Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona emotionally tells Elena that Ishwari is angry on her and Dev and Dev still did not tell about them to Ishwari. Elena tries to console her. Sona says she does not think Dev loves her much and does not want to marry her, so he did not tell mom about them. The time he took hiding their relationship, he would have told about them 4 times. She continues pouring out her heart. Asha hears their conversation and says she heard their conversation and is okay with Sona’s choice, so she will inform Daadi and Bejoy about Dev. Sona says no..

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and tries to speak, but she ignores him and walks out. Dev hires a new cook, but Ishwari asks him to go. Dev comes and Ishwari asks cook to tell Dev that she does not need anyone in her kitchen.

Dev says Bhola will be come in some time. Ishwari says she does not need interference and needs peace.

Ranveer takes Neha to their new home and says mom told they need to follow rituals. He picks her and takes her in. She asks him to get her down and laughs. Their romantic nok jhok continues…

Sona goes to work. Dev waits for her and says he wants to talk to her, mom is not talking to him at all. She says it is his mistake that he did not tell mom about them since so many days. He says she knows the situation at home, he will tell mom soon. Sona goes in.

Sona goes to kitchen. Ishwari asks what she should prepare for herself. Sona says she can have paranthas but without oil. Ishwari asks what is the use of preparing parantha then. Sona says she can have methi. Ishwari ssays it is finished. Sona says she can have bottle gourd. Ishwari says there are so many vegetables, but not even one of her choice. Sona asks her to have palak and says she will prepare better chart for her. Ishwari yells she will and asks her to go and do her work properly. Sona leaves sadly. Ishwari thinks why she is scolding Sona for Dev’s mistake, then thinks what if she would have told Dev not to tell about their love. Radha comes starts chatting that she cannot see her working in kitchen all the time, but she prepares tasty food and she is enjoying it. She asks what will she prepare in sweets. Mamaji comes and scolds Radha that instead of helping Ishwari, she is putting burden on her. Ishwari says she will prepare Radha’s favorite sweet. Radha thanks her and leaves yelling at mamaji. Mamaji asks Ishwari what she is troubling herself so much, he cannot see her like this.

Asha cooks in kitchen sadly. Bejoy brings sandesh sweet and feeds it to daadi and her. She says she wants to tell something. Bejoy asks about Sona. She says yes, Sona found a life partner. Daadi asks if he is handsome. Bejoy asks if he is Bengali. Asha says Dev babu. Dadi says he is very handsome. Bejoy says he is okay with this alliance. Asha says she is worried if Sona will be accepted in Dev’s house. Bejoy says they should trust their daughter.

Dev comes home and Ishwari asks him to have food. She says she is not hungry. He says even he is not hungry. Mamaji asks Ishwari not to stretch the issue. Dev comes back after changing and asks mamaji why he told mom not to stretch the issue, what did he do. Mamaji says he should not have hidden something so long. Dev asks what did he hide..then asks Sonakshi. Mamaji nods yes.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that he did mistake by hiding that he and Sona love each other and spend life together.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OMG…Itna der laga aaj ke updates me…

  2. I want him to confess soon.. At least Sona won’t suffer much… Bechari beech Mai fans gayi hai.. Aur koi b usko samaj b nai paaraha.. Aaj toh Sona k aankhon Mai aansu dekh k mjhe Rona aagaya.. Waiting for the upcoming track.. I’m sure ther wil b alot of drama..

    1. Priya9876

      Mee too varsha…
      Pehle v emotional scens pe mere aansu aaye hai, but kavi aakho niche nhi gire, but aaj to mere aankhi se aansu niche v gir gye… n my mummy says wat is this pagal?? i feel so lol tht time…

  3. Priya9876

    Kaha se start karu?
    Aaj pura ka pura din mera acha nhi gya just bcz devakshi k sath aisa Ho rha hai.. So silly I m why I can’t. Understand this is only a serial ?
    But wht can I do, I feel so connected wid them…????
    Anyone who feels the same??? ND suffering, to see devakshi’s pain ?????…
    Share wid me frnds…

    1. Srsly i agree with you
      I dont know Why but i was just thinking about devakshi
      And iam like Its just a serial why am i so desperately thinking about it

    2. Hey Priya guess wht.. Even I used to feel the same way.. Ek baar aisa Hua ki mera pura din kharab gaya..aur ussi din Dev propose kiya toh Meri saare pains gayab hogaye thae..tmari b haal kuch waisa he hai..par opposite..?

