi- Dev marriage…so that she can get back his old Dev and his trust too…! Like a toy she had given to Dev…. Such a cheap mother Pisswari…!

  6. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Guys, pura episode jhagde mein hi nikal gya😖 ye bhua dadi ki koi nikal pheko yaar ghar se..jab se ayi h Ashanti macha rakhi h😕..N yaar kitna bura lagta h jab love marriage ke baad wife bole ki mujhe time chahiye!! Oh god..poor Dev😔😔 n wo bhua dadi ka murder krne kaun kaun sath mein chal rha h?? Aaj raat ko hi game baja denge uska😎

    • Manya

      |Registered Member

      Main toh paka chal rhi hoon saath mein Ishwari,Gkb aur bejoy Sabka Baja dalte hai toh yaad se Aa jaana Delhi mere ghar se chalenge😜😂

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Wait aaru i’m coming with u. Aaj sirf dadi bua ka hi kyu mai to kehti hu uss ishwari nd gkb ka v game baja dalte hai. Vo hai na – “isko baja dala to life jhinga lala….” 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Lekin Mujhe Aaj ka DEVAKSHI part acha laga
    It its Mrs Dixit for u ❤️❤️❤️
    Ek baat puchu aap Itni khoobsurat kaise lag Sakti hai❣💖❣
    Apka dare kam karna ab Meri responsibility hai 💞💕
    They are not the Same dialouges but almost same 😁😁

  8. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Those stupid fellow how can they say like that nd again dev has dissappionted me… Yaar seriously iss bande ko isski maa me koi fault nazar hi nhi aati…… Nd…. He is saying that sona family has also insulted.. Hohoho wait a sec bro rishta mangne sona ki family nhi tmhari maa gyi ty….
    Whole family is sycooo i’m worrid for my sona bcse dev as usual maa maa krne lga…
    Nd what that in precape….. I hate that. Seriously i think director nd cvs had gon mad….. Can’t they understand we want some special vala moment of devakshi which they r not at all interested to give us…..
    Seriously i hate that bua, gkb nd that ishwari from my core of heart.. Yaar ye bua ko bhejo…. Agar koi nhi mil rha to bol de mai khud uhne chor aaungi kanpur 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yashfeen

      |Registered Member

      Yr dev…its difficult to find fault in mom..jab vo sona ko ma k lye chod skta hai toh vo galti kese nikal skta hai..I jst pity him..I guess he vl go sane..two mst imp ladies of hs life n difficult fr hm to maintain balance btwn dem..n u r ryt dadi bua toh dimaag bech k aai hai..khana khaya ni n shaadi s ghar aake khana chahiye n vo bhi ishwari dwara..had hai …shes jst inhuman…n bechara dev kya kare vo bhi..kid kis ko n kese smjhaye..

  9. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    Mamaji’s dialogue are my favorite….”Radharani toh apni BHOOK pe VIJAY prapt kar ke aayi hai”….! lol 👍👍👌👌👌👌😃😃😃😃😃

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Hllo pari finally u r here….. I’m so happy nd glad to see u.. I can’t express my feeling..
      Welcome dear nd thanks for coming.
      Coming to epi i totally don’t liked it. Dev is not at all ready to listen anything about his maa nd more over he is not even paying attention what sona whats to say…
      So i think dev suffer bcse of his own only. If he hadn’t told to keep non veg in marriage then this all mess will not be arise na nd if he said to make every one happy then why at last his all feeling stop at his mom as their is nobody expect her. Duffer dev…..
      Pari i’m missing dev of ur ff how cute, sweet, caring nd loving was he nd supportive too..

      • Sakthi

        |Registered Member

        Hai pari..i too dnt liked it..atleast devakshi should understand each other but that also not happening..i agree with u dr..dev has to suffer because of him only..dev is believing nly tat iswari and nt supporting sona but nw i want sona to fight with that iswari …
        In ff nly we can make dev like tat dear..he is different here not even supporting his love..

