Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev informs Ishwari that he came to know about Sona’s infertility issue much before marriage when Sona was hospitalized due to stomach ache. He informed Sona just yesterday and Sona insisted to inform maa, but he was afraid Sona and maa’s relationship will spoil again. Ishwari is shocked and asks why did he lie just for a girl. He should return back to his wife and she will not return to his house.

At Bose house, Bejoy fumes that Dev misbehaved with him and asked to get out, everyone wants him to get out of that house. Asha says that is happening as he goes there often. Bejoy says he is worried about Sona. Asha says Dev is much worried about Sona and asks him to calm down.

Dev tells Ishwari that she is his god and how can he live without her, he

cannot think of a life without his mother, etc.. Ishwari says as he told there are 7% changes of Sona to conceive and if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and pregnant. She needs her heir at any cost and will come back with him only if Sona agrees to this condition. Dev rushes home.

Sona cries in her room and Elena tries to console her. Dev enters and tells Sona that mom will return home only if Sona agrees to try infertility treatments and conceive. Sona asks what if she does not conceive. Dev says they will hire best specialists and will try their best. Sona nods okay. Dev thanks her and leaves to bring Ishwari. Sona thinks Dev is thinking of short term solution and is doing same mistakes repeatedly.

Asha calls Elena and asks if Sona is fine now, if Ishwari came back home. Elena tells Ishwari is in a temple and has imposed a condition to return only if Sona agrees for infertility treatment. Bejoy hears that and researches on infertility treatments and tells treatments are very painful for women and there are lots of side effects, so he will not let Sona undergo such a pain. Asha says if Sona gets her own baby, pain is worth. She calls Sona and asks to come there.

Dev reaches temple and brings Ishwari back home. Ishwari asks about Sona. GKB starts her drama and yells that Sona went to her parents house to seek their opinion, she thinks we are all illiterate fools. Dev calls Sona and asks if she is fine. Sona says yes. Dev asks to return home soon.

At Bose house, Bejoy tells Sona that she should not go through severe pain for infertility treatment and reject Dev and his mother’s request. Sourav confronts him and asks why he is against Dev always, Dev also loves Sona like he does. Bose shouts it is his right to worry about his daughter and shouts reveals that Sourav took 5 crores from Dev for his business, so he is taking Dev’s side. Sona is shocked and asks Sourav to explain. Sourav says when he was searching for investor, Dev came to know about it from somewhere, called him to his office and looked at his ideas and gave his own input and willingness to fund. Sona thinks Dev hid a lot from her.

Precap: Ishwari asks Sona if she is ready for infertility treatment. Sona says yes, but if she fails, will she consider as her family member. Ishwari stands silently.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ganga

    Ishwari 💣💣💣💣😡😡😡😡…….Kill u ……

    A quick announcement to all KRPKAB’ans……. Ready nd prepare with tissue papers bcoz started one more time lots of trazady….Nd cried episodes 😭😭😭😭

    I think krpkab director la New year resolution hongi…… dis yr last yr se zyadha humsab ko rulane ke liye…..😩😩😩

    • piya

      ganga main toh abhi se tissue ka dhabba saath rakh liya .i m so scared to watch it on tv or else somebody will say dekh kaun ro raha hai jo kabhi roti nhi woh ek serial dekh ke ro rhi hai but unhe kaun btaye they r devakshiiii woh toh patthar mein bhi crack daal de n main toh bhola bhala bacha.aajkal toh mujhe ishu bada dukhi karti hai mere sapne mein aati hai eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww

  2. piya

    i just saw a video where after returning from their honeymoon ishu n everybody will get to kno about dev’s investment in saurabh’s business.ishu will get angry n gkb will badmouth sonakshi to which bejoy will get angry n try to protect her daughter while dev will be busy explaining to ishwari n he will turn n SLAP BEJOY!!!!!!!!
    sachiiiiiiii!!! though it was an accidental slap but it was a tight one.i m already sad to watch that video upar se namak mirch lagagey vieo mein commentary bhi ho ri hai.dev babu yeh kya kiya aapne

    • piya

      first i thought it’s just a rumor but when i saw it.i was literally crying noiiii now devakshi will face more problemsssss.
      sonakshi will definately get disheartened hope there is no rift b/w our devakshi.main toh kehti hoon ki sonakshi bhi galti se ishwari ke mooh par mukka maar de.