  4. Priya9876

    *Today’s best part*
    When Ishwari realize, how rudly she behave ???…
    ???? sona ko rota Hua dekh mujhe kaisa lag rha hai Mai express nhi Kar sakti…
    => finally aaj sona k maa baba ko pata chal gya, aise pata chalega Maine kvi nhi socha tha… ND see sona Ki mom kitni understanding hai, unhone kitni achi baat kahi, ” khabar achi hai to Mai in bekar Ki baato pe dhyan nhi dungi ”
    Transparent mined parents aisa hote hai…? aur aap ISH aunty ji Khud ko bahut achi…..? aap khud v takleef me ho ar har Kisi k liye problems create Kar rahe Ho…. This is not fair…totally not fare??
    Kitne pyar se dev ne pucha — tu v baith na maa,,
    I- Mai baad me kha lungi…( kya attitude hai…huhhh!!! Aap khao hi matt na itne hi takleef me ho too)
    N bilkul sahi kiya tumne dev,, thodi narazgi to dikhani banti thi ?​?​….
    * Mujhe laga tha aaj confession Ho jaye Ga, pure episode me wait karti reh gyi…
    God kitna wait karna hoga….??????

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ishwari itana uea bhi nahi wo sona ke akhon me asu dekhaneke bat thora to kuch guilty feel huwa
    Today sonakshi look gorgeous one of the best costume & well make up ever in this 111 epi

  6. Wait for tomorrow.

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev only think that sona is computer for hom i mean all solution for his question but nevr solve the problem facw by sona
    Missing nikki kash wo hota toh thora help hota devakahi & ishwari
    She can handle by her bak bak

  8. I hate. Ishwari’s characters she is so selfish n egostick..she never love dev she always used her fir her needs selfish wamp

  9. Priya9876

    hey Guys here is link of new poll.. plz vote for KRPKAB…
    N this time only 1 vote is important & needed… so plz do vote..

  10. Ramchin

    Actually sona is suffering than dev and mom
    Feeling bad for sona

    1. Great fan of krpeb ??????????????

  11. Ramchin

    Just wish ki all teek hojayega
    Actually galthi dev ki thi
    He should have told before only
    Lovely serial
    But from few days emotional episodes

  12. Oh the precap hurts the way dev was telling her and ish jis face

  13. What crab is this….???
    Ishwariji knows tht she is not doing right with sona and still she is like this…
    But i must say aaj ka episode was far far better than the previous episodes….
    And sona ne shi kiya dev ko yeh bol ke k he cannot take her for granted…☺

    1. Priya9876

      Solid reply by sonakshi?

  14. Ramchin

    In yesterday episode also dev is asking sona tum kuch kaha hai kya mom
    How he ask this
    Even he is not understanding sona

  15. Ramchin

    I don’t know why my comments not displaying

  16. Ramchin

    Waiting for tmr episode

    1. Priya9876

      Mee too?

    2. Priya9876

      Lovely dp?

  17. Ramchin

    What wrong this site yar
    Why my comments are not displaying

  18. Nice epi….

  19. Priya9876

    In yellow dress ? sona looks soo beautiful…

  20. Priya9876

    Sona’s dadi is soo cute,
    How cutely she said, is he HANDSOME????? ?
    Yaaaa dadi ofcourse ur son in law is- super cute / handsome hunk bachelor in world… Ur Dev Babu ?