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    To much insult for sona cant see kya dev se pyar karna bhi ek jurm hai kya b*t*h ishwari kya zarurat kanpurse gangajalke nam par ek dabba ko delhi lane ki sona ko aur humiliate karne ke liye
    Radharani aur aap kya kam thi
    Itana villian logo ke bish kya humari sona sas to le paogena
    Please dev support ur sona it is a humble request

  11. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Guys vo dadi bua ka sona ko praise kare vali news fake nikhly na… Today i was waiting for that moment only when dadi bua will appreciate my sona but vo moment aaya hi nhi… Mai bht happy ty to see that moment but now i’m thinking agar vo mil jaye then i’ll kill that fellow.. Yaar jab baat pata nhi hoti to y aisi new upload hi kyu krte hai…. Sab ke sab duffer hai. Now on ward don’t believe in this type of new guys.. Only believe in sbs, sbas nd sbb….. What u all think?????? I’m i right.. If u think then let me know so raise ur hand like this 🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😉😉😉😉

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Yes Erina, I don’t know why writer’s dropped that twist…. it was god for Sonakshi if they telecast that scene too..!
      Precap is also not good for us….already muh-dikhayi ho gayi…uspe itne log Sona ko taunt kr rhe the…!

      • Aaru

        |Registered Member

        If u forget to login, there is an option ‘keep me logged in’ u jst select dat n then u don’t hv to login..

        N ye Jo typical samaj ki ladies hoti h na..inko sab ke phate mein taang adane ki aadat hoti h..jab jahan topic mila wahi gossip shuru..

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Azzu u are really cute ! Your’ tu mujhme cha gaya hey ‘while writing paper and nodding your head and teacher giving perplexed look was really funny ! Ha ha ha! 😀😀😀Only think about KRPKAB after ur paper dear!😍

  12. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Guys, I could not comment anything today on d written update of Friday’s episode..did dis happen wid anyone else too?? There was no option of replying to any comments or posting any comments..I guess TU could not handle so many comments on one post😂😂lol!!

  13. Smita

    Pls yar abhi to shadi hui hai. U hv started typical sas bahu drama. In this way after some days no one will see the serial. As all r fed up of this. They want love, romance, happy moments in devakshi’s life. Bas karo yar ab ye we want to see them happy and enjoying their newly marriage

  14. Shalini


    Actually what i think is it was only dev’s desperateness or i should better say his ZIDD to get sona back in his life….love and all is a secondary thing now….he had not sorted any single thing out and just got married with her like that only……
    No wonder sona is sooo damn angry….beejoy baba too is correct……
    She shouldn’t have married him untill all the things got sorted……
    Now what will happen is sona will have to face the VERY VERY KIND PEOPLE in the house…..it would be much better if she shouldn’t have married “D”……
    I am soo disappointed with dev today…..didn’t liked his words…..😕

    • sneha

      Me. Shalini… I m somehow feeling him immature to handle situation… May be sab kuch itna jaldi ho raha hai.. So he is also not mentally prepared… Poor shona

  15. Shalini

    Besides this the first DEVAKSHI scene in the bedroom was a big big treat for me to watch…..
    Love you both…..❤❤

  16. kittu

    Kya yaar pure episode m buaji aur WO ishwari hi …gkb ko dekho chali gayi devakshi ko disturb karne. First night ladne m lag gaye…itne wait me bad Monday aya bhi but very disappointing…


  17. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Ma k update padhne ka mann hi nhi ho rha…. 🙁
    Bas precap padha……. totally disgusting….. jaise ye ishwari hai waise hi uske gusests…… No.1 DRAMEBAZZ…..huhhh!!!!

  18. Shalini

    First of all please somebody get this bhuaaji out of this house…..
    Already there is too much filth in the house and we dont want more….
    Get this lady out IMMEDIATELY……
    ISHWARI is not leaving her basic nature yaar….
    Who says such hurting words to a daughter-in-law who just arrived in your life, in your house…..not done yaar…..very bad……


  19. Lotika

    This serial is getting boring day by day first ishwari n Radha Rani n then that Bijoy n this bua n her tantrum I think now there will not be any love in this serial

  20. Shalini


    ISHWARI DIXIT- Thinks that she is a good mother but doesn’t give a damn about her wrong doings…double faced lady…..

    RADHARANI….The so called GARIB KI BETI is a total NUT….she doesnt got a thing which is situated on the top most part of the human body inside the cranium….that place is totally hollow so she dont know what, when and where to speak…..poor lady…

    BHUAA DADI….the so called BHAGWAAN KO DOOT….i wish to god that if she is sooo much into got and love to be in his company so god should better take her up with him…..HER SPIRIT WILL BE FREE THEN….

