Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev walks to Sona and coughs to garner her attention. She asks to drink water. He says she has to tell whom she is thinking about when he is here, who is more important than her. Sona says maa. Dev asks what happened. Sona says they will go to temple to meet maa before going to office, she wants to know what is maa hiding. Dev says if they go there, maa will not reveal her secret. Sona asks if maa told him something. He says maa doe not want to interfere between them and does not want to repeat same mistakes, so she is giving them time. Sona says time has changed and she will scold maa that she has to spend time with her. Dev says even he wants same, maa should stay at home and play with kids and rest.

Ishwari meets Asha again at a restaurant. Asha congratulates her for

a job. Ishwari says without her moral support, she would not have given interview. Asha says it is friend’s duty to support friends and says good she is going for a job again tomorrow and her family will be pride of her. Ishwari says her family may scold her with her decision, anyways if she stays away from home, Sona and Dev will find some time and she will not come in between them. Asha says they will be very happy to be around her like she does. She says she knows, but she wants to stand on her legs again.

Dev and Sona come down to living room and see Bejoy collecting Asha’s books and searching them. Maid asks what he needs. Sona asks what is this. Bejoy says Asha’s books and she wants to sign on them first and then return. Mamaji says if he had informed first, he would have given his copy, but he gave it to Ishwari last night. Bejoy nervously calls Asha.

Asha and Ishwari’s discussion continues. She reveals that she did not want her to read that book as she wrote a lot about her in anger. Ishwari says she knows as Elena read everything and she has written truth. Asha apologizes and says she was very angry that time. Ishwari says she exaggerated about her collapsing repeatedly. Asha says it is true. Ishwari says she should blame her nutritionist for that. Asha says yes.

Riya chats with Sona and says good Aru got her brother and sister. Sona says like Dev got her and she should come here often. Riya says yes and asks if she meet Nikki again and what is the progress. Sona says yes, but there is no progress. Riya says Nikki is like that and she used ot fight in childhood a lot. She further tells that Dev has hurt maa a lot than anyone else and he was ignoring maa. She continues explaining.

Dev returns home after work. Sona says since she came here, she did not see maa waiting for him and serving him food. She explains that for a mother, children are everything, but Dev ignored maa for 7 years and broke her heart. She continues. Dev emotionally says he hurt maa a lot and wants to correct himself now. He takes Sona to Ishwari’s room holding food thali and asks why she does not take care of him now and does not wait for him for food, even now she is sleeping. It is her duty to take care of her child. She gets emotional and asks to give thali and feeds him from her hand. He gets emotional and wipes his tears. She calls even Sona to come near her and feeds her scolding that she takes care of everyone, so she will take care of her now. Emotional bonding continues. Ishwari says Sona and Dev are same and they should take care of each other now, if they don’t, she will scold them. Dev says she can punish him and send him out of house for some days, he wants to correct his mistake Emotional bonding continues.

In the morning, Dev sits for breakfast with family. GKB serves him. Mamaji says Dev that he knows a secret, Ishwari fed Dev last night. He is so happy seeing things back to normal after years. Ev smiles. Ishwari comes ready for office and asks if Dev is having food properly. Dev nods yes. Mamaji sees her wearing her favorite Dev’s gifted watch and asks what is the occasion. She says her friend insisted her to wear watch, so she is wearing. Dev says why don’t’ she call her friend home. Sona interrupts and says says she will drop maa to temple. She walks with Ishwari and says if she can ask a question. Ishwari asks she can without seeking permission.

Precap: Ishwari is busy working in Laksh’s office. Nikki comes there and is shocked to see her mother.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Neha1

    Sorry guys…I missed the episode…! ??? Coz of my Singing classes..????

    Aaj kya special hua koi bata do..????

    M.A. ka update pata nhi….or YouTube pe abhi tak episode upload nhi hua hai..!

  2. Simran...

    the epic was mast
    like the all devakshi scene…..
    and the precap is intereting …….
    i am waiting 4 next and excited too………. AND PLZ PLZ SAB COMMENT KARNA PLZ DO THIS 4 OUR DEVAKSHI…

  3. Subhashini

    Hi,my dear krpkab friends….
    How r u all????

    First iam very very very sorry for not commenting regularly here…thoda busy issiliyae….