      • Manya

        |Registered Member

        Yeh Kya ho raha hai????
        Main chahti hoon ki director woh scene baad mein kaat de
        Haan use ek Kya 100 Mukke maro

    • Ganga


      Mujhe Kuch bi acha nah lagtha….. kiski buri nazar lagi hamari pyari show PE……….I didn’t expect dis….. Intentionally nahi ho… but hua na… ae bahut galath……😑😑😑😑

      • Farhat

        There’s one video on YouTube.. Posted by sana’s creations.. Sorry couldn’t provide with the link..

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      o my god kaha dekha, kab dekha???????????

      kya??????Dev ne Bejoy uncle ko slap kiya???????
      he lost his mind or what????????
      omg………cvs wat r doing…….
      Akkhir karna kya chahte ho?/

    • Alka

      |Registered Member

      Haaa …Maine vedio toh nahi dekha par pic dekha tha …mujhe laga kuch bakwas hoga …par abhi tumne bataya yeah sach haii 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 problems phir se

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Piya yeh spoiler to nahi?? Agar aise hey then Shona should just walk away by giving a tight slap to Dev in front of all! She should give a tight slap to radharani and Ishu as per viewers demands!!!😬😡

  3. Alka

    |Registered Member

    🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊 dosto party manao ….hamari pyari ladli sanskari PURANI ishwari aunty ji wapas aa gayi full form me ….😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😞😞😞😞😞
    Idk but she is …….. I really don’t know wat to say …. N Mr Dixit again mamma’s boy ban Gaye …. Hard man to deal with ….aaj sona ne bhi last me bol hi diyaa 😣😣😣

  4. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari aunty aa hi gayi apni okkad pe shuru Ho gyi Na woh ladki aur apni patni kehna😒😒
    Starting mein toh man Kar raha tha ki Uska mooh todh du taaki kuch Bol hi Na paaye 😝😝😝

  5. piya

    whereas honeymoon (shimla trip)is considered thn i hav no hopes for it.coz they hav already shot for slapping wala incident when did they went to shimla? we didn’t get any spoilers/segments n uparse no expectations cvs ka budget itna acha nhi hai ki honeymoon pe enjoy karta hua dikhaye.beyhadh pe n kapil sharma ke show aur cid pe hi sony kharcha karke khush rehta hai.
    acha bhala phle itna expensive show tha humara new kapde,celebrations,shaddi was mind blowingggg n kum hi sahi but outdoor location bhi theek thaak hoti thi.ab toh sirf hospital se ghar n ghar se dev ka cabin n cabin se mandir n kabhi kabar sona ka living room.i just miss her room jahe she used to cry for dev,used to dream about dev,where her brother n sister used to tease her.

    coming back to the main topic i guess sirf show karenge ki honeymoon se wapis aare hai lik 1 week later karke.n imagine ishu mata ki permission par romance karne jare hai pata laga airport pe pahunch ke phone aaya ki ishu faint ho gyiii……..

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      Probably they are all fake videos to create interest. There were fake ones like Iswari is not Dev’s mother, Iswari slaps Bijoy and Dev’s farther is still alive. I will not believe them .
      There was a good news that Sona is pregnant in the middle of night.
      So many things are out to create interest in the serial.

    • LeeSa

      Hi.. I watched the video where dev slaps bijoy, not intentionally but still did it hard…

      Too bad, don’t know what the creators are trying to do. Maybe this will lead to devakshi separation track and sona will get pregnant then. Ishwari still has the prenup trump card under her sleeve to separate them, the prenup says dev won’t provide anything for sonakshi or the baby right??

      Just hope the show goes for a long time, only show which I have bothered to comment about and eagerly wait for each episode.

  6. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Loved the talk b/w Elena and Sona #sister goals😘😘😘😘
    Mamaji Ko vaapas Lao!!!!unki Biwi humse nhi Samhali jaa Rahi surf woh hi yeh Kar sakte hai😂😂😂
    Haina guys??