    VICKY……A DIRTY EARTHWORM……who is just sooo damn useless that cant even find words to say anything in his appreciation…..


    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Chalo yaar in log se kuch nhi hoga ab hme hi krna hoga in sab ko mental hospital m admit kr ke aate h .. 😂😂😂😂😂
      Secondly iss duffer dev ko ek joor se kaan ke niche parna chahiye then only he realize ki kya right hai aur kise support krna chahiye…..

  21. Azzuu

    |Registered Member

    yaar yeh makers komkoi samjao
    and precap mai pisswarin was giving such a deadly look
    soch mai jaise conjuring 2 dekh kar ayi ho
    actually conjuring mai ki bhoot hai
    i hate her
    and this dadi bua
    sari excitment ka pachka

  22. Yashfeen

    |Registered Member

    My sympthies r wid dev…in order to create a balance btwn 2 families he lost hs balance n tat too on d frst night…n ds dadi bua is too mch…torture fr every1 agar khana ni khaya tha shaadi mein toh itna bawaal kyu kata…kuch bhi ghr aake kha leti..bt kese..she has to torture ishwari, n ishwari too has to prove hrself as d best DIL…y she wants to prove hrself best in ol relation I jst dnt get ds….fight , allegations, objections are a compulsion wid d presence of d trio( dadi bua, ishwari n GKB)….n ya sona is absolutely ryt..y ds ishwari keep on saying tat she loves dev n fr devs happiness nly ds marriage has taken plce….
    Ultimately my sympathies r wid bth of dem..shuru mein ye sb hogaya ab aage kya kya hoga..i jst pray for devakshi’ unity, love, courage n even for d need of patience to deal wid d trio…..

  23. Azzuu

    |Registered Member

    abhi toh ek hi ganna araha hai
    “dev ki naiya hai ma ke bharose
    apni ee naiya ko paar tu lagee de”
    and devji apki ma kabhi yeh nahi hane daigi

  24. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Bye guys see u all tomorrow..
    Gud ngt krpkabians family and my friends @devu, priya, neha, bani, ganga, manya, junee, aaru, preet, pothik, juhi, teddy, kali, azzuu, asmita, shalu, esme nd to my most sweeted nd lovely frnd com sis my pari love u…. Nd love u all guys…. Tc nd sd also

  25. ria

    Latest newsDev and Sonakshi’s marriage has to face many troubles yet all turns good at the end thus both are happy.
    Dev is happy to get his lady love Sonakshi, yet is tensed recalling about Sonakshi’s illness.
    Dev is tensed as he has hidden this truth from all family and from Sonakshi also which he can’t do.
    Radha Rani doubt’s Dev
    Dev tries to hide Sonakshi’s medical reports before she could see them, Radha Rani sees Dev.
    Radha doubt’s Sonakshi’s report and tries to find about it, Radha Rani turns spy against Dev.
    Let’s see will Radha Rani be able to find Sonakshi’s medical report truth.

  26. sangita

    Sona should not have married dev unless he agreed to certain terms
    What happened to prenup…
    He will always be a mommy’s boy and she is sick, it takes 2 to tango to have grandkids and she can’t handle that!

  27. Rakshitha

    This serial also going to like mamiyar marumagal serials. Dev its very bad.u r behaving like asusal husband, that day u told Sona that u r parents also like my baba nd maa,but today u r behaving typical ishwaris son.dev pls criticis u r self otherwise Sona go away from u.😑😏

  28. Vini

    Little dev and sona conversation gives peace …..I started like dev family but now nly like dev and mama ji poor devsonakshi

  29. Maleeha

    |Registered Member

    I think production house Kay paas extra paise uchal rahe hain ~sarcasm intended~😂😏😂😜…..aaj itna pyara room decorate tha…dekha detay na first night….par nhi😑😭😕😭……they will again decorate the room……after two three weeks and shyd tab dekhain first night 😂😂😂😜😋……

