Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona sleeping on bed reminisces Sourav’s financial problem and Dev’s concern and tension for Neha. She walks to garden and sees Dev sitting and angrily trying to call Ranveer. Sona dorns shawl on him and says Ranveer must be busy and did not pick his call, so he should try tomorrow. Dev says he tried a lot, but Ranveer is not picking his call at all. Sona says he should rest now and call Ranveer in the morning. Dev hugs her emotionally.

Elena comes to Sona’s home to teach Nikki. Sona enters Nikki’s room. Nikki goes out to get something. Sona gives a cheque and asks Elena to deposit in baba/Bejoy’s account. Elana says no, mesho/Bejoy will not spare her. Elena insists and gives her cheque and says she will rejoin her job soon. Elena

says bye and leaves.

Dev at office breaks things angrily. Tina asks if he is fine. He says he does not have any details of Ranveer and asks to get it soon.

Sona goes to kitchen and seees Ishwari there. She says she did not want to hurt Neha. Ishwari says she knows and says she has just come here and has not understood family members well, so she should stay away from Neha’s problem and let her and Dev handle it. She is married recently and there is no need to fall in this. Sona says she remembers that she told her that she will wait for somedays before rejoining her job, but she thinks now she should rejoin soon before her employees employs someone else. Ishwari says she should rejoin soon. Sona says she can join half day also. Ishwari says she did not become nutritionist to cook, she should concentrate on her profession.

Dev enters Ranveer’s office. Ranveer suprisingly asks why is he here. Dev says if he had picked his calls, he did not have to come here and says this divorce should not happen. Ranveer says he tried to convince Neha so much, but she did not agree and is adamant. Dev says Neha will calm down if he tries, but instead he pushed Neha in a dark cell. Ranveer says mind your language, that is my house and my family stays here. You and your whole family knew about me well before agreeing for marriage. Dev says nothing has gone wrong completely, gives him apartment keys and asks to shift with Neha there. Ranveer says he cannot take charity from him and says he may not know him well, but Neha knows him well and accepted the way he is. Dev says he is doing wrong. Ranveer says Neha wants him to become rich like Dev, but not at a cost of his dignity. If he accepts this one, Neha’s demands will increase., he will not lose his self-respect for anyone. Dev angrily says fine then, my lawyer will speak to you and leaves.

Dev travels in his car and applies brakes seeing a woman in scooty on opposite side and shouts what is this nonsense. He sees Sona and asks what is she doing on scooty. She says she felt like driving, so she sent Elena in taxi and took her scooty. She asks him to sit behind her. He says what…She asks if his male ego is stopping him. He parks car aside and sits behind her.

Dev and Sona then sit on roadside stall sipping coffee. Sona says they should do this often. Dev says he knows. She says they become husband and wife from boyfriend and girlfriend so soon..they should enjoy like boyfriend and girlfriend often. She silently says she is rejoing her job. He angrily asks what…how can she do this..He then laughs and says if he had reacted like this and says whenever he is with her, he lives each moment. She asks if he spoke to Ranveer. He says Ranveer does not want to give a second chance to his marriage at all, he is a wrong man for Neha. He is angry on himself that he did not judge well Ranveer before. Sona says it was not just infatuation, Neha must have seen something in Ranveer and married him even after knowing he is poor, they both have created problems themselves, so it is her and his duty to make them realize their love and sacrifice. Dev says only Neha sacrificed and not Ranveer, now it will not happen, Neha needs her family’s support and not Ranveer’s. Sona says if he remembers how they felt when their breakup happened. Dev says it is not the case with Neha and Ranveer and now Neha will not go back to Ranveer, asks Sona to stay away from all this and let him handle this issue. Sona feels sad.

In the morning, Dev wakes up and smiles looking at Sona’s face. He blows air on her face. Sona says let me sleep. He says chee, did not you brush last night. She checks and says she is not feeling bad breath. He says he did not say that. She says it is a bad Obodro joke. He says even if she does not bath for 15 days, he will not mind. She starts scolding in bengali. He asks her to sleep and close eyes. He starts romantic words and says whenever he sees her in the morning, he feels himself very lucky, etc..She says he is stupid, he does not understand if he is lucky, so she is, how much she loves him. He says girls don’t understand. She says yes girl’s don’t understand and makes sad face. He asks what happened. She says Neha, she wants Ranveer and Neha to feel same like they are feeling. He says Ranveer is adamant and is very egoist.