    Lekin mae itni shock hue humari show ki comments dekher kyu itni low comments kya hogaya aaj kal….

    Pls my dear friends i request u all pls waapas aaja….because this is our show itni masti ki hum logonae yayi par …
    Ek din tha we all waiting for 500 or 1000 comments cross karni kiliyae….itna mad hokar hum logo nae baath karthi thi yayi….

    So come all back…ek dosth ka request ae…
    Mere chotte manya…and all other krpkab’ians….
    If i leave anyone name sorry for that but pls all waapas aajav Mujhae ho purani din chaiyae…

  4. Subhashini

    Today is 350th episode of our best show…

    Hum logonae saath milkar itni celebration ki happily ….we all truly smiled for atleast one minute for that celebration…so pls for that ek minute smile kiliyae bhi aaja because 350th episode celebration tho definitely banthiyae….
    Tum logo ki bina mann nahi kar raha celebrate karni ki….

  5. Great show ever

  6. Bonding between Ishwari, Dev & Sonakshi was awesome.

  7. trio hug was super.supriya mam acting ke liye kuch bhi kehna hi kam hai. ishu scolding dev was super.i wish writers may bring the scene where dev sleeping on ishu’s lap that was best seen.it was around 17 months but it doesnt deviate from trio.writers are superrr

  8. frnds aaj tho party bante hai as krpkab completed 350 episodes .hurrahhhh…..

  9. yaa abhi maine promo dekhi aisa lagta hai ki sare team mujhe gift de rahi hai.pocho kya hai….
    krpkab going to dub in telugu.hurahhhh…..
    again i got a chance to see from starting.eventhough i didnt miss single episode but still i enjoy every episode.we dont get bored if watch 100 times also..
    catch krpkab at 2 pm only on gemini and the title is “amma nenu o ammayi”
    as doesnt comment frm starting because i doesnt have my email .i just created for my krpkab and tu frnds .i try to comment that episode from starting but wont stop this daily comments.
    evaraina unara telugu valuu..

  10. Varalakshmi

    350 episode what a journey Feel good episode ab dixit house main bhi family hug shuru hogaya wow
    asha ji ne novel ke bareme sach bathaya phir bhi ishwari kuch nahi kaha baapre ishwari ji ne inthni badal chuki very nice
    devakshi ka romance aaj kal bahut kam hai, sirf 1 or 2 min biggest disappointment please we need devaskhi ka passionate romance
    precap is interesting

    kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi now we can watch telugu also on 10th july 2017 mon to sat
    2.pm only on Gemini tv another miles stone i am sooooo happy

  11. Another milestone for our show.it successfully completed its 350th episode.So hearty congratulations to the Team KRPKAB, keep rocking .And all the very best for another 350 episodes(hope so)

  12. Arti Aka fan

    in the recent episodes dev keeps apologizing to everyone eventhou his contribution was half so he s in apologies tour…..
    ishwari change s really nice….beyond dev’s maa identity she decided to find her own identity as ishwari..superb
    mamiji n Bejoy really confusing…..
    elena can’t see her working or taking care of golu
    finally sonakshi the wonderwomen, i don’t really get what writers are trying to say…she s the woman on ‘mission’? everyone s thanking her n she s really busy in correcting everyone’s mistakes…some of it are convincing n appreciative but some don’t make sense at all…saying ‘we’ but going ‘solo’; if she says or does anything it should be r must be right…can’t feel that connection anymore n i don’t know how to react when they(not the kids of course) say ‘perfect… just perfect’ so a woman has to be ‘perfect just perfect’ in order to be inspired, praised, accepted??? as far as i know daily soaps always make the female lead strong as it based on the myth that they are only being watched by women n girls but this show s very unique that’s why i was attracted to it…it isn’t entirely unique it took cliche tracks sometime but the way of depicting was very different…i m still loyal fan of this show but these are the things which disappointed me…still have hope writers will come up their best….

  13. Neha1

    Dev, Sonakshi and Ishwari to feel guilty on their own Karma’s in KRPKAB…!


  14. Neha1

    I’m gonna missed Upcoming episodes of KRPKAB…. bcoz I’m going to Delhi….for my cousin wedding…!So may be this week I won’t able to comment…! By guys…. Time for go to Station..?

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