    Aaj dekha dete tou hum bhi Khush ho jaye aur unn ka bank account 😂😂😜😊😏

  30. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning …


    Aaru…Aayushi… Arjumanbanu… Ashriti… Akanksha bhardwaj… Anam… Alia… Aashi… Arpita… Archita… Amy… Azra… Azzuu… Aisha…
    Bhoomi… Bala Chitra S… Bunny… Beth…
    Chandra… Chari…
    Devga… Dhanu… Dibya… Dolly… DevSona… Dhira…
    Esme… Erina… Erika…
    Ibtesam… Ishita… Iswarya… Indradev… Imran Shah Jillani… Iswarya Santosh… Ishram…
    Junee… Juhi…
    Kitty… Kaarnuha… Kiran Kumari… Kaya… Karnika… Kalpana… Kittu…
    Lakshree… Lovinglt… Latha…
    Malathy… Mubeen… Moni… Maggie… Maria…
    Nishi… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nikki… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Nikita… Nabanita… Nida…
    Priya… Preet… Pothik… priyanka… Piya… Pradishma… Piyalli… Pinky… Punitha… Pankaj Grover… Puja Bose…
    Radhika… Rishneee… Ramyakumar… Rakshitha… Raksha… Ratna… Rishneee… Ria… Rajdip… RiyaDcruz…
    Subhashini… Shraddha… Saurav… Sneha… Sonali… Subasri Gautham… Shubhi… Sri… Sharica… Samaira… Sammy… Sakshi… Saamii… Shalini… Sam… Surti… San… Shweta… Shalu… Sona… Simi… Sadaf Shamim… Srisatya… Simran… Simplesweety… Shalini Senthil… Sonal… Shree… Saasha… Shivani… Sakthi…
    Tapasya… Tamnna…
    Varsha… Vahini… Varshini… Vini…
    Zaara Ali Khan…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

  31. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Sona has entered “THE HELL” that is Pishwari Niwas! As soon as she enters, GKB threatens her quietly and she goes pale! Pisswari’s drama was just nakra and nakra ! She should have fallen badly so that once and for all, the trouble would have got sorted out. Her Conniving and conjuring look after Dev Sona were asked to return to their room after her nakra, was like ” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” in creating a rift between Dev and Sona on the very first night!
    This Dadibua is an unwanted character just to create nuisance but why ? when there are 3 already functional in that house GKB , Pisswari and Vicky why more? Too much spice can be boring!
    Poor Sona, too much to handle and with a stupid spineless husband like Dev! Well, I for one feel he married becoz he was madly in love and to some extent obsessed with her as well. For love is blind and people tend to become irrational! I thought, after all the yelling from Sona he would just hug her and calm her down by saying that I understand your feelings but we will solve this together and lets forget the bitterness for the time being. But he did not !
    Sona was at the brink of a breakdown after all that was happening with her as soon as she stepped in. Bijoy actually is right that Ishwari did everything to be good in the eyes of Dev and she will never be able to accept Sona! Well, the same was echoed by Sona.
    Its good, that the makers are showing the various mischievous characters that exist in a house and specially they get exposed during such events . Even a mother in law however good she may be at some point of time when instigated by relatives/ friends does behave in a conniving manner to bring a rift between the son and daughter in law. Little do they realise that it will have a boomerang effect on the son. The poor son gets caught between the two.
    They should show Sona tackling each character with the right dose of treatment but she needs Dev’s support for this mission. No point in yelling but dear Sona first win Dev’s confidence now that you are under the same roof to the extent that you can pitch him up in the battle against his evil mother. That is what we would like to see from KRPKAB! Most of the serials show the tortured bahu fighting a lone battle against all the evil characters at her in laws but we want to see the intelligent Sona use her husband’s love to combat this.Every household has these problems with a less or more intensity but to tackle it in an intelligent manner is what a woman like Sona is expected to do as they are showing an educated , confident woman who has a mind of her own and has been groomed in a liberal manner.I would like to see Sona throw out GKB and Vicky tactfully thru Dev and make Ishwari realise connivance will not work with her( Sona) around.We dont want to see the usual SAAS bahu saga but want to see a confident and smart thinking Sona.
    Sona was looking beautiful in the precap lets see what happens today.