Precap: Sona gets ready for job in the morning. Radha yells. Ishwari says they should congratulate Sona and stop yelling. Sona apologizes Ishwari for some reason. Ishwari leaves crying and yelling that her daughter’s life is in hell.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Devga

    Iswari : as if u left them to go anywer ….

    Ranveer : wow as I expected man .. a power back entry …. u r on a right track …..

    Dev : good improvement (wit ur wifey) dear heart beat ….. love u maintain this rabo ……
    But phir kahi na vahi bath ( apni maa ki bath ) ” issme thum math pado” ….
    Com on man she is ur wife she is concerned abt ur family…. let her give solutions…..

    Guys …. my heart is beating fast wen ever I see devakshi stressing their bond and comparing wit ranha (ranveer-neha ) ……. because because … aaghe inka bhi drama karenge na … 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Tessie

      Hi devga… Ur right dev said to her tum isme mat pado.. He did wrong but even sona did wrong by not telng abt her bro.. Deka jai toh dev jus wnt her to stay away for her good so dat uspe kuch na aye dats it.. Wese hi sona bi nhi batana chati dev ko abt her bro cos he is already tens abt neha.. Baad me jab dev ko pata chalega phir se ye aur ek issue na ban jaye bas yahi baat ka daar hai..

      1. Priya9876

        Naa,, I don’t think so K is baat ko lekar issue Banega

      2. Junee

        Even i dont think yeh koi issue hogee kyunki she tried to solve her parents problems on her own rather than involving him when he is himself dealing with a pressure! Besides she is an independent woman so she can choose to help her parents! Dev is, I think magnanimous in his approach only his mother uses all kinds of tricks to influence him! He also wants Sonakshi to join back work at the earliest becoz he loves Dr Bose as much as he loves Mrs Dixit!!!!

  2. Full episode of dev and sona wow nice……. The best Diwali gift for their fans..lovely

    1. Priya9876

      Absolutely correct, best Diwali gift…???

    2. Oh yes, we DevAkshians couldn’t have asked for more as a gift considering the current track!??

  3. Tessie

    Today i felt yes m satisfied. Watching the episode.. Leaving nehas problem aside.. I know sonakshi wil do everything right.. She is born with that talent.. ?..
    Wow strtd with so nyc way.. Devakshi hug was enf to forgt dev ka pura tension…
    N dev ne jab kaha sona ko… Zara tej chalana taki muje tumhe pakadne ka bahana milee.. Wow so cute.. This part was.. Wish they showed more part of their ride…
    Omg…. Good morning wifi.. Last part was awesome ..
    Bt jab bi devakshi Romance krte hai tob..na jane kyu muje bas yahi lagta hai ki ishwari ya neha na ah jaye… N dn again ishwari wil strt feeling jealous.. N say to dev.. Dev ye tu kya kar raha hai tu bhul gaya ki teri behn bi hai use b Romance krne ka mann karta hai.. Use chodke hw cn u think about urself… Haha.. I knw its funny bt ishwari ka koi barosa nhi.. She cn do anythn to make devakshi apart… Haha omg chii tumne brush nhi kia.. Phir se try krtne hai.. So cute yaa.. Dev is tryng best to make sonakshi comfortable in his life apart frm othr family members n the one who support sona are missing today ria n niki i mean..
    Besides dat the episode was too good loved it.. Devakshi aftr marriage trying to form like b4 dats vry nyc.. Very much happy today… Yuhhuu

    1. Priya9876

      Superb comment???

    2. Completely agree with your thoughts!?????

  4. well done Dev accept your wife is part of the family allow her to give suggestions if not to otheres then to you…she is trying to reconcile Neha & Ranveer..as for ishwari my dear its time you stood your ground and no matte neha says you tell her to reconcile..
    dont give your excuses..cos you forever dictating to Dev what to do..As for you Dev go tell your sister to make her marriage, even if she moves to a hotel…she chose the bed she must lie in it..This is proper Indian sanskar…wake up..
    as for the Mama he maybe polite and respectable , when will he really go off his handle with the interfering spounging Radha ,, its not their house, adn when will their son correct his mother, surprisingly , take the bengalis side…Please wake up,,,start sorting radha out…

  5. Priya9876

    Awwwww??? devakshi scenes r awesome mind blowing……..yeahh I love you devakshi….???