  21. Kalpana

    Seriously… What is Ishwari’s problem? A kid also won’t behave this way…. Problem Dev se hai… Dev chupane se hai… Sona ko har bar target kyun karti hai? Baharwali hai isiliye? I know Dev didn’t tell… So what? Kaunsa aasman tootke gir gaya? Dev nahi bataya.. Then directly doubt Sona… She only must have told…
    What happened to her thinking????? When Dev broke off engagement with Natasha, Ishwari – “My son has every right to take decisions of his life… He’s become old and matured enough” Now, when he has taken this decision, what’s her problem? Yes he didn’t tell immediately… She could’ve taken the first step too.. Seedhe seedhe pooch sakti thi… “Beta i want to see you married, shall I search for alliances or do you like someone?” Dev bata deta… Itna drama… Dev ko torture karne mein itna maza…
    N Sona… Poor thing… So much of pain… Dev thinks only about his mom.. Ever thought, how Sona’s feeling… Ghar ki har problem solve karein wo… Par uski toda bhi fikr nahi… In the beginning, Dev – “Sona,I want to know everything about you; what makes u happy, what makes u sad; what ur dreams are….” Ab wo bechari chilla chillake bol rahi hai.. Tell ur mom… It’s not entering his head at all!! Sona knows Ishwari better than Dev! Even during Neha’s marriage, that lehenga incident… Sona also agreed with Ishwari’s thinking!!!
    I just wonder why writers have changed Ishwari so much… Insecurity n possesiveness kuch had tak teek hai… Uske baad she should act and behave like adult!!!

    1. Priya9876

      Hii Kalpana
      Totally agree with you…
      Jb dev ne engagement Toda tha tavi too aunty ne bade proudly kha tha mera beta Jo v faisla lega usme Mai uske sath Hu…engagement todne ka v decision to dev ne khud hi liya tha, us waqt aunty ji KO koi problem nhi thi,, problem hoti v kaise after all decision unke favour me Jo tha…
      Starting se wo dev ka pyar Kisi se v share nhi karna chati… Lagta nhi Ki unke 4 Bache hai, sirf dev KO Hi Manti hai, betiyo ke liye koi possessiveness nhi hai.. Hadd h!!

      1. Devakshi fan

        100% correct. Dev has not asked before breaking engagement and she did not mind. Why now? Conflicting character. Dev can hate anybody but cant love anyone?

  22. Poor Dev is facing a tug of war between his mother and Sona. He knows Sona is not against his mother, he should speak his mother now.

    1. Priya9876

      Devakshi fan hii.
      Want ask are u boy or girl???

      1. Devakshi fan

        What do u think?

    2. Priya9876

      I think a girl ??

  23. Esme

    These days funny n romantic moments r absent from d show.Those who want a chill pill, check this “””Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#5″”””.

  24. Esme

    I am receiving notifications from those posts which i never created. Srsly tired of this talli TU.

  25. Priya9876

    Preet, Devga where r u???

  26. Priya9876

    Guys Kis kis ne vote kiya????
    Raise your hand ✋

    1. Me
      Krpkab is highest

      1. Priya9876

        Thanx for voting

    2. Devakshi fan

      These voting are useless Priya. They are all sabotaged. I tried once at Tellyexpress and I fnd for 1 of my vote, 4 of vote for some other serial which is liked by the admin increases. i lost it. KRPKAB came 2nd behind EDKV.

  27. devakshi's fan

    i loved it how emotional it was?

  28. Yeh guys its true ki ishwari bahut wired behave kr rhi h pr dev ko kya hua vo bhi to bahut wired behave kr rha h sona ke sath. Maana ki vo ishwari ko bahut pyaar krta hai aur usko upset nhi dekh skta pr sona ka kya use upset kr skta hai. Seriously agar aisa pyaar hota hai to acha tha ki humari sona kabhi pyaar hi nhi krti dev se kyuki use kya mila sirf insult vo bhi kislye jo vo ki hi nhi aur jisse vo expect kr rahi ty kuch kenhe ka vo to kahi aur busy tha. Seriously mujhe lagta hai dev ko pyaar karna hi nahi chahiye tha because vo pyaar hi kya jo apko bacha na sake khud to good ban jata hai aur sunti to apni sona hai na. I wish sona khud ka stand le aur ye job chor ke chali jaye. Sad to honge par uska koi insult to nahi krega ur shayad isse uski importance ishwari aur dev ko samajh aaye. Hope ye track jaldi aaye. I can’t see sona pain and insult. Poor sona uski kya galti hai. I hate ishwari and dev for this.

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