  7. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Iswari is illogical and putting a condition like this . Ok Sona agrees and goes through all the pain and does conceive. What happens if it is a girl. Girl is not a heir to the family. Only boy is considered heir in traditional family.
    Other than that this episode is again sad.Acting as usual is superb. Somebody should shut GKB. I do not know why Dev is not opening his mouth. Where is Mamaji.He is the only person who can control her.
    I can not say this is a very good episode. Now again Dev hid and did not tell Sona about the investment. That is another thing that is going to flare up one day because of GKB.
    Hope there is some investigation going on about the fire and the police finds something on GKB and put her in jail.
    Sometime Sona acts strangely. She did not wait till Iswari comes home.
    In the precap Sona is asking a good question.

    • piya

      seriously it highhhhhhhhhh time when will dev open his mouth.its not enought to say this that sonakshi i will always be with u.dev should keep this in mind that it isn’t a crime if one cannot concieve thn why is he listening to all that rubbish he should shut gkb,she is getting on my nervesss.
      moreover gkb is interfering more thn bejoy.bejoy is over but atleast he has a reason but this gkb will get a tight slap from my willing hands.

  8. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Guys Mujhe Na positive vibes as Rahe hai ki Sona pregnant Ho jaayegi in Sab treatment ke baad😉😉😉
    And agar Sona Ko bahut pain jhelna padega toh I want Dev to be a very supportive husband😘😘phir dekhne mein maza aayega!!!
    Last mein jab Sona ne kaha ki voh Dev Ko Samajh nhi paayi hai I was like Haan hum bhi Dev Ko nhi Samajh paaye hai abhi tak??
    Haina guys??

  9. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    I m not at all shocked with Ishwari’s Behabiour….
    she was a WITch Lady…she is a WITch Lady…& till the end she maintain her Witchness…….

    uffffffffffffffff………. waste of time…….

    Dev??????????? U???????????
    — sONA ka reaction when she knows about the money ( 5crore ), was like
    SONA TOLDS DEV in her own mind ‘ Dev, AAP DIL ME AATE HO SAMJH ME NHI ‘ 🙂

    M SOO scared after watching todays episode….
    its very dificult for a GIRL to run a married life…..
    nd this is the fact….
    Feeling very veryyyyyyyyyy sad for sona……God, give her strength…

  10. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Dekho guys Mujhe koi Kisi cheez de koi farak nhi padta jab tak devakshi ke beech mein koi misunderstanding nhi hai toh I really don’t care ki bejoy Ko Thapad pare ya phir Ishwari mar jaaye
    I hope ki makers yeh show Kare ki chahe jitni bhi mushkil circumstances kyu Na hi DEVAKSHI are always together
    What do u think guys??

  11. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    jab GKB ne kaha na humlog to gawar hai na jiji………..
    ..yess Apni identitiy koi khud se jyada ache se nhi bata sakta….
    U TRIO r Pure Gawanr( illirate )

    u trio, look at ur languages…….just like road sided…road chaap languages u used….
    neha– tuu….tadak…n all
    ish — teri patni…uss ladki….chiii nd she called her family A sanskari family……..!!!!!!!!! MY FOOT
    gKB — ISKE liye xplain karna too jaruri hi nhi h….she is a leader of gawanr…huhhhhhh………!!!!!

    • Alka

      |Registered Member

      Yeah u said it correct …. Sanskar ko toh bahut pehle hi bhaar me phek diya tha …dixito ne …huh …

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Very well said Priya! I am not surprised if Dev has slapped Bijoy becoz look at the family he hails from?

  12. Priyanka

    Meko aaj ka episode dekh kr esa lga ki devakshi k liye esse achi love story ka track hum de skte h director ko

  13. Annie

    What’s wrong with Dev, moron can’t he ask his mother how can she forcefully ask for a kid. Here Sona need support and sympathy not that buddi, I love Elena she is pretty and supportive as well. Bejoy is the best he is with Sona in her every step. Rather than clarifying things how come ishwari buddi can leave the house? Dev and his buddi ma is very selfish…poor Sona she should leave Dev and go back home.