    1. Tessie

      Hi priya issue banayega matlab tha ki he wil ofcos fel bad na dear. Ki sona ne chupaya.. Kis kis ko support karu.. I love dem both..
      N jo dono ko pyaar karte hai wo always in puzzled.. Hahaha

      1. Priya9876

        Yup u r right

  6. Priya9876

    Good night friends…???????bye

  7. Not a bad episode.Only thing I did not like what Sona did writing a check to her Baba. I never thought Sona will do something like this. I thought Sona will discuss the matter with Dev.
    The episode shows about Ranvir’s attitude. I can understand what Ranvir says about accepting the flat then Neha will demand more. It is really a complicated situation.This is not a vegetable buying. Neha she can just break the marriage.Dev does not deal with this calmly. He always gets angry when things does not go his way. He can not go and shout at Ranvir as the fault lies on Neha also.First time they showed Ranvir’s office. Nice looking office.Both Iswari and Dev should explain calmly to Neha about relationship and make understand. I do not know what show makers are thinking . It will be really nice that they show Sona make Neha understand about love and marriage. Dev was right in one thing that Ranvir also should also sacrifice and keep trying.
    I am looking forward to the episode of Diwali function.Hope they show it.Somebody has to put GKB in her place. They should bring the fire investigation and trouble GKB and make Sona to solve that problem.So that she will change.

  8. Sorry some typo mistakes

  9. Sonakshi did not deem it fit to tell Dev about her brother’s problems and why she was taking up a job. But if Dev or anyone in the Dixit family hid anything from her, she’ll blow her top off and make a big deal out of it. It’s easy to tell one family’s problems to the other but not vice versa
    There’s a double standard to her character the writers need to take note of.

  10. Hehe..one thing is going correctly i guess….that they didn’t wake up with a frown…as they promised eachother that they will end their fight in the night itself….??
    Par DEV…what he did today was terrible…i just could not get what he did….i know neha is his sister and he’ll cross any limit to protect her and and give her everything and anything she wants….but talking illogically and impulsively was not done at all….he’s not understanding that neha is asking ranveer to get out of that house leaving his family alone…she isn’t even trying to adjust and not at all ready to talk to ranveer….if she truely loved him she would have never created such a mess….and dev in support of her went there and insulted ranveer….i loved the way ranveer was stubborn on his decission and gave straight forward answers to DEV….DEV should keep himself in ranveer’s place and SONA in neha’s place(where she can never be?) and then should decide that who’s wrong and who’s right….
    And the second thing which was horrible was that DEV too asked SONA to stay away from this matter…i mean how can he…??
    I think both DEV and ishwari have forgotten that time when neha was not at all ready to listen to anyone in the whole house and was the same SONAKSHI who conveinced her on that stupid matter….none of the DIXITS were able to handle her at that time but it was SONA who cleared the mess at that time so how can you people (ishwari) ask her not to come in between…???? Didn’t get it…??



    When DEV asked SONA to stay away from this matter it felt like as if SMALL ISHWARI is speaking from his mouth…and felt like killing her at that time itself…?????

    DEV ke pass paisa kitna hai yeh dekho aap log….
    Jab mann kiya tab phone phek diya…jab mann kiya tab laptop phek diya jab mann kiya tab landline utha ke phek diya…jab mann kiya tab ofgice ki table ka saara saaman utha ke phek diya…..??????

    Bhagwaan itne paise humko kyun nai deta…??”????

  11. Now one comment on beautiful moments….
    Dev and sona’s talk in the garden…?????❤❤
    Devakshi’s scooty ride….awesome….???❤❤???
    And the best one….the morning…ooohhhooooo…????❤❤????????????

    Tum pandrah din bhi nai nahaogi tab bhi me manage kar lunga….arey waah waah….kya baat ki hai dev babu….maza aa gya….
    Par ek batao…aap toh reh loge par aapki mataji kaise rahegi….??? Fir toh unko ghar se bahar jaana hi padega… toh i think sona ko yeh plan under action le hi lena chahiye….???