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Long comment…. but whatever you said was absolutely correct Junee..!
      Even I want to see that by using Dev Sona will kick out GKB and her bastered son Vicky…. and for that she has to first gain Dev’s support very smartly like the way Pisswari using Dev’s love….but I dont want that Sona too use Dev’s love but I think she have make Dev realised that her mother was soooooo overpossessed for her like she’s(Sonakshi) her Souten and his mom is behaving like Dev is not his son but his husband…. Firstly, Sona make Dev realise that Ishwari overpossessed behavior going to harms Dev-Sona relationship…. And when Dev will support Sona then It will easy to deal such tough situation in sonakshi’s life….

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Neha, You are absolutely right Dear !
        You are right ” using” Dev’s love is probably a bit too matlabi approach! But what I meant was making him realise that if u love someone so much that u cant do without her u must take the responsibility of seeing that she is not hurt or in pain! If he really loves her and is not obsessed like his mother he must see to it that she is not miserable ehatever the cause is! He must get rid of it!

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      I completely agree with you junee,i think hereafter more difficulties is waiting for sona
      Sona is insulted day by day more in this house,I know dev definitely supports sona but always his first preference goes to his maa because he is also over possessive for his maa we all already note that,if he knows sona right then also dev supports ishwari more than sona
      Its more difficult for sona to handle all this as a single,apart from all this its very important that how dev will balance both the ladies equally for him its hard but he will do that then only he is best son&husband

  32. Indradev

    |Registered Member

    kathri… kathri… tum kahan ho.. hum fans ko tumari zaroorath… tum achye aur bure hum nahi jaanthey but ishwarika nazaar sona se haatneykayliye tumara presence show me zaroorath hai … ye creative makers… kya karenay walley ….omg I am fed up with this eshwari…

  33. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Haye haye !!! Frnds ye kya Ho rha hai…
    Avi tak Maine shadi k baad THINK POSITIVE — THINK POSITIVE mode onn Kar rakha tha,,, but kal ka episode dekhne k baad aur NEW PROMO dekhne k baad THINK POSITIVE gya bhaad me…🙅
    Ye log ab kuch v acha nhi dikha sakte…
    Sirf Ishwari Ki bakwass behaviour dekhayenge ye log…
    Very very sad 😢 after watching NEW PROMO

    • shalini

      wohi too
      pagal jaise kuch toh bhi….
      saas bahudrama is going to start i guess….
      DURJOY DUTTA toh pitega mere haath se…idiot…

  34. Pothik

    |Registered Member

    I think Dev should now interfere in this……………why he was mum all the time when everyone was scolding shonakshi …………….Dev is not protecting his wife for which he has taken vow………..earlier it was different when they were only in love but now it’s Dev’s duty to look after that his family should not talk roughly with his wife………….Dev said to Shonakshi ” i know you are mine”. wHEN dEV KNOWS shonakshi is his then he should ensure that his wife get preper respect from his family. There he didnot uttered a single word but coming to his room he said let’s start romance……………aise hote hain kya………….What shonakshi did i fully support this.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Pothik I completely agree with the point you made. Sona is his responsibility now and if he loves her so much, he should now intervene and not rake up the past.

  35. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Expectations from KRPKAB:
    They should show Sona tackling each character with the right dose of treatment but she needs Dev’s support for this mission. No point in yelling but dear Sona first win Dev’s confidence now that you are under the same roof to the extent that you can pitch him up in the battle against his evil mother. That is what we would like to see from KRPKAB! Most of the serials show the tortured bahu fighting a lone battle against all the evil characters at her in laws but we want to see the intelligent Sona use her husband’s love to combat this.Every household has these problems with a less or more intensity but to tackle it in an intelligent manner is what a woman like Sona is expected to do as they are showing an educated , confident woman who has a mind of her own and has been groomed in a liberal manner.I would like to see Sona throw out GKB and Vicky tactfully thru Dev and make Ishwari realise connivance will not work with her( Sona) around.We dont want to see the usual SAAS bahu saga but want to see a confident and smart thinking Sona. Would also like to see Sona bringing in some sensible thinking in Dev!
    Sona was looking beautiful in the precap lets see what happens today.

  36. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari is a conniving woman she will start with the prenuptial next! Her manipulative looks really makes me mad! Feel like handling her for my ‘ Sona’! Poor girl !