  14. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Hadh hoti yae yaar har baath kiliyae ,hey ishwari nae aaj ho hadh baar kartiya,usskiliyae bacha kachoriyae kya jab bolu aajayegi,
    Aaj dev par bhi mae bouquet kussa ho,because aaj dev kya kiya ishwari nae itni kalath boriyae sona ki baarimae biwi biwi biwi…usska kya problem but dev nae sona kiliyae confidently kada nai maa ki saamnae….
    And precap mae sona poocha ishwari sae kya mere treatment suppose fail hogaya tum sab mujhae karka nai samjingi,isskiliyae ishwari tho nai tum iss Karka beti bolthiya na ho ekdum chute usskiliyae sona dev ki doll aur dev ki bachika maa thats it ….ho kabhi sutharthi wala nai ae saas bahu drama ishwari kartiyae sona nai…

  15. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Kya bolriyo sachimae dev nae bejoy uncle ko thappad marthiya already unki beech kuch acha nai ….ae bhi kya…cv’s kya kariyae we r in shock

  16. Kavitha

    Apart from infertility treatment there is surrogate mother option also why nobody is considering that ? Ishwari should leave some and dev alone for sometime, already they must be in so much pain , instead of consoling them she is all the time worried about grandchild

  17. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari is unreasonable and as I predicted earlier Dev will give into it and so he did!!! Morning shows the day!! She is also a black mailer becoz every incident she kind of black mails her son! We have witnessed this earlier as well. What kind of a mother is she?? I can only pity and have sympathy for any child with a mother like Ishwari and here I pity Dev!!!
    I hope this pregnancy track turns positive but I have a feeling after lot of drama this will be shown. Till then an endurance test of the viewers will be taken !! So be prepared!!
    I hope Vicky in the absence of his father controls GKB and I hope Elena does something which will keep GKB in a tight spit! Right now she is like a rabid dog set loose.Ishwari like characters are very much there on our society and they are showing that ! It is often disturbing to watch the ugly but thats how thongs can be. Ofcourse a Bahu like Sonakshi will initially yield to such demands so as to give a fair chance but ultimately she will rebel if for some reason it fails and I hope they portray that as well if they plan the story in that direction . However, whatever they plan to show one robust point should ne kept in mind that no love marriage where both are passionate about each other would and can break up! If they show a breakup that would be the most illogical unacceptable part becoz it never happens that way . It can only be a 0.1 percent chance and that should not be a part of this story! Usually the boy and his wife start living separately most of the times not even in that city as every day mental torture can drain you emotionally and result in poor performance professionally! I hope this track again results in a happier mode ultimately!

  18. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Sorry for the typos:
    Gkb in a tight spot.
    Ishwari like characters are there very much in our society.
    thats how things are and not thongs.
    Should be and not ne

  19. Junee

    |Registered Member

    I wonder where are Nikki , Ria and Mamaji ?? Nikki and Ria are hardly given any meaningful dialogue though Ria seems to be the more sensible one. They have vanished and so have mamaji like Khatri!!😳😳
    If Dev is shown to slap Bijoy and I hope not becoz that could be the most illogical and unacceptable part then Ishwari’s sanskar are unfortunately from the slums ! Sanskar word should be deleted from her dictionary!I only hope its not that way. In that case Sona should walk away from Dev as he is not worth pursuing! But this is just a supposition and it may not happen that way! Viewers will definitely not support Dev for sure in any of his moves thereafter!!

  20. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    A superb Good Morning …

    Aaru… Aashi… Aayushi… Aila… Aisha… Akangsha… Akanksha bhardwaj… Alia… Alka… Amii… Amy… Anam… Anj… Anita… Annie… Anshita… Anu… Aradhana… Archi… Archita… Arjumanbanu… Arpita… Arrjay… Ashriti… Avni… Ayesh… Azra… Azzuu…

    Bala Chitra S… Banno… Beth… Dr Bhalchandra Thakkar… Bhoomi… Bunny…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Daksha… Devga… Devsona… Dhanu… Dhira… Dibya… Divya… DJ789… Dolly… D.Seeba…

    Erika… Erina… Esha… Esme…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…

    Ibtesam… Imran Shah Jillani… Indradev… Ishita… Ishram… Ishu… Iswarya Santosh…

    Jeni… Juhi… Junee…

    Kalai… Kaarnuha… Kaira… Kalpana… Karnika… Karthika… Kavitha… Kaya… Khusi… Kiran Kumari… Kittu… Kitty… Krish…

    Labiba… Lakshree… Lalitha Manasa… Lata… Latha… Leesa… Lotika… Lovinglt…

    Maggie… Mahi… Malathy… Maleeha… Maria… Mika… Mohit Kalra… Moni… Mubeen…

    Nabanita… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nida… Nidhi… Nikki… Nikita… Niki645… Nirmala… Nishi… Noorjahan… Nutu Tekhil…