    1. Junee


    2. NagaraniPandiyan

      Colorful Comment dear

    3. Absolutely lovely scenes??????????

  12. Y does everyone yell? Radha? Bejoy?

  13. So not cool for Ranveer to live with Family but ok for Dev to do and Sona to put up with all the bad mouthing from Radha and Ishwari. Cant wait till Dev realise what this people are doing

  14. This is my best serial. Krpkab rocks from first ep to till now. This serial is different to all serials. Thank u director fr new thinking and go on……

  15. Junee

    Todays episode was very nice specially the bike scene! Lovely ! But expected more of those cute moments! Eatly morning wify and the whispers and again making her sleep ! Very very cute!
    But I did not like ehen Dev asked Sona to stay away from Neha’s problems. She is a part pf that family and his life partner why is he showing such arrogance on this matter!
    Ranveer I love ur character! Stick to your principles and balues dear and make Dev also realise if a similar situation arises in his life will he consider leaving his morher and sisters with his wife????
    I personally feel Sona did the right thing by writing the cheque for Bijoy becoz thats the leadt she cpuld have done for her dear father who will never express his problems to her. I dont think a working woman should all the time inform or explain why she is writing a cheque either for her parents, siblings , if it is her money! She can at some point of time just inform becoz why does a woman have to explain every genuine reason to her husband? Can’t he trust that if he comes to know that she would have done it for a reason??? Why explanations to be given always by a woman even if she is right and honest ? When will our mindset change to trust her completely! Even Sona should not get angry with Dev if he has hidden the medical report becoz he also did it for reason ! The ability to respect each others decisions without consultations at times is the only proof of ” trust and confidence ” on each other in a relationship!

    1. Junee

      Sorry again mistake!
      ” will Dev consider leaving his mother and sisters for his wife and not with!!!!!
      Will he consider living with his wife away from his mother and sister??? ???

    2. Completely agree with you Junee di!
      Even I felt it to be right of Sona helping her family in their financial crisis, for she very well knew that her dad wouldn’t share his problem with her.
      And yes, Sonakshi sure does have the complete right to do whatever she feels as long as it isn’t causing any harm to anybody!

  16. Junee

    Sprry for the typos:
    Early and not eatly morning
    Values and not balues
    Least and not leadt
    Once again fat finger syndrome !???
    Sorry !!!

  17. Junee

    I loved the garden scene of Devakshi too! Plz be this way! We love ❤️ it this way!!! But the best was the early morning scene! Go off to sleep again with eyes closed???

  18. Junee

    I personally feel Sonakshi did the right thing by writing the cheque for her father becoz she has come to know that they are going thru a financial crisis! She used to earlier give financial support to them that was before marriage. If sge has written a cheque from her accounts , it is her choice and not to inform Dev right away had a reason! He is already bogged down with Neha’s problems and again to weigh him down with her parents problems would be a selfish act! Instead she is trying to solve on her own as she is an independent woman and probably will inform him at an appropriate time! I find this to be a mature act rather than running for every reason without assessing the gravity of a situation!

    1. Junee

      I strongly believe in the saying , an idiom ” DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOR”!
      I think Sonakshi is trying to follow that!
      God has given us intelligence to be used discretely and wisely and she is trying to do that!

  19. Hello everyone, Am new here….. I think Dev is doing hypocrisy….. Watever he has asked Ranveer to do is an impulsive statements. What if Sonakshi demands same from Dev, will Dev be able to fulfill???

  20. Aaru

    Hey guys finally my xams r over n I’ll b able to comment on posts, n post my ffs too..woohoo

    1. Priya9876


    2. Yipeeeeee!
      Waiting for the next update of your FF now!!!?????????

  21. U know guys mai char din se TU par comment nhi kr pa rhi hoon…
    Mere toh fingers me khujli ho rhi thi seriosly ???
    Cz mere dono smartphones bus me chori ho gaye ,comp. me virus aa gaya aur laptop me mere pyare(not seriosly?)ne pata nhi kya kiya hai ki uska keypad kam hi nhi kar rha hai..???
    Now finally bahot rone girgirane ke baad ab jake meko naya phone mila hai…
    Tabhi Im commenting now…
    Anyways dont mind my bak baks…?
    Todays devakshi scenes were a relief from the last two day’s Neshwari(Neha+Ishwari) torture….
    Specially the Scooty vala part.. Cho chweet…??
    Happy Diwali(be lated ofcourse?) to all my dear dear friends….
    Happy bhai dooj too…
    Hey friends this Diwali me and my colony friends have started a Clean Diwali campaign…And celebrated all the festivals with all rituals and masti but without crackers…
    So its my personal request to all ki Avoid Crackers as much as possible…

  22. *pyare Bhai ne…
    Sorry typo mistake??

  23. Manya

    Hey guys i will not be able to comment bcoz my exams are coming up
    Will try my best to comment

    1. Best of luck for your upcoming exams Ayushi!
      Will be missing your comments!
      Yet, do try to comment whenever you can!?????

