Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Doctor removes Sona’s bandage. She looks at Dev and does not realize any pain. Dev smiles. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. Dev comes next day and waits for her. Saurabh helps her walk. She walks alone and stumbles. Dev holds her and she looks at him and walks. She is then discharged next day and her parents take her home via Dev’s car. Saurabh with Elena greets her with welcome sign with E and A missing. Bejoy asks him if he was so hungry that he ate them. Sona sits on sofa. Dadi gets emotional seeing her and asks why did not she inform about her condition before. Sona says if she had, she would ahve got tensed, but now she is fine. Mom and dad say she is weak though. Sona asks Elena to do her work.

Dev gets ready for his

office when he sees a man with Ishwari and garib ki beti Raadha and asks who is he. Ishwari says garib ki beti Raadha brought a new nutrionist in place of Sona. garib ki beti Raadha says since Sona is injured and will not come soon, she brought a new nutrionist. Dev apologizes nutrionist for troubling him and sends him via his car. garib ki beti Raadha yells as usual and leaves. Elena comes with Ishwari’s diet chart. Dev thanks her and says garib ki beti Raadha now she realized what he meant. Elena gives diet chart to Kichu. Vicky comes and starts flirting with her. She identifies him as one of loafer who eve teased her the other day and asks what is he doing in Dev’s house. He says he is Dev’s cousin. She asks him to mend his ways and not spoil Dev’s name.

Dev’s client meets him and praises his thinking and agrees for contract. Dev thanks him and client leaves. Tina congratulates him and says she knows now he would like to go to Sona’s house, so she has already brought flowers for him. Dev thanks him and leaves with flowers.

At Sona’s house, Elena and Bejoy dance to cheer up Sona. Dev knocks door. Sona sees him and signals them, Elena stops, but Bejoy continues. Elena holds him and turns at Dev. Bejoy stops and greets Dev in. Elena asks Dev how does he know white lilies are Sona’s favorite. He does not and picked them by chance. Dad asks Dev to find suitable match for Sona. Daadi comes and asks Dev if he is ready to marry sona. Dad says Dev is not the boy. Daadi apologizes and asks him to find a best match for Sona. Dev promises and says it is his first priority now. Sona gets nervous and leaves for her room. Elena helsp her. She cries standing near window. Dev calls her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He asks then why did she go to her room then and asks if she has any problem regarding marriage expenses, she can tell him. She says just like that. He asks what. She says after accident, she felt anything can happen any time, life is unpredictable. Dev cheers her up with his moral speech. Elena enters and Sona gets nervous. Their discussion starts. Elena says she has tears and cannot lie. Sona says okay. Elena asks if she felt bad when aunt asked Dev to find boy for her, if she loves him. Sona nods yes.

Precap: Elena suggests Sona to express her love for Dev. Sona practices Dev..I love you..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg Ong Ong omgahahahgaha yeah the precap is amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update MA 🙂 wow today’s episode was nice actually the precap is cute I wish Dev was there 😛

  3. Today episode is as usual rocking. But MA why your repeating garib ki beti radha. It so funny. You think dev will search a boy for sona. Will sona propose dev??

  4. I think there will be some realization from Dev’s side while he gets onto looking for a boy for Sona. I dont think he will look for one because earlier also he foiled her marriage to Kushal Roy. The second fiddle Kareena will actually make him realize that he actually loves Sona! I dont think Sona will be able to confess to Dev what she is practising. Only Kareena will make him realize, though strange it is that despite Tina’s ( Devs secretary) attempts he isnt realizing. Dating apps, flowers , making the site for jodi etc she is really
    helping him to realise. We will have to wait and watch.
    Radharani is very irritating and terrible. why on earth ‘ garib ki beti ‘ tag! On her? Maybe Elena will facilitate this realization for both Sona and Dev.

    1. Ya and at the same time,as kareena helps dev realise his love for sona,she falls in love with him

  5. I don’t watch this show regularly but I watch all devna scenes.it is a nice show.i don’t like maami and her son. Coming to today’s episode it was nice.

  6. It was funny when sourabh missed e and a in board. Dadi always make us laugh. Sona realized her love and it’s dev time to realize.

  7. This is an excellent show. Thank you.

  8. i couldnt watch the episode coz of power cut but seemed to be a nice one from the updates….

  9. does dev really love sona………..? r s it a good friendship nd care……..???confusing……..

    1. Shit…sona bhi na..

  10. 4 d first time I was happy seeing Elena. Or else I nvr wish 2 c her face.

  11. Ru Bhattacharya

    Where there is Shaheer Sheikh,there is a ‘DHAMAKA’.I think it’s world’s best serial.Love u Shaheer….

  12. Loved d shw…. best wishes fr krpkab…

    1. Nidhi andha scene mudinchiduchu, i think dev, sona mela irrukra feelings pathi sollala i mean generala sonappla ninaikkiren innum sollapona, dev innum feel pannavey aarambikkaley & kareena entryikku piraggu thaan feelings startaagum ninaikkiren therila cox sona dev a avoid panna panna thaan dev sona vidam nerungi poga try pannuvaapla ninakiren, podhuvavey nammakku dhevaiyaandhu namma pakkathula irrukkum podhu adhoda arumai namakku theriyadhu , namala vittu thalli pogumpodhu thaan theriyum, Ingavum apadithaan ninaikiren. poruthirundhu parppom. Aparam nidhi tamizh nallavey theriyum.

  13. Mai 1st time comment kr rhi hoon
    Pls reply
    Ye ishu kuch zyaada hi possessive ban rhi h I m scared dat it’ll ruin devakshi what say guys?

    1. It wouldn’t ruin devaakshi but just form as a hurdle for marrying.

  14. Plzzz upload soon….watng dear…

  15. love this show..
    but why there is always a delay in written update of this show only?
    I deslerately wait for its written update.

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