    Pakhi… Pankaj Grover… Pankti… Pinky… Piya… Piyali… PK… Pothik… Pradishma… Preet… Preeti… Pri… Priya… Priyanka… Puja Bose… Punitha Ranjan… Purvi…


    Radhika… Rajdip… Rajesh… Raksha… Rakshita… Ramyakumar … Ratna… Ria.. Ridhs… Rishneee… RiyaDcruz… Roshni…

    Saamii… Saasha… Sabahnur… Sadaf Shamim… Saheli… Saibha… Saina… Sakshi… Sakthi… Sam… Samaira… Sammy… San… Sangita… Sarika Siva… Saurav… Savi… Shalini… Shahnaz… Shalini Bose… Shalini Senthil… Shalu… Sharica… Shivani… Shivansh… Shreya… Shruti… Shraddha… Shree… Shivani… Shubhi… Shweta… Simi… Simran… Simplesweety… Smita… Sneha… Sona… Sonadi… Sonal… Sonali… Sri… Srisatya… Subasri Gautham… Subhashini… Sudheer… Surti… Sv… Swarna…

    Tamnna… Tamoghna Dutt… Tanu… Tapasya… Teena… Tessie…

    Vahini… Vaishu… Vani… Varsha… Varshini… Vini… Vishu…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zahra Ismail… Zaraa… Zoya…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

  21. Ganga

    Hiii dears Good morning 🌞☀

    Precap ne Abhi clearly dekha meine Ishwari ka pyari beti vapas aagayi……Neha Ishwari ke peche 😬😬😬

    I am scared Kya kahegi dis TRIO Sona ko….😞😞

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Ganga , all this crap to make Sona miserable will be shown to keep the drama on!!
      Ek laadki itni pareshan ajkaal ke zamane mey jo ki apne husband ko leke walk out kar saktee hey, pata nahi kyu udhar beth gayee yeh sab sehne ke liye! Ishwari ko mey ne kabhi trust nahi ki even when she was sweet to Sona kyunki woh hey hi matlabi!

      • Ganga

        Sonakshi SE zyadha humsab ko bahut pareshan…….

        Yess aaj Kal ki ladki apne hus ko lekar baahar chal sakthe….. but vo Sonakshi Bose haina not Neha DIXITH…..
        I think it’s a positive line :”vo Sonakshi bahu hei Jo DIXITH parivar ko Bose parivaar SE jodna chahthi hei…..😃😃😃😃😃”…….

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Hanga Neha Dixit walked away alone and I am saying Sona should walk away with Dev! She is sensible and its futile to bring Dixit and Bose’s together!

  22. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Now after yesterday’s episode… Ishu is really forcing me to hate her… What tha crap yaar… Ishu is a cheap person followed by GKB… thnk God, Neha is not there… After knowing the truth that it was Dev who was hiding the truth not Sona… Ishu still has grudges with Sona… I mean how can she…

    Dev again proved that he is a big dumbo… a puppet only when it comes abt Ishu… i agree Dev loves Sona a lot but sometimes only love is not enough for living…

    coz of Dev’s love Sona is bearing all this nonsense (Ishu, NEha, GKB)… Else Sona is mature enough to deal with such people but only coz of Dev Sona does not utter a single word… and becomes the target of IShu’s game…

    I hate IShu now… but What about Dev… he behaves like a pendulum… no doubts he loves Sona a lot that he can go to any extent for her… but when it comes to IShu… Dev totally forgets about Sona… Love should not be like this…

    But I likes when Dev told Sona on phn “it doesn’t matter to me whether you become mother or not”… but this statement was not a strong one…

    And what to say about Bose family… Such a sweet family… its a dream family for everyone… And Asha maa is such a superb maa… i like the way yesterday Asha shouted on Bijoy for interfering a lot In Dixit House… but I feel Bijoy’s concern towards Sona is also justified…

    Bijou said if he got his daughter married to Dev does not mean that he will forget about his daughter… its just too good… many people can learn from Bijoy…

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Asmita in real life it is this way! The daughter in law always becomes the target although she might not be involved in any way! It it comes to breaking fixrd deposits or if the son takes some step which probably his mother dors not like it is always the bahu who has to bear the brunt! If the son catches cold or even suffers from malaria it is the bahu who is blamed! Woh cold laag jaa boltee hey apne husband ke liye aur machhar ko boltee hey ki kaat mere husband ko!😂😂Par aise hee hotee hey real life mey! Mother in laws are like or a milder version of Ishwari. Only a smart thinking Bahu can keep them in a tight spot! But I have never heard or seen a son in law even accidentally slapping his father in law!!😳😳

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      By god….maine ye bilkul expect nhi Kiya Tha ki Sach Jane k Baad v ishwari, sona ko hi hate karegi…….I’m mean how kamini she is ….