    2. Priya9876

      Kosis krna yaha pe aane ki..☺
      N Best of luck?????????? ☕☕☕

  24. Hiii guys…. Gud evng

    Guys koi ne notice nahi Kiya kal ki episode me Dev ki forehead pe chot lagi …… ????

    1. Nope, hadn’t noticed it….?????

    2. Devga

      I noticed during morning sequence…. I thought oh poor pinkish cutie pie wat hapnd to his forehead …
      Already he is put white and his forehead wound was pinkish …. 🙁

  25. I’ve seriously been noticing the change in Dev’s character, which is positive indeed!
    He has finally started understanding Sonakshi along with her point of view and does not go on blaming her for all sorts of issues, unlike his character a while back.
    Well, it surely was wrong of him to ask Sonakshi to keep out of such matters, but, he too is trying his best to maintain a stable relationship with all, isn’t it?
    Of course, he can’t afford to spoil his relation with Sonakshi; however, he simply can’t go on ignoring the rest of the people in his house.
    Honestly, I feel the slight variations in his characters have been showing the better side of him. If not enough to please his Mother, he’s atleast not hurting Sonakshi much!
    Coming to Ranveer’s case, I absolutely agree with the stand Ranveer has taken for himself! Dev has no right to show him the apartment keys, for it definitely seems as if he’s giving it all in charity! As for Ranveer, no matter what it is, I believe he shouldn’t bend his head infront of Neha. I feel that all he’s doing is completely right. After all, defending your own family from terrible insults is more important than simply running after your Wife, who doesn’t want to be with you any longer. It’s just that Dev can’t see his sister going through any pain, which makes him take such actions.
    Leaving all this apart, what I liked the most was the morning scene????
    And of course, the much awaited bike ride scene??

    1. Priya9876

      Yes he is trying his best to maintain all relationship

  26. Priya9876

    Loyal viewers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams) will finally see Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) happy about Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) efforts.
    As viewers would know, Neha (Cheshta Bhagat)-Ranveer’s (Arjun Aneja) marriage is going through a rough face and the family members are trying to unite them. And finally, Sonakshi’s plan will bring the couple together.
    As per a source, “Sonakshi will see Neha crying in her room. She will go to console the girl but being in bad mood, Neha will burst out at Sonakshi. Meanwhile at the Bose house, Elena (Prerna Panwar) will hand over the cheque given by Sonakshi to Bijoy (Jagat Rawat). He will get overwhelmed.”
    Furthermore, after remembering Ranveer, Neha will break down in front of her sisters. Meanwhile, Ranveer would visit Dev’s (Shaheer Sheikh) home and blame everyone for speaking differently on the issue.
    Sonakshi will make Neha understand the importance of marriage and her love for Ranveer. After thinking for a while, Neha will finally agree to go back to Ranveer. Sonakshi’s efforts will work wonder for the pair and they will finally get back together. This move by Sonakshi will impress Ishwari and she will also show gratitude towards Sonakshi.
    Amazing!! So is Ishwari happy with his son’s choice or is there more drama in the story?

    1. Waaaaaaaaoooooowwwww!!!!!! What great news!!!
      I seriously can’t believe it! But, as expected, it was only our dad Sona who could fix the matter!???
      It’ll be even more great to see Ishwari’s reaction towards Sonakshi’s ‘ehsaan’!???
      Agar Ishwari iss sab ke baad bhi thodi bhi nahin badli, to maa kasam, I bet she’s really so damn MAD!!!!!

      1. Priya9876

        Yeah Ab iske baad kuch behavior me chng aana hi chaiye….nhi aaya to??????

      2. Hmmmm…sab saath mein jaake maarenge?????⚔⚔????

  27. Devga

    @tessie @priya @junee ….. dearies …

    U took it wrong …. I mentioned abt divorce drama … 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Evn I don’t think so this sona’s family issue wil become a prob …. coz he(dev) has a lot of mentals in his family to luk aftr …..

  28. Neha1

    Nice Devakshi scenes…???? Now I think Only Sonakshi will try to patch up of Neha-Ranveer….
    And Thanks to all my friends for concerned about my health…. Well I’m slowly recovering… still I’m taking medicine but…. feeling much better..?

    1. Hii Neha….. Don’t worry dear

      We all r with u…….. Tum bahuth jaldh teekh hojayegi…… Ur exam finshd ah….??????

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