  37. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Guys, naya promo dekha..Ishwari itni dheet h😤 are mate, tumhare bete ki patni h wo, usko ab to baksh do

  38. Junee

    |Registered Member

    If the prenuptial comes up Sona should not sign on it just to teach Ishwari a lesson becoz the doc would actually require both signatures to be effective. She should not sign it only has Dev’s signature and she should just torture Ishwari mentally

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Yes Junee, but Pisswari will take this to another level by thinking that Sonakshi is very much interested in Dev’s property…. which was earlier we heard by Bijoy and Asha…..!
      And this time Sonakshi and his father Bijoy was absolutely right….bcoz now Pisswari and GKB and Dadi-Bua will used this non-veg thing to trouble her and made her realise that her family member preparation was not satisfied by Dixit’s and their relatives…!

  39. sona43

    I just hate this GKB one minute late nahi ati devakshi ke first kiss hote hote ruk gaya i just hate gkb man to kar rahatha murder kar do aur khoon peen lo iske kab hoga devakshi ka kiss

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      It’s good If Ishwari is helping Sona….but I think that this support of Ishwari will not be long lasting….. as we knew Ishwari’s nature very well..! Let’s see..

  40. Bipasha bhattachary

    I am very upset with the show they are deframe bengali community. Yes bengali community has modern outlook, they are very advance, love their culture, custom and traditions. This show has a wrong impression on society.

  41. Sonali

    I don’t like misunderstandings between Devakshi ..problems are fine but don’t want negativity especially between them then the excitement and newness of the serial is gone …it will become a saas bahu serial …focus should not shift from Devakshi.. the writers have done it beautifully till now ..whether it was Neha wedding sequence or even there break up …Devakshi was pivot ..I hope that continues and that too with understanding between then and not as opponents

  42. shalini

    now dev should better start analysing things and should not just convience sona all about his mom’s point of view….he should stand by her all the time and at the same time should peep into his mother’s mind and get the things cleared…..if such things wont happen then this creepy mess will keep on going in devakshi’s life and nothing will be sorted….
    and should atleast tell MAMAJI to control gkb for some time till dadi bhuaa is out of the house…..

  43. shalini

    HA HA HA…!!!!!
    look at that….
    in promo itself the background voice said ke DEV KI ZIDD SE JUDE RISHTE KAISE REH PAAYENGE EK CHHAT KE NICHE…..???

    now it would be better for dev that he mixes both TEA and JUICE and drink it up….that the only way he can make balance between the two….;-p;-p

  44. shalini

    this crazy mother son duo are badly obsessed with each other……and no body should come in between them….but as sona already came in between she now needs a “Z+” security for herself…..i swear…

  45. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys…

    yesterday I was watching old episodes of KRPKAB….

    2nd episode – Dev and Sona bumped into each other on the road with flour spread around… as per Sona, it was front facing accident… they argue…. Sona said “EK TO CHORI, UPER SE………” she forgets and Dev completes “SINAZOREE”…

    7th episode – Sona and Dev meet in Dr. Sinha’s cabin…… Dev – “main bachchon jesi harkten nahi karta…. Sona – “Main bhi kiddish harkaten nahi karti”………

    17th episode – Holi special…. Sona and Dev throw colour on each other in full tashan… Sona – “its DR. BOSS… for you”…

    36th episode – Dev waits 5 hrs. in coffee shop for Sona to say thnks and to apologize for Radha Rani’s misbehavior… Sona is surprised to know this…

    43rd episode – Sona met with an accident and first time Dev calls her….. SONAKSHiiiiii… SONaaaaaa…

    44th &45th episodes – Sona starts falling for Dev…. and…. Dev starts caring for Sona……
    Iske baad ke episode nahi dekhe…

  46. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    Asmita yaar mein bhi bus purane episode dekh kar kaam chala rahi hu…
    The cuteness of dev when he welcomes Sonakshi for the very forst time in his house…( the time when he was listening to old bollywood song .. so i came to believe that he loves old bollywood songs)

    The perfection of Dev Sona when they they Danced together in the ceremony held by minister in the honour of Dev… (The time i came to know the witty, humurous side of Dev…. n noticed that what magic an amazing eye lock can create)

    The time when Sona dressed in Yellow/orange Saree for her date.. she trippled and Dev held his hand…. (The time when i realise that sometime silence speaks more than words)