      Iss màa ,bete, GkB, Neha. In sab ne milkey kasam kha li hai ki sona ko Santi se nhi rehne denge…..

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Priya they are like that ! Only milder versions may be there! Usually no MIL wants a marriage to break becoz son gets affected! Besides MIL s can be kept tight with a smart thinker!This one is an offbeat! Love marriage usually in such cases causes the couple to move away from parents! But this is Dumb Dev
        Marriage isnt bad Proya ! Only you need to be tactful and life teaches u that!

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Priya just become independent and have a good career and supportive parents alongwith that can keep every person tight! Be it husband or in laws ! Be it arranged or Love marriage! There are very few Dev Dixits

  23. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    Hi all…. Finally one more episode that totally focuses on ISHU MATAJI……. torture… Sona ne ek baar sahi kaha tha,….. ” Jab baat apki maa ki hoti hai Dev tab apko kuch aur nahi dikhta….. yahi haal hai is time Dev ka….. Rat ko kitne bade bade promise kiye Dev ne Sona se… “I don’t want to see tears in your eyes…. I’ll be with you in all circumstances… But jaise hi ishu ma gayab huyi… vaise hi Dev maharaj ke tote ud gaye… sab samajh aana band ho gaya…. dimaag ne bhi kam krna band kr diya…
    Use GKB ki bakwas nahi sunayi di… GKB ko ek shut up bolta aur chup kara deta.. but nahi… bande k uh se bus itna nikla.. abhi maa ko dhundna jaruri hai….
    phir sona ne maa ko dhunda.. pura try kiya use convince krne k liye.. aur mataji ki jail kati baatein sunkar jab rote huye ayyi to Dev babu ko sona k aansu bhi dikhayi nahi diye… selfish crap.. ulta sona ko daant raha tha.. ki aisi halat mein tum maa se mandi mein bahas kar rahi ho….
    Mataji ko dekho… aie time mein bachhoo ko unka moral support chahiye par nahi.. unhe to bus apna rona rona hai… bechari k sath kitna atyachar hua.. to ab wo badla legi.. sona k treatment kara kar.. thik hai.. pehle dev ne decide kiya tha ki sona ka treatment karao use bina bataye.. ab mataji ne decide kar liya.. vansh k chirag ke liye…
    Sona ki to apni koi marji hai hi nahi…..

    Kahan ja raha hai.. mera fav serial….

  24. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Yaar main toh chahti hoon ki Ishu kuch bhi karke mar jaaye aur Bhagwan Ko pyaari Ho jaaye phir humare DEVAKSHI aur hum chain se Jeeyenge😂😂😂😂😂
    Guys I don’t think ki DEVAKSHI mein de koi bhi galat hai galat hai toh cv’s ke banaye hue circumstances and Ishwari
    I want Dev to be a supportive husband we all know ki woh Sona as bahut pyaar Karta hai but use dikhana bhi toh chahiye Na woh Ishu ke samne kuch nhi bolta plzzzz cv’s kuch toh Karo

  25. piya

    guys i donno how to send that link but its better tum na hi dekho otherwise dev ka murder karne ka mann karega episode telecast ke time hi dukhi ho lo.waise phir can somebody tell me how to send link

  26. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Sab k comments padh k lag Raha hai…..
    Avi ishwari Nd. Dev samne dikh jaye to wahi k wahi murder ho jaye iss couple ka….

    • piya

      sahi baat hai priya itnaa gussa aaraha hai chalo dev ko phir jane do (i hav no option i still lik him donno why)mann kar rha hai writers ka murder kardoon woh phle toh roz itne khatarnak twists dete hai pura dil kaamp uthta hai n upar se sona ke dialouge page pe bass patience likha haiiii

  27. Fan

    Oh god! What s happening here? I don’t know wat to say. But the promo was interesting i m eager to hear ishwari’s answer. Dev actually knows her mom well right? While he was drunk in sona engagement he did confess to ish that she was creating all that drama just to win him back and she wanted him to choose her over sona. Then why he s agreeing with all her conditions and he doesn’t even hesitate to ask such question to sona? Omg! There are so many rumours too i’ve read all ur comments guys. But let’s hope makers do their best.

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      Actually when he was drunk, normally inner feelings comes out.That is what Dev did.
      He thinks that his Maa is God to him.God does not cheat his or her son. Iswari cheated him by getting him sign the prenuptial document.when she is like that she completely forget and blame Dev that he lied for the girl. How cheap her charecter is?

  28. piya

    @priya n ganga i think i’m in comm.i’m just not able to digest this fact that dev slapped his FIL!! kal raat se neend nhi aarhi.i really wanna kno that what ishwari wants to say on this act of dev coz if she blames sonakshi for dev’s lie thn we should also blame ishwari’s upbringing don’t u think so frnds?

    this is utter nonsense though i lov dev n he is a complicated man to deal with .sonakshi should burst her anger on ishwari not dev coz he really enjoys being a punching bag so no use.sonakshi plzzzzz kuch toh bolo gussa karo ishu pe chilllaaao for INFINITE reasons
    1)breakup karayaaa
    2)itne gande gande dialouges bole barsate naala….
    3)shaadi bheekh maang kar emotionally blackmail karwake
    4)shaadi mein khaana nhi khaya n ghar aakar behosh ho gyi blame sonakshi par
    5)pure time sona ko inferiority complex diya usse dev se door rakha
    6)never accepted her as her bahu (beti toh door ki baat sirf dev ki patni samja)
    6)sona ki maa ko aunty bolne ke liye majbboor kiya dev ko
    7)conditional love fake bond(atleast pyaar na bhi karti lekin respect ki dachiyaaaa uda di sona ki)
    8)mandir me jo kuch bola main toh yaad bhi nhi karna chahti coz real lyf mein main toh divorce hi de do.

    n kitna kuch sonakshi ek insaan itna flexible nhi hota ki sab kuch sun le tum rubber kyu ban rhi ho bimaar ho jaogi.jaise breakup ke time sona ne apne liye bola tha ab bhi usse bolna chahiye apne liye nhi toh apne papa ke liye jisne hamesha unconditional love kiya,usse itni problems mein rehkar bhi bada kiya kaabil bnaya aur most important jisne shaadi ke baad bhi yeh bola ki toh kya hua shaadi hogyi toh humari beti ki responsibilty khatam thoda hui

    • piya

      seriously its a serious case sona should file a mental harrassment case against ishwari thn she will get to kno that what ranveer did to neha was correct .jaisi maaaa waisi beti ihate to say this but yes its true.n its harrassment ab toh physical bhi hogyi bejoy ke saath

  29. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    I’m very afraid at the same time feeling sad for sonakshi too….bcoz Dev will going to slap his father-in-law bijoy…which is not correct and surely it will lead to big fight between Dev and Sonakshi, coz it will affect their lovely relationship…. day by day the show is coming to emotional and I think if the surrogacy process will not work then definitely GKB and Neha will try to get Sonakshi out of Dixit house and in Dev’s life too…Let’s see..!

  30. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Iswari is telling Dev that he lied for that girl. She thinks that she does the right thing and never lies. She did the gravest thing that without the knowledge of Dev she got him sign the prenuptial. She cheated her own son.This is the sanskar she taught her son.
    How can she blame her son when she herself did cheat her son.
    How one can live in the same house after the accusations she made on Sona.
    She accused her of separating her son from her.
    In the present day,educated women will just walk away. Even though the story is in the present generation the writers of gone back to old days hiding behaind the concept of different shades of love.
    There is always a limit to the patience. No girl will tolerate this kind of humiliation.
    Slapping Bijoy by Dev ,if it is really going to happen then Sona should walk out with her parents.No shade of love is worth that kind of humiliation.
    She should also put a condition to Dev that she would return only if GKB is out of the Dixit’s house.
    Plus I heard that in northern India no brother will stay under his sister for so long. It is against their pride and garv. I do not know . Some of you guys can tell me as I am from south.
    Guys if you are upset and sad about what is happening in the present episodes, please go back and watch episodes 33 to 46. They are beautiful. You will forget the present episodes.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..