    The time when Sona n Dev were alone at home and Sona was afraid of darkness… the way she tried to behave bold but quite afraid inside … her expression… Dev naughtiness.. Dev Laughter.. (The time i realised that sometime an unknown bond developed between some people … in front of whom we just shed our outer shell and simply enjoy being ourselves)

    The time when accident happened and Dev tried all his best to keep Sona awake…. His life.. His grievances, his sorrows, his experiences.. the hollowness in his life… at the same time.. His passion to keep Sona alive.. Keep her awake (the time i realised that we should not judge any person the way he/she behaves… there may be a opposite side of every coin… He may have his own untold stories…

    The ampathy, care and concern.. Dev showed for Sona during her hospitalisation… the way he arranged blood.. the way he consoled her mother.. the way he hold her when she was about to fall … (the time i realise that sometime the unknown concern.. the hidden care results in some unsaid feelings from both side )

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      👌👌👌so true! These realisations and these sensitivities have been the biggest plus point of this serial!

      • Sneha1

        |Registered Member

        Yeah Junee… But somehow i am missing these emotions these days…. I tried not to over expect … But whatever makers are showing these days.. I am just disheartened.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Me too Sneha and thats why i often go back to those earlier episodes in which the dialogues were so witty! It was fun ! This story is now taking a turn towards a typical saas bahu serial. I think thats becoz they are stressing too much on Ishwari’s character. The whole thing seems to be revolving around her with less of Dev Sona!!!

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      agree sneha…
      mee too watching all these episodes…
      sachhi batau bada maza aata h starting episodes dekhne mey….
      koi tension nhi……koi strong emotion nhi…….. bas full on entertainment……..
      n starting k BG music….my gog…….totally heart touching……….
      data khrach kar k sare episodes download krna……… its totally worth it…………
      # love krpkab

  47. Junee

    |Registered Member

    We expect to see a stronger bond of understanding emerging between Devakshi with every challenge posed and also wish to see the gradual transformation of a sensitive Dev to a more reasonable and responsible individual and the shift towards his more rationale wife.

  48. Azzuu

    |Registered Member

    as said if life could be easy where would all the stories come from guys i know ki hum devakshi ka bond dekhna chahte hai iknow that we want gkb to just go to hell and die or die and go to hell , ki dadi bua jaldi se dafa ho jae ishwari ki dev ke bare mai jo possesiveness hai woh khatam hogaye woh sonakshi ko apni bahu except kare actually beti jaise , we wnt ke vicky dafa ho jaye …………..par guys i dont know your perception about things but i very
    well know about mine and just felt like sharing thats true ki dev ne uski maa ki galti dekh ni chahiye uske maa ka real character uske samne ana chahiye par fir bhi 28 years ka experince ko woh 6 months mai toh nahi badal sakta . and agar serail mai problem nahi hogi toh dont u think it will be boring just smooth
    never expect something to be straight coz ups and downs are need as even an straight ECG
    means your dead
    and the story is all about coping up with difficulties and thats whats its base is on how dev will learn to support how will
    he get to know how will sona be able to handle dadi bua ishwari gkb and all what it leads to
    and agar sab smooth gaya tho off air bhi smoothly aur jaldi se hogaye ga
    yaar let problms be enjoy them and wait for the best and leave the rest ……..and just wish for a good way out

    so sorry for a long comment
    jis ne padha thanku jis ne nahi padha thanku

    • Shalini

      Maine padha aur bohot sahi laga….i too thought the same….after getting my BHADAASS out i got this things in my mind…..and specially that SMOOTH OFFAIR thing…😂😂😂😂😂
      And then i thought it is better like this rather than the serial being OFFAIR….
      Yeh word sunke hi goosebumps aa jaate hain….
      So thtsy LET IT BE LIKE THIS…. JUST WAIT AND WATCH….(p.s.::those who have patience..😂😂😂😂😝😝😝)

  49. kittu

    Yeah u r right azzuu..but kuch romantic moments hi dikha date…shadi me bad ek hug bhi nai dikhaya…very well described sneha…shadi ke pehle itne ache scenes dekha hai humlogon ne aur ab bas ishwari pe focus kiya hua hair.

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